BIRDS OF PREY – Official Trailer 1

BIRDS OF PREY – Official Trailer 1

You know what a harlequin is?A harlequin’s role is to serve.It’s nothin’ without a master.No one gives two shits who we are beyond that. ♪♪♪The Joker and I broke up.I wanted a fresh start.But it turns out I wasn’t
the only dame in Gotham
looking for emancipation.Spectacular news! Ms. Quinn, she belongs to me. Who are you guys? ♪♪♪ [GUNS CLICKING]Here’s the deal Quinn.-[SIGHS]
-You need me!
He’s after all of us now.None of us are
walkin’ outta here… unless we work together. ♪♪♪ With you? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! You gotta’ be kidding me. Ahh!! Isn’t this fun?
It’s just like a sleepover. [SIGHS]
We should order pizza. Make Cosmos. -Harley, focus!
-Okay. [BELL RINGING] ♪♪♪I’m the one
they should be scared of!
Boo!Not you!Not Mister “J”. Because I’m
Harley frickin’ Quinn! [LAUGHING] Whoo! Who’s having a good time?Get ready ladies.Oh, you’re that psycho chick. You never call a woman chick. I’ll except broad, lady, woman
and on occasion bitch! Bitch? -What are you talking about?
-Toss that for me will ya? Ugh! [LAUGHS]

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  1. Warner Bros: "knock knock''

    Jared Leto: ''who's there?''

    Warner Bros: ''It's the police mam, your Joker was hit by a drunk driver he's dead''

  2. Here comes more oh the fake whores aka wannbe nerds who discovered harley quinn from shitty suicide squad and want likes on Instagram with there poser cosplay this decade even tho a couple of years ago none of them even knew about her lmao! Social media stars are wannabe celebrities plain and simple! I don't care how much views and money u make! U guys can even meet (real) celebrities but you're not one of them. The difference social media stars aka wannabe vs real celebrities, celebrities don't need social media to be who they are and famous they never needed social media really at all or to maintain who they are but without social media none of you would have any existence and if it were to disappear one day you would be back to being nobody's which you guys still are trust me cuz anybody could do this social media fake same crap you all are just a bunch of sorry narcississ losers! and I don't care what anybody says neither on social media everybody just jumps bandwagons or pretends to care about things and promote things but it's just a bunch of crap it's phony like I said stay in touch with the physical not the digital you guys are in delusion this is not reality and I don't care how much quote on quote positivity you guys feel there is it's really just staying behind a screen clicking buttons I don't find that uplifting or anyting because social media is too easy habe u all not seen the increase in suicide and stds this decade 2010s?! Social media is the shit answer and there's no excuse for this ad the future where we all know better for it to be like this. It's also sorry asf how webcam girls ruin all the need stuff and think they're pornstars when they're not they're just nobody whores sitting behind a laptop and being a pornstar doesn't exist no more social media growing has halted that too lol. You wannabe celebs with your fake"fame" won't go past social media I assure u. Social media is a place for losers to feel important and social delusion. Many obssess, degrade, harm, or live a lie online about themselves yet want to portray it as "positive" Or talk about their problems on social media lol that's not healthy! Narcissism personality disorder + Social media anxiety is a actual diagnosis that many of u do indeed fucking have. Subscribers make your day?!😳😲😆 It's like u can do something good for yourself/others with out showing it off constantly on your social media pathetic! Your job is not show others your living a "life". I'm well aware some can even get rich on here or meet famous people but that doesn't make u a celebrity! "Social media star" is the biggest joke! This isn't healthy for kids n suicide rise is linked to social media. Reality check! It's called stay in touch with life not your device. You don't have real fans its actually mutual fanning of false love + fame. Research!

  3. Damn i hope theres another version based off the comics. Called Harley quinn's adventures or something. More comic based. Her old outfit/joker/ivy ect. I hate this suicide squad shit.

  4. Jared Leto: Can I continue the role of Joker?
    WB: No.
    Jared Leto: Why?
    WB: You wouldn't get it.
    *Joaquin Phoenix laughing in the background

  5. From the glimpses we get Ewan actually looks quite good. Not sure how loyal an adaptation of Black Skull he'll be, but looks good in it's own right.

  6. I have a feeling this will be a disappointment too. As bane said "there can be no true despair without hope" Show a good trailer and then fuck the movie up, that has been DC's track record. I truly hope its not like that this time.

  7. Much like the Sonic movie, Jim Carry is the only reason to watch Sonic, Ewan McGregor is the only reason i have for even thinking about seeing this movie.

  8. I want to believe this movie will do well… however it looks a lot like the previous “ Get Woke, Go Broke” type films… please prove me wrong and do well. Every Female lead movie has failed before we’re I truly hope this one prevails. Except Wonder Woman of course. Some other exceptions that I may have forgotten. I do wish to see more Jared Leto Joker and hope he redeems him self. He’s a phenomenal actor and he had to do what he could with that other film…

  9. Harley Quinn: “the joker and I broke up.”
    Harley Quinn: he got weird. He started dancing on staircases and in bathrooms

  10. Its a great character, and a good fitting role for Margot but this movie is going to blow. Hate this comment if you want, you know it's true too so don't kill the messenger.

  11. Lol the entire movie is on Harley now. Ew yeah, I hope the plot will be fine, because some agitated political affairs can ruin everything. If u get it of course)))

  12. Wish they would have made a Gotham City Sirens movie instead :/ I like Margot Robbie as Harley, but this isn’t Birds of Prey. It’s “Harley Quinn and gang”

  13. Wow! this is your second film, to prove the you're not sexis! Unlike the MCU, they only made one it's Captain Marvel and it took them a long while for them to release that movie finally! so I kind of looked at on the marvel as Sexes for a while! you guys you make two girl movies in Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the your DCU! Good job! I'm a male telling you this!

  14. They didn't show much of Cassandra Cain, but it was enough to show they've apparently interpreted her worse than James Tynion IV in Batman & Robin Eternal. That's something I didn't think was possible without concentrated effort. Like, the writers of this movie recognized how bad that retcon was, and asked themselves, "how can we be even more clueless about the character than this guy?"
    Yes, yes, "wait until the movie's out". Because they've earned the so much goodwill, right?

  15. Dc movies are getting better starting with joker and this birds of prey i hope the batman 2021 gets a success like joker

  16. Something I feel the DCEU should do is just give their characters solo movies and not tie them into one big universe like MCU. While it’ll be a shamed that there won’t be one massive universe where see different characters coming together, the DCEU seems to be doing better with giving character independent movies like Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Shazam and Joker. Imo anyway.

  17. So let’s clarify.

    Harley Quin aims for men and beats the loving shit out of them: Progressive and genius.

    Joker Exists: AltRight, CIS man babies are going to start attacking.

    Punchline: Joker breaks a billion dollars.

  18. i have 2000$ in Harley quinn collections i love her so much i am and ajways be a fan💯💯💯💯💯 the joker he didn't deserve her anyways and he ugly👺👺👺 margon is a perfect for this role

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