Block buster Deep Space Adventure movie with English subtitles

Block buster Deep Space Adventure movie with English subtitles

Locked on Gamilas ship.
How long? 15 seconds till we’re clear. All Units,
Clear cannon trajectory. Roger. 2199, off mars. Let them come in close. Five seconds. 4, 3, 2, 1… Fire shock cannons! Huh?! They’re stronger than our data says! That’s brand-new data! How did they shift? We’re hit aft! Losing thrust! Turrets 1 and 2 hit! Fuyuzuki destroyed! Incoming! Quick! Get that fire out! We have no ship
that can beat them. Message from yukikaze. We’re getting wiped out, captain. We’ll cover you. Get out of here. Kodai! Don’t be a fool! I’ve never wished more
than to be of use to you. You’ve still got things to do! Captain Okita… …we’re proud to have fought
alongside you. Sanada…go get ’em! Don’t, Kodai! Kodai… The infinite reaches of space… …a realm of silent light. Stars die, and stars are born. Yes. The universe is alive. But at this moment… …the end is near for one planet.==Space Battleship Yamato==Five years ago… …an unknown enemy appeared
in the region of mars… …and began raining meteorite bombs
down upon the earth. The year is 2199. The beautiful blue earth
is polluted by radiation… …and humanity stands
on the verge of extinction. People have fled underground,
struggling desperately to survive… …but with no hope left… …now they simply sit
and wait for the end. You’re one of them damn fools,
aren’t you. Looking for metal scraps
to give to the defense force. What god will that do? We’re beat, and you know it. No. That guy… …trades it for stuff
from his brother in the forces. Drugs, alcohol… The forces? Is that right? Yeah. You trade rare metals, right? So that’s what you’re up to, huh? Hook me up, with that brother of yours, OK? What’s that for?! Lithium, 50 centimeters down. Radiation density 14 sieverts. Twice fatal dosage. You will die. I know that, analyzer. Yes. Flying object! Incoming! This is the capsule
that was recovered. What’s that? It’s like… …schematics. Who found it? A civilian salvage hunter. His suit was ripped open
and he took a high dose of radiation. They’re washing him down now
but he probably won’t survive. Okita! Hold it! Keep still! Hold onto him! He seems fine now, though. Stop! You’ll contaminate
the entire ship! Are you captain okita? Why? You used yukikaze as a shield. Then you ran away. Right? Answer me! Kodai, stop it! Kodai? Mamoru Kodai was my brother. You’re Susumu Kodai? You used him as a shield… …sacrificed your whole escort,
and you’re still alive? Doesn’t that bother you? Why should it? Don’t make me laugh. That’s enough! That hurt, damn it… Yuki Mori? What would a civilian know,
Mr. Kodai? You weren’t there! Come quietly! Let go off me! Hands off! Kodai! Sometimes one has to make it back. Huh? Saito! Go easy on him!
He’s an injured man. I’m sorry, Captain Okita.
I didn’t mean that to happen. I went and told him
how Captain Kodai died. Dr. Sado…I understand. I’m sorry. Anyway… …how is he still alive
after a fatal dose of radiation? Yes. He should be dead. You had a hard time. We were wiped out. We have no way
of resisting Gamilas. And we don’t know
what they want or who they are. They’re tough. As we fight, they study us
and just get stronger. And we can’t keep up with them… And so… …the time comes when
we must evacuate earth… …with a chosen few. On that subject, sir… … I ask you for this ship. What? Not so a selected elite
can live a few days longer… …but to go on a journey of hope. In that way at least
humanity will not be in despair… …but rather in hope… …at their moment of death. What kind of a story
are you going to feed them, Okita? People of Japan,
I have an important announcement… …concerning the future of humanity. I ask you to respond calmly. Analysis of a communications capsule
discovered off cape Bonomisaki… …has revealed the following
very significant message. This, we believe,
is our solar system… …and our galaxy, the milky way. Here, in the large magellanic cloud… … is the origin of the message… …the planet Iskandar. They have expressed a desire
to provide us with a device… …that eliminates radiation. Thus… …we have decided to send
our last space battleship to Iskandar. Can it go that far? It might be a trap! How long will it take? There are military secrets involved,
so I can only say… …we have received technology
by which the journey… …can be made very quickly. It’s a gamble, right? Are you sure they’ll get back? Will the public agree? There’s no time to ask! Earth… …is past the point… …Where we can hem and haw
over “gambles” or “being sure”. We calculate that within one year
humanity will be extinct. There are some who say
it is only a matter of months. This offer from Iskandar… …for us… … is our last hope. Fellow citizens… … if we can obtain this device,
we can survive. Then we can… … Leave the underground
and live again on the surface. We cannot simply stand by
as Gamilas destroys Earth… …with its meteorite bombs. We have been given this last chance! We will, with our own hands,
restore the green Earth. Shall we not, then… …obtain this radiation device
and restore the beautiful earth… …as it was five years ago? To this end the defense force
is calling for volunteers… …with military or astronaut
qualifications… …with experience in
scientific research… Mechanic. Blue suit. Kodai, Susumu. You’re alive! Sorry? I don’t believe it! How?! Open wide. Doctor, do you mind?
