Besh Korechi Prem Korechi | New Bengali Movie | English Subtitle | Ranjit Mallick, Swarna Kamal

Besh Korechi Prem Korechi | New Bengali Movie | English Subtitle | Ranjit Mallick, Swarna Kamal

– Move aside. You’re standing at the door
and looking for a coolie! Idiot! Don’t you have any sense?
You’re such a fool! You’re an idiot! Coolie! Are you looking for a coolie, sir?
– Yes. Carry this. The lady was dangerous. She pushed me out. Idiot! Excuse me, where’s the taxi stand? You won’t find a taxi, today. There are no taxis today?
– No. Don’t you know the taxi drivers
are on strike? They are on strike today?!
– Yes. What do you mean?
– Where are you coming from? I’m coming from Benaras.
– I see. That’s why you are unaware of it. You seem to have come to
Kolkata for the first time. No, but I’ve come here
after a very long time. You’ll get used to all this
in a couple of days. There’s some or the other
strike every day. Yesterday, petrol pumps
were on strike. Today, the taxi drivers
are on strike. Tomorrow, people are going to
protest against something. This is our beautiful Kolkata! My luggage! Where did he disappear to? He was carrying my bag.
– Forget about it now. He is gone with your bag.
You won’t find it. What?!
– Yes. Please don’t vacate me from here.
I’m a poor man. I’ve given you enough warning
to pay me the rent. Please bear for this month.
I’ll pay you in the following month. You haven’t paid me since long.
– Please don’t throw my belongings. You pay at the rent counter,
but not to me! No law gives you the right
to stay without paying rent. – Stop it! If you throw one more thing out,
I’ll throw you all out of here. I have the court’s order. My name is Shubhankar Bhattacharjee
and I’m an advocate. Mister, if you have a doubt,
you may go through this order. May God bless you, sir.
– No, sir. Please calm down. Neither the police nor the goons
will trouble you anymore. You may pay your rent
at the counter as you did earlier. The landlord won’t do you any harm. If he troubles you again,
just inform me. I’ll see what he can do. Take your grandpa and go home. Take this.
– Grandpa, let’s go. You better keep this in mind.
– Yes, sir. C’mon. Mr. Shubhankar.
– We have been looking for you. What is it?
– You can’t avoid anymore. You will have to agree. You’re insisting… – Yes, we insist
you be the secretary of our society. You can’t say no to us. After all,
it’s for the well being of our society. Alright, I’ll agree to it,
on one condition. – What is it? You will have to buy new clothes for
100 poor children for ‘Durga Puja’. Do you agree to it?
– Of course, we do. We need an explanation from
the police for being rude to us. Yes, we need an explanation! We need an explanation from
the police… We need an explanation. We need an explanation from
the police… You owe us an explanation. We need an explanation from
the police… We need an explanation. We need an apology from you. We want you to apologise. We need an apology from you. Yes, we want an explanation. We won’t tolerate
all this in our college! ‘She cares a darn!’ Stop! Wait. Please let me hold
the handle. Sir… Have you ever travelled by bus? I’m coming from Benaras. You need to be trained in gymnastics
if you want to board a bus, here. Where do you want to go?
– Baliganj. That’s where we are going.
Come with me. Come.
– Don’t pull me. I’ll fall. What’s this? – Come on.
This is my ‘Free bird’. This?! – There’s no place
in front. Sit behind. C’mon. This is my ‘Free bird’. ‘Free bird’?!
– Yes. Get into it.
– Give us your bag. C’mon, start. Darn! God! God! Is this what
you call beautiful Kolkata? “There’s load shedding, every evening.” “There’s a meeting at Dharmotala,
every day.” “There’s load shedding, every evening.” “There’s meeting at the Ministry,
every day.” “The daily routines go for a toss
whenever there’s a strike.” “Despite all this, we love our state
and our hopes rest on it.” “Every Bengali is proud of it
and they say.” “This is our beautiful land, Kolkata.” “This is our beautiful land, Kolkata.” “This is our beautiful land, Kolkata.” “This is our beautiful land, Kolkata.” “The city is a cluster
of heritage homes.” “You can see black fumes
coming out of exclusive cars.” “No one wants to walk
on the footpath..” “..because hawkers bully around there.” “The city is a cluster
of heritage homes.” “You can see black fumes
coming out of exclusive cars.” “No one wants to walk
on the footpath..” “..because hawkers bully around there.” “But people here, are still
not inhuman.” “Every Bengali is proud of it
and they say.” “This is our beautiful land, Kolkata.” “This is our beautiful land, Kolkata.” C’mon, say with me!
– “This is our beautiful land, Kolkata.” You’re our supreme Goddess! “Politics has ruined our lives.” “We cannot surpass
the outcomes of it.” “Rabindranath, Sharad Chandra!” “No revolutionaries like them
were born again.” “Politics has ruined our lives.” “We cannot surpass
the outcomes of it.” “Rabindranath, Sharad Chandra!” “No revolutionaries like them
were born again.” “But in difficult times,
we still stand together.” “Every Bengali is proud of it
and they say.” “This is our beautiful land, Kolkata.” “This is our beautiful land, Kolkata.” “There’s load shedding, every evening.
There’s a meeting, every day.” “Whenever there is a strike,
all our routines go for a toss.” “Despite all this, we love our state
and our hopes rest on it.” “Every Bengali is proud of it
and they say.” “This is our beautiful land, Kolkata.” “This is our beautiful land, Kolkata.” “This is our beautiful land, Kolkata.” “This is our beautiful land, Kolkata.” “This is our beautiful land, Kolkata.” “This is our beautiful land, Kolkata.” “This is our beautiful land, Kolkata.” “This is our beautiful land, Kolkata.” Stop! He fell! C’mon, help him get up. What are you doing here?
– Uncle! I came by this due to the taxi strike
from station and I… Hold on.
– I’m taking him to the doctor. Please get his bag. Go, get it.
– I’ll get it. We have only 8 days in our hand
to arrange the New year party. If we don’t manage to find a good
Bangla Band before that.. ..our prestige will be at stake. Just tell me the name of
the band you want to book. I’ll arrange for their program.
– Really? I’m the cultural secretary
of the club in my street. Are you sure, you’re the secretary?
They must be joking! Shut up! I’ve arranged a band. Priya, don’t worry. Leave it to me. You will have to keep it a secret. Okay?
– Okay. In that case, after the band’s
performance.. ..can we have a play? Priya, I’ve written a drama. Shall I narrate it?
– Really? First, learn to walk. Then you may
write a play. Don’t mock at me. Okay? Why do you call me, ‘Eveready’?
That’s not my name. Because you need to be charged,
every now and then. Alright. Priya, let me at least
sing a song. Do you want to sing?
– Yes. Alright. You can join the Chorus while they
sing our national anthem in the end. Are you happy now? You keep taunting me, all the time. I’m getting late.
I’ll have to leave. Okay, bye.
– Bye. Bye. Hold your hand up.
Yes, this way. Uncle!
– Stop it! I can’t find the dettol bottle. I’ll apply iodine, instead.
– Alright. What are you up to? I’m definitely up to something good. You are too arrogant.
– Yes. That I am. Why did you ask? Do you have a problem?
– Not at all. I’ll shatter your pride some day.
– Did you say something? Do you know who I am? I’m the
General Secretary of this college. Girls like you.. ..come after me like a dog,
and lick my feet. You may go to such girls with
pleasure. Why do you disturb me? Really? I’m the grandson of
Mr. Rai Bahadur Herombachand. I’ll set you alright. You will die a miserable death!
