Bird’s Eye View Of Norway’s Picture Perfect Lofoten Islands

Bird’s Eye View Of Norway’s Picture Perfect Lofoten Islands

COMM: On a recent visit to Norway, photographer Joel Santos was able to capture the beauty
of Lofoten. COMM: Lofoten is an archipelago, known for its incredibly dramatic scenery. And though
it lies within the Arctic circle, because of the Gulf Stream, the weather here is much
warmer than other parts of the world, which are found on a similar latitude. COMM: The landscape here is characterised by snow-capped mountain peaks, stretches of
snow covered beaches and sheltered inlets. COMM: For over 1000 years, the islands of Lofoten have been at the center of Atlantic
cod fishing, especially during the winter months, when cod migrate south to spawn, right
off the coast of the area. COMM: The picture perfect cherry coloured fishing villages of Reine and Hamnøy were
particularly captivating for Joel, who had always being intrigued to see the dramatic fjords. COMM: During his visit, Joel was able to make the most of the landscape as the daylight
during April starts from the very early hours of the morning and lasts until 11 o’clock
at night.

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  1. As a south Floridian I have never seen snow or mountains like that. Its like the exact opposite here. But, i do like my sunny beaches filled with palm trees and wild life

  2. That is where I belong, have loved the landscape and culture of Norway. Learning more and falling in love much more. Here's to the day I start life in Norway 🍺

  3. My moms norwegian and most of her side of the family is as well, my aunt lives in Norway. Ive been asked to go visit but i always was hesitant but fuck after seeing this video I think Ill def be visiting!

  4. Lmao the way he pronounced Lofoten 😂. If you were wondering this is how you pronounce the word lu-fu-ten, read it slower than you usually would 🙂

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