There are people waiting. Oh, right. You have experience leading a… …fighter squadron? a civilian? How? I’ve re-enlisted. And I don’t need that.
I’ve got my own. A cat… Hold it! You’re coming? Why not? It’s Okita’s ship. I know. Mr. Kodai! What? What are you up to? Nothing. Battle stations! I’ll go to the 1st bridge.
scramble the black tigers. Says who?! As of now, I’m squadron leader.
I’m counting on you, “Ace”. There is a Gamilas missile… … heading straight for you. They would seem to know
about your vessel. Prepare to launch!
Shima, initiate wave engine! Shima? Roger. That’s it. Good boy! This is… That’s right. The Yamato Launch Yamato Launching Yamato 1500 kilometers! We won’t make it. Sanada. We will now test the wave gun. Target is the incoming missile. It’s not checked yet. So? Well, I think we can fire it. It’s our only chance.
Make it work. Yes, Sir. Kodai, You’ve read the manual? Sort of. But it’s an alien-supplied weapon.
I’ve never used one before. Well, it’s do or die. 1200 kilometers! Raise wave-motion engine pressure.
close emergency valves. Raising wave-motion engine pressure.
closing emergency valves. Open wave-gun outlet. Opening outlet. Chamber pressure rising! All energy to wave-motion gun.
initiate forced induction. Initiating. Prepare to fire. Shima, let Kodai do it. It’s all yours. Release wave-motion gun safety. Releasing. Safety locks at zero. Pressure approaching firing point.
Releasing final safety. Yamato on missile trajectory. Lock on that. Raising scope. Contrast gauge at brightness 20.
target: interplanetary missile. Range 180! Energy at 100 per cent. Wait. Energy at 120 per cent! Chamber limit! 10 seconds to firing.
Brace for shock and flash. Range 70! Collision course! Five… Four… Three… Two… One… Firing! All systems down! Restart! Back-up camera functioning. Where’s Yamato? Unable to confirm. Did it vaporize? The Yamato. Yamato made it! We used the wave-motion gun.
We’ve given ourselves away. You had no choice.
I just hope the Yamato is all right. Can you proceed? Yes. I want to leave the solar system
before they can strike back. All right. Godspeed, Yamato Aye-aye, Sir. Warp test will take place
in 24 hours. Roger! Right into the thick of it, huh? It’s your turn next. The warp. But I’m surprised you volunteered. She’s our last ship.
And it’s for Jiro’s sake, too. Oh, Yeah…How old is he now? He’s five. Yeah? It’s been five years… Mr. Kodai! Kato? Yamamoto?
You guys are here? We got posted to the ship today. It’ll be great
to fly under you again! Right? Furuya… Mr. Kodai. Still moping in the back, huh? Not me, Sir. See? Am I right? He’s right. Team Kodai requests permission
to join the Yamato squadron! You still say that? Damn right! That looks so stupid! Huh?! We brought this aboard
to celebrate our reunion! You too, Kato. Team Kodai, be seated! Keep it down, will you? You’ll spoil my drink. Mori! Why get on Mr. Kodai’s case? If we’ll spoil your drink,
Why drink alone here? This is the mess.
We’re not causing any trouble. No? Team Kodai? Those old stories don’t depress you? What?! Mori, you were part of team Kodai. You were just a babe
in huge diapers back then. I’ll be our ace soon. Watch out. Mr. Kodai,
why did you come back now? Where were you then? Then? When Captain Kodai got killed.
