Blood Brothers  Short film 2019 Pobratimi Kratki film

Blood Brothers Short film 2019 Pobratimi Kratki film

Wine, GIRL! Are you well Stanoje!? For God’s sake, I am well my Lord! Whose God? Mine or yours? In a place like this,
the only God that I see is the God in the bottom
of my wine pitcher… I can see that serving your new
Lord is giving you lots of pleasure… Hah! That’s why I choose him! You chose him because his bag
of gold is heavier than mine… I can’t argue with that!
If you need to spill someone’s guts… It’s not he same spilling it for
5, 10 or 20 golden dinars. It has ever been like
that… So it will be, ever. Sometimes I envy you, sell-swords
and mercenaries. Nothing compeles you No blood… No family … No sigil… No honor! We have honor, all of us.
We have! HONOR!!!! Yes, you do Yet you sell it like
it’s some cheap handcraft… Sold to the highes bidder! Well,
at least we know the prices. Lords like you usually give
it to them for free. Well said old friend… NICE PLACE FOR A NOBLEMAN!? Girl, which is this river? It’s Sitnica. There was a battle…
I was in a battle… I know…
And I know why you’re angry Milos. How do you know my name?
Who are you!? I know why you’re angry… What are you talking about? You’re angry
because Prince Lazar wouldn’t give you his
daughter’s hand… Marrying a princesse
is a great deal, but it’s nothing compared to
what you’re going to become. I don’t understand what
you’re talking about, girl? Follow the dragon, Milos… (Follow the
dragon, Milos…) NICE PLACE FOR A NOBLEMAN! Well, well, well…
Look who is here… Lord Ivan Kosancic. The greatest
swordsman in our prince’s army. What an honor!
What do you want? Our prince wants to see you. Oh, nice.
But I don’t want to see him! Tell him…
that Lord Milos Obilic kindly refuses his invitation. I’m not his messenger
and this was not a plea! So, what now? Our prince Lazar… Want “YOU” to bring “ME” like a mad dog in the chains!? That can be
arranged as well… Hm… Well, let me see what you’ve
got, prince’s right hand. They say that you are the best swordsman,
but you are not better than me! I will cut you from
your belly till your throat, just to see the colour
of your guts! Then do it… Bastard! FIIIIIIGHT!! That was only a handle… Any one of you
good lords wants to taste the blade!? I thought so! Come one Lord Milos,
there’s a long journey ahead. What journey? Tempting one!
You will see… (Follow the
dragon, Milos…) Why do they call you
“Dragon from Radan”? Because I am from Radan!!

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  1. Koliko samo idiotski film bez smisla, napravio si Miloša Obilića-najveceg srpskog junaka u istoriji na nekog pijanog mlakonju koj ne zna za viteštvo.. Bolje prestani da radis sa ovim ako mislis da nastavis da snimas gluposti…

  2. Ljudi molim vas prestanite da pravite filmove na engleskom jeziku. Bolno je slusati a i gledati glumce koji se muce da govore strani jezik jer se to veoma odrazava na njihovu glumu. Snimajte na maternjem jeziku pa stavite prevod ispod…

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