Really this couldn’t even wait until
February for this shit. Fine be that way better now and when he’s like nominated
to the Supreme Court or something so Louie CK has been trying to stage a
comeback pretty much ever since the popular culture politely asked him to
please go away for a while a return to the public I hotly demanded by fans of a
TV show I’m fairly certain was watched way more by critics and reviewers than
actual audiences and guys who desperately need to believe that a
slightly above average command to verbal gymnastics can also excuse a terrible
personality and lack of social filter in a famous person so that might someday
also apply to them I don’t know that it needs to be rehashed or dwelt on any
great lengths read the whys and how’s of Louie becoming a persona non grata in
the world of comedy over the last year though sidebar for those of you who may
or may not have had caused their opportunity professional otherwise to
interact with the world of stand-up comedy. Do you have any idea how gross
you have to be to be over the line with comedians? Ok the comedian world is like
the rock musician world except it’s all the after the house lights up parts
where everyone’s sober. The important broad strokes of it are that a guy who
was known for being a fairly thoughtful hard to categorize comic who gained fame
by balancing edgy material with actual introspection about the ignorance and
ugliness that informs such material especially as it existed within his own
psyche had to take the long walk off stage when it turned out he’d been
conducting himself in a much uglier and frankly more abusive way than even his
material would have copped to in reality bowing at the time to mend his ways and
think on his actions and now he’s come roaring back quite a bit sooner than
even his most forgiving booster might have anticipated with a new stand-up set
that’s jettisoned much of his earlier persona for a new tone of angry
self-righteous vindictiveness wherein he rages against the injustice seemingly
done to him and in particular rails against the supposed oversensitivity of
the younger generation. Reserving particular bile for you to request
gender non-conforming pronouns and the survivor activists of the Parkland
school shooting massacre. Now I’m not here to do an episode about whether or
not the jokes are funny or if it’s too soon for him to be staging a comeback or
not but since you’re gonna ask I don’t think the set is particularly very funny
and it is way too soon for him to be trying for a comeback in my subjective
opinion. I’d also be remiss not to point out a certain sense of cosmic confluence
that this particular comedian attempting to come back with this particular type
of material happened in the same relative timeframe as they seemingly out
of nowhere pop culture backlash against the so called hope punk movement a
decidedly silly named but in my opinion at least valid enough push to categorize
a noted preference among generations z post Millennials for fiction and pop
culture that in Vince tin upwardly optimistic framework as opposed to the
dystopian apocalyptic bent that had been invoked previously that triggered an
embarrassingly enraged out spewing of these damn kids isms about the young
being too soft and genial and whatever neoliberal is supposed to mean this week
and not knowing what real Punk and real rebellion is and somehow it’s also
lin-manuel Miranda and Obama’s fault I think I honestly have no an idea maybe a
whole bunch of shitty clickbait writers all found out their sons were secretly
big into Steven universe at the same Christmas potluck and just couldn’t deal.
But that and the formally relevant writer director of Pootie Tang going all
kids these days over teenagers wanting the march on Washington instead of
whatever played out sweathog and shenanigans to find cool when he was a
whippersnapper kind of felt like the same cloud of negative energy passing
through but maybe it’s just me but anyway
topical and or personal comedy has always had a difficult time with concept
of aging and generational transitions and social standings in fact it’s kind
of amusing to me that one of the few areas where baby boomers and Generation
Xers ended up on the same page is that it’s unavoidably frustrating when you
try and make your generational brand rebellion and permanence adolescence and