When we lost our fleet! While we fought for our lives… …you were back on earth
salvaging scrap. You got scared and ran,
didn’t you. I can’t accept… …the great Susumu Kodai… …fearing for his life… …and running. Mori! Idiot! Attention all hands.
When Yamato reaches mars orbit… …We will conduct humanity’s first
warp test. If we fail… …We, and all humanity,
face destruction. I ask you to focus on your duties.
That is all. Stand by to warp. Hey… …What’s “warp”? I think we jump over
a big piece of space. Mr. Akagi… Board me. Right! Ready BT1! I guess the cockpit’s
as safe a place as any. What’s she so scared of? Warp! Warping! Did we make it? Hey… Hey, guys… No hull damage. All clear ahead. No gravity field! It worked. Yes! Mr. Kodai! We warped! Mr. Shima! This is some ship! Returning to course. Huh? Aihara! 1 o’clock. Gamilas! Why did you bring us here?! I didn’t! Did they track our warp energy? All hands to battle stations! Ready wave gun! Roger. We can’t fire it right after warp. It uses the same energy. Wait. We’ll warp again. How long will that take? 20 minutes to recharge. In 20 minutes
can you find where we’ll come out? I’ll find it. Kodai… …cripple their warp engines
so they can’t follow. Roger. Black Tigers… …take out their warp engines. Let’s go! Mori, launching. She beat us to the punch! We should’ve been ready. Are you trying to show off? Don’t get smart. This is how
I survived the fight off mars. We warp in 20 minutes.
Be back by then. Roger. Yes! Wow… Don’t forget to look out behind. Commencing targeting
the Gamilas mother ship. Roger. Targeting complete. Fire cannons. Firing. Yay! Yes! Wow! I’ve never seen one go
like that before… Target destroyed! Right! Way to go, Kodai! Well done. Return to base.
We’re about to warp. Shima, how long? Five minutes to full charge. Aihara, have you found somewhere
for us to go? Just about. Kato here. No sign of Mori.
we can’t raise her. What?! BT1, do you read? BT1! Do you read? Yuki Mori! I read you. What’s wrong? Oxygen supply very low.
Remedy immediately. The debris took out my engine. You can’t move? Just leave me here. Don’t be stupid! Hang on. There’s no time! Return to your post. And leave her
like you did my brother? I’ll be back in time. Nanbu, take over. Idiot! Continue with preparations
for warp. Sir! Aihara, call out the enemy positions
as they move. Yes, Sir. Mr. Kodai? Two minutes to warp capability. Emergence point confirmed. Emergence point clear
of obstructions. It’s all right. Suffocation doesn’t hurt. It’s all right. I’m not afraid. I’m not afraid. Yuki Mori,
will your ejection gear work? Do you read me? Go back! I’m messing you all up. Answer me!
Will your ejection gear work? Yes. Right. I’ll say when. Five bogeys closing at 9:20! Fire! Port side, aft! Sub-nozzle’s out! They rammed us? Their fighters have nowhere
to go back to. Gamilas! Where? Large squadron approaching! Damn it! I’m behind you, Yuki. Roger. Go! Recharging complete. 20 Gamilas vessels
nearing impact. There’s Mr. Kodai. Shima… …think of them as missiles. Let them come in close,
then roll sideways to evade. Roger! Brace for lateral gs. We will evade… …then take Kodai aboard
while the Gamilas are turning. Then we will warp. Hey! What’s going on?! Readying for evasive action.
All personnel prepare for g-force. Five seconds to impact point! Four… Three… Evading! Open entry port! He’s in! Warp! Her heart’s stopped! Where’s Dr. Sado? Coming. Yuki… Yuki! I’ll defibrillate. Keep going. Yuki! Don’t die on me! Damn it! Doctor! Stretcher! Lift her. 1, 2, 3… Let’s go. Your actions endangered this ship.
That is a serious offence. That is how I do things. I will not stand back and watch
my subordinates die. Throw him in the brig! I’ll come quietly! Move! You still like it in the brig, Huh? Chief Tokugawa… It’s been a while. You’re in the brig already?
You never change. Just for doing what I think is right.
