Billie Eilish – bury a friend

Billie Eilish – bury a friend

I’m just me why do you care for me when
we all follow this thing where do we go come here spit it out what is it exactly
a plane is the amount cleaning you out and my satisfactory today I’m thinking
about the things that are deadly the way I’m drinking you don’t like I want a job
like I wanna dance me step on the glass staple your tongue bury your friend try
to wake up there your friend I want to end where do we go
listen keep you in the dark without you expected me to make my heart like it was
star and get you connected me too very a friend try to wake up I wanna end why don’t you run for me why
do you care for me when we all fall asleep or do we go

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  1. and do you think that all of these visuals and and demonic ideas comes from 17 years old girl?? you are in a big COMA, she is a puppet for the Satan worshipers who made her

  2. Idk if you will read this but, there is this channel, Maginpanic, who makes lyrics videos (animated videos) for your music and it’s amazing!

  3. The beat in this song reminded me of a song on an old cassette my parents used to play occasionally. Never knew the name of the song and quite frankly I'm still not sure if I do but uh, Rock and Roll Part 2 by Gary Glitter (or the 'hey song').

    Edit: Holy crud muffins they used that song for the new Joker movie…

  4. The Reason Why Im Disliking The Video Is Because The Music Billie Eilish Makes Litterly Makes Zero Sense Doesnt Rhym With Wait Music Its Called I Dont Get Why Billie Eilish Is So Popular For Trash Music I Still Dont Get It

  5. Auto tune:Hi old friend

    Billie:ummmm….who are you?

    Auto tune:OMG! You don’t know me…….almost every singer needs me!

    Billie:well sorry I don’t know u!

    Me:like if u get my “joke”

  6. Me:I am stuck in photoshop:mom look’s in my daughter’s history :me :|:mom WHAT IS DIS YOU like BILLIE so you wanna kill ya self>:(:me uMM nU

  7. 30 января я проснулся в своей комнате от странных звуков, и вижу тут Билли айлиш клип снимает

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