you can’t help it end up as weird old hippies accusing your kids of being the
squares hell that comedy premise itself is so old and relatively safe it was the
foundation for Family Ties a famously sunny fuzzy sitcom that debuted back in
1982 meaning that louis c.k could have been watching it when he was 15 years
old. I mean if you want a working definition of weaksauce as it applies to
stand-up comedy a set that can be handily dunked on by the out-of-touch
old man character from The Simpsons from season seven in 1995 would be it. I use to be with it. But, then they changed what it was. Now what I’m with, isn’t it. And what’s it seems weird and scary to me. It’ll happened to you. To be honest the set
itself is so trite and familiar to anyone who scrolled the front page of
Reddit or unwittingly followed their one weird uncle’s Facebook link to Breitbart
news recently I’d be hard-pressed to say anything will that have bite in it to be
genuinely offensive if anything offends me about it it’s the obviously cynical
calculated nature of the thing if I can just make the conversation about how
oversensitive sjw’s are yelling at me for not being politically correct for
long enough it’ll start to feel like that’s why I got vanished instead of the
whole abusive sex past thing. My little Roman Polanski. Homer! What what’s wrong with being Roman
Polanski? He what!?! You monster! And then I can make a comeback on that and ride out the back half of my
career doing sold-out shows to the same undemanding easy lay audience let’s keep
in South Park on the air and probably still mad about Roseanne.
Now look far be it from me a man who on a different show does jokes about video
games on the internet to pretend that shock humor can’t be funny that certain
topic should simply subject to a blanket taboo where you just can’t tell jokes
about these things I don’t believe that in those words are in general and I’d be
a giant hypocrite if I did but what I do believe is
that if you’re gonna do it you have to do it really well and I don’t mean that
in the rules of social decorum sense I mean that in the sense of if there’s no
stud in that part of the wall you have to use a drywall anchor if you want the
Shelf to take any weight. The thing about shock comedy is that
it’s a fundamentally adult medium that feels fundamentally childish but is not.
See children tend to think that anything shocking surprising jostling
transgressive sudden and out of the ordinary etc and the often extreme
responses that they elicit are innately profound because as children they’re
still developing their emotional lexicon and psychological matrices which is a
snobby way of saying that’s why children tend to laugh so hard at relatively
simple blunt-force transgressive behaviors like slapstick pratfalls
scatological humor and inappropriate language being deployed in formal
situations when it comes to comedy and because most people in the mass media
age first encounter shock comedy of one type or another shock comedy its core of
course typically beginning or revolving around a comedian saying something you
and they both know they’re not supposed to say in some sense as children there’s
a tendency to think of it in those simple terms that what’s noteworthy or
important about even good insightful shock comedy is the shock itself the
initial oh my god I can’t believe he just said that moment that gets the
gasps and nervous titters from the adult audience but belly laughs from the kids
who are mostly just thrilled at the prospect of getting away with something
by proxy and will typically lack the experience real maturity or crucial
sense of contact to meaningfully distinguish between hahaha he farted out
loud you’re not supposed to fart out loud so it’s funny that he did hahaha he
said the f-word you’re not supposed to say the F word so it’s funny that he did
hahaha he said the n-word you’re not supposed to say the n-word so it’s funny
that he did. Or hahaha he made fun of school shooting victims you’re not
supposed to do that so it’s funny that he did see there’s always been shock
comedy or blue humor to use phraseology older than even most of my grandmother’s
best furniture for the key aspect that defines much of the great shock material
that cultural ionizes other comics aspire to and people in general point to
his examples in justifications I’m talking everyone from your Lenny Bruce
