Okay… feels like we’ve been over a lot
of this a few times before – but I see a lot of new faces around here and lord
knows my short term memory is shot to shit. Plus the new movie is out in a few days so synergy!!! Anyway! So, 1930s – there’s this guy, he’s called
Captain Marvel, published by Fawcett Comics, very very popular until DC Comics sues them
for making him too similar to Superman. He goes away for a long long time. 1960s, newly-fashionable Marvel Comics goes
“Hey, we’re called Marvel, we should use that name ‘Captain Marvel’ for something
before somebody else does” and they do. …and nobody really cares. Like, I can’t stress that point enough. This isn’t like a judgement on “Mar-Vell,”
warrior of the Kree Empire turned guardian of the Cosmic Marvel Universe as a character
or on the relative quality of his various incarnations… he’s just only ever been
a niche character with a cult following. Never all that popular. He stayed in circulation mainly because Marvel
found out they needed to keep a character with the name “Captain Marvel” hovering
around to actually keep the trademark on the name they’d now acquired or else DC might
be able to take it back now that they’d picked up the remnants of what was now refered
to as the “Shazam” brand from Fawcett. Which is why they let Jim Starlin really make
a big go of trying to make Mar-Vell “happen” as a character throughout the 70s (in the process creating and/orrefining an entire cosmology of Cosmic Marvel… “stuff” almost all of which turned out
to be much more popular and enduring than Captain Marvel himself), took a swing at a
female-fronted spin-off in Ms. Marvel (real name Carol Danvers, well come back to her obviously), gave Mar-Vell a 21 gun sendoff of a “death” storyline (like… from cancer as opposed to supervillain
stuff, so you’d know it was legitimate) …and also passed the mantle back and forth
to multiple other characters over the decades including Monica Rambeau (Yeah! How about that, huh? She was the first Black woman to join the
Avengers, and even led the team for a bit) two of Mar-Vell kids (which is complicated)
at least one Skrull sleeper if you want to count Khn’nr, “Marvel Boy,” just…
look, they use the name a lot – and for the most part, while the interwoven Kree/Skrull/Eternals/Cosmic/etc mythology that gets dragged along from crossover to crossover tends to make a lot of other
characters books more interesting and fix the “idea” of Captain Marvel being this
important mainstay of the Marvel Universe (plus, y’know, it’s in the name…) in
the minds of readers) none of these characters ever really “stick” in the popular culture
enough to become in any way popular outside of the hardest of hardcore fans. Oh but also – remember Ms. Marvel? See unlike Captain Marvel, there was no legal
reason to keep Ms. Marvel in publication and her solo series did not in fact last very long either. However, the character was infamously revived
for use in a now-notorious Avengers storyline featuring an abduction by a supervillain which… egh, look I covered the nasty details in a
previous set of episodes but suffice to say a bunch of stuff went down that was really
rapey that the comic treated as really romantic and it left a bad taste in people’s mouths
but back then there was no Twitter so it actually took a few years for the backlash to hit;
and when it did it was in the form of X-Men writer Chris Claremont writing her back into
the continuity (because he’d written the original Ms. Marvel book for a time) to say “Hey, Avengers (and, by implication, Marvel editorial of a few
years ago) f— you for not doin’ shit that time I got raped! So I’m gonna hang out with the X-Men now,
because they’re slightly less shitty friends!” So for the next several… decades, really… Carol Danvers bopped around the Marvel Universe
between books, teams and identities as a go-to “Oh, yeah – that character! Boy, this writer must be real fan!!!” drop-in
reference during the same basic stretch that the broader Captain Marvel franchise was being
