Best Movies of May 2018 | My Top 10 Must-Watch Film Recommendations

Best Movies of May 2018 | My Top 10 Must-Watch Film Recommendations

hey what’s up guys how’s it going so I
know I’m a little bit late but I wanted to make sure I got it out to you before the
end of June and last month ended up being a great one so I really want to
share all these with you alright here we go
at number 10 The Kid now I’m talking about the original old school Charlie
Chaplin film whether you’re a film buff and want to experience the early days of
cinema or just feel like looking at a classic silent movie you have to give
this one a shot at least some point yes it’s in black and white yes there’s no
dialogue but it is definitely worth your time it’s a classic with some great
humor and surprising amount of emotional depth at number 9 Harry Potter and the
Chamber of Secrets this continues my monthly Harry Potter watch and
unfortunately while I do enjoy this film I had some problems having to stop it
several times in the middle my Blu-ray wasn’t functioning properly and I ended
up having to switch between that and watching on HBOGO however those of you
who are fans of Harry Potter know this is a fun film might not be as good as
the first but is definitely worth watch every so often at number eight Solo: A
Star Wars Story now I know this isn’t one of the best Star Wars films that we
have but I thought it was pretty entertaining overall I thought many of
the performances were well done and I liked how a lot of the characters were
initially introduced but in particular I really like the surprise reveal that we
get later on and I’m hoping to see where this goes
hopefully Disney knows what they’re doing at number 7 Big now here we have a
classic coming-of-age comedy that I’m sure many of you have already seen it’s
been a while since I saw this one and I got a chance to watch it on my blu-ray
and I got to see the extended cut which I’ve never seen before the film barely
feels dated to me and I’ve come to truly appreciate it now that I’ve seen it
several times and it’s interesting to see how my perspective changed from what
I saw as a kid to now seeing it as an adult at number six John Wick: Chapter 2
if you like action films with great choreography and a lot of original stunt
work I think you’ll definitely find a lot to like about this film while I’m not
sure which one I like better between this and the first perhaps that one just
had a bit more of an emotional attachment and to it but there’s no
denying that they absolutely amp things up this time around and I’m very much
looking forward to seeing how things continue in the John Wick series at
number 5 Revenge this film was a big surprise I had heard a little bit about
it I really enjoyed how it has this sort of grindhouse
feel to it it’s not one that you want to take too too seriously but it harkens
back to similar films I’ve seen in the past of what we’ve seen from Tarantino in
Planet Terror and Death Proof and one thing I absolutely have to say is the
sound design was incredible at some times here number 4 Sweet Smell of
Success I took a chance on this one and saw The Criterion blu-ray which I
thought was a fantastic transfer for an older black-and-white film this
restoration made it look like it was made in the last decade it looks that
good if you like film noir and creative dialogue I highly recommend giving this
one a chance it feels like an overlooked classic at number three Akira now I’ve
already reviewed this film and you know I’m a big fan of it but I have to say
now that I’ve officially seen it in theaters I am still completely blown
away this film changed the scope of anime in the United States
and pretty much every film or show that has come after it has something to owe it
because if there was no Akira who really knows how popular anime would have ever
been in the United States number two Kung Fu Hustle I absolutely
adore this film Stephen Chow did such an incredible creative job here the action
scenes are breathtaking the music is very engaging along with the humor and
the overall tone and craziness that goes on in this film it is one of those rare
movies that there are simply not a lot you can compare it to one of China’s most
popular titles that absolutely needs to be seen at number one Shaolin Soccer of
course we may have never gotten Kung Fu Hustle if it wasn’t for this film Stephen
Chow delivered two back-to-back amazing films both are really up there with some
of my top 15 – top 10 of all time this film is an absolute delight I could
watch it any day any time the special effects are groundbreaking at the time
and I really hope one day we get a really nice transfer maybe even to 4K
and these films are of course diligent picks so guys have you seen any of the
films on this list I want to know some of the top movies that you watched this
month that you have to recommend to me I’ve still got some time to squeeze some
in for the next one and I’m gonna try to make sure I get these out a lot closer
to the beginning of the month alright that’s it for me my name is Dylan and if
you enjoyed this review subscribe to my channel while the video ends and send me
a thumbs up before you go thanks for watching and stay diligent

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  1. Great film wrap up! Revenge sounds interesting. And who can hate on Shaolin Soccer! Nice video brotha!


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