Do you think you are a hero? The day you will face a true man.. will realise that
you are a big zero. Idiot! You are an idiot! You could’ve informed me about your
arrival. I’d have come to pick you. You are my nephew, but you are
not as smart as me. I wanted to surprise you,
by arriving suddenly. But the behaviour of people
in your city surprised me! Young man.. ..Kolkata is not
as bad as you think it is. Stay here for a couple of days
and you’ll start loving it. You won’t feel like going back. You are mistaken, uncle. I’m here only for 7 days. 7 days only! That’s impossible. Why is it impossible?
– You can’t go back in 7 days. Why, not?
My return ticket is booked. So, cancel your ticket. There’s no confusion. I’ll befriend someone I like.. ..and I won’t mingle with someone
I don’t. It’s as simple as that. I don’t care anybody. Okay. But beware of Rohit. Rohit?! He is not worth it! Rohit is not of… – So many boys
of our college have proposed you. But you don’t respond to anyone.
Why is it so? None of them are of my type. They are all so useless. Are you afraid of boys?
– Don’t talk nonsense! I can easily woo any man
and make him dance to my tunes. I have no reason
to be afraid of them. Bravo! Will she lose weight? God! ‘Girls in Kolkata are so dangerous.’ What about an unknown guy?
– I can still woo him. Let’s place a bet on this
for Rs 500. Rs 1000?
– Okay, done! Okay. There comes your prey. Wait and see. I’ll sponsor the bet money.
– Okay. Sorry. I’m extremely sorry. No, it’s alright. Hi, I’m Priya. My dad’s name is
Debashish Roy and mom’s… – No! You should not disclose it
to everyone. To be precise, it’s hardly been
2 minutes since we met. It doesn’t matter. Despite living together, some people
remain strangers for life. At the same time, in 2 minutes,
one can… One can find a friend for life.
– Right. You’re very intelligent.
You understood what I meant to say. You’re really good.
– Thanks. By the way, where are you heading to? I have no particular
destination on mind. I don’t live in Kolkata.
I’m from Benaras. You hail from the native of
Lord Vishwanath. Shall we walk till there? Sure.
– Let’s go. Have you ever been to Benaras? Not even once.
– I’ll take you there. Benaras is the heart of India. I’ll show you around the place. Will you really take me
around Benaras? – Yes. You are very shrewd. My mom always tells me.. has to be shrewd if one
wants to survive in Kolkata. Else, any Tom, Dick and Harry
will fool you. Let’s sit there.
– Come. She succeeded in befriending him.
– I’m surprised too. Your 1000 buck is gone! C’mon, give me the money!
– Yes, hurry up. Don’t let him go. Give quickly! Give it to me. Here it is.
– You… Please sit.
– Yes. Are you here on a holiday?
– No, I’m here for a job. But yes, it’s more like a vacation. What was your subject?
– I completed my masters in science. Good. That’s very good. I’m sure, you will soon
find a good job. You talk exactly like my mom. What?!
– I didn’t mean that. My mom keeps telling me
the same thing. I see. Hello. I’m here. Don’t stalk at her. Don’t trouble your heart so much. You won! Come on, now. God! I’m getting late. I’ll take your leave now. Bye. C’mon, hold this. Give me Rs 1000, now. Here is your money.
– Here. All my efforts went down the drain. She is a classical beauty. What are you saying? If this is your
experience on your very first day.. do I leave you alone,
in this city? Girls are hitting you, winking
at you and flirting with you. I fear you’ll get into some trouble. If the girls is so beautiful, I don’t
mind getting into a trouble. What are you saying? Girls will play around with you. Don’t say that.
I’m not as lucky as you. I’ve heard from mom, you had many
girl friends during your college days. And grandma spent sleepless nights
due to the tensions you gave her. Even at this age, you look stunning. Stop flattering me. I did lot many
things other than wooing girls. After all, I’m your nephew. I’m sure to have inherit
few qualities from you. I’ll slap you! I’ll call up your mom and complain
if you talk to me like this. Stop kidding, uncle. I’ll rather do what you say. I came to you, so that
I can escape from my mom. Do remember your words! ‘Hi, I’m Priya. My dad’s name is
Debashish Roy…’ ‘and mom… – No! You should
not disclose that to everyone…’ I forgot to ask his name. Neither did I ask for his address
nor for his mobile number. How will I meet him again? Priya! It’s a nice name. I had a very bad opinion
about Kolkata. She changed it in few minutes. The city where Priya lives
has to be the city of love. I love Kolkata. “I just had a sight of you.” “And I started liking you.” “I just had a sight of you
and I started liking you.” “Why is it that
I’m not able to get over you?” “I just had a sight of you
and I started liking you.” “Why is it that
I’m not able to get over you?” “It’s turning into an obsession.
I’m craving for you.” “It’s turning into an obsession.
I’m craving for you.” “Now I know you are my destiny.” “I just had a sight of you
and I started liking you.” “Why is it that
I’m not able to get over you?” “We spoke a little,
we missed to say few things.” “Why are you thinking about
all that…” “..when we both are together?” “We spoke a little,
we missed to say few things.” “Why are you thinking
about all that…” “..when we both are together?” “Our meetings…
the togetherness…” “Our meetings and the togetherness..” “..whispers into our ears,
we are no more alone.” “I just had a sight of you
and I started liking you.” “Why is it that
I’m not able to get over you?” “My heart beats for you,
it’s weaving dreams about you.” “These dreams are precious to me.” “They add meaning to my life.” “My heart beats for you,
it’s weaving dreams about you.” “These dreams are precious to me.” “They add meaning to my life.” “Love is in the air,
my dreams have got wings.” “Love is in the air,
my dreams have got wings.” “Life has found
new meanings, with you.” “I just had a sight of you.”
– And I started liking you.” “Why is it that
I’m not able to get over you?” “It’s turning into an obsession.”
-“I’m craving for you.” “It’s turning into an obsession.”
– I’m craving for you.” “Now I know you are my destiny.” This cannot be true. No… I don’t even know her
and I’m in love! Crazy heart! Is love a puddle,
in which I fell so easily? You fool! I’m calling you, Mr. fool! You fool! I’m talking to you. Priya! I’m so sorry. Where were you looking at while
walking? Are you blind? Every time you see a girl,
you love to hit her, don’t you? – No! You pervert! Idiot! Scoundrel!
– You don’t understand. Let me explain. Believe me,
I didn’t notice you. Again! You banged on my head! I didn’t do that purposely. I will beat you with my footwear!
– Swati… Take your bags.
– Here. He is not at fault. Trust me,
it’s my fault. Listen, I’ll explain
everything to you later. Come on. I was trying to find you. Did I go missing that you were
trying to find me? I didn’t mean that. Then what did you mean? Yes, ma’am?
– 2 coffee, please. I wanted to meet you. Why did you want to meet me? You told me your name
and your dad’s name as well. But I forgot to tell you mine. What’s the big deal?
What’s in a name, after all? If you knew my name, you wouldn’t
have to call me a ‘Fool’ anymore. I didn’t mind it anyway. Why?
– My mom says… ..that I’m a fool.
Anyone can fool me easily. Why would I get upset with you
when I don’t get upset with my mom? Mom, again! Don’t you ever think about
anyone other than your mom? I do care for my friends.
Will you be my friend? Ma’am, your coffee. Ma’am, your coffee!
– Yes. Who are you? Why do you want to know? What were you telling my daughter,
holding her hands? Your daughter?!
I’m sorry, sir. Neither do I know you
nor do I know your daughter. Thank you. Rascal! He neither knows me
nor my daughter! Let me catch you red-handed.
Then you’ll know who I am! They are the new generation. You need not be tensed
for such silly reasons. Everyone knows you, here. That doesn’t mean, she can’t lead
an ordinary life. Take it.
