Bill O’Reilly Gets the Boot: The Daily Show

Bill O’Reilly Gets the Boot: The Daily Show

Serena Williams is expecting
a little baby, yo! -Yeah!
-(cheering, applause) Congratulations, Serena. Although I must admit
I was a little disappointed to find out she was pregnant when she won the Australian
Open, which is not cool because, technically,
that’s a doubles match. Cheating. I’m just
gonna put it out there. And, uh, you know
what they say– for every amazing black baby
that comes into the world, one old white man has to leave. We have some breaking news
to report to you. Fox news anchor Bill O’Reilly will not be returning
toThe O’Reilly Factor.REPORTER:Parent company
20th Century Fox
says it came to the decision
after a review
of the allegations of sexual
harassment and verbal abuse
coming by the host.
Of course he settled
a lot of lawsuits.
No word yet what will happen
to his show,
The O’Reilly Factor.One would assume
the name changes.
Or… or they just keep the show and they just
find a random Irish guy with the same last name.
You know? Just like,
“It’s me, Steve O’Reilly. Tonight’s top story:
Bono– that’s not a real name!” Because, I mean, we assume
that they’ll change the name of the show, but we also assumed
that Fox would have fired O’Reilly
after the third time he was accused of sexual
harassment, so you never know. Uh, and now,
here atThe Daily Show,we want to give O’Reilly
the sendoff that he deserves. Because, let’s be honest,
he’s not gonna get it on Fox, that’s for sure, you know?
Those guys are probably gonna pretend nothing is wrong.
Just be like, “No news to report here.
Everything is fine. “Back to you, Megyn. “I mean Greta. “I mean Gretchen. “I mean Bill. I mean, who’s left?” (cheering, applause) So… so let’s give Bill
his proper due, because you may not know this,
but Bill O’Reilly was the biggest figure
in the history of cable news. At one point
no one even came close. Because they were afraid that
he might sexually harass them. His prime time show was the top
cable news show for 16 years with as many as four million
viewers a night. But before O’Reilly
was a huge star on Fox News he was blowing up
onInside Edition,as, uh, shown
in this infamous clip. I don’t know what that means–
“to play us out.” What does that mean? -To end the show?
-DIRECTOR: Yeah, yeah. That’s tomorrow.
And that is it for us today, and we will leave you with a… -I-I can’t do it.
-DIRECTOR: Okay. -We’ll do it live.
-Okay. -Well, no…
-We’ll do it live! (bleep) it! Do it live. I can… I’ll write it
and we’ll do it live! (bleep) thing sucks! Wow. Wow. All of that just because
Bill O’Reilly had never heard the expression
“play us out”? That is the angriest
I’ve ever seen someone get from not knowing a phrase.
Like, for instance, in America, I hear phrases
I don’t understand all the time,
but I don’t flip out over it. You don’t see me going,
“My neck of the woods? “Wh-What neck, what woods?
Woods don’t have necks! “It doesn’t make sense!
It doesn’t (bleep) make… “(yelling) (bleep) it, I’ll do it live!” -Now…
-(cheering, applause) Now, some of us watch that clip
and we see madness. But in the mid-’90s a man
by the name of Roger Ailes watched it,
and he saw greatness. And he reached out and said, “Come join me at Fox,
O’Reilly, and together “we will build a cable empire fueled by white Christian
resentment. “And then, as our masterstroke, “we will both be forced to leave “because we couldn’t
keep our penises “in our white Christian pants. Allegedly.” And so O’Reilly went forth and gave voice to that vision. If you’re a Christian
or a white man in the USA, it’s open season on you. There is a war between
traditional Americans and secular progressives
in this country. The left sees white privilege in
America as an oppressive force that must be done away with. Taking voting power
away from the white precincts is the quickest way to do that.The New York Timesof the world hate the white Christian
male power structure, and want to change it by a massive amount
of foreign nationals being able to vote.The way we’ve lived
for the past 250 years
are under siege.Christmas has become
controversial in America. The war on Christmas begins. -The war on Christmas.
-…this war on Christmas. ♪ We wish you
a Merry Christmas. ♪ So-called white privilege: bad. Diversity: good. Okay… here’s what I don’t understand: if white people
don’t have it good in the U.S., then which race does? Because it’s not black people, it’s not Hispanics,
it’s not Asians. I mean, that pretty much leaves whatever mystery race
Bruno Mars is. So who’s having a good time? So, yes, Bill O’Reilly talked
about a lot of issues over 20 years. But it’s important tonight
to remember that he had a special place
in his heart for black people, prison. Don’t get pregnant at 14. Don’t allow your neighborhoods
to deteriorate into free-fire zones. That’s what
the African-American community should have on their T-shirts. …with African-American youth. But how are you gonna get jobs
for them? Many of them are ill-educated and have tattoos
on their foreheads. There’s an outreach– I don’t
even know what that means– -by the Obama administration
to African-Americans. -Yeah. I don’t…
What does that entail? Are they gonna be onSoul Train?You always refuse to acknowledge
that there is -institutional racism
in this country -Okay, because -and that there’s a legacy
-you can’t prove it, Powers. -of racism in this country.
-You can’t prove it. Slaves did participate in the
construction of the White House. Slaves that worked there
were well-fed and had decent lodgings
provided by the government. Say you’re a cocaine dealer–
and you kind of look like one a little bit… (laughter, groaning) Man, can I just say,
Bill O’Reilly’s lucky that black people aren’t all the
criminals he thinks they are. Otherwise, that guy would have
popped a cap in his ass. He would have bust a cap
in his ass so fast! (cheering and applause) But, no, he had to go and be a highly educated
college professor. Boring. You know, looking back on all
of O’Reilly’s greatest hits, the one thing
that’s hard to believe was that it took this long
for him to lose his job. That’s what I always wonder. And, like,
why did all the advertisers that pulled off his show now
stick with the show that long? Like, what,
were they watching that like, “You know what, he does look
like a cocaine dealer, yeah. Buy Reddi-wip.” But-but maybe, maybe the reason
Fox kept O’Reilly on for so long was because sometimes
he was so racist it somehow became funny. O’REILLY: -MAN: Please, and if…
-O’REILLY: You know? I mean… -(laughter, murmuring)
-You… you know, guys,
this is so racist, I can’t even be mad about it. Because you realize,
in Bill O’Reilly’s mind, going to a black restaurant
was basically going to be like walking into the middle
of the Rodney King riots. Like, he thought people
wouldn’t be ordering food– they just loot the kitchen
and run out with their order. You know, the waiters
would be doing drive-bys. “You want some ketchup,
(bleep)?!” (mimicking shots) “Get some pepper, yo.” (cheering and applause) What do you think? And-and Bill O’Reilly
wasn’t just a famous newsman. You know all that anger
and victimhood you hear from Trump voters? A lot of that started with him. Like, a lot of people said that Jon Stewart was the Yoda
of cable news. Well, Bill O’Reilly
was the Sith Lord. And I want to be Daisy Ridley.
Can I be Daisy Ridley? Please?
I want to be Daisy Rid… (mimicking lightsaber) I think I nailed it. And you know what they say
about the Sith– there is much anger
on the dark side. You’re either gonna stop talking
or I’m gonna cut your mike off. -Cut his mike. -Cut his mike.
-Cut her mike off. -Want to know what I was doing?
-Shut up. Shut up. You don’t know anything. He doesn’t have a right
to be in this country! -Not entitlements! One program!
-Why are you yelling? -What do you want to yell for?
-Bull… Because you’re lying! Hold on. None of this was
your fault! Oh, no! -People lost millions
of dollars! -Do I get a chance -to talk?
-It wasn’t your fault! Come on, you coward!
Say the truth! -What do you mean, coward?
-You’re a coward! Damn, I… I don’t know if he should have
ever had a TV show, but I do know
he would have fit right in at an imaginary
black restaurant, I’ll tell you that much. He would have been perfect. “You’re the coward!
You’re the coward! Where’s my food? (bleep) it,
I’ll do it live!” (laughter, applause) So it’s sad to say, but
farewell, extremely old friend. But before you go,
Bill O’Reilly, one last time, please,
why don’t you play us out. -♪ ♪ -And they’re
just running around, trying to jazz people up. I give them the same jazz
I give everybody else. Did the sporting crew give him
any jazz on that? When you get back to New Haven,
are they gonna give you jazz? -…which I say… I say…
-Oh, I’m only giving you jazz. You know Trump, uh,
gives you jazz all day long. Jeb Bush give you a little…
little, uh, jazz today. -I know exactly who I work for.
-Are they giving you…? Get some jazz down here? You
getting some jazz down there? That’s all right.
I’m a big boy. You give me jazz every time
I see you. O’REILLY: No, no, please.
I’m interested… Obviously, I’ve given Reich
some jazz. Anybody give you any jazz? I’m giving you a little jazz
on the commies. Jazz. Jazz. Jazz. Jazz. Jazz. How about you–
do you get jazz? Gave her a little jazz, Mike. I gaveeverybodya little jazz. (piano plays discordant chord)

