Betsy’s Kindergarten Adventures – Full Episode #1

Betsy’s Kindergarten Adventures – Full Episode #1

Coming up next, on Betsy’s Kindergarten Adventures: [screams] [Betsy narrating]
I can’t remember seeing such a crazy place in my whole entire life. I felt sad,
and nervous, and– [crying] I wasn’t the only one. [babbling] ♪ A, B, C,
and 1, 2, 3 ♪ ♪ It’s kindergarten time
for you and me ♪ ♪ So climb aboard
and take a seat ♪ ♪ For kindergarten fun
with Betsy ♪ ♪ We’ll meet new friends ♪ ♪ Along the way ♪ ♪ And have adventures
every day ♪ ♪ It’s Betsy’s ♪ ♪ Kindergarten Adventures ♪ [baby cooing] ♪ Doo, doo, dooh ♪ [dog barking] ♪ Doo, doo, dooh ♪ ♪ Doo, doo, dooh ♪ ♪ Dow ♪ [ringing] Huh? Oh. [ringing continues] [dings]
[yawns] Oh, no!
[screams] Hi. My name is Betsy. And this is how my first
day of school began. I can’t believe how
nervous I was, and what a first day
it was indeed. At first, I tried
to get out of it. I thought maybe she didn’t
know I had school. After all, I hadn’t gone
for five years. Mom, I would like
to go to the park today. It’s a wonderful day
for the park. Betsy, you know
you have school today. Don’t tell me you forgot. [Betsy narrating]
And then it was Plan “B.” Mom? I don’t feel so well. Perhaps you should make me
some of your soup? And I should lie down. Betsy, I think you’re
well enough for school. Just think of
all the fun you’ll have, and all the great friends
you’ll meet. It was no use. I was going to school, and there was
nothing I could do. [brakes hissing] All I could think about was, “What if the other kids
didn’t like me?” ♪ Dim, di-dum, di-dum
di-dum di-dum, dem ♪ Ah, you must be…Betsy! Well, hello, Betsy,
I’m the guy that they call Bus Driver Bob, and I’ll be taking you
to school for the next… Well, let me see here.
You’re in…kindergarten now, and then it’s on
to grade school, and then to high school. And if you do it
in the right amount of time, then you’re looking
at about, uh… thirteen years from today! Well, anyhow, hop on board, and let’s go to school. [Betsy narrating]
I can still remember my mother waving to me, and my house disappearing
as the bus pulled away. I felt sad and nervous, and– [crying] I wasn’t the only one. Then there was
the schoolyard. I can’t remember seeing
such a crazy place in my whole entire life. And I’ve seen a lot. [squeaks] [croaks] I wanted to run, but then… [ringing] [continues ringing] And I thought
the alarm clock was bad. I needed to get to Room 118, but the hallway was so long! I thought I would
never reach it. And there it was: I was dreading
what was inside. You must be Betsy. Yes? I’m Mrs. O’Connor,
your teacher. Go ahead and make
yourself comfortable while I set up for class. These kids were wilder than any I’d ever
seen before. So I wanted
to keep my distance. Whee! [gasps]
Yikes! Wow! Hey, I’m Billy. Thanks for breaking my fall.
[chuckles] Out of all the kids
in the room, this one had to find me. [children laughing] Okay, class, it’s time
for morning circle. Today, we have to
hand out morning jobs. Each day, each one of you
will have a job to do. This way, everyone helps
out in the classroom, and we can all
be a team. And the jobs are: wash the blackboard, pick up the homework, take out the garbage, and watch over Sydney. Oh! What was I going to get? This could be fun! The blackboards
will go to Molly. [gasps]
Oh, no! The homework will be
collected each day by Scott. Thank you. Of course, garbage will have to
be taken out by somebody strong. How about Billy? All right! I get
to take out the garbage! And that leaves the most
important job of all, taking care of Sydney. I’m giving that one
to Betsy. Taking care of Sydney? Who is Sydney? Are you Sydney?
Nope. Are you Sydney?