– Is this what you call ordinary? In a public place, she was sitting
with a boy holding his hand. She didn’t even care
about my reputation. Will you stop blaming her?
After all, you are her father. I’m her father and that’s why,
I’m worried. Let me make it very clear to you. If I see your daughter
with him again.. ..I will hand them to the police.
– What? Yes, I’ll hand him to the police. Police?! What will they do? They’ll put him behind bars. And he’ll be in jail, all his life. I am one of those fathers.. ..who cares for his reputation
than his daughter’s life. My wife is to be blamed for this. It’s 8pm and my daughter
is still not home! Let her come. I won’t spare her! Where had you been?
Where were you? Your dad has been
biting your head off. Come inside. Were you roaming around,
holding a guy’s hand? Mom, I’m in love!
– Hey… Mom, I am in love. Go in front of your dad and say
that you are in love! He will teach you what love is! I can’t handle him anymore. You can’t give up so soon. You will have to take charge
and give your verdict in this case. Alright. But first, tell me what happened. How did it happen all of a sudden? It’s the same guy.
I met him again, today. Before I could tell him something,
your husband appeared from nowhere. But in the little time that I got,
I fell for him. What are you saying?
You fell for him in just 2 meetings! Mom! It’s love at first sight. You never fell in love.
So you won’t understand its magic. You’re right. Before I turned 20, I was
married to your unromantic dad. Open the door! Mom…
– C’mon, lie down quickly. Who locked the door? What’s wrong with you?
Will you break the door? She is not feeling too good.
So, she slept. When did she return?
– Long back. Why are you standing here?
Let’s go. Priya! What are you doing?
We’ll fall… Priya! What’s wrong?
Why did you scream? No, uncle. I’m alright.
Nothing is wrong with me. God! You’re sweating so much! I’m alright, uncle.
Nothing is wrong with me. I think you saw a bad dream.
– No… My stomach seems to be upset. Are you feeling uneasy?
I’ll give you water. Have some water. Slowly. Have some more.
Do you want me to sleep, here? No, uncle. It’s alright. I am fine. Okay, I’ll leave. You sleep
and call me if you need anything. Okay, now go to sleep.
Have water and sleep. His stomach is not upset,
but he is in love for sure. These are symptoms of
falling in love. He has lost his heart. Stop! Stop to the left. Yes, stop here. You took me round and round
in all streets of Kolkata. You think I’m new to this place
and I know nothing about Kolkata. Kolka… How much is the fare?
– Rs 150. I’ll take Rs 50 extra. Why should I pay you more? Does money have no value? Why should I pay you more? I told you right when you got in
that I’ll charge Rs 50 more. But why should I pay you more money?
You took a long route… and you expect me to pay more! You think you are very clever. It’s not my mistake if you didn’t
hear me. I told you beforehand. Don’t lie to me. This is the problem
with you, drivers! – Wait! Why are you honking?
Wait for some time. Don’t lie to me! I… Why are you honking? Just wait. I really told you beforehand…
– Do not lie to me! I can’t tolerate lies. What’s the matter? I have been… Don’t you hear my car’s horn?
What’s going on? Are you deaf? You think I am deaf! You think I’m deaf!
And I think you’re blind! If you are smart, I’m the smartest. I understand that.
– Driver, what’s the matter? Sir, I asked her for Rs 50 more. She could simply refuse to give. Instead, she is blabbering something
in Hindi. – What did you say? How dare you say
I’m blabbering in Hindi! You don’t know who I am. I’m not an ordinary woman. I have been in Benaras for 30 years.
It’s in UP. Do you understand? I own a house in Benaras and my
neighbour is… ..the chief minister of UP.
I talk to him in Hindi, every day. And you think I don’t know Hindi. Do you think I don’t know Hindi? You don’t know how powerful I am. I can send you to jail. Ma’am…
– What is it? You tried to cheat me! You’re a strange woman!
– What? You are unstoppable.
– Here’s your money. Why are you paying him? You want to
show off how rich you are! Just by spending lavishly,
one doesn’t become rich. One is known by his character.
Do you understand? Don’t you know
how to talk to a lady? You are the one
who has been abusing continuously. Well, that is what
people like you deserve. I dislike you. You are a black mark on
Bengali women. You fighter cock! You called me a fighter cock!
You are uncouth! Uncouth people like you
ruin our state. You have no manners at all. You don’t even know me.
Still you’re fighting with me! You’re fighting with me. You’re as bitter as a bitter gourd. You are not sweet as well. Shut your mouth.
– You shut up. Give my money and I shall leave. I don’t want to ruin my day,
fighting with you. Mom! What’s the matter? Look at this man!
Son, listen to me. This man is misbehaving with me
and talking all nonsense. Teach him a lesson. ‘Your daughter?! I’m sorry, sir.
I do not know you or your daughter.’ ‘Thank you.’ Excuse me, Mister!
Do you have no manners? Don’t you know how to talk to
a lady?- No, he doesn’t. You’re too young
to teach me manners. I know you very well. I’ve recognised you. Like mother, like son! Like mom and like son!
Yes, he is like me. What is your problem? You don’t seem to have a mother
or daughter at home, do you? Hence you do not have the manners
to talk to a lady. – What? You think I have
no wife or daughter. Yes!
– I will show you! Priya! Come here. What’s the matter, dad?
– Come here. This woman tells me I do not know
how to talk to a woman… ..or treat a woman. You are disgusting! The argument is between you and me. Why do you drag her in between? You dragged her.
I’m trying to escape from you. What do you mean?
Tell me clearly. Priya, look at this guy. He humiliated your dad. Don’t ever talk or listen to him.
It’s my order. Get lost!
– Dare not talk to him! Get into the car. Stupid woman!
– Let’s go in. Who are you waving at?
Come inside. I’m waving at you.
– Let’s go inside the house. Jeet, after today’s incident.. ..our parents might not consent
to our marriage. Let us elope. That will solve
all our problems. No, Jeet. What, if my parents force me
to get married to someone else? I’ll try my best to stop it.
You are mine. I won’t give in to them,
no matter what. Jeet, you love me so much,
don’t you? Yes, I love you deeply.
– How deep? Sky is the limit. My love for you
is beyond all measures. Really?
– Yes, madam. You can test me, if you want. Every man claims to love
his beloved beyond limits. Okay. If I ask you… jump right away, will you do it? Of course, I will. I’ll definitely
do it to prove my love. Will you kill yourself, for my sake? Of course, I will.
Do you want to see? Won’t you be scared to do so? My love for you is more
precious to me than my life. I love you. And my life is meaningless
without you. I surrender my life to you,
this very moment. Jeet! Jeet!
– Priya! Jeet..
– Take him in. Hurry up! Jeet…
– Please move. Please don’t come inside. No, please don’t cry. I’m with you. Please don’t cry. Pray to God.
Everything will be alright. ‘Love is more precious to me
than my life.’ ‘I love you.’ ‘And my life is meaningless
without you.’ God! What have I done? God! Please save Jeet. If something happens to him.. ..I will kill myself, too. Please save Jeet. I want to see him alive. Please give him life. Jeet… What’s wrong with you? You will fall ill.
Believe me, Jeet will be fine. He will be absolutely fine. Uncle, it’s my fault.
– No. He did that because of me.
– No… Don’t cry. Don’t be silly. He’ll be fine. Stop crying. C’mon, stop crying. You cannot go inside, now.
Come during visiting hours. Please let me go in, just once. I want to see him, just once.
I’m feeling very uneasy. I told you, I cannot allow you.
Please don’t disturb him. Have you ever fallen in love? Had you loved someone,
you would understand… restless I am to meet him. Jeet loves roses. I’ve brought him a bouquet of roses. Listen… Will you please do me a favor? Will you please give this to him? Wait. You may take it to him. Only you have the right
to give it to him. Take it. Thank you.