Why does this happen? You’re two of a kind. You’re just like your older brother
when he was young. I’m like who? Fiery, a loose cannon,
but cool under pressure. You know, Kodai,
You just might be cut out… …to be a ship’s captain yourself. Whoever you’re saying I’m like now,
My way and a certain someone’s… …are completely opposite. Oh yeah? I was about to say you’re a lot like
Captain Okita when he was young. Anyway, I guess we’ll find out.
If we survive, that is. Look who’s here! Hello, Doctor. Doctor, how’s Mori? Fine. Just a few scratches. Thank you. Let’s have a drink. Great! You should be grateful to the captain.
He took a big chance. He was in a very tight spot
and he hung in to the last. He did? You realize
in that battle off mars… …You’re not the only one
who lost someone. Is this a sermon? Did you know that the Fuyuzuki
didn’t come back, either? Captain Okita’s son
was its navigator. This is the Captain. We are about to leave
the solar system. We are heading out into a realm
where no human being has ever been. Communication with earth
will be impossible. Thus today
all hands will have access… …to communications. This could be your last message
to earth. I ask you all to take proper leave
of your families. I’m like Okita? Me? Yeah, Right! You have one minute. The channel
will then shut down. Think what you want to say
before you go in. Enter ID number. What I want to say? There’s dad! How are you, Jiro? How are you? Oh, I’m fine. Make sure you don’t catch cold. I’ll be fine. I’ll be fine! I’m too stupid to catch a cold. Wrap a towel around your stomach
when you sleep. You always get the runs. I’ll be back soon. I miss you. Don’t worry. I’ll be back,
with that radiation device. Promise? I promise! Jiro… Channel closed. Do you have your hachiman amulet?
It’ll keep the bullets away. Yep. I have it. And don’t forget… Channel closed. You worry too much. 287, 288… …289, 290… What? You’re doing sit-ups here? So? You’re last on the list
to send a message. A message? Input your ID number first.
You have one minute. Id number? That one there. This one? Yes. Mr. Kodai! How are you? Hey! I’m kidding, Ando.
You’re here, too? Yes. Assigned to 3rd bridge! Yeah? Be seeing you. My parents are fine.
I swore I’d be back. Wait here. Roger. So you’re ok? Great. I won’t thank you. I’d rather have died
than endanger this ship. Look, could you just
go a little easier? Relax a bit. You owe me one. What’s that? Gotcha. Enter ID number. You’re drinking? You’re ok? I’m fine. You saw Kodai? By the message room. He’s talking to his family now. His family? Who? Weren’t you in Team Kodai? Yes, but he quit just after
I was assigned there. Then I was posted,
so I’m not really one of them. I see. I only ever joined the force
because I admired Susumu Kodai… …the “Cosmo Zero” ace. So I guess I feel
kind of sold out. Don’t tell him that Well, the reason he quit… Yes? A message to my family… When the Gamilas started bombing… …we used to go up after them. The bombs were more fragile,
so we destroyed some… …and knocked a few off course. I know. It was famous. He was the ace,
and I wasn’t too bad, either. So one day we diverted a bomb,
and saved the planet again. We were delighted. But this time the story
had a different ending. I guess you’re my family. So how’ve you been? Don’t start crying, Mr. Kodai.
You’ll mess me up, too. What are you talking about? The bomb we diverted
crashed into space station 2. Oh, that… And to make things worse,
his parents were living there… …and so was my pregnant wife. They managed to save the child,
but he’s never been able to talk. Kodai left the force right after that. Channel closed. The space battleship Yamato
heads for the large magellanic cloud… …to the planet Iskandar… …to obtain an anti-radiation device
said to exist there. All clear ahead. No gravity field.
Warp successful. Bogey! It’s a Gamilas fighter! One? Yes. It’s shut down. It’s not attacking. No? I’ll bring it up. Did it warp with us? Kodai… Bring it aboard. We’ll analyze it. Roger. Captain! Call sick bay! Take over! Captain! Well, Doctor? It’s progressing. So how long
do you think I’ve got? Soon those won’t suppress it
any more. Will I make it? It might be unmanned.