[chuckles] No! Well, then, who’s Sydney? Oh, no! A lizard. I’d rather
take out the garbage. I think. I don’t know if
I want this job. Oh, Betsy, everyone
will get a chance to take care of Sydney. He’s the class pet. He’s your responsibility
for the whole week. A whole week? You got Sydney? Cool! [ringing] Uh-oh.
There’s the lunch bell. They have chocolate
pudding today. Gotta go! There was no avoiding it. I was stuck with Sydney. I even had to take him
to lunch with me. Do you like Sydney? I don’t know if I like him. Really? I’m not really
a lizard person. But Sydney’s not a lizard. He’s a salamander. Salamanders are born
in water, then they live their life on land. Do you get to feed him? I suppose. Do you know what he eats? Salamander food,
I guess. Grasshoppers! Ew! Where do I get
grasshoppers? Well, actually, I have a collection
of bugs at my house. Uh, I may even have
a few grasshoppers, if you want ’em. I’ll even feed Sydney
for you. Maybe Billy wasn’t
so bad after all. Actually, he was
pretty cool. It turns out,
Billy and his dad had just moved here
from California. And best of all, he only lived
about a block from my house. Billy can already ride a bike
without training wheels. [chuckles]
In fact, he can do a wheelie! He can also climb a tree,
all the way up to the top. And, he has three kittens. One, two, three! It’s amazing how much
you can learn from someone if you just listen. I could tell, Billy and I
were gonna be great friends. [ringing] Well, time to go! Uh-oh.
What? Look! Sydney’s gone! The top’s off!
Oh, no. I had lost Sydney. And it was my fault
that he was gone. Okay, class,
now let’s not panic. Let’s split up into groups
and find Sydney. We can all help.
Betsy, Billy, retrace your steps. Go to the last place
that you saw him. All of you others,
look for him everywhere! Sydney! Sydney? Sydney? Sydney? Sydney, are you there? Sydney, come out!
I have a grasshopper for you! Oh, Sydney! Sydney! Sydney? I hope you’re happy
with yourself, Betsy. Thanks to you, I have
to miss arts class, and now,
I can’t paint myself because I have
to go look
for some dumb lizard! Great. That was
just what I needed. I thought I’d ruined
the whole day for everyone. I was just about
to tell Mrs. O’Connor that I would wait
until next year to start school, and that’s when I heard– Hey, Molly.
Leave Betsy alone. Yes, be nice to Betsy. Right! We like Betsy. Hmmph! [whining]
Oh, gee. “We like Betsy! We like Betsy!” Oh. Thank you. That’s all right, Betsy. We’re not mad at you
for losing Sydney. We want to help you
find him. Yeah. If we calculate
the speed of a salamander by the number of minutes that
passed since he was last seen, we should come to the conclusion
that he must be somewhere in this school. Uh, that is, unless
he made it to the window. I think. The truth is, I was starting
to miss the little guy. And even though they all
said it wasn’t my fault, I knew I was
responsible for Sydney. I had to do something. Wait, you guys! We can’t give up
that easily. She’s right.
He can’t be that far. Scott, have you got
any ideas? Hmm. Allow me to contemplate. I know! Let’s plant
his favorite food, and then he’ll come to us! That is a superb idea. Billy, you don’t by any
chance have a grasshopper in that backpack of yours? Do you?
Are you kidding? Of course I do. Here you go. Careful.
It’s my only one. [Betsy]
Aw, he’s cute! Oh, no! There goes the grasshopper. So what do we do now? [shrieks] Wow! There he is! Hey! It’s Sydney! Sydney must have hopped
into her pudding. He was watching
all this time. Mm-hmm. And it looks like Molly
wasn’t that tough, after all. Well done, class,
on getting Sydney. It was Betsy’s idea,
Mrs. O’Connor, that got him back. Well done, Betsy.
That’s the way to be responsible. Yeah, and it was
my grasshopper. Good, Billy.