– You’re welcome. Jeet.
– Yes? Jeet…
– Priya. Jeet… Jeet…
– Did I pass your test… ..or did I fail? Jeet, you won. You won. You won, Jeet. Jeet… Jeet… I love you, Priya.
– I love you, too. Sujoy, check that side. Not a single wall should be left out. How long will you take? I told you so many times
to fix the board tightly. You don’t get me right. Sir.
– Yes? You are busy contesting in
our college elections. And your beloved has already
elected her life partner. – What? Yes, she has deleted you
from her list. I think, you were never on her list. Do you know how influential I am? I’m the ring master of bogus voters. Listen to me carefully. I’ve learnt from my brother-in-law.. ..the way they win the election
with fake votes.. I will win the college election too. Do you understand? Now, apologise. C’mon, apologise to me.
– I’m sorry, sir. One… Two…
– I made a mistake, sir. Your brother-in-law
is a renowned politician. And you are his relative. How can you give in… to an ordinary boy from Benaras?
I can’t tolerate it. Is it? I got busy with college elections. And hence, I turned a blind eye
to my beloved. Today, I will teach her… ..the lesson of her life. I won’t spare her.
– Sir. That’s why I tell you
to keep an eye on her always. Else, your sweetheart will be.. the arms of
that boy from Benaras. You will have to regret later. She may love anyone.. ..but I will make her mine for sure. Do you get it? You underestimated me.
C’mon, pay me a fine. What are you saying?
I came here to give you information. And you’re asking me to pay fine. You have fun with my money… ..and you won’t pay me fine!
That’s not done. I need a penalty from you, today. Sir, please spare me. How many times will you
charge me a penalty? As long as I wish to do so. C’mon, turn around. Sir! Sir, I can’t see anything. I have turned blind. Whoever comes between me and Priya
will have to bear my wrath. I’ll make him a beggar. I swear! Jeet… What are you doing? Hey! Let me go! Let her go. If you are capable enough,
save her. Let me go! Beat him! Jeet! You rogue! Run! C’mon, run! Run! Jeet, let him go. Please! Let’s go. C’mon. Jeet, hope you are not hurt.
– No, I’m not. It’s going to rain. Let’s go there. C’mon, quick! Hey!
– No! “Seeing you wet in rain..” “..I can’t take my eyes off you.” “Seeing you wet in rain..” “..I can’t take my eyes off you.” “The clouds have gone wild
and the sky is set loose.” “My heart is set on fire.” “As the rain wets us both..” “ heart skips a beat.” “The clouds have gone wild
and the sky is set loose.” “My heart is set on fire.” “I don’t want to cross my limits.” “But I want to lose myself in you.” “Do not stop yourself today.” “Let love cross all boundaries.” “Curb your desires,
the night is enchanting.” “Let the flame in your heart
burn for a little while.” “My craving heart desires now..” “ take our love, a step ahead.” “The entire universe is provoking me.” “to cross all limits in love.” “Your mind is now, in a fix.” “It does not want to
douse the fire in your heart.” “Seeing you wet in rain..” “..I can’t take my eyes off you.” “As the rain wets us..” “ heart skips a beat.” “The clouds have gone wild
and the sky is set loose.” “My heart is set on fire.” Hello. Yes, tell me. Gouri! Why are you screaming?
What’s the matter? You think I’m always rude
and strict with my daughter. Kochi Hazra just called me. What did he say? – Priya has gone to
Diamond Harbour with that rogue. Rohit tried to stop them, but that
goon beat him black and blue… He is not a goon. He is from a reputed
and decent family. She knows what is good for her. You are her partner in crime. It’s because of your support
that she has gone out of control. Will you hit me?
– No, I won’t. Where are you going?
– To the police station. God! Sir, look at these boys.
See, what he has done to them. He is my brother-in-law…
I’m sorry. He thrashed my brother-in-law
almost to death. Do you know who did this? He is advocate Shubhankar’s nephew. Do you know why he did this?
My brother-in-law… ..has a soft corner for
Mr. Debashish’s daughter, Priya. Shubhankar’s nephew was… He was trying to force himself
on Priya. And Rohit went to save her. Just for this reason, he thrashed
them all. File a complaint. Write down my complaint.
– I listened to your grievance. But I cannot take an action… ..because the one you’re talking about
is a well known advocate. Not just that, he is the secretary
of the Bar council. Moreover, I need to analyse if
you are speaking the truth. What do you mean? He is a MLA and I’m an advocate.
Do you think we’ll lie to you? My daughter’s life is ruined. As a
well wisher, he is here to help me. And you’re saying you can’t
register our complaint. Mr. Debashish, don’t get… It’s alright. Please calm down.
Don’t get hyper. It’s not good for your health. Please get up. Come with me.
– C’mon, guys. Let’s go. I won’t spare you. Jeet… Jeet, it’s late night.
Both of us fell asleep. I’m so tensed. My dad will kill me
if he finds out I’m with you. Why do you worry? I’m with you. We’ll take a taxi. It’s difficult to find a taxi, here. How will I go home? Don’t worry. Come with me. Stop! I told you, it’s difficult to
find a transportation, here. He didn’t stop. He fled away. It’s so late. What do we do?
My dad will kill me! Wait. Let me try.
I can see another car coming. Stop!
Please stop! Why did you stop the car? Sir, we are husband and wife. We are returning from a wedding.
We can’t find a public transport. Could you please drop us ahead?
My wife is pregnant. Okay, let her sit in the back seat. Come. Dad!
– Yes, it’s me. Start the car. Dad… Jeet…
– Hey! Hey you! No! Darn! What are you crying for? You need to give him some space. He has gone out with his girl friend
and so, he is getting late. That’s all.
– Girl friend?! I know her.
She is a nice girl. What has he got into?
His life is ruined. – Listen… He has never gone out alone.
– Listen… It’s late night.
Where will I go and look for him? She has started it again!
He loves her. Love is not something
that time can stop. They would not have
realized the time. Don’t you have confidence
in your son? Don’t you remember my college days? Look! She is the one.
Isn’t she sweet? God! I know her. I’ve met her. Of course, you have.
She lives in our locality. She is my friend, Deba’s daughter. She is very kind hearted. Now, go to bed.
– My son… Stop crying and go to sleep.
I’m here. Please go. My son’s life… Disgusting! Shameless girl! What did he say? That you are husband and wife!
And you are pregnant! What are you doing? What rubbish are you talking? Are you out of your mind? She is
grown up now. You cannot hit her. She is so audacious!
She cares a darn for my reputation. I didn’t commit a crime, dad. You’re being unjust to me. Did you hear what she said? Get me clear. This is my house. If you want to live here,
you will have to obey me. If not, get out of here! Alright, I’ll leave your house,
this very moment. You live alone in your house. Dear, don’t go.
– Stop her! Don’t let her go.
– Stop! Where are you going? You have the courage to walk away
from my house, in front of me! The food you eat, the clothes
you wear, is all given by me. You want to humiliate me, now. I won’t allow you to
get out of this house from now. I’ll see how you meet that rascal. Come in!
– Dad… Dad…
– You will be locked in this room! Look at her audacity! Jeet, you committed a blunder. You beat MLA’s brother-in-law. He’ll
file a police complaint against you. Everyone will also learn
about your love story. He humiliated Priya. He misbehaved with her. I understand. But the police won’t believe you. Kochi Hazar will definitely
cook up a new story. You are a fool. There are thousands of beautiful
girls around, but you love… ..the girl whose father is my enemy. Debashish can’t stand me. If he gets to know that you are
my nephew, he’ll kill you. If Kochi and Debashish shake hands.. ..we will be in big trouble. Are you scared, uncle?
