Blitzwolf BW-VP2 Review – Budget 1080p LCD projector 2020 that great for both movie & games!

Native 1080P Full HD, 6500 lumens, 2,000:1
contrast ratio, keystone correction, 60,000 hours lamp life… Yes, that’s all part of BlitzWolf BW-VP2
Projector. A budget yet performing Full HD projector
that suitable for both movie and games. Build quality is great with sturdy plastic
housing. White in colour. The main lens and IR receiver in the front. Both focus point and keystone can be adjusted. Here are the built-in dual 5W speakers on
the left. Fan and large heatsink are located on the
right. Yes, you can place TV Box on top of the projector. And here are all the navigation buttons that
control it. At the back, there are IR receiver, 2 HDMI
ports, 2 USB ports, headphone jack output, RCA AV input, VGA port and power input. 4 anti-skid pads at the bottom to provide
stability. Remove them to attach the wall mount. And here is the screw that helps to adjust
viewing height. Alright, here are the included accessories. The must-have remote control for navigation. For video input, there are HDMI cable, VGA
cable and RCA AV cable. Power cord – US or EU plug to choose. Finally, user manual in multiple languages. Let’s have a look on the projector brightness
on around 60”. BlitzWolf is suitable for both day and night. Good for office use and best for home entertainment. Picture quality, colour and contrast are better
in low light environment. Yes, you can project up to 120” easily in
a totally dark room. Every day is movie night now. VP2 comes with built-in media player. By plug in USB flash drive, you can enjoy your favourite movie, music and photo then. No additional TV box is needed. As for the built-in speaker, it is great to blast in a quiet large bedroom. Much better and louder than single one. Bass output is decent as well for such small speakers. By the way, you won’t hear much fan noise when music is being played. Treble and bass volume can be controlled. Finally, you can view all your favourite photos with friend and family. Here are the video input sources that you can select. And the built-in navigation panel to configure the projector. Simple and easy to control. VP2 can be used for office work. You can use it for surfing the Internet. Or present PowerPoint to your group member during the work. Or present PowerPoint to your group member during the work. As for image quality, it is great. Same apply to colour and contrast as well. For video playback, it supports 24Hz that great for movie. Manage to get both day and night scene nice as well. All the highlights and shadows are well-controlled. Besides that, it supports 60Hz video. 4K 60fps video is being played here. By the way, it does not support 4K input. 1080p is good enough. Lastly, 50Hz is supported too. How about gaming? It is performing great. Just connect your XBOX, PlayStation or Nintendo Switch and start to enjoy ultra-large screen then. No need to limit yourself on small TV anymore. Personally, I don’t feel much input lag at all. As you can see, I am able to play fast-paced action games like pinball easily. And here is another game – 3rd person shooter Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Enjoy… Well, that’s all for BlitzWolf BW-VP2 review. Great image quality for the price no doubt. Do use below link to buy one to support me. Don’t forget to thumb up too. Thanks. I am Jayce. And I will see you again. Peace…

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  1. Hello, thank you for Your work and the advice you give. I would like to get Your advice, I would like to buy a projector for home use, xbox one x games, movies, in a bright room and a screen for a projector in 120-150.Thank you with respect Vasily.

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