to your Richard Pryor Redd Foxx to Dice Clay Sam Kinison George Carlin CK
himself in certain sets guys like Gilbert Godfried and Bob Saget after a
fashion Howard Stern sure the all-too-rare women who were able to
persevere in the format like moms Mabley Sarah Silverman Roseanne Sandra Bernhard
early on Wanda Sykes look guys I only get to do one of these shows a week I’m
sorry if I left your favorite out you get the idea is that nine times out of
ten the shock in the joke routine set narrative whatever isn’t the punchline
because that’s easy surprise naughty word gotcha
it’s the setup the shock isn’t just I said this but rather I introduced this
gross or taboo or off-limits otherwise forbidden thing you should not joke
about as the jumping-off point of my joke it’s the standing onstage telling
jokes version of an acrobat taking the safety
in a way or climbing to a higher beam or lighting one of the hoops on fire or a
juggler taking a chainsaw out of the prop bag or a serious dramatic
production casting Jon Voight after 1999 or so or the White House press secretary
saying sure the president will take a few on-screen questions now a
declaration that you’re about to do something ill-advised that could go
horribly wrong but will look amazing if you pull it off the great shot comics
were almost never expecting the big laugh from just going to a dark place
they went to dark places because when they still stuck the landing and pulled
a big laugh out of it it was all the more impressive
there’s also crucially the issue of context just as working without a net is
only impressive if the lack of net clearly raises the possibility of a fall
killing you shot comedy isn’t actually all that impressive a feat if there’s no
risk involved in blowing the joke and having the ugliness of the shock
overwhelming poison the audience against you you’re not doing shock comedy or
being transgressive or speaking truth to power or sticking it to the man or even
being very funny most likely if the audience or the broader culture isn’t
gonna be on your side and you don’t have a point outside of being on their side
to begin with. Lenny Bruce is famous say the n-word a bunch of times until it’s
defang and loses all meaning routine was not shocking or transgressive simply
because he said that word. Lenny was doing those sets in the 50s and early
60s pretty much the height of the tail end of the era when it was more than
okay for a white person like Lenny Bruce does say that word. The transgression the
taboo being broken wasn’t saying the word it was saying it in an impolitic
context. In other words the actual definition of not being politically
correct. “Hey hey Lenny whoa hey no not here wrong
crowd. That words for the poor whites who can only use language of physical
violence to abused minorities and feel big You’re in a club in a city people at
hip and diverse-ish and paid their money here we don’t do racism with words we
express it by denying them bank loans and not renting apartments and over
police saying you’re upsetting the order putting it all out in the open like that
come on.” That was the edgy shocking dangerous thing about that routine the
very strong chance that the crowd would turn on him for making them part of the
punchline. But a comic today in his 50s famously disgraced for being gross and
abusive to women, doing the younger generation is too sensitive, things
are different now and it sucks, what happened when men were men are you
triggered snowflake. Those kind of jokes to the sort of audience that turns out
to see a performance by that sort of guy in the first place that’s the opposite
of dangerous that’s safe that’s the safest possible jokes he could be
telling for the most receptive possible audience in the least challenging or
daring context laugh at it if you like defend it if you think it’s somehow
necessary but let’s drop this thing about how
anyone who thought it was a dreary set just can’t handle shock humor because
whatever else this was it doesn’t deserve to get mentioned alongside
George Carlin and Lenny Bruce and Richard Pryor and all those other guys
and it’s definitely not shocking it’s preaching. I’m Bob and thanks for letting
me pontificate about the minutiae of comedy writing for probably too long. I
promise next week I’ll do a show about like transformers or something honest.