– Yes, I am. I’m not afraid for you or me. But I’m worried for Priya.
Kochi and Debashish… ..will tear her apart. She will get sandwiched… ..between the two of them. Hello. Yes, sir.
This is circle inspector speaking. Yes, tell me. How are you? Hello, sir.
– Hello. Last night, MLA Kochi Hazra… and Mr. Debashish were here to
complaint against your nephew. ‘They told me, your nephew…’ ‘..took Mr. Debashish’s daughter to
Diamond harbor with a bad intention.’ ‘He wanted to molest her.’ ‘And the MLA’s brother-in-law, Rohit
tried to stop him.’ ‘But your nephew with some goons,
beat him up.’ – Really? If you could please come to the police
station tomorrow, I’d be grateful. Yes, sir. I’ve called them too.
– Alright. I will…
Yes, I’ll be there. Okay, sir. Thank you. This is what I feared. They have come together. Never mind. I’ll make my move in such a way
that they will have to back off. Mr. Deb’s atrocities won’t work!
– We want him to be punished! We want him to be punished! We won’t allow you to
separate two lovers. We won’t let this happen. You can’t keep them both
under house arrest. You can’t do it! You’ve heard of Shakespeare’s
Romeo and Juliet, haven’t you? You also know the story of
Laila and Majnu. Above all is Lord Krishna and
Radha’s saga of love. Love is a medicine. It keeps
our mind fresh and our heart, young. No one could stop Radha. Then how can
Mr. Debashish stop his daughter? Do you hear the noise, outside? The case will go out of your control.
I won’t stand by your side, then. Do you see the way he shouts? I’m a respectable advocate. Please don’t drag me into this. You are into the same profession. You live in the same area.
You can make certain compromises. Make him understand that. We are in the same profession. We can actually be good friends. I don’t want to keep a relation
with you. I’ll see you in the court.
– Don’t threaten me. Whenever we’ve faced each other in
the court, I’ve made you bite dust. I’ve always defeated you. Do you think I know nothing? I know very well
how you win your cases. One who loses
always finds an excuse. See how I deal with this case… Mr. Shubhankar, please listen to me. You are respectable people. Settle the case. Break the hands of those
who are against love. Break their hands! You can’t keep two lovers
under house arrest. Sir, please excuse me for a minute. Mr. Debashish, come aside. You can’t keep two lovers
under house arrest. No, you can’t do that. Mr. Debashish.
– What is it? Why do you get so keyed up
over the incident? Listen to me, carefully. You can’t take decisions in anxiety. Whatever I told you earlier… ..and taught you.. ..go and tell him
those points, clearly. Don’t talk rubbish. Go. C’mon, go. I have no objection to give away
Priya’s hand in marriage to Jeet. But I have two conditions. First condition is.. ..Jeet will have to get a job
for himself. He can’t be dependent
on his uncle, forever. And Priya will have to score
first class marks in Economics. My second condition is.. ..the two won’t be allowed to meet
before her result is declared. If they meet,
I’ll call off their wedding. Alright, I agree to your conditions. If you try to fool me.. ..I will take you to the court.
Mind it! Send me the agreement.
I’ll sign it. ‘You committed a blunder.’ ‘You thrashed MLA Kochi Hazra’s
brother-in-law. He won’t spare you.’ ‘There are thousands of girls
in Kolkata but you loved the one..’ ‘..whose father is my enemy.’ ‘Debashish can’t stand
the sight of me.’ ‘If he learns that you are
my nephew, he will kill you.’ ‘If Kochi and Debashish shake hands..’ ‘..we will be in deep trouble.’ I don’t agree to such a stupid
agreement, mom! – Listen… You made an agreement to decide
Jeet and my future. None of you thought about
what we want. Listen to me…
– You listen, mom! Let me make one thing very clear. Nothing can separate me and Jeet. You please listen to me. You know your dad well. He takes a decision in haste
and anger. Kochi Hazra is taking advantage
of the situation. You need not worry.
I’m with you. I’m with you. Priya’s dad has
challenged my capability. I accept his challenge. I will prove to him that I’m capable
of becoming his son-in-law. I got a job in Mumbai, once before. But you didn’t let me go. You can’t stop me this time.
– What are you saying? Mumbai! It’s so far. It’s a big city. It’s an unknown place for you. You will be lost in that crowd. Had your father been alive.. ..he would not have allowed you
to travel alone even to Kolkata. And you want to go to Mumbai!
– Yes, mom. Please don’t stop me. I’ve been under your shelter
all these years. Let me fight out this battle alone. I have no other…
– He is right. Jeet is absolutely right. Don’t stop him. It’s not only his battle.
Our reputation is at stake too. Debashish has challenged him,
in front of everyone. He will have to win the challenge
and prove himself. My blessings are always with you.
It’s alright. Thank you, uncle.
– I’m sure, you will win. Priya… Priya!
– Yes. How dare you enter my house! Get out of here!
– Actually, I’m going to Mumbai.. search of a job. I’m doing this to keep your word. I’m here to meet her just once,
before leaving. Rascal! Loafer! I don’t trust you. Get out! Why are you shouting at him?
– You come with me. Come with me.
– How dare you! If he enters my house.. ..I will leave this house forever. What do you want?
– Dad! Shut up! I don’t want to listen to you.
– C’mon, out! Please don’t get anxious.
– No, son… It will affect your health. Unless you don’t invite.. ..I won’t ever step into your house. I am… ..leaving behind my love. I will take her along
after I prove myself to you. Please take care of her till then. It’s alright. Jeet… Jeet, stop! “Where are you, my love?” “How are you?” “Where are you, my love?” “How are you?” “Do you think of me?” “Or have you forgotten everything?” “Where are you, my love?” “How are you?” “Do you think of me?” “Or have you forgotten everything?” “Everything in my life
remains the same.” “All that is different is,
you are not near me.” “Everything in my life
remains the same.” “All that is different is,
you are not near me.” “I feel so lonely.
When will we meet again?” “At times I feel,
you are next to me.” “Where are you, my love?” “How are you?” “Do you think of me?” “Or have you forgotten everything?” “The pain of losing something
after having it.” “Only those in love
can understand that.” “The pain of losing something
after having it.” “Only those in love
can understand that.” “I don’t like anything.
Please tell me..” “..if I’ll ever find you
or you are lost forever.” “Where are you, my love?” “How are you?” “Do you think of me?” “Or have you forgotten everything?” She will die!
Someone, please save her! Save her! Very bad, Tanya. Don’t you have faith
in your brother anymore? Who other than you do I have,
in my life? Had something happened to you.. would I survive? Without you, I cannot live. Did you even think of me? Why did you jump into the sea? Sir, please let the patient rest. If you keep irritating her,
her health condition will worsen. The person who admitted your sister
is waiting outside. Please come. There are certain formalities
to be completed. I need your signatures. Come. Please come with me. Come, he is waiting for you. You talk to each other.
I’ll be back. Hello.
– Hello. I’m Tanya’s elder brother,
Jagbandu Majumdar. I’m really very grateful to you
for the favor you did to me. Thank you so much. It was my duty. Had you been in my place,
would you not have saved my sister? I would’ve definitely saved her.
– I did the same. I just had a word with the doctor. She is alright now. I’ll take your leave.
– By the way, I want to ask you something,
if you don’t mind. I’m being very informal with you. Hope you don’t mind.
– Not at all. You’re like an elder brother to me.
Ask me. Where do you stay? I hail from Benaras. I came to Mumbai for an interview. I see. People in Mumbai have no time
to notice what others do. And so, they hardly put their life
in danger and save someone. Where are you put up, in Mumbai? Right now, I’m in a hotel.