continuously relaunched, ignored, canceled and relaunched again for purposes of copyright. And she more or less stuck around that zone
up through House of M, where (oh dear god explaining this is always such a pain in the ass…) Egh – y’know what? I have a feeling it’s gonna be possibly
necessary and/or helpful to know what House of M was at some point later so we’ll do the long version of that then. Short version: It was an alternate-universe
story where everyone was briefly living their best life and instead of… where she was
in the real timeline (it was kinda sad), Carol Danvers was Captain Marvel – and she kinda
liked it! So when reality reset, she got her act back
together and a few years and story arcs of varying quality later she had the title for
real, Captain Marvel. And for the first time… yeah, pretty much ever,
the Marvel version of Captain Marvel was pretty popular – on the fairly generous curve by which anything in the by then blighted, tumbleweed-blown, kept-alive-on-life-support world of monthly
physical comic sales can be called “popular.” More importantly for Marvel, the concept went
over well with fans (things that feel like you quote-unquote “need” to remember decades
of obscure continuity to appreciate usually will – oops! Did I give away the magic trick?) but also
seemed to register more broadly: Mainstream popular culture may have never – ever! – cared
about Captain Marvel (at least not this one) but the basic idea of “Crazy-powerful like
Superman-level superhero guy called Captain Name-of-Company” is an easy concept to grasp
and “This particular character (who as far as you know sure sounds important!) just had
their significant-sounding mantle passed to a woman” is easily understand as also kind of noteworthy. And of course this is all happening right
around the same time the Marvel Cinematic Universe became the cash of, well… Marvel, Disney, broader post-national Western
entertainment economy in general, possibly? Point is, writing was on the wall that whether
through uncanny grasp of long-term demographic trends or sheer luck, the Carol Danvers Captain
Marvel was well positioned for the eventual moment when the features would need something
new and shiny: [heroic music] “Uh… hey, so most of The Avengers are
probably gonna retire or start asking for, like, a lot more money after the fourth movie
– who’s on deck?” “Uuuuuuuh well we got a guy who’s like, crazy
Superman powerful and he shoots lasers out of his hands… mostly fights the dude
we’ve been building up as the big bad guy this whole time… name reinforces the brand?” “Alright – is he interesting and/or popular?” “Uh, neither! Not even a little bit.” “Oh…” “We’ve got a plan, though!” [Mario sound effect] Or maybe it happened some other way – whatever! Point is that movie is now coming out, projected
to do the usual Marvel Movie business of anywhere between “gross domestic product of a small
country” and “Awww, good for you, Ant-Man franchise!” And as you might have heard, me- eh… well,
I mean, I guess… if you wanna be technical about it… “Men” on The Internet are mad about it
for some reason. I’m honestly only half joking around here
– I don’t really know why. Like all that stuff before? I barely had to even double-check my own research
on all that, I just remembered it. But I’m at a sincere loss to remember exactly
when and precisely why the fanboy dampened-diaper brigade turned sour on Carol Danvers. A bunch of the online posturing is aimed at
actress Brie Larson, whose public statements on behalf of seeing greater diversity in film
criticism and movie coverage have been twisted into a weird memetic 8chan role-playing game
about “Disney not wanting white men to see Captain Marvel” which is …a take or “Now
