Bihar Ke Topper (Education System) | Priyesh Sinha Stand Up Comedy | Stand Up Comedy Indian

Bihar Ke Topper (Education System) | Priyesh Sinha Stand Up Comedy | Stand Up Comedy Indian

There was an empire in ancient times called Magadha Those who are here from ancient times, they definitely know I mean those who have read history they will know Pride of India Where, Chandragupta Maurya, Emperor Ashoka, Chanakya, Lord Buddha, Lord Mahavir such people lived Today it is called Bihar where politician Lalu yadav lives with his two sons, Tej Pratap and Tejaswi Yadav. yes, jeetan ram manjhi is also staying here
(another politician) Meesa bharti is also here and Rabri devi our favorite politician is always here. These are here from the beginning There is nothing to laugh at because those who settleed are living there The rest of the Bihari guys went out for job. they are lucky because they get employment in their home state So they are staying there happily They are doing services for Bihar So at one time the University of Nalanda was famous in all over the world and children from all over the world used to come in Bihar for knowledge And Bihar gave knowledge to the world Today Bihar is giving only first class toppers Better from one another whom Blood gets cold by seeing media Run very fast after seeing them these guys explains that political science Whom they speaks as “prodical science” also is all about how to cook in the kitchen like How to roast brinjal on low flame and If the flame gets brighter then remove it quickly and this is also a matter of giving knowledge to the world whether you take it or not this is really awesome Lord Buddha also got his divine knowledge by coming to Bihar Now these days Because of our first class toppers, People ask me what knowledge did buddha get here ! Parents is so scared..
if they find their child with the book in hand they take it back leave the book.. leave it .want to be a next topper.. Want to call the media , police in home common go outside..go play a game..go this is the condition Because of them, the actual toppers
are also facing some disgraceful comments Whose intellect, whose hard work is considered sharpest not only by Bihar but also by whole Nation I would like to request a huge round of applause for them Who become IAS,IPS,officers,bank PO,engineers,doctors.. Those bihari guys who pass each test honestly I would like to have a huge round of applause from all of you so, lets come again on fake toppers I think,
their parents were initially in the circus who’se parents are experts like spider-man in climbing to second,third or fourth floor without stairs to give answer sheet to their childrens in exams. their teachers are also great scholars and talented type. amazing and
different talents are filled in them by the grace of cant imagine They mark their attendance without going to school Without seeing the copy inside they given marks only by reading the name of students read the name : manohar..ok 20 marks ramesh.. 30.. rakesh ..40.. not more than 40 to anyone general marking for every one..superb style. and if they are younger in age then they dont take too much time to covert the temple of education in to a romantic national park.. very talented u cant imagine There was a time when Chanakya
Described diplomacy and politics, and established maurya dynasty now forget about diplomacy and politics..this is very far from them.. leave it permanently just ask them who is the governor of bihar? they will reply “manoj tiwari” (a famous singer) ask them primary tables of 2 or 6..they sweat through thier shirt full spelling mistakes in Sunday Monday only they know sunday is a holiday these things is going on but not every teacher is like this.. actually what happened in bihar let me tell you Bihar has given much attention to education now Means too much attention has been given Education Minister himself has sat on syllabus All those people are sitting on the roof of the university with their entire committee Too much vacancy for teachers The result of this is 2 people have become teachers from every house someone is teching here..someone is teching there..but no one is reading..everyone is just busy in teching And that is
Chef teacher Here cooking food for students, potatoes are also peeling and there teaching is aslo continue..because of new rule Now the food is cooked in the school for students..thats why they doing like this ayee mantoo !! Collect all the papers of all the boys..I’ll put salt in the khichadi.. Where is ghee ? Not even papad is avilable !! I did not get the commission problem .. just complain should not happen so,There are some people who just do this work for Salary but ,There are some people who have real passion those,Who really want to teach they wake up early in the morning and take bath with the holy water ganga jal,and starts doing worship and pray of Goddess saraswati with Sandal and aarti before going to school I have to win the heart of the people with my work and For which I have came to earth,I have to do it well come up with this thought to school that they will teach the children but when they arrived in school they will teach by administration .. there is a survey has come from Government of India that how many trees are here in our have to count that,please go n starts. Now he is counting the trees after counting trees they became know now there is mass conting.. now..How many people are taking oxygen from those trees, it is also important to count ..isn’t go now they Come after counting the mass Now the election has come, You have to do election duty and you better know the situation..Elections do not happen without them They also did this in the sun or in the rain so that After this we will teach.. Now they given polio drops to pour every kids in area go every where n pour..go Now a single man..and entire responsibilities is putted on his shoulder, when this helpless guy will teach ? he is a teacher or a marvel super hero !! eco friendly teacher !! adjustable in all kind of jobs excluding teaching even Students have also changed and The government has passed the rule that You do not have to beat touch Looking at you..
Your studies have been completed by taking a lot of beatings.. Your face is finding that you have been beaten up,during the whole study That was the past time,now the government said no ..don’t beat them and don’t fail them but in our time..truly teachers Used to beat us a lot.They used to beat as much as they could start cultivating on our back. i still remember the names of many teachers just because they beaten up so hard but What lessons was taught by him.. is still a mystery for me Just remember the name because they have beaten us. but these days u can not touch him and what is the best part for the students today is subject books they have or not it’s not an issues for them but the android mobile is compulsory in their hands whether they know trigonometry or not but they know what to do in tinder . Small kids operating Tinder for dating now you tell me, a teacher who can not beat,cant scold n even cant fail any student how they teach Indian students should he learn some black magic to teach.. spell chant Go..
You got all the knowledge You too could sit under the tree like God Buddha ..You will also get knowledge..go what i believe bihari guys are so hard working and laborious..and this is known by everyone but due to some people sometimes the atmosphere gets little against of us we all should take care of this this is not only the responsibility of teachers ,students & goverment but also it should be start from our own home what kind of topper we want our child to be those who earns respect for the nation or like those who teaches us how to roast brinjal in prodical science how to cook on low flame and how to cook on high flame thank you please subscribe my comedy channel. and please like comment and share.

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  1. Bhai galat to Hain hi cheating but bhot state me hota Hain including mudiji ke gurjat mein but media sirf Bihar ko highlight karti Hain kyunki galati waha saaf pata lag gyi

  2. good and true comedy. bina kisi state ko neecha kiye aapne bahut hi gracefully bihar ki achchayi aur burayi dono ko saamne laye. har state me kuch achayi to kuch burayi bhi hai. waha ke kuch logo me. isliye audience ko ye baat sportingly leni chaiye.

  3. Bhai hats off to you government ko teacher ke hath se sari power Jo student's ko padhane ke liye jaruri hey voh nahi cheen na nahi chaiye tha
    Yeh galat hey🀯😀

  4. Pta nhi aap log yh kyun bhul jate ho ke is desh ko chalane wale IAS officers sbse zyada bihar se hi hote h.Bs haath me mice pkr lo aur kch v bak do

  5. Priyesh ji, you are really a talented comedian. I like your stuff and presentation skills. My only humble request/suggestions is; if feasible, can you avoid the background noise/sounds.

  6. I am from Madhya Pradesh,we should acknowledge the hard work of Biharis,the problem is politics & casteism, otherwise Bihari's are very talented people.

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