I’m looking for a flat. No. You can’t stay in a hotel
or flat. My bungalow is vacant. Only the two of us stay there. From now, my house is yours too. No, brother. That’s not possible.
Please excuse me. I won’t listen to you. You have called me brother
and I’ll treat you like one. A younger brother is supposed to
obey his elder brother. Come with me.
– Okay. May our friendship last forever. Let us raise a toast
for our healthy relationship. Cheers!
– Cheers! For good health and everything!
– Cheers! Brother…
– Please come in. Friends, he is the one I was
talking about. He saved my sister. Congratulations! You have won our hearts! Jogu is all praises for you. Let’s have a peg in your honour. Bearer…
– No, I’m sorry. I don’t drink. What are you saying? Despite
being in Mumbai, you won’t drink! ‘You’re in Mumbai, the city of lights.
You must have a couple of pints.’ City of lights and couple of pints! That’s rhyming. Well said.
Hero.. …you’re holding a guitar in your hand.
C’mon, let’s hear a song from you. Yes, please sing.
– C’mon, sing. Do you sing? Everyone is insisting.
So, please sing. C’mon, start.
– Okay. Give me a minute. “Life is…” “..running after wealth,
as long as one lives.” “Life is…” “..a quest for someone special
so that you are not alone.” “Life is…” “ autumn..” “..where the flowers fade away.
Life is only a toy in our hands.” “It’s only a toy.” “Life is…” “..running after wealth,
as long as one lives.” “Love finds new hopes.” “It finds new ways.” “Finding one’s own shadow
in darkness..” “ what love is all about.” “Love finds new hopes.” “It finds new ways.” “Finding one’s own shadow
in darkness.” “is what love is all about.” “No one knows which cloud..” “..will shower rain upon us.” “Life is…” “..running after wealth
as long as one lives.” “I see the whole world in your eyes.” “Your eyes are my life.” “When I look into your eyes,
I realise…” “I have a long way to go,
to find my love.” “I see the whole world in your eyes.” “Your eyes are my life.” “When I look into your eyes,
I realise…” “I have a long way to go,
to find my love.” “Only when you and I come
face to face.” “will my heart find solace.” “Life is…” “..running after wealth
as long as one lives.” “Life is…” “ autumn..” “..where the flowers fade away.
Life is like a toy in our hands.” “It’s only a toy.” Jogu! Why did you touch this guitar? Why did you play the guitar? Dare not touch this guitar! Tanni, are you out of your senses? Do you know what you’re saying? Ask him to leave! He is a thug. He is a cheater! Why did he save me? Throw him out right now! Tanni… Please don’t mind her words. Don’t take it to your heart. Come with me. Come. He is Joy. He was my sister’s husband. Tanya sang very well. She sang for big functions… ..and has also done shows abroad. She was a very good
classical singer. Joy was a big fan of hers.
In fact, he was also her disciple. One day… ‘Jogu…’ ‘Do you love him?’ ‘Do you want to marry him?’ I got them married. But my heart did not… …consent to their marriage. But she has never seen our parents.
Her only kin was me, her brother. I couldn’t disappoint her. Destiny had its own plans. Within 7 months of their marriage,
Joy died in a car accident. I had no courage to face Tanya. My sister who was so chirpy
and jolly became half dead. Listen, you told me Debashish
came for a walk at this hour. He goes for a morning walk. But it’s almost noon. Where is he? Actually… he comes every day.
I wonder why the old man… getting late today!
I have no idea… What is it?
– There he comes. Rohit, listen to me. You failed to
woo Debashish’s daughter. Learn from me! I planned
and separated Priya from Jeet. Now, do as I say. If you want to make him
your father-in-law.. will have to dance to his tunes. Do you understand?
He is walking. You go jogging in front of him
and say ‘Hi’ to him. What, if he says ‘Bye’ to me?
– He won’t do that. Leave the rest to me.
Now, go. Hi uncle.
– Rohit! Do you work out, every morning? Yes, uncle. I have to work out
every morning. If I don’t, I feel restless all day. Good. Very good. There’s a proverb in English,
‘Health is wealth’. – Look at this. I like it. You can’t develop these muscles
unless you exercise regularly. Children of these generation
don’t like to exercise. I always tell my daughter to either
exercise or at least walk. But she sleeps till 9:30 am. No, uncle. One’s sleeping habits
should be very punctual. If I have your permission, I can
take her for a walk, every morning. That’s great.
– Anyway.. ..I’ll make a move. I’ve to complete
10 more rounds. Take care. Bye, uncle. Carry on. Please carry on. Mr. Debashish. Good morning, sir. How are you?
– Good morning. I’m fine. Your brother-in-law is so good. Not just good, he is a gem. He excels in sports and studies
as well… Such youth is the future of
our country. You are right. He is my… I mean… He is my brother-in-law, after all. I came without your permission. And I’m sorry for that. Madam, won’t you ask me to sit? Okay. In that case, I’ll go away. I never asked you to leave. Finally, you spoke. We stay in the same house. If you keep your lips sealed
and don’t talk to me.. ..I’ll go away. If you don’t mind,
may I request you for something? I heard
you’re a trained classical singer. Will you train me too? No. You’re flattering me. I swear! I’ve been wanting to learn
classical music since long. I do sing, but not classical music. Will you please teach me? Did I hurt you?
It wasn’t intentional. No… I’m… I’m really thankful to you. You are doing me a lot of favours. No. You’re a good man. Instead of studying, you’re sitting
and looking at the rogue’s picture! “You are mine.
You are only mine.” “I dedicate my life to you.” “No one but you..” “..has the only right on me.” “You are mine.
You are only mine.” “I dedicate my life to you.” “I came close to you..” “ give away everything I have.” “I lost myself,
but found everything in you.” “I came close to you
to give away everything I have.” “I lost myself,
but found everything in you.” “I love you so much, I wonder…” “..what can I present to you.” “No one but you..” “..has the only right on me.” “Only once in life
do you experience the magic of love.” “It’s only once your heart
falls for someone.” “Only once in life
do you experience the magic of love.” “It’s only once your heart
falls for someone.” “You are mine.”
– “Yes, I am.” “You are only mine” “I dedicate my life…” “It’s all yours.” Crazy girl! It’s hardly been
a week since Jeet left. And you’re so depressed. After he returns, when he asks me
to give him his beloved back.. ..what will I tell him? I cannot take it anymore, mom. I cannot. Please give Jeet back to me. I won’t ask for anything more. All I want is Jeet. Mom, I cannot live without Jeet. I cannot live without him. Don’t be so shattered. Don’t you remember
your dad’s condition? You will have to
pass in flying colours. You have to score first class
in Economics. Else, he won’t give in to your wish. I won’t be able to help you either. Think about Jeet. He is so focused on his goal. To win you, he has gone so far… …in search of a job. Poor boy! He is taking
so much of trouble. Won’t you take
a little trouble for him? Mom… What happened?
What’s wrong with you? What’s happening to you? Where is it paining?
– I… Where is it hurting?
– Where were you, Priya? I’m here, right beside you. You’re writhing in pain! Jogu! Come quick! What’s wrong with you?
Tell me where is the pain! What’s the matter?
– I won’t live, Priya. I am here. Where do you feel the pain?
– Without you… I’m here, next to you. Tell me… Jeet! What happened to you?
Talk to me. Look at me. Jogu, I think,
he is suffering from chest pain. Wait. Look at me, once.
What’s wrong? Hello, send me an ambulance
immediately. It’s urgent! Hello. What?! Operation! What are you saying?