Where’s the cockpit? I’ve never seen one this way. You’ve seen lots of them. Always through a canopy. No signs of life. Is it a drone? Saito… Take a fuselage sample.
be careful, quick, and accurate. As the tech officer says… …”Careful, Quick, and accurate”. Fire! Right! Right! Left! Go Left! Fire! Fire! Mr. Sanada! Saito! Saito! Fight it! Get the doctor! Right! Hey! Crew of the Yamato… The earth is… …ours. Who are you? Desla. Desla? You call us “Gamilas”. Is that crystal thing you? Yes, and No. We are both individuals,
and one being. As if we were Alpha and Omega. Alpha and Omega? Why are you attacking earth? Attacking? We are renovating it. Saito? Saito! Don’t shoot! That hurt! Sorry. But it takes that much power
to shut down your life functions. Thanks a heap! Level 2 on a pulse gun
could stop a bear! Then I guess level 2
was the right choice. It still hurt! But anyone other than you
would be in sick bay now. And it brought you back. For that, I thank you. You owe me one. Ok… What? And so…I will buy you a beer. Cheapskate! Kodai reporting. Come in. Excuse me. Yes, Sir? Kodai… How do you like the ship? I’ve never served on a battleship,
so I can’t compare… …but she’s a fine ship.Subtitle by
Aldi ArmanWhat did you wish to discuss? Kodai… …would you take over
as Acting Captain? Sir? I’d hoped Mamoru Kodai
would succeed me as captain. My brother? You have it in you
just like he did. You belong in charge. Well? No, Thank you. I couldn’t do it. Not me. Not the way you do. No? That’s too bad. Excuse me. Kodai… There is no need to emulate me. Do it your way. All right, in that case… …I will put it in the form
of an order. This is the captain.
Attention all hands. Effective immediately, Susumu Kodai
is Acting Captain. That is all. Dismissed. Scramble! Gamilas attack confirmed.
All personnel to battle stations. You’re captain?
Where are you going? The hangar! When did it start? I don’t know. We noticed it
a few minutes ago. It’s transmitting something. an SOS? No. Our location.
They’re using that to attack. Mr. Sanada, Take over here. Black Tigers, Scramble! Destroy that thing! There’ll be more. Where are they? Third wave approaching! What? Shima, evade! Damage? We’re hit around 3rd bridge. Crew members trapped. Oxygen? They’re ok for a while. Send a rescue squad.
Get me 3rd bridge. Yes, Sir! The elevator shaft’s hit! Mr. Kodai, it’s Ando.
We’re trapped! We have wounded.
Send medics! This is Acting Captain Kodai.
a rescue squad is on the way. We’ll get you out of there. Hang in, Ando.
They’ll be there soon. Yes, Sir. Where are they? Bogeys at 3 o’clock. Shima, 90 degrees starboard. Charge wave-motion gun. Charging. Raising scope. Target: large enemy gunship. on trajectory. Locking. Range 60. Energy at 120 per cent. Ten seconds to wave gun. All hands brace for shock and flash. Five… Four… Firing! Gunboat destroyed.
The enemy fleet is gone! Kodai! Impulse from below! Below?! Energy rising! It’s going to explode! Clear 3rd bridge! We can’t! We’ll blow up! Passing limit! Kodai! Yuki, take out… …the 3rd bridge. That’s an order! Fire! Roger. It was a stealth craft.
The radar didn’t pick it up. I should have seen it. The six crew on that bridge… …I let them die. I am not fit to act as captain. Then why come back? Why did you join up again? To find out
what manner of man you were. to find… …what manner of man
let my brother die. I see. and… …to see a green earth again. Like it was when I was a boy. I wanted to bring that back. Tell me… …as Acting Captain,
what should I have done? Kodai, the result isn’t there
for us to brood over. What we should do
doesn’t lie in the past. It’s here, right now. You use the people you have. In theory, perhaps,
but I’m not like you. You can just let a situation
roll off your back. That’s not true, Kodai. There was a time
when I was just like you. If you’ve never held command
you don’t know the pressure. Right? You’re doing a fine job
as Acting Captain. Kodai… …There’s… …something I have to tell you. Who is it? Kodai. Why are you here? To apologize. For what? That order. I’m sorry. Why apologize? There’s no need. You simply did what you had to
as Acting Captain. And an order is an order,
even if… …it means… …shooting at… …your own people… I’m sorry. I’m sorry I lost it. I didn’t mean… That’s fine. Don’t say any more. Prepare to enter warp. Iskandar! It’s in sight! So that’s… … Iskandar… Missiles at 12 o’clock!
about 60! Range 500! They’re coming from Iskandar! The gun’s not charged! I know! Stations! They’ve split into four groups,
port, starboard, above, below. All guns lock on targets! Ten seconds! All guns…fire! Large missile! 10 seconds to impact! Turrets 1 and 2, fire! It didn’t explode! Damage report! Sir! The wave gun! What about it? The muzzle’s been blocked! What?! Enemy fleet ahead! Fix that wave gun!