You were well-prepared. [Betsy narrates]
Well, the day that I thought would be so sad turned out to be
a lot of fun. I’m glad that
we didn’t give up. Even though losing
Sydney was bad, I made it right in the end
by taking responsibility and getting him back. And, I met my
new best friends: Billy, Scott,
Sara– and Molly. I know we’ll be good friends,
and it’s a good thing, too. Because there’s no way
I could feed Sydney without their help. [Announcer]
Field trips are a fun way to learn about all sorts of different things. But when going
on a field trip, always remember to… [All]
Stick together! That’s right. [Announcer]
But if you do happen to get lost… One of the most
important things you can do is to ask a grown-up
in uniform, like this
security guard, then just stay
right where you are. That makes it easier for us
to come and find you. We promise we’ll
never take off without telling anyone
where we’re going, ever again. [Betsy narrating]
Well, today was a good day at school, and this is what happened. Class, we’re going to visit
a special place today. Would you like that? Oh, yeah!
Oh, yeah! Cool! Well, that’s wonderful,
because we’re going to visit a museum. What’s a museum?
Huh? What’s that? A museum? I’d never heard of that. What is a museum? It’s a place
where you see things. That’s right, Scott. Museums have
so many things. Like what? From paintings
and statues to dinosaur bones
and rocks and things. In fact, we’re going to visit
a special type of museum. It’s called
a “hands-on museum.” You mean we can
touch stuff? Yes, you can touch,
pull, and ride things, put on costumes,
or just look around. It sounds like fun. Doesn’t it, Molly? Mmm, I’ll see. Thanks for helping me
supervise the kids today, and for baking cookies
for their snack. You’re welcome.
Any time, Mrs. O’Connor. Here! Betsy? Here! Mrs. O’Connor,
can I sit with my mom? Sure, Betsy.
Of course you may. Let’s get going
before the sugar kicks in. Relax, Bob. I only gave them
one cookie each. Yeah, but I ate ten! Billy? Billy? Where’s Billy? [panting]
I’m coming! I forgot my backpack. [sighs]
Billy, he’s always late. Attention, class! The museum
is a very big place. Does everyone remember
what we have to do during our visit? [All]
Stick together! That’s right. Don’t wander off
by yourself. Are we going
to have fun today? Yeah, sure.
I Guess. Maybe. I can’t hear you! [All]
Yes! Well, okay then,
let’s roll! [Bob]
Next stop: the hands-on museum! [chattering] [tweet] Class, what did I say
about sticking together? [all murmuring] All right, everyone,
buddy up and follow me
to the hands-on area. Do we get to see what’s on
the second floor, too? Not today. That’s for older children. But I promise you,
there are plenty of wonderful things to see
and do where we’re going. [Betsy narrating]
Uh oh, talk about going… It’s not that Billy
didn’t want to listen to Mrs. O’Connor. Those escalators
just seemed to call him. Cool! Come on, Betsy,
let’s go for a ride. It’ll be awesome! Betsy, you better
come back! You know what
Mrs. O’Connor said. That’s why
I gotta get Billy. [sighs] Oh, why do some kids
always act this way? [Betsy narrating]
If this is Billy’s idea of fun, he must enjoy
going to the dentist. It was so big,
if you rolled it outside, I bet you could
take it to the moon. We made it! [Betsy narrating]
But then we found out there was one thing scarier than the escalator
going up. It was the escalator
going down! Billy, there’s no way
I can ride that thing again. You’re right,
there’s gotta be another way downstairs. You think so? Sure.