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  1. I'm Irish and so embarrassed to have this slime associated with our country. He doesn't represent us and probably wouldn't even fit in. We overwhelmingly voted for same sex marriage, we've become multicultural now, we have had 2 female presidents, we have a brilliant JAZZ festival here in Cork every October and our national drink is a happy black and white Guinness. Do us a favour Bill, scatch Ireland off your list of places to visit during your retirement. We honestly don't need you here.

  2. Wow, there are some jaw droppers in there. A coke dealer? I guess it got like Trump, where so many bad things happen that it becomes the norm. No one even remarks on it anymore.

  3. Omg …I’m so glad this piece of white shit is gone from the airwaves. I always knew he was an angry son of a bitch with a huge chip on his shoulders, besides being a racist and a woman hater.
    Good fucking riddance Oreiley…🤮🤮🤮🤮

  4. I don’t even bother to get mad because this excuse of a human being clearly has very little to zero brain in his head so it’s impossible for him to say something useful

  5. I love how everything is tied to race. Its such a lazy reason why people are not successful or cannot succeed. If race is truly one of the main reason for limitations on success then how did Trevor become so successful? I mean white privilege is systemic throughout out legal system….What did Trevor do to circumvent this horrendous system to get him to the top? He must be mighty clever. Stop blaming everything else for your own issues.

