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findest Kapus oh Yeah, need ow. Don’t oh, yeah It’s not enough the boy you knew had You’ll find the clapping airman wanted in four. I’m sure is six. I know the fucker you The one that’s Mistaken Amy can but no it’s the one that stole me horse If you’re looking for me gold, you fail me lad What in the name of God I’ve never made nothing sounded like that What are you waiting for sure? Bach died you weren’t outrun it, but don’t give a fuck only after on you Here get in whoa Why drink beer when we’re on a champagne budget? No, are we? On a homebrew budget till we find a girl call this a pre-emptive toast To all our planning hard work seven hours of paddling upriver They last untain unpolluted unfucked upriver in the north All right, just one day tomorrow Like you a key hands off snaky Just don’t get rich oh Don’t scream little one hurt you hurt me. I’ll do more than just scream sir, Briana hon Jack I didn’t mean to scare you, but we’re in danger You need to call the cops not until you start explaining Here my friend. We came up in mover. We’re on this crazy-ass treasure hunt looking for the lost mole – Thunderclap Newman he was Famous Outlaw from the 1800’s Rob banks and mining trains until I know you just fell off the face of the Earth People like you come out here every year looking for his gold It is far away, and they never get lucky We did I’m on spring this isn’t just bling That’s a tabloid possibly Spanish possibly expensive Got any more of that booze We couldn’t believe our luck we were so happy and then everything went bad How much do you reckon is there? enough to retire on As of Monday morning on the time and right the fossil of the interoffice memo about which orifice it consisted his job micromanaging pretty oh Hey, you’re not going on Brokeback on Blacked out for a bit when I woke up kent was gone, but the gold is still there, so I just grabbed it and Ran But I know where kent is but he’s out here some way and he wants this gold and me dead C-can you just call the cops and tell them to come taser that she gave a guy a tropical sure Good about three seconds before he seizes you need to call someone quick Rhiannon debates. This is Rihanna. Do you read Rhiannon Debates, do you read Center on run to probably shoot you in the back never though You’re Frank. Oh, where are my minutes kent this is Rihanna Yeah, this is my night. Okay. It’s probably you I said it was enough to retire on jacket. I never said both of us Why shove me in the Creek that was planning? I accidentally drowned after a night on the kiss This is plan B for blow your fucking brains out if you don’t play ball. All right. I’m here. So taking shot. Oh Wait, that’s right You kill me – huh Are you ready to tell me stories? ready to tell Did I fuck yourself? He puts the bullet this morning jack Because she won Well, right, it was why me dance. I stashed it. It’s gonna come back that I flick put your ass away for TV where Thank you, Mike Right stop me the fucking tour group What is that? looks like some kind of Mist it’s not a lot of bugs to me It’s something deliberately put here to sleep on look it’s move those out of the way first You want lumps in its bed. That’s mean one big Friggin Bird Could the impression two arms and two legs so what if some her meow here, and that’s his futon There is I think I know his name the life She begged to be a human track that looks human telling you. It’s not Looking you’re an Africa or something I’d say but very nor a gorilla, but even then it’ll have to be huge Some planet a fucking round of us Well, you fight footprints now for a junk. This is a heights. It’s a damn. Good one Look at the detail. It’s got toe prints push-off mounds dermal ridges. Yeah. Yeah, I watched CSI too, but you know what I don’t care You’re both stalling. Where’s my gold jack. You’re not stalling kent Something’s very wrong here Can’t you see that I can see bindiya wins brains all over this nest if you don’t give up my pension fund jack We were friends workmates Not really the same thing. I trusted don’t cry me a river’ jack You would have done the same thing in my shoes if you honestly believe that then you never really knew me They openly condemned always deserve one last smoke you can thank Jack for that That is our cue. What are you? last How’s your weekend Jeff? Right, thanks What makes like to drown me that’s a fortune in God, and we only got attacked by a mythical monster caught in our good times It’s too soon to start asking when we’re there yet Keep up the pace it should be out of here by Dark Look, it’s okay. I get it. I’m not sure that you do Kent was going to kill us no, no new Rangers have a leave no man behind policy was that the navy seals and As far as I’m concerned we’ve all got to make sacrifices and today was cancer well, I want to know is how come something that big hasn’t turned up in some tourist video till their toilets and clearly signposted walking trails off Here’s the usual spiel that I give to all the wide-eyed muppets It’s jungle. It’s 50 million years older than Amazon covers an area of the size of Scotland Rumors abound about what might be out here crashed World War two Blaine 16th Century Portuguese nation Wow alright, son Safety’s on it Earlier McNab Detective McNab What what am I doing out here? research research Yeah on found nine people most of them experienced Hikers Could vanish in this valley over the past four years Maybe they got lost yeah that seems to be the official point of view but me you know I’m leaning more towards downplaying yourself serial killer if you go down to the woods today You’re in for a big surprise Sorry didn’t catch what you’re doing here, Mr. NicHolson I paint Nicholson prospecting prospect Yeah heard they still some gold and then their heels These there are heels you were holding not yet, I Don’t plan on dying. I’m empty-handed good. Yeah, you know as a prospect. Do you were? Travel pretty like where’d you get? my gear You know pans Metal detector. Oh Yeah, yeah, it’s back at my camp you know the only reason I ask is because You look more like you would be hunting than prospecting your hand Did you cut yourself oh? It’s not my blood No, no, it’s not blood on leech It was a leech I Had to cut him off He was sucking my lifeblood No anything Drop the night on your knees hands in the air Look Mike. I don’t know who you think I am and you’ve got the wrong guy Yeah, that’s better That’s what all the right guys say listen to me. You’re making a mistake I’m a