they’re gonna start forcing SJW political messages into the MCU movies!!!” which is… [Stark] “I saw young Americans killed by the very weapons I created to defend them and protect them and I saw that I had become part of a system that is comfortable with zero accountability.” [Killmonger] “Bury me in the ocean with my ancestors that jumped from the ships ‘cus they knew death was better than bondage.” [Capt. America] “You know that last time I was in Germany and saw a man standing above everybody else we ending up disagreeing.” [Ancient One] “It’s not about you.” [Thor] “You can’t kill a entire race.” [Loki] “Why not?” [Shuri] “Don’t scare me like that colonizer.” [Everett] “Col..what? My name is Everett.” [Shuri] “Yes, I know.” “…start?” Near as I can figure it, it started building
back around 2015 or so when Marvel’s “house style” for drawing costumes for female characters
(notably Captain Marvel herself) got a general overhaul that emphasized drawing clothes that
looked more like clothes and less like liquid-latex painted onto a nude figure; and this got folded
into a complaints list alongside Marvel giving a companywide test-run to a slew of new characters
from diverse backgrounds that triggered a predictable backlash and more
or less prefigured the sublimely embarassing crowdfunding “protest” pileup that today
calls itself [sigh] “ComicsGate.” [Spider-Man] “I am so tired.” So I… guess those two energies together could account for the weird toxicity that
seems to be aimed what otherwise seems like a fairly, innocuous, unassuming, not-that-big-a-thing,
appetizer-course Marvel origin movie mainly notable (outside the obvious “Hey, they
remembered women exist!” thing) for a 90s nostalgia gimmick and a kinda awkward Air
Force promotional tie-in. But it also feels depressingly calculated. All of these coordinated online “ops”
things are always hatched by sad dweebs who all think they’re the mom’s basement version
of Spectre playing 5-dimensional chess eight moves ahead of everyone in the meatspace;
and the thinking seems to be “Well, the first big wave wave of the MCU thing is winding
down and one of these things has to underperform eventually – and when it does, we get to take
credit somehow!” And it also it feels, maybe, a bit like the
fanboy rage-o-sphere is gearing up to be “done with” the Marvel Cinematic Universe itself
as whole with many of the original fan-favorite heroes of a decade ago indeed being due for departure
after Avengers Endgame it’s easy to imagine many of these guys feeling “freed up” to hate on any
newer projects without any emotional complications (such as they are.) The fact is, it’s been a long time since
the first Iron Man and the “geek culture” media landscape has changed overwhelmingly
in 11 years. When the Marvel Cinematic Universe started,
the mantra was that these were the superhero movies that “listened to the fans” – and
that’s still true… but what constitutes “the fans” is a much more expansive
and different thing. It no longer means the relatively small number
of people who’d actually heard of Marvel characters not named Spider-Man, The Hulk
and Wolverine before the MCU – “the fans” now encompasses huge, diverse swaths of what
we used to call “the mainstream audience,” who thanks (or not, depending on who you ask)
to the bordering-on-dystopian monopolistic ubiquity of the Disney Machine now have The
Marvel Menagerie flying around in the ether all the damn time. So “the fans” will indeed still decide
whether or not Captain Marvel is the next big thing – but “the fans” is no longer
a statistic where “guys who call her Carl Manvers because they changed how they draw
a bustline” represent a meaningful number of people; by the same token that “diverse
characters” who proved a tough sell in the cloistered world of physical comics sales
have proven highly marketable in animation via Marvel Rising and other project.
It means everyone now. In other words, if you want my real theory
as to why a bunch of weirdos decided to get pants-shitting mad online at a goofy movie
about a flying blonde who punches spaceships? It’s because for a hot minute there, these guys
believed that they were the guys who got to decide what did and didn’t get to succeed
when it came to these big-ass superhero movies… and it’s just started to occur to them that
if that was ever close to true – it ain’t the truth anymore. I’m Bob and that’s the Big Picture.

