Behind The Scenes of the World’s Most Epic TikTok feat. Nicky Jam + Teala Dunn

Behind The Scenes of the World’s Most Epic TikTok feat. Nicky Jam + Teala Dunn

I’ll probably just not stop… Ok guys this is going to be one take I’m glad that I’m collaborating with them,
of course it’s gonna be dope It’s movies, it’s music It’s something that’s never been done Oh my gosh It’s creating something together It can’t be bigger than that Well we’re here in Sony Studios right now.
We’re doing a Sony collaboration and I’m about to jump off
this roof right now, so you guys gotta check it out this is insane so we’re doing a stunt video inspired by
the movie Bad Boys for Life Hi I’m Teala, nice to meet you I like your swag, okay okay,
stepping up the game I’m playing myself today Guys, I’m at the Sony studio tour Then I run into Nicky Jam and then he takes me on this crazy journey Come with me This is awesome We’re doing a big Hollywood movie on set but we’re doing with the Sony Xperia 1, so imagine It looks like film, it looks insane We shot the majority of this project on the Sony Xperia 1 and that just proves that you do not need an
expensive camera to make cool content The screen is massive, it’s like the perfect size Using a phone actually helped us
because it was all kind of first-person it was kind of her point of view of this action
and this journey that we took her on I loved that I got to be on set for a TikTok there were smoke bombs, there were motorcycles Watching people do these stunts amazed me I really like doing stunts, I like the adrenalin He did some pretty crazy stunts on the movie and pretty much the entire team that we used to
execute that action on Bad Boys we brought to this. We’re bringing big action to a small screen Now check out the
finished piece And action! Guys, I’m at the Sony Studio Tour Nicky Jam! What’s up how you doing? What’s it like being a bad boy? You really wanna know? Yes! Come on This is insane! Oh my God! Guys, we’re rolling, we’re rolling! Woah woah! Cut! cut! Get them off the set! Get them! Use your bikes! Crazy! Where’s Nicky? Nicky! This is security, where did he go? Let’s find out! Bad Boys for life I’m from the streets you know,
I was born and raised in the hood So, this is the kind of thing that we like When I walk into the Sony lot
I feel like there’s a lot of history here It’s an iconic brand I love that Sony is such a variety It is PlayStation, it’s movies,
it’s music, it’s everything kind of all wrapped into one to bring
all creativity to a new level Nicky Jam and Sony,
it can’t be bigger than that

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  1. That roof jump would have been insane to see lol! Any image stabilization on the Xperia 1 @sony or is there a PRO mode where you can turn it off? Cool AD though! 🎥🎞

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