  6. Trump n Fox RACIST DNA manifest into another mass racist shooting ..
    RIP – El Paso & Dayton..#voteoutRACISM2020

  7. drain the swamp evil mind mess up so bad nothing changes with these old men think one way wrong all day long sad

  8. alcohol in him drinking and lying u two Rosa's u wear hoods u r so sad u have no right over anyone life's u cheater liar sad man go drink and smoke ur stuff to get thru everyday and lie lie hate Blacks have rights just bloke whites have no love in y'all heart stop judging look arbour self

  9. This dude can take his black 'splaining and shove it up his ass. The white beta males really lop this stuff up, don't they?

  10. Billy Touchy O'Reilly was regarded as a prophet for a generation. Millions of people mistook his propaganda as truth and journalism. While he was posing as a righteous god fearing man, the company was protecting him from sexual scandals and paying huge settlements to numerous victims. Now all these people that got brainwashed are 'our' problem and we need to invest time and energy to undo the damage while he's keeping most of the money… I have friends who still repeat his lies and misinformation and I'm not talking about trolls or stupid individuals.. Tremendous damage… and the current administration just builds on that ugly base that Billy helped raise..

  11. That cocaine shit would be got his ass dragged over that desk. That dude had to practiced some massive restraint.

  12. To think that O'Reilly was a school teacher & has written some amazing historical books. He was a Blatant Racist. He should have been fired the 1st time that he spewed out racist commentary. But alas, that was what Roger Ales wanted. Thank God they are both gone.

  13. Sometimes, words dont work. Sometimes, a fist to the face works just fine. Yea, you get sued arrested but,whenever he thinks of saying anything disrespectful. He thinks of the fist that broke his jaw and all his front teeth. People like this keep saying and doing stuff like this because of the "turn the other cheek" notion.

  14. Now John Stewart told Bill how it was and so did Bill. When is Trevor gonna invite bill on his show? I don't see it.

  15. I am trying with every iota of energy in my body right now to not slam my head into the desk. Yes, I use a desktop computer, not a phone.
    "Don't get pregnant at 14."
    I'm sorry, I'll be done throwing up in a moment.
    wipes puke from her mouth
    You think that most young women get pregnant at young ages because…. they are just dirty sluts that can't control their vagina?
    News flash, Kill Bill, it takes two people to make a baby. Where's the daddy? Oh sorry, I forgot, you don't care about anything that makes men responsible for anything.

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  18. but fox still puts this ignorant ,racist bonehead on the radio and he sounds just as stupid as ever- hasn't learned a thing

  19. I love this show, but please when you mention "all" the races in the US, mention the Indigenous people of this continent.

  20. I wonder if Bill thinks that by sexuality harassing women multiple times is he influencing little white kids that look up to him… Let that sink in 😆😆😆😆

  21. man one of those people he was yelling at should have beat the son of a bitch so hard he never walked again. god damn asshole.

  22. Fucking racist, this kind of asshole should be choked to death, resurrect and choked again and again. you American have a serious issue with freedom of speech. I'm not against of course not, but spreading hate isn't freedom of speech, it's hate. Period

  23. The fact that up to 4 million people watched this racist religious bullshit every night proofs Bill Maher's point that America is full of dumb motherfuckers

  24. If that guy looks like a cocaine dealer, what do I look like? That man looks well put together. I can't stand Bill. Thank God they took him out.

  25. Hey this guy only talks to ppl that are educated in that maner i bet he wont pull that screaming shit on a random mf in the street cause he knows what would happen to him. Lights out quick!!!! And easy!!!!!

  26. here you are mocking a white guy because of things he said (none of them malicious btw) about black people, YET YOU'RE DOING EXACTLY THE SAME THING Trevor, only with Hateful Insults, and if Anyone mocked you there would be hell to pay, LOL

  27. That nasty Bill O'REILLY shouldn't have never been on that show, but Bill was what them White people wanted,, They put that SATELLITE in my 📺,, So that bastard Bill O'REILLY could look at me in my home and Call me a FILTHY PARASITE , THAT BASTARD called me everyday a blood sucking parasite,, our Government sanction my mistreatment of the mainstream Media,,,

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  30. lol, so jealous of the white man. The only way you could defeat him was to make him feel so guilty and sorry for you that he had to start letting you win. But, alas, you are winning, so who can blame tactics if they do, indeed, work.

  31. Pleased to say that Bill O'Reilly and the American People are doing well! Bill has a podcast, continues to write history books, and informs people of the Truth and not the made up stories that are presented as news by the failing CNN and MSNBC hosts.

  32. Hay bro how ya doing? I have to ask you an honest question. I would like for you to tell me how responsible you are for your great, great ,great grandparents actions? Plain and simple. By the way, my name is Forest.

  33. I have never seen someone so openly racist (except for Trump). Unlike Trevor, I'm extremely mad. I would like to pop a cap in his ass myself!!! FUCK HIM MAN!!

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