Ready all other guns! They’ll wear us down. Missiles, second wave.
Impact in 30 seconds. There’s too many to take out! Warp us out of here. Where to? Anywhere! It won’t work! Incoming! Shima! Kodai! If there’d been anything here,
We’d have been obliterated! We would have been anyway! Where are we? Still near Iskandar. Look! Is that the same planet
as before? Affirmative.
We’re behind Iskandar now. It looks just like earth! It’s Gamilas. What? This was a Gamilas missile. Have we come to Gamilas
instead of Iskandar? I’ll bet this is a trap. A trap? A Gamilas trap. Iskandar, the radiation device,
all lies. We’ve been had! Why would they do that? To lure us away. Maybe the radiation device
Was just a story. There was nothing about it
in that capsule I analyzed. Only directions here
and plans for the wave-motion engine. Meaning? Someone might have made up
the radiation-device story. Why? Why would they do that? Why did we come here? Was the captain lying? Never! Captain Okita wouldn’t do that. I’ll go ask him. No! This isn’t the time. It’s that bad? I’ll go. Saito! He’s the only one
who knows the truth, right? We need to ask him now! Our fate rides on it! Doesn’t it, “Acting Captain”? We’ll go down there. The message gave coordinate points.
We might learn something there. Kodai! Are you crazy?! We walk into their arms? If this was a trap,
why would they attack us now? There must be a reason
they don’t want us going down there. And anyway, there were directions
and an engine plan in that capsule. We have to go to those coordinates
and find out what this is all about. The captain believed that message. And l… …believe in him. He would not lie
about his feelings for earth. Mr. Sanada… Yuki… Saito! Shima… Whose ship is this, anyway? The 8th of the coordinates
we were sent indicate… …a point below the surface
of Iskandar/Gamilas, here. Our mission is to go there. Landing will be
the black tigers, the paratroopers… …tech officer Sanada,
and myself. Why you, Sir? Mr. Kodai will go first to knock out
their aerial defense system. Look. This is the zone above
the landing point. An armed, floating defense system. We’ll have to slip through it. Impossible! Not for the Cosmo Zero. It predates the Gamilas attack,
and has stealth capacity. But Gamilas will detect
as soon as you use the engine. I’ll be gliding in. The black tigers attack on my order. You’ll escort the troop carrier down.
Proceed with caution. They could be anywhere. Can one Cosmo zero take out
a whole defense system? Attention all personnel.
This is Acting Captain Kodai. Our landing… …on Iskandar/Gamilas
is about to commence. This will probably be the last battle
in our long journey… …of 148,000 light-years. In April of 1945,
the battleship Yamato… …Set sail to bring a ray of hope
into a time of utter despair. We do the same. The coordinates we were sent
may be a trap. We may only be playing
into the enemy’s hands. But as long as there is
one faint ray of light in the dark… …as long as we have even a chance,
We must go forward. That is the destiny
of any ship named Yamato. And that is the mission
we have been assigned. I ask you all to remember that. Let us win this fight! and transform a faint chance
into real hope! For those we have left on earth… No…for the families we love… …Let us make earth green again! For this ship… …and for Captain Okita. …I ask you all to give
everything you have! We’ll take the left wing. Mr. Kodai! Right! It’s our turn at last! Work! Do it right! To Iskandar! You probably won’t make it back. That’s all we need to get us going! See you there. I haven’t been here for a while. Well, I’m counting on you. Roger. What? Are you going to show off? Who are you to talk? Don’t mess up, Ok? Launching CZ1. Launch Cosmo Zero! Mr. Kodai, what was all that about
with Ms Yuki? All I needed to get me going. 8,000 meters to surface. 7,000… 6,000… 5,000… Not yet not yet not yet… Go! Uh-oh… Shima! Come back alive. Right! Time to warp! You ok? We’re all here! Mr. Kodai…I’ll be top scorer today. Whatever. You still mope. No, I don’t! Furuya! They’re above us! They’re all around the carrier! Roger. Yamamoto… Yamamoto! Enemy destroyed! There’s three of us left
with the troop carrier. Roger. Arriving at coordinate point. It’s beautiful… The coordinate point is in there. All units land. Fire! Yuki, quick! Saito! Move out! Right! Damn it! There’s hundreds of them! Analyzer! Stand-alone mode!