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  1. Thanks for the video. I loved Louis CK. I loved how his comedy used to challenge, that it would mix striking moments with introspection. It expressed but also challenged his flaws and societies flaws. That isn't what he is now, and the hypocrisy and betrayal of what made him good in the first place sucks. Seeing a great comic slide down to legitimate pandering sucks.

  2. Like, sick notes on his workshop set man, can't wait to hear your take on the next Lakers team practice and other pointless things to review.

  3. I agree with:

    -What Louis CK did sexually to those women was wrong.

    -He used to have a great way of doing self depreciation and that seems 100% absent from recent sets.

    -It is far too early for him to try to shove his foot in the door again, and moreso his desperation shows.

    -The trans pronoun joke was lazy. The punchline was literally 'ur mom'.

    What I disagree with, and believe me I know it's a hard job to extrapolate so much off so little as two jokes from a new set, is that the second joke fails to qualify for your definitions.

    The trans joke is just a 'fuck you', has a weak punchline and I think would qualify 100% as 'punching down'.

    The second joke though is speaking truth to power. No, dodging bullets doesn't make one an overnight expert on complex political issues.

    These kids are famous not for surviving that shooting, hundreds did, but because they formed and herd a political movement. They are a power base. They are a completely valid target.

    Unlike a survivor who just lives their life quietly, they seek airtime on mass media, and political capital.

    I've seen late night shows joke about Kyle Kashuv or Steve Scalise for much the same reasons. Being a victim of violence doesn't give you a forever pass on comedic criticisms.

    CK's joke wasn't anything breathtaking, but it's not invalid either.

  4. If you like CK Louis or South Park just because it's "edgy" or crass…then you're missing really great jokes and story that show the flaws of humanity.

    Who writes the rules to how a person gets redemption from this situation? People often say "too soon." Ok so when is it? CK Louis is working on material at a small comedy show and not making televised shows. This is how comedians practice. So you can either…NOT go buy tickets to see him…or you know…consider they are just comedians on stage telling JOKES.

    Remember that white guy doing racist puppet voices? Dane cook just yelling and flailing? Modern comedy is smart, cutting, AND uncomfortable…it's suppose to take you out of your paradigm and look at yourselves from a different POV. Especially Louis, he punches up or punches at himself and doesn't punch down.

  5. I have no problem with Louis, as far as I’m concerned his exiled pariah status should be over, he’s the best comic of this generation. I have no problem with jokes about shooting survivors, even if they’re not that funny – all jokes can’t hit the mark, but I do have a problem with sjw’s censoring comedy, I don’t need self righteous stiffs telling me what’s appropriate or funny. Fuck off with that shit

  6. Is it weird that I didn't hear you breathe once? (I realize that others have said this but come on at least with zero punctuation it's only three minutes. That is far easier to pull off than nine. Did you just edit those parts out or what?)

  7. I haven't seen the routine, but the things he's joking about sounds incredibly common right wing talking points, how can it ever be considered shocking if it's regularly brought up on the news.

  8. I respect your opinion Bob, but I think you're way off base here. Just from the backlash alone his comedy is a risk for him. He probably can't get a real tour yet bc venues are afraid to book him.

    And he is the only one pushing any boundaries. Check the endless amounts of Netflix specials. No one has any courage to make any joke if it isn't controversy free.

    So they only make joks about a wildly disliked person or group (a.k.a every standup has the same Trump jokes), a non offensive joke, or jokes at your own expense. You especially can't make a joke about any race, gender, group, etc unless you are part of it.

    Did some of the jokes in his set make me cringe and were a bit far? Absolutely. But did I appreciate him trying to do something different than everyone else for the first time in awhile that when the jokes landed they were hilarious? Absolutely.

    I can't wait for his real return. And if that makes someone think I'm a sexist biggot, I don't know what to say. I have never marginalized or disrespected anyone based on their gender or ethnicity but I also like to laugh at some haneous jokes

  9. I picked a good video to check in on your brand of stupid. Keep up the "good" work, it's nice to drop in every few months and hit dislike.

  10. Yeah you can complain about how X person's comedy isn't real comedy because XYZ, but at the end of the day, you only really need to do one thing to get adults to laugh. Build a pattern while subverting expectations, then land a surprise punchline that completes the pattern. So yes you can create an anti-PC set that will make mature adults laugh without exclusively using the edginess as a set up instead of a punch line.

    Example: 5:43 "he farted out loud" leading into "he made fun of school shooting victims" was, whether you intended it or not, hilarious. Pattern built "He farted so its funny" "he said fuck so it's funny" "he said n*** so its funny", all short basic lewdities we're all used to hearing when it comes to comedy criticism, expectations subverted, then boom, "he made fun of school shooting victims so its funny," much more long-winded cruel instead of taboo, not something we're used to hearing about. Instantly hilarious.

  11. PC/SJW/LEFTISTS/PROGRESSIVES etc are a collection of perpetually offended losers. Of course society is going to point their fingers and laugh at them. And yes, it's easy to do so. But… So? It's funny to make jokes about people who are "triggered" by Apu, or 'Baby It's Cold Outside', or the correct usage of invented pronouns.

    I think the left needs to realise that they no longer belong in comedy. They aren't funny anymore. Others have taken up the mantle and are doing edgy bits that the left refuses to touch for political reasons. Pathetic.

