Ben Rhodes: Giuliani Associate Shows ‘Abnormal Corruption’ Of Trump Admin. | The Last Word | MSNBC

Ben Rhodes: Giuliani Associate Shows ‘Abnormal Corruption’ Of Trump Admin. | The Last Word | MSNBC

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  1. 45 & his gang are the epitome of Bribery & Corruption…He has been like this all his fukin life…A peddlar of vile 'Snake Oil'

  2. We should all feel in utter shock like this NSA officer here at 0:15. Times are crazy what the GOP’ and trumpty dumpy are getting away with! It’s unreal.

  3. 1st hand witness and the one following the order Nunes in the thick of it to Witnesses in full demand I want the truth to come out

  4. Rudy got all the documents he needs & then the Feds bust lev for illegal campaign funds & force lev to recant his story on fake news

  5. part of the Global Mafia Rhodes, that's what's happening. Moscow Mitch denying all evidence, it's a horrendous situation


  7. "Points a big finger". Maybe the only thing Rachel didn't ask…"Why was it you and Igor, Lev?"
    Ah,Vienna. Can you imagine the intrigue in these European cities? A bar in London? Or Prague? John LeCarre, where are you now?

  8. 4 days in office comey stabs Flinn in the back Obama will flee Justice trust me Hillary will see jail time You have no idea what wrath is about to be unleashed and cry and burn what you want can't the internet use to be bad when a store was burned lol not any more antifa go for it

  9. After scrolling through the comments, there seems to be a lot of confused angry snowflake liberals.
    How interesting and saddening. 🤔

  10. The “character of Lev Parnas” …. his character is arguably on a higher vibrational frequency than that of the people he was working for. Of course, he may be in fear for his life, but nevertheless, he is coming forward. Said it before … they will need a support group for people who worked for or with tRumph.

  11. A healthy reminder that what's going on in America right now is not and should not, be considered "normal" in any way, shape or form.
    The Trump Presidency is a nightmare not even Freddy Kreuger would come up with.

  12. Articles of impeachment need to be issued against Pence. If Trump is removed, his co-conspirator Pence CANNOT asume the vacated presidential office. If Trump is removed, Pence has to be removed with him.

    Pence, buddy, you need to cut a deal. Avoid going down with Trump. Resign and provide evidence against Trump.

  13. "Unthinkable in any other admin"?? First off HE is the liar, secondly..errr… Biden..err….
    Keep shucking Msnbc..You are flopping like a dying fish:). Traitors!

  14. If this person is so bad
    why then that the media and the left believe him. Maybe he’d cut a deal with Schiff and Pelosi and in return he’ll have a lighter sentence. Just like on the movies. I mean so far everything that the democrats had done was made up stories.

  15. This is an unpublished play by William Shakespeare filled to the brim with skullduggery! Heehaw! The [t]Rump is Going Down!

  16. INCOMPETENCE!! Incompetence at the top appointing sycophants, equally incompetent. This is not complicated. He actually believed he could manipulate government actions the same as business.

  17. Mike Pence is just as guilty as Spanky McBoneSpurs.
    Paul Manafort picked Mike Pence to be Vice President.
    Paul Manafort worked with Mike's brother, Ed Pence.
    Ed Pence was an executive at a company that built engine parts for the Russian military.
    All roads lead back to Putin.

  18. Like you all didn’t KNOW all of this? . . . The GOP have KILLED THE REPUBLIC! This was a Coup, for which there is NO REMEDY, OTHER THAN REVOLUTION! 10 years ago, the Ukrainians pulled it off, with NO WEAPONS, IN THE FREEZING SNOW! How can you have a, “Democracy,” when they have CLEARLY RIGGED 2020’s, “Elections.”???

  19. "On February the fourth when the president comes into the house chamber to deliver the state of the union, he will have been acquitted by the Senate, [he will be] the strongest he has been politically."

  20. How much more dirt is needed on trump and his gang of idiots? Talk about a sloooow system. The system protects the wealthy and connected.

  21. I don’t think so Mike Pence I think that he’s just a figurehead to bring in the stupid religious people that will fall in line and do whatever they want because they think they’re going to have some kind of power let’s face it when religious people get power bad things usually happen

  22. I'll tell ya Ben Rhodes. Lev seems to be another corrupt businessman who donated to Trump, but not enough to get an ambassadorship.

  23. Why is tRump blocking witnesses! And yet Republicans in the senate are blind to the evidence that before them! Everything tRump touches dies!

  24. Lav parnas is coming out cause if they target yovanovit he would be next so if something happens to him American would no it was trump goons it scandal after scandal with the trumps administration

  25. Parnas is a corrupt individual! There is an old saying! WHEN YOU’RE QUESTIONING SOMEONE’S CHARACTER… PAY ATTENTION TO HIS OR HER ASSOCIATES!!!

    The third stipulation includes 19 paragraphs of factual admissions by Mr. Trump and the Foundation of illegal activity.
    Trump is a living breathing RICO case.

  27. I am nostalgic for the good old days when Trump and his cabinet engaged in wholesome
    " normal" corruption. This abnormal corruption is a bridge too far.

  28. The truth (backed up by documentation) has a way of making even Mr Parnas credible.
    And his testimony is pertinent/relevant to DjT's Ukraine scandal.

    "The President, Vice President and all Civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.” 
    — U.S. Constitution, Article II, section 4

    As stated on this thread, AG Barr can also be impeached.

  29. En Rhodes, who not only lied, but now admitting he lied to The American people and entire world to get the Iranian deal pushed through. (Including giving them 150 BILLION and 1.8 in Helvetia Swiss gold francs), is your “go to” guy here lmao

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