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  1. 0:41 As a boy I really cannot begin to understand and comprehend the beauty of how girls can casually change sexualities and still chose to marry dudes

  2. Having to sit still and focus at formal events doesn’t mean you are bord. This is dumb because most people live n their phone.

  3. and fans sayin that they need to work more? Come on, why we expect idols to overwork lets make the kpop industry more peaceful and blackpink's workstyle is usual

  4. I don't think I would be able to watch all those shows without falling asleep

    How can they stay awake? I mean even if it would be shows with groups I love, too much is too much yknow

  5. The video starts
    I see Jimin
    Me: "oh my God, we just started and BTS is still trying to kill me🙈🤦🏻‍♀️🙈💞

  6. Jokes aside, this truly makes me wonder if the girls even like their job. Award shows are part of their jobs, and it can be challenging to be under scrutiny of so many people during the show, but they look downright bored and unhappy. Many idols enjoy seeing friends in award shows and interacting with fans and watching the stages, but they don't look like they're actually enjoying themselves. The worst thing that can happen to your career is realizing that it bores ypu and doesn't interest you anymore. It can cause a lot of stress and emotional drain.

  7. 0:02 i cant help but notice that jimin looks like he’s as tall as namjoon HAHAHAHA ya but that’s just the angle of the camera heh sorry jimin

  8. 2:51 I've def done something like Rose lmaooo TT
    It's not that I was uninformed, my brain is just not fully there atm X'D

  9. I miss them so much😭 year end award show without blackpink is just so dull for me🤐 who else feels the same as me??

  10. Lisa: angry bored
    Jennie: pretending to pay attention bored
    Rose: sad bored
    Jisoo: obviously thinking about something else bored

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