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  1. Oh man, I remember your older videos on the subject but it was worth a revisit for those closing words.

  2. 5:47 The fanboy dampen dipper brigade are the comic readers you are talking about. ALL of them. men and Women as well as children. Turned sour to the character when the characters first actions where to wear to push a socialist political SJW LGBT jargen in her first comic. Shaving her head an being flat chested suddenly. Looking like a lesbian. Proof. (From an employee of Marvel)
    from the Original series that i want to remind you. A woman fought to have this on the air.
    She got her wish an the show was successful. No SJW politics,nothing.
    I want to include this information. Please just watch the whole thing through. It explains a lot an i would have to continuously repeat myself when giving information.

    As explained. The head sizes show most of the truth here. The head to shoulder length proves it. Car Danvers is a man in the comics. Which is why angers the comic readers. They talk all this stuff about building a strong female character. Then in the comic they draw them like a man.

    An not she didn't get a sex change or anything. it was the artist doing this. An marvel CEO wont stop this. So he was fired.Over 80.000 complaints came in. to get that done. An they still drew the character like a man.

    Brie Larson is just acting the role. Note what people said about the movie. They said she was boring. Emotionless an misandry. Which is often mistaken for being called Feminist. Feminist is not Misandry. If you do not know what that means. Look it up.

    She preformed just as her script required her to perform. The complaints about Brie where directed at her expecting to get more diverse reviewers in movie reviews. Which is a noble goal. However. The world does not work the way you want it. So its to be ignored. Everyone is entitled to their opinions.

    7:04 Lets be clear. No one complained about her Cloths being the way they where. Remember. A woman designed these cloths. Not men. They wanted her too be free. To wear whatever she wanted. Loose clothing. No different from a swim suit honestly.

    Putting armor on someone who is invulnerable is stupid. So the people putting the character in the NEW mind you. Kree uniforms didn't understand the character at all. An tried to make it a staple comic costume. When it was ridiculous. But they would not stop drawing her that way. So even female readers complained. An Fans out right canceled their books.

    An no. One of those characters where diverse. Try to guess their personalities. They where all the same. Nothing about them where diverse. THAT was the problem! By toxticity you mean females doing this. Not men.

    7:34 Remember women? Sure. She Hulk. I remember her. That comic is canceled. The women working for Marvel complained. Now her name is just Hulk. Oh. What does she look like?
    OH OK how about Mockingbird. You could do a whole series on this alone.
    meanwhile DC has female characters doing fine.

  3. My bitch is that male DON'T wanna C a DIKE play "super hero". Yes, I DO support female super heros. But NOT when their on permenant PMS.

  4. "Start?" and the point about the Marvel fan-base encapsulating a lot more people now are really strong points. I initially felt you were being pretty rough with name calling and generalizing, but as the video went on and I thought about the outrage regarding the new Captain Marvel movie and realized I didn't have a good explanation for why it was justified. I watched the trailers expecting some anti-men pro-women quotes, but I didn't hear it even referenced (at least from the ones I watched). Sure the actress, from my understanding, has said some stuff that is bad for PR, but if Marvel doesn't let it influence the movie in the slightest then is it really that big of a deal? Especially in light of the "Start?" points your raised.

  5. I can't find any info about Marvel Rising being a success, only that it's filled with animation errors…
    Way to many errors in this video.

  6. You don't actually believe that do you? If men have such a problem with women heroes where was the outrage for Wonder Woman? Why have people been asking for a Black Widow solo film for years? Or does it have something to do with the tiny portion of the Marvel movie fanbase who actually read comics and have a problem with the updated uniforms worn by women in the comics? Sorry, even if every single comic book reader was a misogynistic and were outraged by the change and took out their aggression on this movie it wouldn't have even made a blip on the radar. It appears to me that all the hate is stemming from 3 things, Brie Larson's comments, the marketing campaign, and the media. People got upset over multiple politically charged comments made by Brie. Seeing as 50% of Americans are conservative and even more don't agree with SJW beliefs this shouldn't come as a surprise. These same people saw the "girl power" marketing campaign as doubling down. The media than chose to pour gas on the fire by claiming the hate for the film was far more widespread than it actually was and started calling anyone who criticized anything to do with the film as woman hating incels. And all this before the film was even released. The steaming pile of pointless outrage coming from both sides could have been avoided (or at least minimized) if any of the three aforementioned events hadn't taken place. Instead a mediocre superhero movie has become what I can only describe as an excuse for one side of the political spectrum to mock and criticize the other for those who aernt intelligent enough to discuss real issues and a tool for media outlets and content creators to generate clicks. But what do I know? I haven't praised the film so I must be a troll.

    I apologize for the rant but as a person who can separate the art from the artist and who only cares if the movie is good or not I'm sick of hearing about it. I came here hoping to get another opinion of the movie and instead I see more of the same old crap.

  7. Why are we still paying attention to those people?

    An ever shrinking segment of the population whines and bitches whenever anything isn't strictly white men.

    You know the best way to shut down these trolls? Same as all other trolls. Stop doing stories about them. Stop lending them agency, legitimacy, and relevance by acknowledging them or talking about them.

  8. What if people might dislike how the movie's going out based on things rather than a mini politics-induced moral panic? The movie seems fine, but I would go against thinking in black and white.

