Big Bang Cinema: Episode 102 (Superhero Films)

hello welcome to Big Bang cinema my name
is isaac the vegan sock Sanderson I am Tyler white what something him sucks
they say vegan on them why because me guys this is a movie show we were
talking about movie news reviews and every single thing in between but guys
thank you so much for watching we really do appreciate it
and we have a lot of fun stuff for you starting with Disney is apparently going
to rule our lives for the next 20 years but they only announced up to the next
10 so Disney announced all their films that they’re going to be releasing until
the end of time basically or until 2027 have you guys so Tyler what do you think
of this just fill mine up that they just came out with I think it was a lot of
them really too much for me to really go through ok so one of the biggest ones
was Star Wars announced the new trilogy because I know we’re all excited about
that but also I have a list right here as you can see this list is quite
extensive and yeah this is something you can search online if you really wanted
to see all of them I’m just gonna hit most of the big ones gonna sing it
singing as you guys I’m not gonna I’m not gonna sing all no no so it looks
like next year we’re gonna have the New Mutants is finally coming out after like
three years of like being shelved there’s gonna be a new Pixar film is Bob
burger film coming out and Disney owns Fox 2 now by the way so they pretty much
own everything there’s another Kingsman movie Mulan the live-action movie
there’s gonna be West Side stories coming out karela Deville movie and then
2021 I think that we’re gonna be getting avatar to finally so those are the
biggest things but there’s nothing gonna be lets this find out how many Marvel
movies we’re gonna get so we’re gonna get a 1 2 3 we’re gonna get 3 Marvel
movies in 2021 and we’re also going to get a bunch of
other Disney movies animation movie and avatar – that’s
gonna be a heavy year and also the year after that looks like we’re gonna have I
think – well I know take that three Marvel movies and another Star Wars
movie that’s one that the new trilogy is gonna happen 20 to 24 and then 26 so I
mean it just keeps going like this avatar 3 is gonna happen a little bit
later in that decade I think Avatar 3 is 2023 and then 2025
then 2026 we’re gonna get all the way to avatar Phi by the end of next the next
decade and they’re all filmed together they’re pretty much all being film
together yes so um Charlie what do you what do you think
about all these uh all those movies can alliteration saturation level high okay
well what do you like as far as like the new trilogy of Star Wars kind of thing
well what do you think that’s gonna be based around of and like what how do you
think that’s gonna play with people um it was probably based out of whatever
they can throw together and I got a feeling it’s not gonna go too well again
it’s gonna make a lot of money but you don’t it’s nothing silly a merchandise
like a difficult a few films yeah I think I mean I think owes without saying
I think it’s extremely unnecessary that they’re making three more of these
especially since they Disney specifically said you know hey we’re
gonna ease up on this we decided that we might have oversaturated the market and
we might have gone too far too too much too soon so we’re not going to do any
more it wasn’t ever saturation they released
the last was it the last Jedi and and it was it made money but the fans hated it
says the Fayette saved and felt people to buy our merchandise his fans so they
they they didn’t buy any and they boycotted the Han Solo film also I think
it’s really interesting that the thing they choose to be the face of Marvel
Studios is Captain Marvel yeah I thought that was really interesting but uh but
yeah this new Star Wars trilogy I could care less I could not care less about it
I really couldn’t I don’t want to see another Star Wars movie like that for a
very very long time what a lot of trilogy I’m sick of it and also uh does
anybody is anybody really clamoring for an avatar sequel
besides James Cameron I don’t think so um ship sailed ten years ago yeah just
leave it alone please just like we’ve had enough and so
a really nice meal and then we’re full we fill it up back in 83 and they just
keep putting stuff on her plate and the stuff keeps getting worse and worse and
then it’s like oh this one’s okay but um gets worse again it’s like it gets
really inconsistent just ease up and Disney y’all in the marketplace you
don’t need the extra cash do you don’t you put out quality stuff quality not
quantity but they own everything now so maybe it’s some quality will come
through and I’m excited to see what the Marvel Universe is gonna go speaking of
the Marvel Universe we have the Spider Man far from home trailer and it’s
spoiler if ik and spoiler if we get the spoiler King himself Tom Holland appears
right before the trailer to tell us the spoiler that the spoiler lift has been
bein lifted the spoiler ban has been lifted from a in game so Tony Stark is
dead and the universe now he’s not coming back he’s gone and by the way I
thought it was really interesting after the snap is five years later and yet
he’s still in high school and all his classmates are still in high school when
I think half his classmates gonna be in high school the other half is it well
all the important characters that we know are in his high school I guess I
guess they just picked right back up where they left off I guess I don’t know
but yeah this one revolves around the multiverse where apparently when thais