  12. I'm sorry, but this is the equivalent of roger ebert reviewing a videogame based on a comicbook and calling it tone-deaf

  13. I'm subbed because of ZP. Wish you would fuck off from my sub box bob.. Even getting continued reminder of your existence annoys me.

  14. You missed the point completely. What Louis CK was doing in that set was not shock humour. If you poke your nose outside of the Vice-Guardian-Buzzfeed circle jerk for 3 seconds, you would find out that nobody except a tiny minority of upper middle class twats actually finds the statement "the millennials are too sensitive" shocking. It is simply an observation, which he made using exaggerated language, i.e., he was doing observational humour, not shock humour. In the same vein, he was not tying to be edgy or controversial by making fun of school shooting victims, he was clearly laughing at the same out of touch burgois twats who are taking statements of high school kids seriously on gun control politics, shooting survivors or not. Again, observational humour.

    His routine is funny (and it IS funny, you can clearly hear a large audience laughing for 10 minutes straight) because he's someone whose head was violently ripped out of his ass just recently, so these observations are new for him and he points them out with a childish glee, kinda how Seinfeld points out that bad airline food is bad, but with sincerity. It's the "funny cause it's true" routine told with excitement to audience which finds it trivially true, hence the comedic irony.

    For the record, there is plenty of introspection in his recent bits. He was the same self-flagellating, upper middle class twat until he wound up being the sacrifice of the day, and thrown under the same bus of attention seeking that he was riding just a year ago. 

    And another thing: "politely asked to leave"? Don't you mean sabotaged and ostracised? How do you politely ask someone to leave a career he sacrificed blood, sweat, sanity and probably his marriage to build just because you had a slow week and need some drama? Fuck you.

  15. The set was recorded surreptitiously at a show; it wasn't released by Louis. Stand up is really, really hard and jokes take a long time to perfect. Weighing in on a comedian's act while they're still figuring out the jokes is very lazy. It'd be like criticising one of Bob's videos before it was edited or uploaded. Like the set or not, you're offering your opinion on a first draft that wasn't intended for mass release. Louis isn't 'pandering' to the right, he's trying to figure out what's funny after almost a year offstage.

    Also, the guy has been doing this kind of comedy for his whole career. Even if the jokes had been fully finished, it's not exactly a surprise that Louis CK said something fucked up. I suspect people are more upset by his behaviour offstage than the jokes themselves, and they're conflating the two.

  16. Yeah that set was not very good.
    It's like he was working on his material on a crowd and seeing what works so he can improve on it before he films the special like comedians do OH WAIT.

  17. Right away, you show how blatant your bias is by parroting the lie that Louis' set was vindictive towards the youth. That's a lie. That was one small part of the hourlong set. Being old and crotchety was VASTLY the focus of the special. Are you just talking too fast for me to understand? Because it seems like you're lecturing him to BE the thing the special already WAS. What!? EDIT: Oh, wait, nevermind. From 3:55 it's clear you're just projecting bullshit malice onto him because you're an asshole.

  18. The longer I watched this, the more one thought dominated my reaction: WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR ACTUAL POINT? Maybe you could stop assuming the motives of everyone you don't like and focus instead on clarifying your own point?


  20. Here's my opinion on L.C.K. (not that anyone asked). His behavior convinced many aspiring comedians and actors that they should become accountants or bankers if they didn't like being treated like a sex slave. We don't even know how much we've lost because of him. It's possible that the funniest comedian in history is now preparing someone's taxes and we'll never hear her jokes. The world doesn't need him. He's said his bit, he's made his money, and we owe him nothing. It's time for him to ride his millions of dollars into obscurity and get out of the way. It's sooo much better than he deserves.

  21. The kids from parkland aren't school shooting victims, they weren't shot, they weren't even shot at, they were safely locked down in a separate building from where the gunman was and one of them all but admitted to bullying the kid who turned shooter, and they're being propped up as mouth pieces for restrictive policy. Pontificate all you want about how they shouldn't be fair game but they are, as for the They is a place in your mother's bunting oven goes that's another micro rant entirely, CK being a Boomer Horn Dog who's really just ripping off Bill Burr is all but irrelevant to the situation writ large, but at the end of the night he made a decent set.

