Behan Bhai Ki School Life | BakLol Video

Behan Bhai Ki School Life | BakLol Video

Someone is on left Kill him Shoot him Don’t make me knockout Revive me Give me revive brother ! Give me revive brother ! Shut your voice low Can’t you see I am watching the TV I came here first Revive me Shut your voice down I am watching the TV Revive me Mom…………! Mom see ! He is disturbing me with his voice You are fighting with her and just doing time pass huh ! Go and get me the wheat flour from market I am not going Take this money and go You just made me to do all the work [Music] Here is your wheat flour Mom, What do you gonna cook tonight ? He haven’t bought the vegetables Ask him to buy them as well Oh yes ! Go son and buy 1 kg of white radish, Mint , coriander and chilli Go fast and get me all these [Music] [Fart] [Music] Mom I want to study but my pen is no more active with ink Ask him to buy pen for me please After that don’t ask him to do any work Please say to him ! Go son, She wants to study Buy pen as well [Music] Baby, I came here at Jimmy Choo for shopping Yes, I will buy something for you too Baby wait for 2 minute Let me swipe the card Hey there ! Why are you looking like a labour And you didn’t showed up much these days My family makes me to do work alot Bring blah blah blah from the market huh And then my sister too ! makes me to do work alot I am done and worried with all this ! Let me tell you a remedy Everything will be sorted by that ! Oh really ? What remedy ! Make yourself sick After that your family member won’t make you to do any work Sick ? But how ? Wow brother! This gonna work for sure ! Thank you Baby I am done with shopping from Jimmy choo [Music] Damn, I need to work so hard Watch the video till end and subscribe the channel Do subscribe Come inside Son wake up You need to go to the school Okay mom Wake up ! Oh You are suffering from fever So..? You better don’t visit the school today Take rest But mom my homework ? I need to submit that in school Don’t take tension of your homework She will do your work Why ? Why would I do his homework ? I am not doing his homework huh Son, Leave her Come with me to the doctor Okay mom let’s go [Music] Come son, sit here Doctor… He got fever He don’t listen to me, Very careless in wearing proper cloth Oh shit, He got fever with high temperature Yes doctor Write bed rest to me for atleast 2-3 years No, I am writing few medicines Visit me after 2 days again Here is your medicine Doctor you still writing the medicine and he already got me them I can tell the name of medicine by just patient’s face He is fraud doctor Greetings ! Ok doctor Ok bye sunny Who’s sunny here ? My name is not even sunny Son actually I am a huge fan of Sunny Leone And usually I say her name by mistake I really want to meet her That’s it ? I have a way through which you can meet Sunny Leone See this All you need to do is to download VMate app , in which you can show your talent And get a chance to meet Sunny Leone just like Abdullah Pathan He is also very talented Abdullah Pathan ? Who’s he ? He is very talented person He can break brick from his hands And after using Video call Stickers of VMate He got chance to go on a date with Sunny Leone Wow, let me download the VMate App now Let me try my luck, What if I got an chance to meet Sunny Leone one day and to impress her Not just this, You can win so many gifts and cash on VMate app Download the VMate Link is in description [Music] Mom, What’s this situation of house ? It’s okay He is not well You may go and clean I am not doing It’s okay mom If she is saying no to clean, then let me clean all this by myself No, Just clean all this asap You just want to fight all the time, Clean all this huh [Music] Bring one glass of water It’s here already Oh it’s here Now go and bring one more Mom ! Okay wait Do you want to eat sweets? Yes Chole Bhature ? Yes Mouth is watering already right ? Yes alot Then drink all this Mom ! Okay wait ! Bringing for you [Music] Give me scope I don’t have scope in life as well as in game Okay, Come and eat your meals And you take medicine after your meal Mom I don’t want to eat meal I want noodles Noodles ? Mom please Okay fine Cook noodles for him Also listen Make it a bit spicy [Music] Thank you [Music] Have fun ! If you don’t want to eat then why did you made me cook for no reason ? For fun ! Son, you need to visit doctor today I am busy, you go alone By the way you looking fine but still visit him Okay mom let me go Thank god he will be fine now Then I will make him to do all my work as revenge Doctor… [Music] Wow, You are fine now You can go to school now How ! Compounder ! change this tea I am sure it is cold now since one hour [Music] What happened ? What did doctor said ? Doctor said I have to take rest for 10-20 days more Go to bed and have rest Yes mom let me sleep But let me do the homework of past 2 days Then I will sleep Don’t take tension of homework She will do that What mom ! Do whatever I said Can’t you see he is ill ! Go son take rest Mom One more help please What son ? I need her phone Because I don’t have balance in my own phone [Music] [Ringtone] Hi baby What baby ? Where were you ? No message no calls huh I actually got no balance in my phone I just got my sister’s phone And when will you take me for shopping ? After 2 days , I promise Okay Listen, Come to my home Are you mad ? If someone gonna see us then ? Just carry few capsules and tablets Leave rest on me , I will manage Okay then I am coming Pankaj is there? By the way Who are you ? I am the owner of this house and who are you ? I am Pankaj’s friend, He asked me to bring some medicines Give the medicines and get lost Hey sweety how are you ? Treat this as your own house Come..! [Music] Mom, There is a girl in this house to meet Pankaj She got medicines She is not like you Has no concern towards brother Baby take me to the shopping [Music] Baby take me to the shopping I need to buy a top Top ? I already bought gift for you Really ? Yes Let me get , wait [Music] See this Wowwwww…! Excuse me that’s my top Sister Please, keep silence..! Shut up! Should I tell her ? say ? Okay sister, if you want this you can have I will get her something else See, My sister is so bad Leave her, But you make sure to buy me a new top tomorrow Sure Okay let me go now That’s so soon Yes, I am late for home Okay Let me drop you till outside Okay [Music] Hello doctor how are you ? Fine Today with your daughter ? Where is naughty Pankaj ? He is so ill doctor No, He is fine since so long Even I said him to visit school as well Oh my god Doctor, Can you help me ? Yes sure say it There is enemy ahead Kill him What happened mom ? Why are you crying I can’t tell, Ask your sister You are very ill That’s why doctor came at home to take you at clinic But what happened to me ? Brother..! Your kidney is damaged That’s why you are ill since so long But don’t you have any worries You will get 25 injections in an hour Then will replace your kidney with dog’s or monkey’s kidney Then you will be fine soon Caught him ! [Music] Hey guys ! How was the video ! Do let us know in the comments sections Like this video as much as you can Share it with your friends And if you want to meet Sunny Leone then download the VMate app Link is in description Bye love you guys !

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  7. Indian audience is so stupid. How can this channel have this much subscribers. Worst acting , worst video. Bhai thodi mehnat Kar ,Kuch acha bana. Gawar Desi audience k wajah se tera channel chal RHA hai.

  8. Amazing 😍 this aapki video kuch bachpan yad aa gya😭😭😭😭😭😭😬😬😬😬😭😭😭😭😭😭

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