snapped it tore a hole in our universe and created all these different
dimensions which i think is how they’re gonna introduce all these different
characters that you know they didn’t have rights to before into the universe
so keep game it may be kevin find he’s right this is the end of a face for
marvel and this kind of introducing the new place that we’re gonna go what you
think the trailer I thought it was pretty nice I got some doubts about a
thing because I doubt that’s true about it cuz yeah Mysteria is Pat super power
and we don’t have super power he’s just these these the king of illusions well I
well they pretty much can rise though they confirmed that Mysterio why not
nervously they’ve they’ve confirmed that the multiverse is a real thing and
that’s the reason that like you know captain Captain America could go back
and live with Peggy without affecting that future but you know so he did
probably he probably did stop 9/11 so much fun in case the other day where
where it shows servus he’s like a sailor tossed like
with this and pegas oh my gosh Steve do you know Kennedy just got shot
and Steve’s like just have some salad maybe in his and maybe it is his time
line he actually did stop all those things from happening
but beyond that the spider-man trailer I’m excited for I it’s cool that they’re
getting it out of New York and trying to do something different the only thing
that bothers me is that a little four-letter word that really scares me
Sony Oh llve oh no but that that scares most women that I’m with yeah but uh but
Sony don’t Sony this movie up please the only thing that really concerns me about
this is that we’re gonna get the big dog bass big scope of a spider-man movie
eight teen villains product placement look at all the explosions and movie
ends and you can’t tell what happened and then it like forgets man because
spider-man forgot his birthday it’ll be stuff like that you know gosh
don’t Sony it up Marvel has their hand in it but Sony also has their hand in it
and they definitely had their hand this trailer because it spoiled pretty much
the whole movie I feel like I’ve seen the movie now Sony is known for pretty
much showing everything in the trailers but any final thoughts on this before
you move ok I know they have fun I know they have final thoughts but Marvel says
input so my theory is the whole thing is a misdirection because that’s what
Mysterio does is a mess are they the trailers of misdirection misty really
does miss directions he’s pretty much he’s pretty much special effects guy his
his powers illusion it’s so like maybe they’re maybe they’re changing up his
character who knows oh hey I don’t know who knows let’s think about misdirection
Hellraiser is getting a new movie you remember that written and produced by
David s Goyer you remember remember Hellboy
I remember Hellboy I vaguely remember Hellraiser this is exactly what’s gonna
happen to Hellraiser Hellboy tail boy tip percents gonna
happen the hellraisers why do you say that because um the first three hell
raisers pretty good but they were awesome products their time okay also
the biggest reason we’re talking about this today is because not that gentleman
the other bold gentleman with yeah there we go
mr. David s Goyer David s Goyer is a mixed bag if there was ever a mixed bag
in mixed bag history do you know David s borders yeah he does a lot of TV yeah
but he also uh he’s written a lot of like superhero movies specifically he
wrote the blade movies he wrote and directed blade Trinity so he had two
really good ones he had one that sucked he also wrote of the Nolan Batman movies
but he also wrote the Zack Snyder Superman movies so it’s a complete mixed
bag complete I’ve heard it said that it’s completely like his movies that he
writes are completely the quality is completely dependent on the filmmakers
that make it you know so if you get a Zack Snyder it’s gonna be terrible if
you get a Chris Nolan it’s gonna be pretty good then weapons they grab
something some director that made a student film back when he was living in
Norway then you get the first tail razor so who directed the first hill racer
Tyler um I don’t remember about a new Clive Barker right wrote all of them
Clive Barker but the same guy wrote and directed that movie I think Clive Barker
I don’t think that marker directed it quite it was somebody I looked him up I
forgot what his name wasn’t I didn’t write it down I was I was silly enough
not to write it down but uh David s Goyer is the main reason I wanted to
talk about this because I think this is probably good material for him just pair
up a really nice Blum House director with us mm-hmm make a really nice
concise hour in 30 minute movie hour 35 minutes make it really nice for make it
really tight you don’t have to spend millions and millions and millions of
dollars on you don’t have to I make it like the big like Hellraiser is
exploding everything in Bloods flying everywhere you don’t have to make it
like that he James won on it like no James Wan
does enough make it small make it compact put in a nice little package put
it out make a good amount of money you’re not what’s they got together did
the arm oh that wasn’t he’s a boot when the blue house directors he did uh the
one about about the girl who was deaf and the guy was stalking her around her
house um Bill Cosby no come on Bill Cosby Carter he’s won the blue house
trading great great director I’m not sure think of it and then we’ll go out
we’ll keep going because there’s probably the biggest things that just
came out literally right before we film this cuz we totally didn’t film this
