Blooper Reel Effect | Filmora 9 Effects & Transitions

Blooper Reel Effect | Filmora 9 Effects & Transitions

Team Perez asked me if I could show how to do
a blooper reel using Transitions and sound effects. I tried to explain to him
that I never make mistakes, but he didn’t really… Damn it. I tried to explain to him that I
don’t really make mistakes. So I don’t really know
what he was talking abou… ugh, hang on. Hello. I’m in the middle of filming
a Filmora tutorial! If you want to learn how to do these Transitions and make your own
blooper reel and get a free clapperboard overlay
stick around I’ll show you how. Hit the Subscribe button and click the notification bell
to be part of the conversation . First, find the footage you
want to use as bloopers. Try to cut it right where the scene
begins and end it right where it falls apart don’t leave
too much extra footage in it or to lose the effect
of just being an outtake reel. Once you have a few of your outtakes isolated put
a little more space between them and in the upper left
hand corner click on media and then sample colors. These are just blocks of color that you can bring down
into your video to fill the screen for a variety
of reasons today. We just want to create some
separation between the shots. So what you want
to do is choose white and bring it down into a track
above your footage. The reason you
want to do that is so that you can adjust the
length of it to what you need and then drop it
into your Same track without having to move
things all around. Once you have your pieces
of footage all connected. Then we want to add a sound
effect to the white space between the footage. I’m going to use
a simple censor beep because I’m kind
of used to hearing that in blooper reels. I’ve seen in movies
and such drop that into an audio track right under your white
screen footage section and trim it to be the exact same
length as the white section. Now, here’s something
really cool often in movies. You’ll see a film
slate or clapperboard. They use to Mark
where the new scene begins. I couldn’t find a free one
I liked so I made an animated clapperboard myself. Let’s bring that down into
a track above the main footage and align it to
where the silence is. I made this clapperboard
animation a little longer than it needs to be
so it can be trimmed at either end. Let’s remove a little bit
of the beginning and have a clap right
at the quiet spot before I begin talking again as you can see
it has a Background which doesn’t let
the main footage show through. So in order to fix that let’s left-click
on our Clapper board footage and then in the upper left, let’s click on video and in the drop-down
menu select chroma key, the default color
for Chroma key is green. So the minute you activate it
it’ll eliminate the background. You can also use
the color selection eyedropper to choose the color
to be eliminated. We can dial in the tolerance
The Edge thickness and feather to get the clapperboard to sit
just the way we want it to I’m giving away this clapperboard animated
graphic for free to anybody who wants it. I’ll post a link down below. We’ll just dial that in to where we
want it and… voila. I tried to explain to him
that I never make mistakes, but he didn’t really… damn it.

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  1. 📌Download your FREE animated Clapperboard here! ➜
    If you have any issues downloading, ask me nicely and I'll be happy to help get you straightened out!
    If you already signed up for previous FREE downloads, check your email as this was sent out to members in advance!

  2. Sir, How to make Marvel Type logo Effects in filmora ? can you make a video on it..? Thank you so much

  3. Thanks for the mention! and thanks for the Tutorial. Excellent work!!! – said you number one fan😁 Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  4. Received the email yesterday for the clapperboard and wondered when the video was gonna come and here it is this morning.

  5. HA! Great job buddy! I've been playing around making things like this, i've made my own thumbs up icon for my videos! 🙂

  6. Thanks again, lol I will wear this one out fast, i may need to make backups. Again love all your videos, You're the best!!

  7. You're a master! I try to slomo some videos but there's still some lag. I tried to fix the lag by changing the preferences but nothing happened..Do you suggest something else?

  8. Thanks for sharing. Your videos are so helpful and inspiring. I am so glad I found you!! I clicked to download the free clipperboard but I havent received it in my email yet (even checked junk). Hope it will come shortly! Peace from Sweden!

  9. can you do a video showing how to make someone Grey, and make your screen Grey too, plz? I really want to know

  10. You are so funny!!! I dont even have Filmora, but I watch your videos because what you do is always so cool. You make it look fun, and I love your sense of humor. I also like that the videos are quick to watch. Thanks for doing this stuff, I will continue to give you watch time. Love the tutorial!