Where is he admitted? Lilavati Hospital! That’s good. I’ll take the next flight. I know whom you will pray for. Pray with all your heart.. that my son gets well soon. My son is very humble. No one understands him. But I know you understand him. My son loves you a lot. He loves you so much. My blessings are with you, dear. May you lead a happy life, together.
Be always happy. Be happy. Be happy… Goddess, please save Jeet. Don’t take him away from me. Don’t take him away… Mother, I’m here to give you
my life. Please spare Jeet. Make him alright. The Goddess will listen to
your prayers and fulfil your wish. Did you pray for me? The impression of your fingers will
fade away from my cheek. But I will make sure, I inflict
so many injuries on your body… that you will be left with
no option but marry me. How dare you! Let me go! Leave me! Let me go!
– C’mon! Let me go! I said, leave! You are a beast! You rascal!
You think I’m a prostitute! Come on! I will change the shape of
your face today! No! Priya, don’t do that. I will damage
your face in such a way.. ..that you won’t be
able to recognise yourself. Priya… I love you, Priya… Come! It’s either you or me! I will kill you today! Come! ‘God, please save Jeet.’ Come!
– Priya, I… Excuse me, how was the operation? It was successful.
– Thank you so much, doctor. Thank you.
– Thanks, God! You heard my prayers. Come. She is very difficult to handle. I failed to bring her under control. I see that she has scratched
your face and hit you badly. She has such long nails! She attacked me
as if she was Goddess Durga! She has changed the shape… ..of your face. How will you face anyone? No… You have flushed my reputation,
down the drain. No! Your plan won’t work. I will have to do something. But I cannot think of a plan,
right now. Something needs to be… ..I have a plan!
Where are you? Come close. That’s enough. God bless you. Jeet, are you sure
you don’t want to come home? Your mom is really worried. No, uncle. I’m alright, here. I won’t be able to control myself,
if I go there. No. Please don’t worry about him. I’ll take care of him.
Tanya is here, too. He has not recovered completely. I don’t know how to thank you.. ..for all the help
you offered to Jeet. If he wants to stay here,
let him stay. I don’t mind. I’ll take your leave now. Don’t worry, Mr. Shubhankar. He’ll be taken care of. Alright. What’s the need to bring all these? Sir, this is our tradition.
It’s very important. Now a days, people don’t follow
our tradition and culture. They have no respect for it. But I strictly follow
all our traditions… ..very sincerely. Do you understand? I have come to you with a request. Tell me how can I help you.
Your wish is my command. No, Sir. Don’t say that. You’re the father of the girl. My parents-in-law passed away,
long ago. Hence I had to come
with an alliance. What alliance? I mean, I’m here with a wedding
alliance for Rohit and Priya. But Priya’s exams
are round the corner. She hasn’t completed college. Oh! C’mon! What are you saying? Education does not have an end. What’s the use of educating
a daughter? She has to
manage her house, some day. You’re right, but… Let her finish her studies. What are you saying? Don’t people study after marriage? You rascal!
– What?! I mean, Rohit… Won’t you allow your wife
to continue her studies? Do you have a doubt? Let her continue her studies.
Let her study all day. She has no work to do in our house,
other than studying. – Right. I hope
you have no objection now, Deb. I mean, you will
soon be my relative. So, I addressed you casually. That’s alright. So, should we proceed with it.. ..without wasting any more time? We have a tentative date on mind. Once you give me your consent,
I’ll fix the wedding date. You will thus make Shubhankar
Bhattacharjee bite dust. “Today, I wish to lose myself.” “I want to lose myself in you.” “Today, I wish to lose myself.” “I want to lose myself in you.” “I want to adorn myself…” “Have some patience…” “Today, I wish to lose myself.” “Let us weave dreams, together,
let us chitchat…” “Let me find new meaning
in your loving words.” “But before that…” Good morning.
– Good morning, Jogu. You have already made my day. All thanks to Jeet,
this miracle happened. In his company, my little sister
has again started singing. Jogu, you’re impossible! What are you doing, dear?
Listen to me. Listen. Don’t do that, Priya. Calm down. Who gave you the right
to ruin my life? Didn’t you feel the need to ask me
before fixing my marriage? You don’t love me at all. I didn’t get a chance
to tell you something. The day you were not at home.. ..Rohit barged into my room
and tried to… By God’s grace.. ..I somehow managed
to escape from him. I couldn’t tell you about it,
because of shame and fear. Let me make it very clear today. If you get me married to him
using force.. ..I will commit suicide. Don’t say that ever again! Don’t say that!
Don’t say that to me ever! Please say something.
Why are you quiet? Say something. She is our only daughter. We have no one but her. Your mom is right, Priya. We have no one else for us. I became strict with you,
for your wellbeing. But not anymore. I won’t do anything
against your wish. Dad!
– Yes, dear. Dad…
– Yes, my dear. What are you doing? You are already 4 pegs down. You are drunk. Have it. Now, tell me. What were you saying?
– Have some apple. Here’s chips. Look… Why is Deb coming at this hour? Welcome, Mr. Debashish. Please be seated. I’m not here to sit. I came to inform you that I don’t
want to get Priya married to Rohit. No one in my family agrees to it. You’re getting too anxious! It’s not good for your health. You spoil everything in anxiety. Come, be seated. What happened in few hours
that you changed your mind? I never imagined, Rohit would try to molest my
daughter, seeing her alone at home. He misbehaved with his wife to be. Brother-in-law!
– Such a mistake… quite natural at his age.
– Bad boy! He is too fast. I agree with you. I mean,
I admit that he made a mistake. Don’t try to take his side. I don’t consent to your proposal. Sorry.
– Wait! Mr. Debashish.. have come to invite trouble. Do you think
I’ll let you go so easily? Don’t try to act smart with me. Kalwa.. ..go and catch him.
Lock him in the store. I won’t spare you! I won’t spare you. I’m an advocate.
I won’t spare you… – Mr. Debashish! Now that I know
he won’t give in to us.. ..I will have to change my plan. You and Mr. Jogu.. ..gave me a new life. Had the doctor not explained.. ..I would not have known, I was
suffering from a dangerous disease. I’ll be thankful to you, all my life. There’s no place for
such formalities in friendship. You saved my life once too. My life was in darkness
before you came into our lives. You gave me new hopes. Excuse me. Hello.
– Hello, Jeet. Yes. Yes. What?! Please don’t worry. I’ll be there. Alright, please don’t cry.
Listen to me. I’ll reach at the earliest possible.
Please calm down. I need to go to Kolkata,
immediately. I’ll explain later. Please inform Jogu. Bye. Taxi! Take me to the airport.
Hurry up! C’mon. Please speed up. Go, catch her!
– What are you upto? Mom! – Where are you going?
You do your work. Listen! Where are you going? Hey, stop!
You cannot run away from us! Let me go! Let her go! Let her go!
– I want to see who saves you today. Who will save you, today? Mom…
– Let me go. You’ve tortured me enough. Here. Priya!
– Let her go. Priya! Let her go! Jeet is here! Mom… Your lover is here. Go and ask him to leave. Keep in mind.. ..I’ll shoot your mom if you don’t. No!
– I’ll shoot your lover as well. C’mon. Move! What are you waiting for?
C’mon, go. Priya… Priya, where are you? Priya, I’m back. What’s the matter? Priya… – Why are you
screaming at the top of your voice? Lower your voice. We’re respectable people. Tie her tightly. Your mom called me. I’m getting married to Rohit. What are you saying? What about our love, our dreams? It’s past. That was our past. I don’t like to live in my past. Jeet, I live in the present
and future. I love Rohit
and I’m going to marry him. I don’t like anyone’s
interference in my personal life. That’s all. Did you hear that? We’ll be very happy if you don’t… ..get in touch with us ever again. Out! Come on, darling.
