Bloopers That Make Us Love The Ellen DeGeneres Show Even More

Bloopers That Make Us Love The Ellen DeGeneres Show Even More

Ellen DeGeneres’ beloved daytime talk show
is hilarious even on a bad day, but when things go wrong, it gets even funnier. And when things go bad, DeGeneres and company
roll with it, reminding us why we love the show so much. If you can crash a scooter on set, get injured,
and still laugh about it? That’s a show we want to watch. These are some of the most knee-slapping mishaps
that have ever happened on Ellen! The guy who needs more hugs When DeGeneres cold-called an H&R Block accountant
to ask him questions about taxes, the conversation took an unexpected turn. “Hello?” “Hi, is this Keith Dickey.” “Yes it is.” “Hi Keith Dickey, my name is Ellen DeGeneres,
how are you?” “Just fine.” After a brief conversation, she asked him: “Yell out Keith Dickey is the greatest accountant
in the world! Keith Dickey is the greatest accountant in
the world.” Then, she gave him one more assignment: “Yell out I need a hug!” But instead of “hug”, Keith yelled, “I need a ho!” “No, no, no no…” DeGeneres and the shocked audience completely
lost it. “Listen. Good luck to ya, I hope that works out!” On-air payback Ellen is notorious for scares and surprises,
both for the guests and staff, to the point that Glee actress Lea Michele once said after
a particularly gnarly surprise, “That’s it! I’m not coming on your show again. I can’t.” The show has pranked everyone from Kristen
Wiig to Jack Black. And Taylor Swift was so shocked she slipped
and fell on the floor. But actor Steve Carell decided it was time
to flip the script on Ellen, and give her a fright of her own. “I couldn’t think of anyone better to share
my 900th show with, please welcome… “Ellen DeGeneres!” “Oh my God!” “Yes!” But don’t worry, Ellen got hers. “I was prepared for it! Awww!” Worst free TV ever For a holiday-themed episode in 2008, Ellen
gave away new flat-screen TVs. The only problem? Not every TV survived the episode. DeGeneres laughed so hard she cried, then
announced to the audience, “And one of you is getting this!” But props to the hot cocoa for never breaking
character! Need for speed Ellen loves to mess with everyone on her show,
but when she tried play a prank on executive producer Andy Lassner, things went very, very
wrong. DeGeneres had been riding an electric scooter
for a previous segment, and rode it onto set. She later explained, “I thought it would be fun to pretend to run
over Andy, in a nice, loving way.” But instead, Andy jumped out of the way, and
Ellen ended up plowing into a crowd of people. She later recalled, “My knee got caught and I was trying to get
off, but I was still kind of going.” The next day, she revealed that she had in
fact been injured in her 2 mile-per-hour accident. “So I’ve got like a purple swollen knee…thank
you.” And while she hadn’t previously needed a scooter,
she did now. Don’t try this at home Giant prop mascara wands should come with
a warning: don’t put them in your eye! But that’s what DeGeneres did when she and
Modern Family star Sofia Vergara filmed a fake German Cover Girl ad. “We’re both easy, breezy Cover Girls…I’m
breezy and she’s easy.” But the real entertainment was in the outtakes. Ellen pretended to use the mascara wand on
Vergara’s eye, but apparently got a little too close for comfort. “Look what you did now…what the f— did
she do?” Vergara’s eyelash was the clear victim in
the incident. “Am I ok?” “No.” “It’s ok? It’s ok, let’s do it.” Luckily, Vergara didn’t suffer any long-term
effects. All for the cameras When DeGeneres took her show to New York in
2015, Justin Bieber made a surprise appearance. “Please welcome my east coast gardner, Justin
Bieber.” “What’s up?” “Justin Bieber!” Then, he and Ellen decided to blast some swag
into the audience. “Before we go to break, I thought we would
maybe pass some T-shirts out, right?” “Cool, lets do it.” The first few shots went fine, but then Bieber
aimed straight into the lens of a camera. “Whoa…” Bieber looked surprised, but was it really
an accident? It may end up being one of the great mysteries
of the universe, but it sure was funny. You can’t play the player Country music legend Garth Brooks pranked
Ellen staffer Tracy when he appeared in a “mirror” she was standing in front of. “Oh my god you just made it so much better.” So Tracy’s co-workers decided to pay Brooks
back. The plan was simple: a staffer would jump
out during the interview and scare him. But that’s not quite what happened… Brooks wasn’t scared at all, but instead seemed
concerned for the possibly injured prankster. “That was the worst scare we’ve ever done. It didn’t work in any way.”