  9. not to undermine the point you were trying to make there, but Killmonger will forever be "Cool Motive, Still Murder" Incarnate

  10. I just want to say, comics making sense is weird to me but this Bob guy just makes it happen, i have to say: thanks Bob, your words of wisdom is making me feel better about skipping the news

  11. Bob said it far better than I ever could, but I still feel compelled to add something. Okay, as far as I can tell, aside from the usual tedious horseplop about overrated this and agenda that, most of the genuine ire stems from Brie Larson saying something that a bunch of fans found really annoying. To those fans, a bit of friendly advice:

    Walk away. Walk away right now and never look back.

    This is Hollywood, fer chrissake. It was CREATED (via numerous factors; see RationalWiki's excellent article on "Hollywood values") by iconoclasts, outsiders, and weirdos, rebels of all stripes who didn't fit into mom pop 'n apple pie America but still needed to eat. And especially now, it doesn't have the luxury of selling to just one demographic, or one focus group, or one lifestyle. So if you follow Hollywood, you will hear feminists. And homosexuals. And transsexuals. And New Agers. And vegetarians and Buddhists and closet Libertarians and cosplayers and metalheads and hip-hoppers and ricers and yoga-ers. And some of them are going to do things that annoy you. Hell, some them are constantly annoying (the name Tom Cruise ring a bell?).

    You can't deal with annoyance, walk away. Just watch movies without reading any news articles about them. Of course that increases the risk that you'll catch a dud, but that's a small price to pay for peace of mind.

  12. I thought the movie was pretty crappy. Not in a Avatar the Last Airbender crappy but like an Antman movie crappy.

  13. what people need to start realising is that it's not about feminism or diversity or anything other than money. Disney wouldn't support a go fund for underprivileged kids if it didn't support them, by selling more captain marvel tickets. They would happily make captain marvel a Nazi or a Bolshevik if they thought they'd profit from it more. Thankfully they wouldn't which is probably a good sign overall

  14. I suppose it could have been sprayed on latex, but Carol Danvers herself said that the costumes were made of programmable "unstable molecules" the Avengers gave her.

    As for the Carl Manvers thing, from what I understood from a few of the comicsgatey videos, it isn't so much about her artwork, as it is how she is written, her actions and speech are very manly (rigid, stoic) for no good reason. She seems to get more powerful, the more stoic, and/or unfeeling she gets, but I guess the "amnesia" hard reboot will do that to a character. Huh, just realized that comic Carol Danvers is exactly the Vers the Kree Supreme Intelligence and Yon Rogg wanted in the movie… imagine that.

  15. Looks like Bob triggered some Nazi incels again! LOL! What a bunch of little bitches! Go jerk off to anime you fucking freaks!

  16. ok do I think movie bob will see this and understand this NO but I need to say my piece anyways captain marvel was shoved in to the marvel MCU and screws up so much of the MCU its a piece of sh*t movie because they cared more about beating people over the head with a political message then telling a good story and when they saw it wasn't a good movie they decided to say anyone who doesn't want to see this movie hates women trying to turn it in to a feminist/SJW cause just like they did with ghostbusters 2016 and the last jedi then they insult the fans who usually go to these movies SJWs, Brie Larson, and movie bob are racist and sexist against white men cause were sick of being your bogie man no one is keeping women down this movie is failing cause it sucks and Brie Larson decided to literally say that movies are made for certain people Disney is not entitled to my hard earned money and them yelling at white men cause plenty of people see the issues of this movie only reinforces me not seeing this movie and why I'm no longer subscribed to movie bob


    I completely understand why people are resistant to Larson as an actress after what she said (The whole "I don't need a 40-year old white dude to tell me…" line), and I personally am fine with it because she later clarified what she meant and that she just wanted opinions from voices from other backgrounds to be able to make themselves known. Her wording was objectively poorl, because it did come off as insensitive to white males (which, yes we can be sterotyped, victims of racism/predjudice, and/or singled out just like anyone else because white males are human too, it's just tha tit has happened less significantly historically). The problem isn't with what she said, but the fact that once people latch onto something that offends their sensibilities, there will always be proof they said it and no matter what could be done to justify said words or actions, many will stay offended just to have something to be opposed to. Would this have been said by a white man about any other race and/or about women, the controversy would have been much more severe, and there is a decent chance it could have never blown over regardless of if context was given or not.