  22. On this issue you are completely correct and I honor the turd-brained little idiots who are stupid enough to have a contrary opinion, at least they have balls.

  23. I'm going to say something Ben Shapiro says a lot:
    Two things can be true at once!
    Ck is not pc but he is funny. he makes funny observations about non pc subjects, the joke is much more then not being pc

  24. Seems sad that a guy masturbating in front of girls doesn't seem that bad to many folks since the extremes of other predators in the media

  25. can't get on board with the right due to some weird racism and can't get on board with the left because of their support of abortion

  26. You know what I thought I was going to come into this and cringe about Bob living up to what Louis was criticizing, but you know what that's a pretty good point. It's pretty safe to do anti-PC comedy for Louis CK fans these days, and it's kind of weird and self serving.

    Bob reminds me of why I enjoy Bill Burr, he's a man who generally isn't afraid to upset his core audience. A lot of his most die hard fans are conservative blue collar guys, because Burr generally goes after white collar sensibilities, but at the same time he's still going up and talking about how Philadelphia likes Rockie more than Joe Fraizer because Fraizer is black. He said that joke in Philadelphia, while yelling at a booing audience for 20 minutes.

  27. Good points well made. I think the "current generation SJWs are too sensitive" angle is an extremely important and risky position to take in comedy now at a time where anything that's not explicitly left-wing and pro-feminist gets heavily censored; but it's very true that Louis CK's audience, (myself included), already feel that way and aren't shocked by it, we're vindicated and validated by it. So yes, it's not shock comedy, I do however feel it's a needed and important piece of expression; and while it may not be shock comedy to the audience, the wider entrenched left-wing zeitgeist find him speaking at all bothersome, and him speaking about these topics outright offensive; and THAT makes it dangerous, risky, and above all necessary. The purpose of comedy is to have ideas out there regardless of who dislikes them; it's how discord happens particularly across taboos. And considering the current left-wing thinks literally anything that disagrees with them is a taboo to such an extent that they try to ban it, this is necessarily.

  28. The acrobat metaphor is a rather apt explanation of shock comedy's risk vs reward nature.
    I wanted to see how Louie would get back on track, but now I don't see how he could. He was probably testing the waters with a comfortable crowd, but thanks to the internet it's not possible to do that without exposing yourself to the larger arena of social criticism. The pall of his actions have recontextualized some of his old schticks as something too serious to laugh about. But let's not get too upset, I'm sure David Hogg will survive a few anti-millennial jokes.

  29. Another video about louis which seems to think that his material had changed after being drummed off the stage by a person who clearly hadn't viewed his comedy beforehand. I don't mind bob but it seems obvious that this video is out of his professional depth. Many comedians have sets which are rough cuts of material that have to be hammered and worked out at clubs before they become the hour long specials you see on netflix and the recorded parkland set was most probably this case where louis had spent his hiatus writing material and is now trying it out at a club not intending to be recorded. It would be as if someone judged one of bobs videos before it was released, looking into cut after cut where he stumbles over his lines or messes up some of the dialogue. louis would most likely cut any material that didn't work with a live audience and shave down all of the fat before it would be released to the mass public. If you don't think the comedian is funny you shouldn't then have the right to determine when he should "come back" to comedy since you didn't like him in the first place. Of course it also neglects the fact that louis doing a set in the first place isn't really a return since the video was leaked and not distributed by the creator himself.

  30. goddamn I love your thoughts Bob, thanks man. I honestly haven't payed much attention to stand up lately, it sounds like the dark side of it is coming back sadly.