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  1. Wjy do some of 7 think it's OK to call her nasty names and judges who she is and her sexuality she's better then 7 nasty people will ever be she's the most funny loving person who not stuck up there own arse for someone who's a celebrity

  2. If you really pay attention, Ellen isn't the nicest person. She has a wicked underlying mean streak to her. She goes for the gut and not just to get a good reaction it's to hurt them straight up. Watch you will see it now.

  3. Nope, her anti America leftist stance means, she is history. Why support people that support the destruction of your country and the Free world?

  4. Nikki shouldn't be talking about ellen or showing the whole world the times when she messed up because everybody loves her

  5. Can't stand this woman. Total phony, fake humility, in reality an arrogant, self-righteous proselytizing POS. No one on any media channel has more of an agenda than her, and it is a far left, radical, un-American agenda.

  6. She’s a farce. She supported both Obama and Hillary when they ran in 2008 and both said they were against gay marriage. Ellen is such a fraud and a hypocrite

  7. You missed the one where Ellen has these bobble heads of a group of guys, one falls off the table, and the guy purposefully tumbles down with it.

  8. I love Ellen. Jesus showed me he loves homosexuals. God tells us individually how to live and what is forbidden. On a serious note…
    I have been praying for God to get us out of these images of negativity on earth. He explained this is why he sent poverty so we could not afford what the enemy offers. I explained to God the enemy comes in our dreams pretending to be Jesus. Jesus replied "NO that was me and are you ready to go home?" God said "Andrina! Tell all my people I am coming. I am coming! ALL will see no one is exempt. Tell my people I am coming.

  9. I am very sorry to say but Ellen does lots of favour to black people only. I am letting you I am not a racist person at all. But why she is always giving lots of money, cars and houses only to black people but why why and why??? But I am very curious but that is not fair at all. And does not make any sense to me at all. I am commenting this from Canada. No sweat please!!! Thanks

  10. YALL are the best,,
    Please enjoy,,
    Keep up the great work,

  11. I would love to see you and Ben Shapiro together. Perhaps he could be a guest on your show if he would accept the invitation.

  12. All her guests are libtard snowflakes and gays…..You Tube certainly doesnt know how to matched clips with preferences as it brought me here…would never watch this garbage.

  13. In the past, I’ve found myself watching and enjoying some of Nicki’s videos; only to find myself disappointed when a segment transforms from presenting fun facts to bashing individuals. This video made me fall in love with Nicki’s segments again…as she gives some awesome, unknown facts without throwing shade at anyone. I feel that positive videos like this one is necessary during a time when females are taught to measure their worth based on other females around them. We even tend to start thinking we’ll look better by shining light on others less than stellar qualities. We feel the need to turn something completely genuine and positive into something suspect and ugly…thinking it will make us appear better or cover up the qualities we are insecure about. Hollywood has already set ridiculously unfair standards for young women…so it’s very cool to find a popular channel like yours posting videos that don’t feel the need to throw shade at one another.
    I hope you continue down this refreshing path! Thanks for posting Nicki 🙂

  14. Ellen let me tell you something ma’am you are the best, you are inspirational you are the one who make people smile.
    I love you.
    You are the best in the world.
    India loves you.

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