Cover us! Leave it to me. Hurry. Cover me! Hey! Hey! Make it back to earth, Mr…. Analyzer! I’m sorry. Quick! I’ll hold here! Kato! I probably won’t hold it very long.
Hurry. Move it! Go! Quick! The coordinates point here. This is Iskandar? Yuki… Hey… Yuki! We have awaited you. Yuki? Saito went the same way. So the Iskandar story was true? That is the name one of you gave it. Yes…a man named Okita. What?! I knew it! Kodai… …there’s… …something I have to tell you. That story about
a radiation device on Iskandar… … isn’t true. What’s going on?! We were sent coordinates,
and schematics. That’s all. Why the story? Because of you. Me? You survived a high dosage
of radiation. That has been kept secret. I took a gamble… …that the sender of the capsule… …could eliminate radiation. So with no guarantee of anything… …we’re going to Iskandar? That’s right. But… …we have hope and a chance. You came on board this ship
hoping for something, right? And our chances aren’t zero. You’re here right now, alive. That in itself is a chance. We are a more evolved race… …sharing a single conscious mind. One manifestation
of this shared consciousness… …you call “Gamilas”. Another manifestation
you call “Iskandar”. Gamilas and Iskandar exist
as two sides of the same coin. Our planet is about to disintegrate. Iskandar accepts this,
and is resigned to vanishing with it. But Gamilas wishes
to eliminate all earthlings… …and render your planet
fit for us to move to. Iskandar opposes this. Gamilas has separated from us,
and enclosed us in here. That small fragment of Iskandar
that remains in Gamilas… …we secretly sent to earth. That capsule? And eliminating radiation?
That’s what we came for. Have no fear. There is no such device… …but I can fulfill its function… …as you have experienced. Prove it. Show us
you can really do that. We want to be sure! This area is clear of radiation. You can now breathe its air. It’s ok. I will grant your wish. My energy should be sufficient. Yuki! I’m fine. It’s fine. Wait! Mr. Sanada! From the energy,
I’d say that’s the Gamilas source. We can stop the attacks. Bastards! Let’s do it! Kodai… I’ll take it out. Cover me. You won’t get close! Once we get across,
You two leave with the Yamato. You’re crazy! Saito! Roger! Wait! I can’t leave you. Acting Captain!
Stop being a jerk! Saito! That hurt, Damn it! The ship can’t go without its captain. But… Kodai! You’re like a little brother to me. Don’t look like that. Be a great captain. Let’s go! Fix the earth. I owe you this one. Right! Quick! Get going, you two! Let’s go. Run! Right! Careful, quick, and accurate.
come on, tech officer! I’m almost done. Hold them off! Roger! That hurts, Damn it! Just a bit more. Be there for me! You bastards! Oh, no… It’s all right.
My Cosmo Tiger will fly. Done! Saito! Saito! Let’s go home. So there was something
for the radiation? Yes. There really was… Yes. A future, and a chance… …bought with many lives. Proceed with caution, Kodai. Yes, Sir. Entering final warp. Earth will be in visual range. You’d better go. Excuse me. All right… …Now the duel with death. Doctor… …Could I be alone for a while? Dr. Sado… …Thank you. Where’s earth? There. Where? That red planet. Yes. That’s earth! Yes! It’s earth! We’re back! Yamato? This is space battleship Yamato.
Acting Captain Kodai and 36 crew. We are now 420,000 kilometers
from earth. Did you find anything? Of course, commander. We have the anti-radiation device. You do?! The anti-radiation device… There really was one? Yes, Sir! So Okita won his bet… Well done. Very well done! We will soon… …be arriving on earth. Until then… … hold out. Earth, huh? Everyone’s always glad… …to get back. What’s that?! Large Gamilas vessel at 7 o’clock.
