Best Action Movies English 2019 – New Action Movies – Action Movies Full HD

Best Action Movies English 2019 – New Action Movies – Action Movies Full HD

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  1. what a gut wrenching movie .. scary to me in those woods and the dirty crooked cop.1st i wouldve got a lighter form the car when I saw it thrown overboard and set the gas tank on fire but then again the chief was crooked .. but at least it wouldve drawn out people. hillbillys jacks scare me f— up no minds are really out there.. truly.. brave girl. good fighter. anyone else wouldve pass out with infection by now and the cop chose to drown her when the weight of him could've choked her or one good push against a rock. the writer had to drag it out tho i dint like the ending. i wanted the ending to show her reunited with folks and her become a a great detective or persecutor. this is why i hate the woods and to travel thru them. ill take the beach any day. never drive alone. phone signals drop and phones die. she shouldve had known the minute a truck pulls over get in the car and drive like a bat out of hell. we women know ppl take advantage but in her case she was tuf. i have no respect fro croooked cops on the take who bully and there are cops getting away with murder. this is why i say its gut wrenching. one looks up to cop for help ..ay?

  2. At 9:54 shows she gets stabbed in the back of the leg(calf) yet her injury is in front(thigh). Great magic trick.

  3. Watching from PH July 13,2019..thank you for uploading this nice adventure movie I like the story👍 😊

  4. Shitload of dum shit she did! Are we to believe that girls are so unaware nowadays? No likes or dislikes from me! Hardly entertaining though! 😀

  5. Fantastic , Loved it … Lots of twists and turns .. This is the best free utube movie Iv seen for a long time .. Im surprised thats theres not more glowing comments here …

  6. It's good to have movies like this remind girls about the dangers of being raped & murderd by white country folk. Wait? Aren't rapists typically black or Hispanic?
    I guess it depends on whether we're talking about "campus rape"(any unwanted sexual advances, harassment, cat calling, or regretful sex) or "real" rape(the sick brutal sexual violation of an unwilling victim against her will that devastates women for decades or life, if they live). But if it's the latter, then yes. 😀👍

  7. I scrolled down for comments.
    # she's lost in a creepy place
    # two men are in a truck few very long seconds before they got out to approach her & she aint getting in her car to escape all that….😩😩
    # tom cruise aint in this movie.
    #that first scene is too stupid for me. It reminded me of that scene where a kidnapped girl was on the phone with halle berry & throwing paint outside a car booth & she didnt use her common sense to show her hand while the kidnapper's car was at the robot & other car drivers could have easily seen her.

  8. Bad writing they push her car over a ledge after the sheriff already found it when they should of gotten rid of it the day before. Than the girl after the left should of went on the keep gotten shit she can use and walk in the direction that they came from they had to drive the jeep there so that means the road it in that direction and than she waste time trying to get a signal on her phone and she has mo clue were she is so why bother walk toward the road while they are looking for you in the opposite direction

  9. I always read through the comments before I watch these movies. I trust the viewers reviews most! Thanks guys! 👍

  10. It is a well done movie but it is unreality . Women don't win in circumstances like this . Women see this stuff and don't think they need any one like a farther , brother,family or husband or any male. We live in an evil world and we need each other, no bones about it.

  11. Movie Title: Rust Creek
    IMDB: 5.7/10
    Rating: R
    Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller
    Release Date: 2018
    Description: An overachieving college student gets lost on her way to a job interview. A wrong turn leaves her stranded deep in the Kentucky forest.

    If you're on YT looking for a movie this one's worth watching for sure. Decent acting and a decent plot.


  12. So nice movie specially for young he or she which have to be daring…. really she done perfect role ….and another during watching the movie I really afraid from the remote of city of this country 😱

  13. That was actually a pretty good movie.. Worth the watch. Thank you for the upload… No Tom Cruise, but then again he's just 4'10 of a bat shit crazy scientologist narcissist .

  14. it was great movie. but i think, it would be better if she was able to scape from the sherief. n made it till town n report it to the sherief station or in abo station"

  15. "please when you're all alone in the woods always keep your phone with you"i mean weren't you have some grazy thoughts you might be attacked by some grazy heartless people"?, 😏
    LOL 😂✌

  16. Wow this things happen
    I know this is just a movie 🎥 🍿
    Something of truth has to be here
    So don’t drive at night when you alone
    Don’t trust your GPS because
    Is not always accurate
    Specially on your phone it freezes

  17. I read the comments and only watched 8 minutes and most of the times the comments are right on/ k I am out but no thumbs down or up. Good by

  18. Movies like this are so annoying to watch as one dumb decision is made after another. A lot of common sense is thrown out.

  19. totally stupid movie, showing a situation largely cause by a woman assaulting some men. why would they denounce her? what had they done that justified the assault? then it goes even more idiotic, why would the men crash the car? and would the men crash the car before or after having spoken to the police?

    not worth watching

  20. This is very crazy it deals with a young woman fighting her way from two bad nasty guys one guy saves her but he is a meth maker and he knows those two guys it gets more crazy must see

  21. no wifi at his trailer, no cell phone, no people living anywhere nearby, ……pretty bad luck, then there's the sherrif, who now has a killing to cover up of his own regarding her, …….pretty darned bad luck, now oofus and doofus happen to find out right on the spot…….pretty darned bad bad bad luck, wow, its amazing she at all lives.

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