Best Adapter for Samsung Dex Mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 | USB Type C to HDMI

Best Adapter for Samsung Dex Mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 | USB Type C to HDMI

Hey what’s going on guys its Shade here and Samsung released their new note 9 in the recent unpacked event and along with that we get to see the Dex mode which allows you to get a full blown-out PC on your note 9. But you might be wondering what is the best adapter to get the Dex mode on your note 9. So in this video let’s find out. ♫Music♫ Samsung released their new note 9 and we did an unboxing video on our channel that you can find in the top right corner in the info card. But with the Note 9 you get the dex mode. The Dex mode gives you a power of PC in your pocket, wherever you find a monitor to connect it. But to get the Dex mode running on your note 9 there are two ways of doing that. The first method is by using a USB type-c cable. One end can be plugged into the note 9 and the other end is plugged into the monitor. And you have a full blown out PC running on your display. But this method is very limited as there are only few monitors which have USB type-c ports in their back. I have this LG 27UD88 27-inch 4k monitor which have a USB type-c port on the back but what if your monitor don’t have any USB C ports on the back. Then the second method is for you guys. In this we are going to use a type C to HDMI adapter. Here I have the Moarmouz USB type C to HDMI adapter. To use this adapter you need to connect the USB type-c port to the note 9 and the HDMI from the monitor to the other end. And you are done you have the dex mode running on a lovely monitor or TV. Now you can use a note 9 as the trackpad and get a full desktop experience with just one single cable. Now you can levitate the experience by using a wireless mouse and a wireless keyboard with your note 9. And with the Dex mode you can use it to browse web, watch videos and gaming to some extent. Now for review of this USB type C to HDMI adapter you can connect it to any device that supports HDMI output and any compatible USB type-c would work with this. The adapter give you blue indicator when it’s turned on. The adapter also support Thunderbolt 3 that means you can easily use it with your MacBook Pro with type-c ports. And on the output side it support full 4k resolution and 60 Hz. So that’s pretty sweet. Now on the build side this USB type-c to HDMI converter or adapter is made of high-quality aluminum material just like the MacBook Pro and believe me this is made to last long. Now you can find this adapter in the links down below in description. And speaking of Moarmouz they make some pretty high quality stuff. You can check out their website in the links down below in the description. So what you guys think about the new Dex mode? Can a smartphone replace a full PC in near future? Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below. That wraps up my video, hope you guys enjoy this. Thanks so much for watching. Hit like button if you’re awesome as always and share this video with your friends subscribe to the channel hit the bell notification icon. So I’ll catch you guys in the next one !

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  1. What you guys think about the new Dex mode on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9? Can a phone that we carry everywhere will be able to replace a computer in near future? Comment your thoughts down below!!! 🔥🔥

  2. No, I believe it doesn't work on the laptop ? I want to record tutorials for my YouTube channel, and having a hard time. Im weary of downloading a lot of software, even when its deemed safe. I used a screen recorder. Any suggestions ? I would appreciate it.

  3. Would be great to have a DEX cable/dongle that can also keep the phone charged and offer a usb A port for something like a wireless receiver for mouse and keyboard. They tend to work a lot better than bluetooth and cost less. I guess the only option would be the expensive DEX dock

  4. If the USB cable only allows you to connect the display. Where do you plug in the Blue tooth mouse and keyboard ?. Or do you have to use bluetooth for that ?.
    I think the dex dock makes the most sense if your serious about using this.
    They have a discount coupon for the cable and doc in my samsung app chk it out.

  5. I have been having problems with my Dex with my note 9 Whenever I send a text message or receive a text message my TV goes black for 5 seconds also once in awhile I see video lines running through the picture why is this

  6. I purchased an Anker USB-C 5-in-1 multi adapter. Dex mode notification to agree popped up…waited to see it on screen! My Note 9 says to better the experience buy official dex products…lol.

    Obviously, a new update is blocking this..or the Note 9 just doesn't like Anker..or this older flat screen tv doesn't like it (aka just won't work for whatever reason..which makes no sense because it's a monitor/ dex popped up but my Note 9 said NOPE, no dex today, buy our products.. – – July 20th, 2019.

    All of these videos are a year or more ago when the device was released. I'm sure it's not possible now from an "update".

    Any suggestions? The 8's and lower needed charging included as you ran what now with the Note 9? I don't understand (besides an update that now blocks that easy setup via 3rd party)…smfh, so pissed.

  7. Can you Please give me a link to the type c to C cable you are using ? So far I bought most of c to c cables yet didn't work my Note 9 giving me message saying ”make sure hdmi is plugged in properly".

  8. when i connect my Note 9 to a monitor using hdmi to type c converter, nothing happens. my note 9 shows its connected in usb mode. my monitor goes to standby. what m i doing wrong?

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