We’ll find it. [Betsy narrating]
I really hoped Billy was right, but I was
secretly scared we’d never find
our way out of here until I was
an old lady of 16. Wow! I don’t know
what to do first! Hey, wait for me! [echoing]
♪ Dum de dum de dum ♪ Hellooooo! [burbling] Have you seen Betsy, Molly? Okay. What was she doing? [burbling] Um, talking with Billy. Somebody, quick! Tell me what to do first! Okay,
I’ll help you. [burbling] I don’t have time
for this, Kevin. [sighs] Why would anyone
put dinosaur skeletons in a museum? I don’t know if I want
to go in there. It’ll be okay. I’ll be
right behind you. [bones tumbling] [roaring] [both screaming] [Betsy narrating]
Now that Billy and I were this scared, I couldn’t help thinking, “What’s my mom
going through?” Hey, Scott,
come see my flower. In a minute. [blowing] Scott, you gotta try this. Maybe after I do that! How could I miss that? Over there! I still can’t find
Betsy or Billy. Have you seen them, Bob? I can’t say I’ve seen
much of anyone. Thankfully, a security guard
was posted at the entrance. He says they’re still safe
inside the building, even though we haven’t
found them yet. [sighs]
That’s a relief. But where are they? If you and Bob will continue
to watch our class, I’ll help
with the search. Look at the size
of this spider. Aw, that’s nothing. Check out this guy! Hah! Say hello to Stan. He’s my new pet tarantula. That’s the biggest bug
I’ve ever seen! You’re not grossed out,
are you? Who, me? I, uh, just backed up
to get a better view. By the way,
spiders aren’t bugs, Betsy. Bugs have six legs
and spiders have eight. They’re called “arachnids.” That’s a lot of legs. [Betsy narrating]
Stan was so cool, we almost forgot we didn’t know
where we were. But then… Betsy, I’m sorry
I got us lost. Oh, that’s okay. Billy… we’ve got
bigger problems. It’s a scary monster! Is there any other kind? Run! Betsy? Billy? [echoing]
Helloooo? Great, the monster’s
got a ghost girlfriend. [both screaming] [vibrating] [growling] Fine. I haven’t
got time, anyway. Uh, Scott? No time! Has Mrs. O’Connor
found Billy and Betsy? Not yet, Sarah. She’s working on it. We miss ’em. [other kids agreeing] Thanks, kids. Still don’t know
what to do first! [Betsy narrating]
There we were, trapped by a monster. What could we do? Sic him, Stan! It’s a…spider? Ahh! Yeah! Mrs. O’Connor! Are we glad to see you. Me, too. Thank goodness you’re safe. We were worried
about you both. Sorry, Mom. Yeah. We promise
we’ll never take off without telling anyone
where we’re going, ever again. Mrs. O’Connor,
what do we do if we ever get lost
in a museum by mistake? I’m glad you asked, Kenji. One of the most
important things you can do is to ask a grown-up
in uniform, like this security guard,
for help. But what if there’s nobody
in a uniform around? Then just stay
right where you are. That makes it easier for us
to come and find you. [chattering] Betsy, Billy, you still
have some time left to play if you want to. Hey, is this the best
caveman costume in the known universe
or what? You guys, come try on
these costumes with us. We’ll be there in a minute. Mom, what’s wrong
with Molly? Is something
the matter, Molly? Is it my fault Betsy
and Billy got lost? Why would you think that? Because you only asked me
if I’d seen them. You didn’t ask me
where they were, so I didn’t say. No, Molly,
it’s not your fault. Today, I learned
something, too: I should ask
better questions if I want to help
somebody your age give me clearer answers. [Betsy narrating]
Sometimes my mom could be real smart… for a grown-up. Hey, Molly,
wanna play with us? [gasps]
Me? [giggling]
Really? I mean, um,
not that I care, but if I did… well, that giant
microscope thingy looks really fun! [Betsy narrating]
And then, before I knew it, my first-ever
field trip was over. Oh, no!
Stan’s missing. He should’ve
told a grown-up where he was going
before he took off. [screams] [burbling] [Betsy narrating]
Hmm. I guess he just did. [Mrs. O’Connor]
Visit the Betsy’s Kindergarten Adventures website and see how Betsy’s
getting ready for school. Play games,
color pictures, and meet all
of Betsy’s friends at [Betsy]
My friends and I love to read. You can find all kinds of fun
and interesting books to read at your local library. Visit the library
in your town today to have your own adventures, just like me. [giggles] Of course, garbage
will have to be taken out by somebody strong. [Billy]
When someone gives you a responsibility, you should always do
your very best. [Mrs. O’Connor]
How about Billy? All right! I get to take out
the garbage! Closed-Captioned By
J.R. Media Services, Inc. Burbank, CA

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