We’re taking fire! Battle stations! Roger! Damage report! Fire crew! They’re coming! Port guns hit! The hull won’t take this! Launchers blocked! Turret 2 hit! Engine malfunction! Tokugawa! How’s that engine? Mechanical officer! Tokugawa! Output reduced… …but we can still move. Tokugawa? Tokugawa! Is that… …A spaceship? So you thought you’d won,
crew of the Yamato? And what would be victory? Destroying us? Or returning earth
to its former state? Desla… Or is it “Gamilas”? The answer is both “Yes” and “No”. Your attack destroyed most of us. I am part
of the fragment that remains. We have given up
on making earth ours. Most of those who would have
moved there have been lost. So let us say on that point
the victory is yours. But… …we will not give you back
your earth. What do you mean? Earth is about to disappear. You have enraged us. We are a race
that does not forget humiliation. Life signs negative. What’s happening?! What’s that?! A nuclear reaction.
A huge amount of energy! It’s going to destroy earth! Damn him! Nanbu, leave that. We’ll stop him. We’ve got nothing left! The wave-motion gun.
Can’t we use that yet?! The muzzle’s blocked! It’ll blow up. There’ll be nothing left
of the Yamato! I’ll go ask the Captain. The Captain? Oh, No… Think! Think, Kodai! Think! There must be a way! Think, Kodai! Think! Nanbu… …do we have energy for the gun? Enough for one shot. But like I said, if we fire it… Mr. Kodai? Abandon ship. That is an order
From the Acting Captain. You’re coming, right? Did you hear me? That’s an order. Get going! Dr. Sado, Get the wounded. Kodai, I’ll stay too. Shima! I steer this ship. Listen, Shima… …the carrier will be unstable.
I’ll need you to fly it! Kodai! Only you… …can get Yuki down safely,
and she’s the device! But… I am… …Acting Captain. I go… …with this ship. Kodai… …Take control. Roger. All hands abandon ship! Get going, Yuki.
I’ll be right with you. I’m staying. Yuki! If you can bail out,
then so can l! Do what you’re told! But you’re lying! Life in a world without you… …won’t mean anything! Yuki… …I don’t have any family left. but I met you here. I’ve wanted… …to care for you… …and show you earth… … reborn. That’s what I’ve fought for. so let me finish the fight. If we don’t win it… …everything we’ve done
will be meaningless! If I should die… …and earth comes back… …I’ll be alive… …in every living thing there. and so… …I’ll be with you. No! I don’t want you to die! You can’t die! Yuki! Thank you. Goodbye. Shima… Kodai… Take her. All right. She’s a fine ship. Don’t waste her. Evacuating Yamato
with 12 survivors. Make sure you get back to earth. Roger. Yamato will now attempt
to destroy the Gamilas missile. Pray for me. Kodai! Mr. Kodai? Mr. Kodai! Mr. Kodai… Mr. Kodai! Raising scope. Launching Yamato! Energy at 120 per cent. Target: Gamilas missile. Ten seconds to wave gun. Five… Four… Yuki…

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  3. Outside not elevating us to time-taken vs time chosen on return tRek at waRp speed there were half-down ideals never before seen in you-Tube sci-fi. The nipponese closeness from fighter-Vehicles never descriptively documented, reminiscent of 1970's films. What got me that had no completion was the shooting at close range and then Yuki is raising a son…another scene–both but not connected. The actors alone did not describe the aliens, but the actuality of what those could do and did in shape-shifting was quite extRordinary.

  4. Why theses idiots keep making people fool. I give you permission to fuck me whenever and wherever you want.
    Thank you for making me realise that anyone can fool me.

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  6. I see a lot of jaded comments. I personally remember rushing home from the school bus stop so I could catch Starblazers and never did the end. I can still sing the song. That is the nostalgia side of when I was young.
    Adult eyes now, and live action story, and I see a lot more to appreciate. I like the long distance and quick effect of ship weaponry in space combat while depending on fighters/drones for close space combat. It is not easy to foretell how future space combat will operate and I like this take on it.
    Great movie. I'll watch it again.

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