  31. Now for a hack comedian to make a hideous judgement call on one of Bobs rough drafts for a video, and then homeostasis is complete

  32. CK has always tried to be George Carlin without ever understanding what made Carlin so great. He opened 2017 the same way Carlin opened Back in Town, but Carlin’s abortion rant was actually funny, correct, and made legitimate points. CK’s abortion bit had all setup and no punchline, until he just eventually moved on. CK has always had an issue of understanding that the shock is the setup, not the punchline.

  33. I find it strange that Louis's stand-up routine is judged as if he was testifying in front of the congress. I guess his conversational style of comedy is mistaken for a political statement.

  34. Wait- the guy who defended Hannah Gadsby's Nanette as being worthwile and funny is going to call out Louis CK for preaching instead of telling jokes? Really?

  35. Wow, those first two bits from his set @ around 1:35–1:45 are uuuuugly. It made me do a double take, particularly the second bit about the kids who survived The Parkland shooting. Is this the material with which he's coming back? Was he this ugly the whole time, and his persona was a facade that held back this uglier sentiment? Damn that's not as much funny as it is vindictive. And needlessly so, going after survivors of a school massacre? Louie, what the hell are you doing?

  36. I don't know how Luis CK is such a "sex manace". he asked wemon if they wanted to have sex with him. So he explicitely asked for consent, which feminists are always saying men should do. So he followed the rules, but that made him a sex manace… Damned if you don't, damned if you do, I guess.

    Now onto his comedy? Did he really make fun of the arkland survivors? I listened to his test-set a while back and don't remember something like that. Maybe he made fun of school shootings and how nobody gives a fuck and people misunderstood, like they did with south park? Gonna have to find that one.

    I have to say, I'm a big fan of Luis CK and of Steven Universe. You don't have to only like one thing.

  37. I can’t be the only one who think’s the reaction Louis’s initial “disgrace” last year takes away from actual celebrities who were actually abusive right?

    Like, Louis’s biggest crime was being gross, weird, and a bit ignorant of context. But you have to remember that he always asked for CONSENT. Maybe we can get upset for a little while for him not knowing when yes means no, but that’s a much more complex line than what other celebrities crossed.

    I mean, we are still LAUGHING at Kevin Spacey right now. We are still acting like what he did wasn’t on the level of Bill Cosby. And Spacey didn’t just abuse power, he was a PEDOPHILE.

    When we pretend Louis needs to go away for ever, we conflate his relatively benign crime with far worse ones.

  38. Oh keep South Park out of this for Christ's sake. It's only one of the best comedies of the past 19 years. Every time I watch Movie Bob I get annoyed -__-

  39. 2:23

    One of these things is not like the other. Methinks Bobby is upset about being called neoliberal for being the kind of technocratic establishment shill with no empathy for the working class that he is, publicly and often.

  40. 2:24 I miss when neoliberalism was an obscure economics term that meant something boring like "bla bla bla markets bla bla bla globalism" and wasn't getting misused by 14 different kinds of people in 14 different ways.

  41. And in this episode, an NPC who's never landed a joke in his entire career schools a professional comedian about comedy.

    I can't imagine the level of ego it must take to write, speak and edit those words. You had three opportunites to hear how clueless and butthurt you sound. Like…wow…

  42. No, preaching was that god awful nanette special everyone jizzed their pants over. Louie is a genius and one of the top 5 comics alive today. And someone please explain to me what he did wrong. He asked girls he knew if he could beat off in front of them, if they said no he didnt. Is asking a girl to have sex with you, or kiss you being a sex pest? If so our species is doomed. The real problem is that he has a fetish. And the left used to be the ones who said what 2 consenting individuals do is no one else's business. 20 years ago in the bush2 era i hated all that republicans stood for, but now its the left that push all the agendas i hated the republicans for. TLDR SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT HE DID WRONG PLEASE.

  43. We're soft. Ha! Have you seen old cartoons! They shake of things that would kill you like they were using nerf guns. At least we don't pull that BS.

  44. You know, I never got the backlash at SP, they always hit me as equal opportunity dick kickers? Hell they made a whole episode about how they were wrong about downplaying global warming and pointing out how generations tend to just shift the problem forwards.