    Tl;dr – People were mad because she said something offensive, probably not meaning it to be so. This happens all the time to people and the world as a whole needs to stop being so in love with being butthurt.

    Also I'm dropping Marvel is Goose doesn't return for Endgame.

  18. do you like crave "controversies" and dig for them?
    i yet to see a single person ever mentioning captain marvel on internet in any way

    the only person i know who knows her backstory and that rogue stuff is me
    i don't know anyone else who will see it besides me and 2 people i'll drag into it

  19. My response on the whole to the film was meh.
    Marvel seemed to use Carol the same way Sony used Human Torch; courting controversy in order to push coverage and lightning rod legit critical takes.

    At this point I'm just tired of Marvel taking everything so safe; Doctor Strange is bearly mystical and Thor is an alien rather then a God. Iron Man jumps right over the transhuman elements in favor of bland PTSD story that quickly gets shoved under the rug. M'Baku's afroprimitivism is removed despite its contrast with Black Panther's afrofuturism being kinda the point of having the character. Victor Claw is killed off before he had a chance to actually broach his poltical themes, so on and so on… At This point I can understand the distatse for Disney Marvel's approach to political themes from both sides of the poltical spectrum.

  20. This was by far the most exhausted I’ve felt prior to the release of any superhero movie, all of this was just so goddam ridiculous and all for a harmless comic book movie about a blonde fighting green aliens

  21. I have yet to see Captain Marvel, the funny thing about it is i never cared much for any of the Captain Marvel stuff, i just never really liked her stories or back story.
    In fact t surprised me Marvel did her at all.
    But considering how marvel has been doing near bullzeyes for the past decade.
    I willing to give it a chance. Hell they freak en made guardians of the galaxies good. An that was the literal garbage bin for marvel. An they made it shine.

  22. Movies have always been induced with political and social point of view but they were doin it with subtility, and the cast usually are sympathetic to the public and they don't make claim that divide, most rescent is black panther the cast team was really good " this movie is for everyone they said" but you have brie larson excluding people , plus the movie really isn't that amazing i mean… just don't make her kill thanos please marvel ur really going to ruin everything

  23. So MARVEL if you were going to make Carol Danvers Captain Marvel anyway….WHY DIDN'T YOU DO THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE????

  24. Legit, it seems every ""Anti-"SJW"" YouTuber is butthurt about this movie since like last year. It's so gross

    It's Ghostbusters 2016 or Star Trek Discovery times 10.

  25. Hasn't the comic book/superhero fandom always been rather diverse even before the MCU? I mean if a-hole fandom are the ones who defined the comic book community then how exactly did Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) become popular to begin with?

  26. OMG THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. As one of the fans (nerdy child of the 80's who used to read Wizard's "Imagine if ____ was made into a movie!" with fervent passion, and WISH that was the world I lived in, who is also smart enough to know I'm not the only person in the room, this explanation of is what I've been looking for this whooooooole time. THANK YOU BOB. THANK YOU.

  27. HELLLL YEA!!! You absolute idiots who tried to downvote and conspiracy this one lost big time. Go Captain Marvel.

  28. Wow. Thank you. This was near perfect. Nice to finally find a sensible response to the captain marvel 'controversy'.

  29. Actually my biggest question is this: Since this is pre-Guardians/Avengers 1, is Thanos behind the Kree-Skrull War as part of his plan and is manipulating the Kree and Skrull into continuing the war since we know Ronan is working for Thanos

  30. 5:30 ah, there it is. I found the point where you got all your downvotes. You admit you didn't do your research, and you start tossing around terms like "diaper brigade."

  31. oh so its not hated because she basically said 40 year old white dudes shouldn't be watching or reviewing movies.

