Bhedh (भेद) | Hindi Short Film | हिंदी लघु फिल्म | with English Captions

Bhedh (भेद) | Hindi Short Film | हिंदी लघु फिल्म | with English Captions

Hey blacky! You won another match for your team today. Whom did you call blacky? I called you blacky…black fella! It’s past 9 and this girl is not ready yet… Don’t you want to go to the party? Nisha! Nisha! Your father has been waiting downstairs for long. Oh Mummy! It’s just 8:30. And what have you put on? I have told you umpteen times not to wear such a dress… It makes you look duskier. But you were full of praises for Riya when she was wearing pink that day. Riya is fair my dear! All colours look good on her. Hey bro, look it’s Bunty! Oh my! Grapes in the hands of baboon. Bro, he must have fasted for 16 Fridays to get her. He must have offered water to birds, bro! Rashmi, you have still not got your gestures right. Good morning, Ma’am! Good morning, Hema! How is the rehearsal going? Ma’am, the students are doing good. Good! That’s how it should be. Hema, get that girl to the front. She seems more suitable. May I come in? Yes. Please have a seat. Thank you, Sir. Ok Madhu…introduce yourself? Sir, my name is Madhu Verma… I’m 23 years old and I was a B.Com.(Hons) gold medallist from Delhi University. I have been working in an MNC for the past 3 years. Ok Madhu, tell us why should we hire you? Ma’am, I think that good communication skills are required for this job. And I believe that I have that. Also, I have 3 years of experience in this field. Ok Madhu, please wait outside. Ok Sir, thank you. Can I come in? Yes, come in. Ok, so Himani, right?
Himani, describe yourself. My name is Himani Aneja. I’m 24 years old. I’m very fond of singing and dancing. And I am a very good cook. Alright. Ok Himani, why should we hire you? Umm..I’m beautiful and friendly which can work wonders for your company. Ok. Have you worked elsewhere? No…But I’m already excited to work here. Ok Himani, please wait outside. Thank you. O Dushasana, disrober of the clan’s dignity… …damn you! You consider dishonouring a woman as honourable to yourself… O fool! Parth! The soul is immortal… …and ageless. Weapons can’t pierce it. Fire can’t burn it. You fear is unfounded. Parth, pick up your weapon… …and fight! Sir, my acting was decent… You even clapped during my performance. Yes Sir…why was I rejected? Look…both of you acted very well. But the thing is that we need fair actors for the roles of Krishna and Draupadi. But Sir, Krishna was dusky. In fact, that’s why he was called so. And that’s why I came for the audition. Exactly! That’s why Draupadi was called Krishnaa too. The public wants to watch fair Krishna and fair Draupadi. What can we do about it? Wait a minute… Rakesh! Rakesh, do one thing. Give them the roles of some demon-demoness. Here comes our daughter. Namaste! Please sit, dear. Please! Please have some! Lata has made them. And Lata has topped her college this year. And our daughter knows how to manage the house well. Hello…Namaste Sharma ji! Yes, Shukla ji! Well…Did you consider our proposal? Shukla ji, your daughter is decent but…dusky. The alliance seems unlikely. She might be dusky Sharma ji…but she’s also cultured..a college topper and…has lately been selected for teaching. Shukla ji, we have to maintain our respect in the community…What will people say if we get a dusky daughter-in-law? Tripathi ji’s daughter is fair…and they are offering 15 lakhs as well. Ok Sharma ji…I’ll also try to manage. Alright then…I’ll try to convince Rahul’s mother. A year later… Lata, at least have some cashews. No, I don’t feel like it. Bahu… …have this saffron-milk…It will ensure a fair child. 77.77% of Indian males think pretty includes having a light skin while 63.04% of females mention light skin colour while describing pretty. 55.36% of Indian women & 9.25% of Indian men use bleaching products to lighten their skin. 74% of Indian males want to go out with a light skinned female while 60.86% Indian females want to go out with a light skinned male. 66% of the Indian population believes that fair skinned people are more confident. 50% of the Indian population affirms that fair skinned people are rich. 44% of the Indian population feels that fair people are better educated. 74% of the Indian population agrees that fair people are more acceptable.

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  1. A very excellent message portrayed so simply and brilliantly… We need more people in our society.. To acknowledge racism is.. Nothing but a slow poison to degrade the quality of society. Well done 🙏🏻👏👏👏👏

  2. A social message is what every other short film lack, but showing the same requires guts and shows that you are open for criticism.
    The issue selected is something many people face in their day to day life but not considered a major one nowadays. The way you all displayed it, is simply awesome. Eagerly waiting for many more. 😀

  3. An excellent piece of work & a great initiative towards creating awareness among the people about different social evils which are prevalent in our society in different forms.
    #Kudos to the whole team ! #Keep it up !

  4. Very nice
    This discrimination has very deep roots.
    Even caste system also inspired from this concept.
    This is the dark side of our definition of beautiful..
    Dark/ black is meant the symbol of evil but white things also have ugly face.
    We should try to define the meaning of good or bad in very humanistic manner
    But i also admit that is discrimination also exit in any other form because this is a medium of power or superiority.
    Good effort.. keep it up..we should take a stand

  5. 👍👍
    Very nice effort done by each and every person, a very strong and vibrant message is delivered through the video. Loved it .

  6. नि:संदेह बहुत ही बेहतरीन निर्देशन है, विषय भी प्रासंगिक है। लेकिन, मेरे विचार से किरदार का कोई अन्य नाम भी रखा जा सकता था "हिमानी अनेजा" की जगह….!

  7. vinay baluni my friend you are doing a great job well done bro
    Very good subject
    I can relate every part of this video
    Thanks bro
    Best off luck 💪👍👍

  8. sahi kha ham bhartiyo ki soch abhi badli nhi h …. kintu is movie ke last me unhi logo ki safalta wala pax bhi dikhana chahiye tha jinhone isme rool kiya h … tab or bhi achha sms chodti …. ab bhi bhut achii h …. nice… thanks sabhi ka

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