Best and Most Beautiful Things – Film Trailer

All right, there’s one more thing at the bottom. -You found it! -Is it a flogger? Oh my goodness. I always felt like I was not
normal, like I did not fit in. At 20 feet you can see what an average person sees at 1000 feet.
This is Meow-lody and this is Purr-sephone. 23 dolls, I’m in doll heaven! There’s something about Hamlet, by Michelle Smith, an unlicensed psychiatrist who just read the DSM yesterday.
There’s a structure here and a regiment here and all of a sudden it stops and now you’re on your own. I wanna take on the world. The world will be my burrito. I went and got a job and then I got fired from it. And I pretty much spent and entire year in my room.
I didn’t have any friends, except for in this one community that I was involved in. -What’s this community that you were talking about? When I first got into this lifestyle I
was convinced that no one would want to play with some blind chick. I’m so happy I was
wrong. I want to experience all aspects of life. I want to be able to live on my
own. If she finds restraints on my bed or a flogger my closet, I don’t want her to
assume the worst. There never has been a threat of kicking you out. I never said that to you. This is my life. I can’t live by myself! How am I going to be okay? Know yourself and know all the challenges you face and don’t put yourself on the sidelines. It is in fact, up to you. She’s wondering, where do I go from here. What do I do now? Are you sure I’m not dreaming? I want to see what the world has to offer, even the
good, bad and the ugly. The uncensored world, you know what I mean?

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