  32. I think people are mad Marvel decided that screw the last decade, Carol's all you need. The movie rewrites everything to make everyone else pointless. Before now, SHIELD had the Tesseract due to Cap's sacrifice. Now? Carol saved it. The Hulk's entire power is being the strongest. Now? Oh, that's Carol now. Thor was the first alien SHIELD ran into before. Now? Carol again. Fury named the initiative and Tony explained it as avenging the world if they couldn't protect it. Now? It was Carol's nickname. And it goes on like that until you realize Endgame should now be about three minutes long. And that's before you factor in Carol herself. I'd like to see Cap tell Fury he can't be trusted with his own equipment in any context.

  33. Why dose it matter who reads comics these days? Who under 30 actually spends money going to a shop and buying a comic book in 2019? Have you ever seen a kid read a comic in the last 10 years? What 8 year old in 2019 is going to read a comic when they can watch Spiderman cartoons on their phone? Exactly.

    I think I was one of maybe three people who bought the Beno or Dandy at school the latter of which closed down in 2012 and keep in mind I'm 24.

    Comic books that they are bought and sold in shops are really only for people born in the 80s or earlier.

  34. Great video, the conclusion was pretty terrible tho, basically the history part was spot on, but the essay part on the captain marvel nonsense was pretty meh, dunno why people keep trying to explain it, it was "just" Brie Larson said stuff that made no sense while trying to pass it as a modern intelectual tought (commonly known as 3rd wave feminism/ post modernism/SJW/insert your slur here…)
    If she had just stuck to portraying the character the movie would've sold the same, and the articles would've still been written but with positive spins instead of what we got.

    —-Rant on the movie specifically—-
    Nothing really changed no matter how much people like to think we're paving new ground with "women in movies", women have been portrayed as the hero in fiction many times, and honestly way better, Wonder woman is an obvious example, but not the only one.
    Captain Marvel only defining trait in that regard, is that she is written in the movie as a guy with a female body, if you like genderbend stuff it's great if not then the character isn't for you.
    Personnaly I would've prefered a Ms. Marvel(Kamala) or a Black Widow movie, a badass female super hero, with other female characteristics other than their body.

  35. Was going to listen to what bob had to say on this but then realised i dont care what some 40 year old white dude has to say about the marvel movies.

    Oh does that level of dismissiveness annoy you? Yeh itd annoy me too.

  36. bravo! all of these sci-fi properties are far more enjoyable when you sit back and enjoy them instead of trying to theorize, and dictate where they go. Harry Potter fans are doing it, Star Wars fans are doing it, and even Lord of the Rings fans had a stint too. I'm not saying it'll make them good movies, but you might enjoy them more when you dont go in with trailer analysis, sales numbers, and story theories before the pre-credits roll.

  37. It appears that bob is something you grow out of. I remember liking him many years ago but now I see that there is just 10 minutes of ranting against people he disagrees with without substance.

  38. I'm about to blow your mind if you're a salty bitch that uses words like "SJW" and "snowflake" regularly who thinks people are trying to oppress you because you're not the majority.

    You ARE an SJW. The definition of social justice has nothing to do with political alignment. If you're fighting for what you think is socially right, you're a "warrior" for said social justice. Ex: You think X and Y shouldn't be happening to a movie universe because you feel that it is RIGHT to be the way YOU want it to be. You're wrong, but you're still fighting for your brand of social justice.

    Let me blow your mind even more.

    The large, vast majority of fucking superheroes are what you THINK an SJW is, and most of them wouldn't fucking like you for being an ignorant dumbass if they actually existed.

  39. If Carol Danvers attracted a lot of garbage trolls…JESUS CHRIST imagine what would’ve happened if they used the black version

  40. I think Red Letter Media had a better, broader take/understanding of what exactly was happening around this movie, Oh and CBG19 was pretty much dead one as well. This guy… not so much.

  41. someone tell bob that the box office was 70% male
    also finally a successful movie about racist sexist facist sheorine

  42. What annoyed me about the captain marvel thing was how “look at how progressive we are! We have a female hero! No one has every done that before!” The marketing campaign was.