  45. as supplemental viewing for the point about shock comedy that the shock is the setup, not the punchline, I recommend looking up a bit george carlin did about rape, which used him arguing against the premise that "you can't joke about rape because it isn't funny" as a jumping off point for a whole routine where, while on the surface simply pontificating about the construction of a joke in general, he not only takes copious digs at the sort of person who would condone or commit such acts as well as the act itself, but the sort of person who would argue against such ridicule based solely on the language used, before finally wrapping it all up with, of all things, an environmentalism message

    and unlike his self-proclaimed devotee Louis C.K., Carlin manages to successfully do so without once making a punchline out of the victims

  46. Bob, I come from another country to the Unite States but the more you Americans get sensitive about what comedians say, I wonder how retarded is people in the first world, from where I come from people laugh at the LGBT community when they asked for the right to get marry , but my people didn't mock them for being different just because the country is in a dire circumstance.

  47. I must ask.
    Do you think that your argumenttheorystatement that shock comedy is performed for the reason of easy laughs and personal avoidance of wrongdoing if pulled off, harmonises with other concepts such as a comedy's importance in society in breaking down what are (for the normal citizen) difficult to approach taboos making subjects easier to discuss, therefore eventually making change in society easier to effect where needed. Just askin' 🙂

  48. What I think is not factored in is this was a leaked set. It’s not finished or polished or may not have made it into what he officially released. We’re used to seeing completed specials we forget that comedians work on sets and when we finally heard the bit it may have been substantially different or not there at all. Of all the legends mentioned I’m sure there plenty of bits if we heard the first draft we would have been non pluset. But because of the scandal where hearing a set to 30 people and judging it as finished product. I’m not thrilled about what he did at all but I don’t think he should never be able to do comedy again.

  49. Louis C.K. is the best. He asked a bitch if he could fap in front of her and she said no. Who fucking cares. It's not rape. All the left wing outrage-tards should take a long walk off a short pier and fucking die.

  50. If you want a Dark Humor joke done right vs. one done wrong, look on further than George Carlin's rape joke vd. Tosh.O's rape joke.

  51. I don’t know, I feel like if the personal instances had not happened, that leaked material he was working on(and it was totally leaked, not ready for a special or tv) would have been Accepted by critics just as his last special in 2017 was. I heard it and didn’t feel he changed much, rather what he was saying was just more of the same.

  52. Louis CK should be allowed to perform and we should be allowed to be mad when he confuses beating off in front female co workers with snowflake cancel culture. No one got mad at Louis CK's material before he was outed as a dirty old man in a trench coat. I don't understand why he struggles with that. We just put Bill Cosby away for drugging and rapping women. Snowflakes didn't cancel Bill Cosby.

  53. Comedy is dead thanks to cancel culture. No comedy is safe. And it’s easy to say what you said by saying that Louis CK’s set was safe then to actually do an actual funny comedy routine. It’s a shit time to be a comedian full stop. Best time to be a victim merchant who claims they represent “social justice” by cancelling anything that’s fun however.

  54. Annoyed YouTube is only showing me this 8 months late, but hey 🤷🏻‍♂️ that was actually a lovely nuanced point about stand up.. I never listened to the Louis Ck leaked set though.. it’ was never meant to be heard by the general public and as respect that. As Joe Rogan and co have discussed, what he said isn’t the “finished product” – it’s like criticising a song writer for the 3 or 4 chords he strung together while trying to write something.. You make a good point Bob, but I think we will have to reserve judgement until a Louis actually releases a finished special

  55. Like would everyone get it if you did this whole video but replace Louis CK with moviebob. Talk about the pot calling the cattle black.

  56. Great talking points here. I'm a huge Carlin Bruce Pryor Mel Brooks so on fan born in 1992. Really appreciate the anecdote about Lenny Bruce. Him using that word over and over evolved into a bit where he was taking inventory of the diverse audience that night (yes the clip is on YouTube go find it). Using those words without regard for empathy will ruin a career but if the performer provides context they can become legendary.

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