I’m ending it chapter two just came out with a trailer and Tyler is a big fan of
the it series yes so I believe you haven’t you ever watch
this trailer you have you know I have an awesome way to tell you out here okay
well you’re gonna be really in bad circumstances because it has a lot of
dialogue and you’re gonna have to talk about it so uh and then you’re not gonna
be able to hear any of this dialogue we’re gonna play it behind you but as
you glimpse it I just wanted to say that I thought this trailer looked really
interesting especially for the first minute and 25 30 seconds it really uh
really had a nice way of kind of uh adding a lot of tension a lot of
creepiness and I’m also excited to see this new cast especially the younger
kids were such strong actors I thought the first movie was okay I wasn’t a huge
fan of it I like but what was it machete is his name director I decided to
pronounce a slice like machete I suppose but he I like what he did with some that
stuff but like some of the stupid horror cliche stuff was really annoying really
frustrating and I hated that but maybe they’ll do something different I hope
it’s not big stupid like blue whenever you see penny wise and like
stupid musical stings and like horrible like obvious editing and stupid sounds
to try to say you know you’re scary you know make it a little bit smart make it
a little creak and make a little slower you know there’s some creepy parts in
this trailer especially but the cast and the director are the biggest things I’m
looking for a few but rather what are you excited about about it too
I’m hoping they’re gonna open up the whole thing about I wanna know my
multiverse for Stephen King books what a multiverse for Stephen King books yeah I
don’t think it’s gonna happen they’re too inconsistent well I mean no it’s a
sheer universe for all the Stephen King books but it’s well not for the movies
now it’s gonna be do you really want the dark tower in the same role as the
Shawshank Redemption and I want this to be their Iron Man well a little too late
for that because they’ve already made like sixty seven of those movies of his
books he writes like sixty-seven a month so I don’t think any one about a haunted
lamp remember that one he did well he’s done something about it he get it goes
into the producers office and there whenever the publisher is like so what
your next book he looks around to got room he comes out whatever is gonna be
the next book about imagine a school who comes to life and like literally when
people sit on it they can’t get up and then that stool boy who’s that King
you’re not your trying anymore all right rate me in a month okay but anyway guys
thanks so much for watching so far let us know what you thought about these
movie topics on our Facebook page slash studio 67 NCC we love
to hear what you guys have to say but real quick yeah there you go there’s a
link so real quick before we go on I wanted to show a segment that we’ve been
trying to show for a long time but we haven’t got the chance to show it yet
but we finally get the chance to show it I got to sit down with mr. Joe Edie a
really nice guy you guys probably know on from our West Henderson discussion if
you listen 89.1 Big Bang radio you’ve probably heard him for a very very long
time he’s a really talented actor really cool guy
and we decided to sit down together and talk about superhero movies where they
been and where we think they’re gonna go so enjoy hey everybody I’m Isaac and
over here we had mr. Joey D he is a DJ that comes here all the time from
Wilmington North Carolina and he’s a working actor and what’s the podcast
you’re working on right now it’s quote we actually don’t have a name but it’s
about magical gathering it’s about a card game so it’s very it’s it’s kind of
lame and nerdy Joey’s in town for NCC plain nonsense and we we thought we
might talk about the superhero movie craze it’s going on right now so uh so
yeah in case you haven’t noticed there’s a superhero movie coming out like every
other weekend so obviously people really like them but like it wasn’t really
always like the biggest thing in the world like uh like we were talking a
little bit before like um like the beginnings of kind of superhero movies
yeah in general like 1940s you know Captain America and things like that it
was kind of like war and like this ideal American powerful coming in beating up
the villains there’s almost propaganda yes it’s very propaganda SHhhh
I mean nothing that’s basically what Captain America started out as anyway
that’s why I like like there’s like an image of him
Hitler and I mean he’s kind of a world war two kind of you know like
America’s the greatest thing in the world kind of thing it wasn’t Red Skull
and not see it yeah in the in the updates they all started out it’s kind
of like this kind of ideal rather than like characters in and of themselves
they weren’t really need to be terribly deep you know they are more so to be
like you put yourself into these kind of headspace they are based off comic books
yes you just basically meant to boost morale and everything and they were
meant to be fun and they’re kind of you know when you look back and they’re kind
of hacking stories but as far as you know I I mean that in the kindest way
when you look back in the movies like or like earlier the television stuff with
the George Reeves Superman’s you know he’s growing like this cloth suit he
looks like flabby and yeah muscular what’s right I love George sorry
Superman though like I really like it I like it it’s it’s exactly like a 1940’s