threat to you But there’s something else out here. There is something else it’s like big kind of Revolutionary throwback so think You ever heard of a yahweh a yowie the Mythical large hairy monster of the Australian bush not mythical but my I know what you’re thinking but If we’re smart about this we can both come out on top This thing is like the loch ness monster. I was thrown out of here with his hide. We could be looking at six seven figures I’m thinking I’m here with a white male in a valley when nine people have gone missing with a bloody knife in his hand a half-Assed alibi and you Expect me to arrest an I sounds ridiculous Sorry, Mike when I know it’s a 10 s about bullshit you know when I get nervous my for your finger It gets real real itchy I’m not the one you want to shoot. I’m with you man, I can’t tell you who is His name is Jack So being a park ranger because you you actually know where we’re going and they’re able to get lost in the bush a little water course back to civilization Watch the Volleyball 101 that bastard Kyle Ran in from warning shot wait Why do you macross? genetic clear of Crocodiles Whatever it is, obviously doesn’t like the water Now it doesn’t want you So you’re telling me this Jack character jumped you? Almost killed you then pissed off into the bush to have his way with a park ranger Young cuff me I’ll help you find him Nice Try boy. Oh You know what until your story checks out? You and that tree root? I’m married, sweetheart Come on. : Your mother for a hot date what the fuck has it got to do with you now please Don’t leave me out here long fucking psycho zip it HmM detective inspector Whatever you are aren’t you supposed to show me some id aren’t you supposed to show me your pegs. I’ll show you my bed son Show you my badges since I get back please Yes, yes Kenzi I’d be a detective fisher speaking yeah, fisher put me through the commissioner McMahon I Think he’s on lunch What’s up what you’re still on suspension? Look don’t worry about that. Just take down my number What’s this all about that now tell the commissioner that call me AsaP? You know he might be interested to know that I’ve caught the national Park killer. Yeah, the one that everybody said didn’t exist Dumb insubordinate now see again like now you’re breaking up fisher Hello. God damn smartphone my ass. Come on We’ve got to be fuckin kidding. No one is ever Gonna believe this unless to It’s fisher. I can’t talk now What’s wrong is a fuckin Yowie here. There’s a Maori there I’ll pour back No Where is it? So I did not see isn’t it Just me. How can I trust you can’t even trust my own fucking eyes? I I think Garcia okay Aspirin come on fucking tape You like migraines? I’m not gonna die out. Here you me yeah Don’t get the wrong idea. This is just the wall to keep up our core body temp so walking hypothermic was this cold last night Get on the floor in a sleeping bag last night. Thanks for letting that fire during a total fire ban Warm in bed right now if you haven’t dragged me into this know exactly the rain forests been there I would have put the fire out the camp was an obliging hunt we get at the doll How did you even know where to find the gold? Thunder clapping Humans fiber across the Chief Turns out human had a habit for talking me sleep there. He had a habit of recording all of these secrets in there dog If we didn’t wouldn’t miss a bit of his special she took off to his hideout to myself My guess is she came out here, and he’s going to Marry so, how did you get a car anything? Not like she left me Secret hotties from the wall of what used to be the bedroom. Hey, what are you guys the story ends? Tinnitus they might confront heritage buildings. Yes, wishes It seems like a century ago All these people that have been coming out here all these years looking for his bowl. They’re all looking in the wrong place someone’s looking for us Didn’t blow just affected us on a treasure hunt none What do you got across all right, not happen across gone? Think it’s wrong. It’s boys It might cross the river very nice we will The Anna nodded off a couple of hours ago, but I’ve stayed the course couldn’t sleep no no something like the earthly virtues Hey, Ted camera loves you, baby Y’all are gonna have to stop calling it the river is not gold let me bring home the bacon amigo Hey, we’re gonna spend your money on it Come on. You must have selling him more no Yeah, it’s pretty sweet I’m just gonna on destroying waters this isn’t That’s how you’re actually crate Is that too obvious? if You’re fast Runner Robbie were It’s all right. It’s just a froome through you ain’t gonna bleep together Yet, oh It’s done it So did this I tried to talk jack out of leaving you? I tried to help you Yeah, we just should have tried harder Take it up up And tie it around your leg We wouldn’t want you to bleed out before the big date The hell are you doing? Let’s call it Indian the beast my name is Rhiannon, whoever You trying to escape, and I’ll shoot you both thing doesn’t kill you Jack will Jack’s Dead, I’m pretty soon. You wish you were Come on chili reload She keep you warm last night Jack me Iseman living in a penthouse we making caviar out of supermodels snatch, oh Wait a minute It’s tomorrow night of the new producer. I’m not going to ask for a gang I told you I’m hidden under a log bullshit Jack. It’s here. Isn’t it? In the war, that’s what you were looking for when I was using a pataga practice wasn’t it ken seriously Forget about the girl. It’s cursed That’s these random someone please just Fucking work. Come on come I have I choose to walk away wealthy man of fucking deliver You should have just played ball Jack the site is so much shit so much pain yellow River one that happens Say hi to Thunderclap Newman for me Not to collect around We hadn’t we We have to jump pull the kills Do what you can hear what the cooling founder quit him cuz we didn’t just break up in Bank vaults You believe this shit out. How do you even know to work? I’ll tell you the best 30 seconds Not yet Yeah I hope if you lost in the bush, you can follow one of these back to civilization We’d be Hunters Galore here in a few days Looking for yahoo. Trophies trophies Treasures, it’s all fool’s gold Better to let sleeping yahoo’s Lie. Don’t you think We’re gonna ranger and heavy use and I have never seen a yaoi for they lost portuguese Alicia What was that wink about? You could do it in your attack from here on usual address me Thunderclap Sorry my still ringing

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