    That and the fact that every complaint and criticism was shoved of as “your just a bunch of Woman hating trolls!” Was really dumb.

    I haven’t seen the movie myself yet. But I’ve heard from some friends that it’s very fun, and from others that it’s boring. But my opinion on the movie is irrelevant as I haven’t seen it. But the situation around it has killed my enthusiasm for it.

  43. Boring. Anti progressive pro bigotry white nationalist bullshit like most of these channels by obvious white guys. Pweh

  44. Well, the latter part of getting to here involves a lot of canceled series and relaunches for a character no one really likes anymore in its current incarnation.

  45. I feel the same way with this movie the same way i feel about last jedi. Its not fan4stic bad but not as good as infinty war.

  46. SJW's and anti-SJW's are both complete arseholes. The flame war over this movie before it even came out was insane. I'm very sad that Captain Marvel was a mediocre movie. But Thor proved it could do a kickass movie in the third installment so I have hope for this franchise too.

  47. I think there's a discussion you could have about this surge in "discussion" over the Strong Female Character(TM) archetype with its application to Star Wars and Captain Marvel. I mean, one video outright declares that we are apparently witnessing the "devolution of the female character." I mean, many of these guys are twats but I feel like there's something worth talking about here.

  48. Ok disney and marvel studios will never ok this and brie larson would never do it but what if marvel tried to tell the story of avengers 200 but not make it an avengers movie they would make it a capt marvel movie. Like i said marvel disney and brie larson would never ok it but i can just picture the backlash frim the sjw's if they did

  49. You are a bald faced liar when you say the original Captain Marvel was unpopular. The female captain marvel has failed in comic form and been rebooted six times, yet people obsessed over the original male Mar Vell. Tbh I don't think the gender matters, but when you're whole video is pitched around that, maybe don't base your entire argument on fat steaming lies?

  50. I've seen a few people hate on carol danvers because marvel is using her insted of monica rambeu. That monica rambeau is the really popular one and marvel is purpousfully hiding her because they don't want to use a popular black woman but use an unpopular white woman. Rather than monica has a dedicated fan base it just isn't that large.

  51. you don't mention that the whitewashed the character just to make her an inspiration for the 1st female captain marvel ?
    they literally took the title from Monica Rambeau the 1st black captain marvel in order for the aryan to be her inpiration

  52. #1 No one thought the Guardians of the Galaxy could hold a film and look, so Mar-Vell could have been the next Thor. #2 Monica Rambeu is the first female Captain Marvel so even Marvel's 2nd attempt to finally start in on the culture war is weak sauce because her actress was miles more entertaining than Stonewall Larson and they pushed her to the side. #3 Naturally if RDJ said "This Iron Man movie isn't for women and if they don't like it I don't care." there would have been an outcry from feminists everywhere so I don't understand why everyone is baffled that the typical guy takes issue with the comments made by Larson lol.

  53. Damn, Bob. That was a great analysis and takedown of toxic nerd culture. Especially your end thesis. Seriously, well done.

  54. I honestly didnt hear about most of the drama this guy is on about but he seems to be worked up about it so dont know how much stock to put in to his words but he can have his opinion, my opinion is it was an ok movie, im not to keen on the actress and didnt really care that sbe was a women or white or whatever, I just want to see a good movie this one was average

  55. Screw the dislikes! I thought Captain Marvel was pretty damn good. Not a masterpiece, but still pretty damn good. The people who cried murder about Brie Larson are in my opinion, the REAL SJWs. Or WORSE, slowly but surely becoming just like the people they criticize. You guys can be free to like what you like but don’t be dicks about it.

  56. Carol Danvers as Ms.Marvel is AWESOME. But her as Captain Marvel since 2012 SUCKS! That Character is nothing but SJW, FEMINIST BULLSHIT!

    The Character SUCKS and Brie Larson SUCKS!

  57. I thought this movie was OK and I dont really care about agendas so much as long as there is a good movie surrounding it….but why did Mar-Vel also have to be a woman? This doesn't stink of middle aged white men are evil at all?

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