superheroes yes it’s Superman strange visitor from another planet who came to
earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men
and when you look a little bit later to like the Adam West Batman’s and
everything in that first movie they came out the Batman movie I think that that
was a big deal for a lot of people people really love that yeah I like the
60s Batman too it was just a little too campy I think but I think they were
getting away from the hero and getting more into the color and the vibrant and
maybe even some other yeah things in the 96 it was the 60s industry yes as you
know was a very sober time absolutely substance over Davis it was a different
kind of arrow for superhero movies people liked him but they they had their
place they were camp they were flocked basically thank you they were like you
know silly little things for kids and that was superhero movies as a whole you
know and obviously that kind of that kind of changed over over time I think
the biggest movie around that time like a in the 20th century was probably like
Superman as far as kind of like the the biggest superhero I think I think for
the time I think it was one of the largest productions
it was definitely largest production for a superhero
and I think it was one of the large productions up for the time for and just
any kind of action movie yeah I mean it was it was a big thing you know they’ve
had this being kind of scoped with it I mean when you look back it’s not really
like the massive scope of movies you see today like the buildings weren’t
crashing down on each other and everything they had an amazing score
oh yeah which is which is something that has kind of happened in superhero movies
since then I mean that movie in itself I really enjoy looking back in that movie
actually it I liked it too it’s it’s it’s a little like as they say
like like we use the phone using the word camping a lot because you don’t
really know what campy is it’s kind of like silly over-the-top kind of like you
know it’s like purposely kind of schmaltzy and Batman what are Batman was
that but Superman was not yeah super Superman I mean he was like you want the
old the old Superman I guess was a little campy yeah yeah I mean the old
Superman was this one was kind of you know he was a little darker yeah not as
dark as he’s gotten as far as the the Christopher read
Superman’s I mean my he stood for truth justice and the American Way and it was
like little corny I think there’s like um you know he makes the world go
backwards or something like that movie they stop Lois Lane from dying he goes
around the world he think makes its way back I think the next big superhero
thing was probably like mrs. Batman probably like the temperate Batman
that’s so I got the first time comic-book movies are really kind of
taken really seriously in a way as far as like these comic book these iconic
superhero movies Batman 87 or 89 was it was kinda like the first big one that
people really really flocked was beside Superman and Tim Burton had I think with
the Tim Burton films I think they looked a little more like comic books where
it’s like the previous movies and film like they didn’t really look like the
comic books took a definite turn you know and Jack Nicholson’s Joker was so
iconic and you know just the world that they kind of put in the importance of
stylistic with it it really became really influential later and when you
look like at the McNair like McDonald’s toy he’s from it woman Mia yeah apparently people were
like yeah we’re going a little too far let’s camp a couple more and then you
get the other ones with that when he had nipples on his bat suit that was not
until Batman Robin behind if I disappointed them in any way
then I really want to apologize because it wasn’t my intention I mean these were
not really like an Marvel this point was kind of going bankrupt and yeah there’s
other things besides Marvel out there but you know superhero movies as a whole
weren’t really like respected medias they were just kind of like you know
well who cares about this you know like a and obviously they moralist and so on
their rights to all these different companies because they started going
bankrupt so like right at the end of the 90s we get Batman and Robin Batman Robin
is kind of like an infamous kind of like oh it sucks kind of thing and but and it
does suck and that was kind of like when people saw that like I think we’re done
with this you know that was kind of you know the last thing there I think blade
came out in 99 yeah and blade stars Wesley Snipes and
it’s like a Marvel character and it’s LOM vampire hunter and he’s being that
he’s born to play that role yeah have you seen blade in the world I have not
seen wait a while I watched wasn’t the second or third it doesn’t hold up yeah
see that’s when I saw the next big one I think that really made a huge impact
they were still filming impact up now is x-men yeah Brian Brian singer he really
kind of put something that was kind of not to comic book II but like he wasn’t
really serious the same time it kind of rode the line it looks a little when you
look back and it looks kind of a little bit cheap compared to all the other
stuff you see now where everything is like CGI FS
well yeah comparing x-men to the Wolverine the Logan film yeah it’s just
like double season the same yeah yeah back then it was I still enjoy watching
and I watched that recently and I think that was Kevin fighting the director of
Marvel now he was part of that behind the scenes working a little we talked a
lot about the Tobey Maguire’s spider-man movies yeah those were those definitely
