Mohit Yes Mom Come Here Son Yes Mom Son , Your dad was asking what you want for your birthday? Mom , Right now i’m only thinking about examination hall and question paper I Will Tell You After Some Time Ok Son , I’m going to office and you study hard for your exams Ok ,Bye Mom Bye Son Keep quite , Mohit is studying You play here What’s your name? Who is she? She’s My Daughter Her name is Gauri Your daughter? i have never seen her before She came yesterday from village In which class you study? which school you go? Mohit She doesn’t go to school doesn’t go to school? means We don’t send our girls to school Why? What will girls achieve by going to school? They will work like me when they will grow up! then why to waste money on their education Come here Sit here A B C D E F G Say A B C D E F G A for Apple A For Apple B For Ball B For Ball C For Cat C For Cat You Want To Study? Yes i want to study G A U R I Gauri Mohit , What happened? Mom You asked me what i want for my birthday Mom , Kanta sister who come to our house for work I want that we should educate her daughter Her daughter is very intelligent mom If we educate her then she can become big person in life Can we educate her? Do you really want this? Yes Mom If you want this , then this will defiantly happen We will definitely educate her Thank you Mom, this is the best birthday gift Don’t know if Kanta sister will say yes or no Sister I Want to talk to you Yes tell me Sister see how good she is at studies What ever i tell her she learns it quickly Why don’t you send her to school? No no I don’t have money that i can send her to school No No , sister You don’t worry about that We will give you money for her education if she want’s to study for long time , we will make her do that Do you want to send her school? Yes You will give money for her education? Yes sister Yes , i want to send her school But But tomorrow she’s going back to village Going to village? But why? Her father Don’t like her He wanted to have a son But we had daughter So he wanted to kill her There fore I had send her to my mother’s house so that she be safe Sister, please Please stop her from going to village In few day’s school admission is starting If she will go to village Then her whole life will be a waste She can become a big person in life Please stop her from going Sister , you don’t want her to become a big successful person in life? She become a big person in life? Yes i want My daughter to study Become a big person in her life Her life Won’t be a waste like me Now i will not let her go to village I Will educate her Will make her a big person If people like you be there Then every girl can study If any one house Educate any one girl Then every girl can be educated Sister Don’t cry please We will educate her Mom i am going to school Bye son Education has everyone’s right If it’s a girl or a boy If girls get equal opportunity like boys! They they can achieve everything in life They only need an opportunity Please give them what they deserve There fore Save girl child Beti Bachao Beti Padhao If you enjoyed this video Then like this video and share this video And subscribe to my channel

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  1. Supporting women power also like this comment to support these people 1 like = 1 power to growth of women and 1k likes = 1k power to growth of women

  2. I just love your voice and you and your family and your kind sisters and you love you so so very much dear Mohak.Meet we all loved you to have a great day and you will be happy When you see this beautiful Moment and Message Thank you for showing your videos

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  4. Such a great story. There's nothing that girls can't do. I doesn't have any words for this story ๐Ÿ˜‡โ˜บ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘ง๐Ÿ‘ช

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  6. i love u mohak bhai aur ap ki har video ko ma like karta hu aur susbscribed kar chuka hu i love u

  7. Mohak meet i love you i have subscribed and pressed the bell icon and liked and comment tooo in next video can you do a shout out and my name is ayesha shah may god bless you well done what a great video i appreciate you and make more and more meaningful messages i love you and your channel

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