Come with me. Come. What’s wrong? why are you crying?
Tell me what happened. Uncle, I lost everything. Tell me what happened. Priya is getting married to Rohit.
– No… No. She told me.. ..she loves Rohit. She said our relationship was past. No. Rohit is her future, uncle. No! I don’t believe it! Are you out of your mind?
This is impossible. Listen to me.
Priya is madly in love with you. Listen to me! I’m sure, this is a trap. It’s a trap…
Give me a minute, I’ll be back. Tanni… Tanni. Tanni. Tanni. Tanni. Tanni. Tanni. Where’s Jeet? Jogu… I’m with you. What is the noise about?
What’s wrong? Where are you going in a hurry? Come… Come with me. Arrange those flowers properly
on the staircase. Decorate these chairs. I don’t see anyone around. Uncle, there’s no one, upstairs. Is no one at home?
– No. I guessed it right.
Come with me. The ornaments are still lying here.
– Pocha. Yes. – Give these to Priya
and ask her to get ready. Alright.
– C’mon, hurry up. The banana… Look there. C’mon, adorn yourself. Today is your wedding.
Do you understand? I’m keeping everything here. Get ready.
– Keep it there. Who did this to you?
Did they beat you up? MLA Kochi Hazra… ..has kept me under house arrest. I heard…
– Wait, let me untie you. My daughter and wife
are also in his custody. He is getting my daughter
married to Rohit using force. I’ll handle that.
He is my person. Please go with him.
I’ll manage here. Tell me where Priya and her mom is.
C’mon, speak up! They are in the room, upstairs. Upstairs?
C’mon, take me there. Come on. Pocha!
– Yes, sir. What’s going on? Is she ready? She is getting ready.
Don’t panic. It’s an auspicious day. She’ll take
some time to adorn herself. I’ll check on her. – Bring her fast.
The auspicious time is passing by. No, sir. He is right.
There is enough time. There’s no need to hurry. After all, it’s a wedding. We need to follow certain traditions. You are absolutely right. You seem to be an intelligent man. Rohit.
– Yes. Come, let’s warm up. Let the two of us sit together
and celebrate the occasion. I love you for this, brother-in-law. You carry on with the arrangements.
I’ll be right back. Sure. Be rest assured. I don’t care for the auspicious time. I will make her mine, just by
applying vermilion on her forehead. Why are you always in a hurry? Why? I’m a MLA. I have a status in the society. Of course, I am also involved
in lot of scams and bribery. But that doesn’t mean, I’ll
compromise on your marriage. Marriage is not a game. Had you kidnapped
a common man’s daughter… ..and forced yourself upon her… ..I would not have objected. But your bride is Mr. Deb’s daughter. We need to maintain a status. In order to maintain that.. will have to
keep some patience. Rohit.
– Yes, brother-in-law. ‘Salutations to thee…’ Only 5 minutes left.
Where is your bride? Call the bride.
– Pocha. Go and call Priya. Handle her carefully.
– I’ll need help. You come with me.
– Take the stool. He is fighting with me! Shubhankar Bhattacharjee,
the secretary of Bar association! Today, you will come to me… …and surrender yourself. I… Here she is.
– Be careful. Brother-in-law, are you sleeping?
It’s my wedding. She is crying. Priya, don’t cry. You need not worry about anything.
You will be happy in our house. Make the auspicious sound. There’s a problem. Mr. Shubhankar is here.
He is beating up our men. Come with me.
– Shubhankar is here! He won’t allow me to get married. Priest, speed up the rituals. Make it short.
– I can’t make the rituals short. It’s a wedding ritual. It’s a bonding for life. I don’t care! Here. Take this money. Take this money and make it short. C’mon, speed up. Take the round slowly. C’mon, be careful. Three…
– Hurry up. We’ve completed 7 rounds.
– That’s all. We’re through with the wedding
rituals. Everything went on smooth. Rohit…
– Yes. Put the garland around her neck.
– Yes, sir. Make her wear the garland.
– Hold my headgear. Make the auspicious sound. Well done. Now, you make him wear the garland.
– Don’t trouble her. I’ll help myself. Shall I wear the garland?
– You make the sound. Is that all?
– Now, lift the veil and see her face. Let us see her face.
– Yes. Unveil her. What are you doing here? Bomb!
– Where is it? On my waist! No!
– God! Where’s the remote?
– It’s with the priest. No! Run!
– Run for your lives! Run! Run for your lives! C’mon, run!
There’s a bomb inside! It was duplicate.
Thank God! Sir! Hold on. The bomb was a fake one. Priya and her family are missing.
They escaped. Rohit, they fooled us. That rascal saved Priya. I won’t spare him.
I’ll teach him the lesson of his life. Come on.
– Let’s go. Let’s go.
– Sir. Take a look at your groom. Lift your head and look at him. You won’t get this chance again. You are impossible! You made a fool out of them. You taught them.. ..the lesson of their life. After all, you’re an advocate.
You’re really intelligent. Despite being in police, I failed to
understand one thing. How did you succeed
in this operation? Very simple. With a little presence of mind
and courage! ‘Now, listen to me.’ ‘Here’s the remote of the bomb.
The other remote is with the priest.’ ‘If you talk too much,
I will blow you off.’ ‘You will blast and go to hell.’ ‘Do you understand?’ ‘Are you ready?’ ‘Are you ready?
– Be quiet.’ ‘Why are you quiet? Are you ready?’ ‘How long will you take?
C’mon, hurry up.’ ‘Cry and tell him,
you need 10 minutes more.’ ‘I’m coming. I’ll take
ten more minutes. – 10 minutes.’ ‘Alright.’ ‘You take her out of this exit.’ ‘Do you have a gun?
– Yes, here it is.’ ‘Run with her.
Take that door. – Go.’ ‘You look at me.’ ‘Let me adorn you.’ ‘I’ll kick you if you stop crying.’ Please be seated.
I made two teams. I asked one team
to make the wedding arrangements. I called the other team
to Kochi Hazra’s house. They opened the doors for me… and locked them inside. I was lucky enough, the road is
being dug and so, it is blocked. I could make it on time. You are too good. I made them fall… in their own trap. – You beat
the living daylights out of them. How did they manage to come? You thought, you trapped me. Mr. Kochi, you are welcome. We were waiting for you. You are acting smart with me,
in my own locality. You think you are too smart.
Inspector.. ..arrest him immediately
or my boys… ..will beat him to death. No one has ever succeeded in
fooling me. Neither will one, in future. Kochi, you are at fault. You tried to marry her to Rohit,
without her consent. Do you know under which section
you’ll be punished for this? – No. If I want, I can send
the two of you behind bars. Mr. Kochi, I think it’s high time,
you change yourself. I’ve served you for a long time. So, I don’t want to humiliate you. Look at him. See what you have done to
your dear friend, Mr. Debashish. He was his dearest friend. He trusted him so much
and see what he got in return. He was half dead when I found him
tied in Kochi’s house. I reached there on time
and so, I could save him. I can get you hanged to death,
for attempt of Deb’s murder. Today is an auspicious day
and I don’t want to ruin it. Bring that here. Have this sweet… and take our leave. Come on, move.
– Move! Come, you have some sweets too. “I just had a sight of you.” “And I started liking you.” “I just had a sight of you
and I started liking you.” “Why is it that
I am not able to get over you?” “I had a sight of you
and I started liking you.” “Why is it
that I am not able to get over you?” “It has turned into an obsession.
I’m craving for you.” “It has turned into an obsession.
I’m craving for you.” “Now I realise you are my destiny.”

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  1. Heart touching movie…all songs are beautiful…story also mindblowing totaly this movie is super duper hit.

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