hit me on those are very influential and kinda like my taste in films and those
are blockbusters I remember back in the early 2000s everyone was like will
anyone ever be able to make more than Titanic and like spider-man was
like all the nerds were like we must get a superhero movie to beat James Cameron
and and then James Cameron just makes another film and beats his own film and
yeah that’s when people really started like and that was kind of the rise of it
or not the more people who kind of had access to kind of yoli’s you know
different people talking them and there was a communities built and there was
demand for and there’s always been a summer blockbuster but that’s the time
period that I remember like it became every summer was a new superhero film
like we didn’t have superhero film every three months we have like the big one
that came out in the summer I wish it wasn’t that was yeah yeah but that’s
that’s what I remember I remember going to the movie theater in the summer it’s
hot and then you just watch it two and a half hour superhero movie yeah and it’s
special when you got to be like oh man spider-man – Eska I remember seeing
spider-man two trailers I was getting a haircut I remember seeing a commercial
and it was ant made you know not happy not hot Marisa Tomei and I believe there’s a hero in all of us
and that’s still one of my favorite superhero movies yeah that’s why I’m
going to I love x2 also doesn’t really have a singular villain this is like
when super movie started getting kind of complex and kind of you know handling
all these kind of different issues but still kind of retaining the fun quality
of these movies it’s been as always done that though I feel like this work we
should go talk about now it’s kind of like the future of comic book movies and
superhero movies as a whole you know granted there’s like a whole bunch of
stuff that they haven’t touched even touch kind of them you know the big
things but like what do you think kind of the future of superhero movies as a
medium or no so I think the success of superhero movies have really kind of
caused a problem with the summer blockbuster in general I think there’s a
lot of less big blockbusters being made than our superhero related and I’m not
quite sure if they can go much yeah when all these movies in with like
big destruction villains destroying the city and all like when they had this big
line act again it doesn’t really have the the impact as it does it’s like
every single year when that one superhero movie came out you know it was
a big deal you know and not all them had like the city destroyed crab ground
sometimes they’re a little smaller and yeah I feel like that’s probably the
best route is doing like these little smaller stories not making all these big
things and probably over the year arcs are probably gonna be obviously they’ve
been trying to do a big thing now but Marvel’s counting all the ones I’ve
really done it successfully and I think Netflix I mean we live in the age of
Netflix so I think like if you look at some of their superhero things that they
have attempted yeah streaming is gonna be a part of it and I just don’t I just
don’t know me and I okay well I can see yeah well yeah okay well let us know
what you guys think about that you can leave some stuff in the comments below
they’re probably wrong we’re probably definitely wrong but I definitely enjoy
talking about it it’s definitely been a fascinating thing is probably the big
when people think movies now they think like superhero movies yes I mean that
they become kind of a big thing and what people go to the feeders but yeah no
problem I really appreciate you being on where can people find you on social
media I’m The Reluctant G on Instagram that’s probably the only one that I
frequent like that I put stuff weekly okay well yeah and make sure if you guys
are interested check out Joey’s future podcast yes I will have updates on the
Instagram page yeah but think you guys so much for watching back to the show
cool that was fun that was amazing that wonderful sweet oh I believe that was a
line in there her that wasn’t blue spot on I believe there’s a yep oh by all the
money I’ve heard that line so much in my life it’s ingrained in my brain hey guys
thanks so much watching Thank You Joey for being on we really do appreciate it
we have another solo actually Joey’s kind of celebrity but we have a bigger
celebrity I’m gonna be like not physically here but we’re gonna have an
interview with them on the show on mr. Tom Proctor an actor slash musician
we’re going to have an interview with and we’re going to we’re gonna show a
small clip on here he wasn’t going into the galaxy really yeah he was also I
justified he was also a few other things he’s also a musician he’s a stop and he
was in looper so we’re gonna have an interview with him pretty soon also with
mr. Josh Shafer of lunchmeat magazine it’s a VHS magazine and we’re gonna be
talking about VHS movies pretty soon a lot of cool stuff coming up but guys no
show next week graduation at Nash Community College is going to be
happening so none of our equipments gonna be in the building so but next
week a week after that we’re gonna be what are we going to be talking about
peek – detective Pikachu that’s correct very I want to peek at you that’s right
and I think just as much for watching I think that’s gonna be it for us today my
name is Isaac the vegan sock Sanderson I am Tyler here I’m here okay I was
expecting you to do more yeah okay say lots of guys see you in two weeks two

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