  11. Great Video and that Clapboard looks nice. I don't have Filmora yet, but seems like it has a lot of amenities.

  12. Hi Daniel, I appreciate your response and even how you responded. What I was trying to say was that the link that took me to, or was supposed to take me to the download of the clapper board didn't take me there at all. It took me to join your website. Because at the end of the link it had a …/join. Which I did about 3 times and never once did it take me to any place to download the clapper board. Perhaps your right it's above my expertise level. And I never saw anything where you said you would send it to me directly which I wouldn't have minded. But I never got any kind of message like that in response, the only thing I got was an email telling me how I could join Go Daddy which I really don't prefer to do since I already have a webpage of my own and to Facebook pages and to YouTube accounts. I was simply wanting to download the free offer to get the clapper board. I do enjoy your tutorials and have learned a lot from you. Not that I get to practice a lot of those because everything I do is targeted toward Deaf people and everything is done and sign language. In regards to the comment about deception. My intent was that it only took me to sign up to the Go Daddy or your page. I guess I'm not sure. And the only response I got was from them to my email address telling me how to get one of their websites, which, as I've said is no desire on my part. I did see the place you gave me a heart on the first comment so the 2nd time I mentioned it was trying to clarify the meaning on my first comment. So, my point was merely that I could not understand why when I was trying to get a clapper board Go Daddy clapped me 🙂 and there was no way to download the clapper board. I don't know if people have to join your website to download anything. I just didn't understand why all the it got me to do was to join the webpage and there was no to download capability after I joined it 3 times. So you're definitely right it's above my expertise to be able to understand why I have to join that when I was just looking for the link to download the clapper board. So to this situation I'm definitely clueless. Keep up the good work, I have subscribed to you long ago, and enjoy your tutorials.

  13. Hey Daniel. I really like your sense of humor and the advice is solid. I personally don't use Filmora but for those who do, I can truly recommend your content. Well done D.
    PS – love the clapper!

  14. can u acuatly edit like this in video (

    edit;i mean the subtitles .can we acuatly do it on filmora?

  15. Yo Daniel, You have any idea why i cannot use 4k 60FPS MP4 files in FilmoraPro? I can in Filmora9.. so weird.

  16. Hello Daniel Batal,

    if possible make a video of how to do the BATMAN TRANSITION effect in FILMORA 9, I'm waiting for this video, thanks for teaching very well! <3

    Effect Batman:

  17. What did you say at the beginning of this video? Team? Or what? It was fast so i didn't hear even when I rewinded multiple times.

    I need that blooper reel myeelf. All the mistakes I edit out needs to make a video 😂😂😂😂😂

  18. So I followed the link, got the email, how to save to my computer? It's a giant web page for me that has a zoom in click

  19. hey daniel, a new fan from singapore here, can you please help to see this video and make a tutorial on how to make those kind of effect

    basically how to have movement around few photos etc , thanks in advance

  20. Thanks awesome video thanks.I have got the free clapperboard which is cool but the link at first it shows page not found and when i clicked on goback safely i was directed to the signup page,after sign up i got the your website which is please check the link you gave us not working well otherwise you're the best Daniel.What is the Media Content Sponsorship Agreement i saw on your website?I don't get its meaning though i downloaded it tell us more about this if you don't mind.I like your channel and your content i mean your videos they're very good i tell you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I would like to say thank you Daniel. Your tutorials are great and I love learning new tricks and effects on Filmora. That takes my video to another level 😊

  22. Love your vids! I've learned a ton and you've shortened my learning curve tremendously! Can you do a vid on how you made your animated clapper board?

  23. I came for the tutorial and then got some free overlays! Daniel your the best brother, love your tutorials.

  24. Thank you for the free down load. I'm loving watching your tutorials. Learning a lot and trying to implement them as much as I can in my videos. Going to use the clapper board in my attempt to make a bloopers video of my fellow reviewers and myself from all the live shows we've done. It ought to be funny and great if I can get it right. Looking forward to watching and learning from more of your videos and hopping to catch you on your next live show. Thanks Again for all your doing to help us all learn film editing….

  25. Hi Daniel…You are my favourite youtuber and only youtuber to whom i subscribed…love love your videos and the way of talking…Im also using filmora and came across your channel and love your videos…specially when you say "I will show you HOW"

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