Bluff Master Telugu Full Movie || Satya Dev, Nandita Swetha || Gopi Ganesh

Bluff Master Telugu Full Movie || Satya Dev, Nandita Swetha || Gopi Ganesh

Nandu, are you ready? Ready boss, we’re down here Ok, I’m coming. [ELECTRONIC MUSIC] It’s very easy to earn money than
everything else in this world. We just have to do one thing for that and it is to
search and find a guy very greedy to earn money. I’m now going to meet such a guy. Money… Money is always ultimate. A person has a value in this world only when he has
money. The more money you have, more is the value. We shall somehow earn money.
Money will earn money. Police had arrested five on Krishnapatnam road
three months back and caught three rare pieces. But, it was just two
entered in the records. What about the third piece? Three from the Police who did the ride
that have resigned to their jobs. One settled in Singapore,
the second settled in Dubai with family… and the third gave a fund to ruling party
and joined in the party. No surprise even if he contests as the
MLA in the bi-elections coming soon. They have slipped out just one piece that
day. They got 15 Crores selling that. There’s just one more piece as such. If we get that into our hands,
I know all the details about this business. I know the work but have no money. We need to invest just 10 Lakhs.
But what we get in return is 15 Crores. 15 Crores… [GASPS] Very rare piece… I too heard about this once before bro. But don’t know whether to believe or not. I will think once and…
-Not for once but think a hundred times… Why because our decisions are our life. Call me if you’re up for it. Okay. Hey, signal.
-What boss? Information of this Shetty
having money is correct, right? Boss, either Sun drop,
Gold drop or Sheetal drop… Whichever is the brand he puts the ISI mark
and pushes it into the market… On the names of different interests, he is earning
five to six Lakhs extra per month from the public. If he has no money, then none in the city
would have money boss. Still, you think the party would work out? I saw a spark in his eyes after listening
to what all I said, he’d definitely call [PHONE RINGING] Shetty… Boss… You came, said and left. I’ve been thinking about that from then. You said a word. You said our decisions are our life
and I’ve taken the decision, Govinda. I’m getting in believing you.
There won’t be any boomerang, right? There’d be a great boomerang. The boomerang will be like your bank balance
will be seen like your bank account number. Your oil mill would turn into oil
factory, Shetty Sir. If the money is ready,
we shall go and buy tomorrow itself. It’s Vaikuntha Ekadasi
and an auspicious day. Added it’s the day Goddess
blesses with money. Competition is too heavy Shetty Sir,
it may change the hands if delayed. Those hands changing should be ours We shall go right tomorrow and buy that. [UPBEAT MUSIC] [DOOR OPENS] [DOOR SHUTS] Greetings…
-Greetings. He is the client. Hello Sir…
-Hello…hello. Come on and meet the Guruji. [POUNDING MUSIC] It was caught after searching
in the forest for three years How much would it weigh Sir? Four Kilos. Four Kilos… Super piece Shetty Sir. It’s a very powerful piece. You stay right here. He’s in a penance [GASPS] Shhh!!! None should talk from here. Come on, come Why does he say not to talk? I’ll say the reason later,
let’s first see the piece. -Okay. [DRAMATIC MUSIC] 4 KGs. Please come fast Shetty Sir.
Today is my first night. Congrats Shetty Sir! You’re going to be the owner of
15 Crores in the next two days. You are the Tata and Birla
for your Singarayakonda. Please don’t forget
about the 20% commission. Okay Govinda, I said to take
care of the commission right? Why did that Swamiji say none should talk? Come… This snake knows 200 languages. It would understand whatever we talk. If it gets to know that we are taking that from here,
it’s weight would come down in that depression. Is it? It has the value only if
its weight is 4 Kilos. That’s why we are taking
even the mud it’s staying in. What happened Shetty Sir? It’s like I’m born dumb from this moment Very powerful piece…
You leave and we’ll come later Ok… Shetty Sir, Make intestines of sheep into
small pieces and place them in the coconut shell There’d be the egg white, right?
It likes that very much. If you get any frogs,
catch and feed the same Shetty Sir. They are rich in vitamins.
Don’t feed anything else… Food poisoning may take place. What’s in the sack sir? [SNAKE CHARMER RINGTONE] My phone Sir… [GRUNTS] You get down first. You get down first. You press so,
when I came seeing a good time? You get down first… Why did you press so, Sir? I thought that was the cell bro Will cell be in the centre, anywhere?
What do you think, Sir? To a side… Let’s go to a side and talk Can’t you stay still without pressing something
or the other? You’re are now closing my mouth. Brother, I have a disease of
losing weight by talking loud Will there be a disease to
lose weight by talking, too? I’ve it right? Move…
-Ok, it’s so… Just a minute. [PHONE RINGING] I got some call. You move on and I’ll come.
-Ok! He’s so fat even by having the disease Hello, is it Oil mill Shetty Sir? Yes We’re talking from Madhurai. It seems the double engine
double moment has come to your hands? Double engine double moment? Didn’t the client say
when you bought the snake? Yes, they said… They said it Ok… We’ve a party worth 20 Crores. 20 Crores? You haven’t still given to anyone right? How much is the weight? Four Kilos… Four Kilos… Great piece… We’ll come in two days
and don’t give it to anyone Ok… Ok… Hello… Who are you? Hello… Hello… Why didn’t this Govind still come? Hello, stop… Stop… What happened Shetty Sir? You come bro… Come this side and I’ll say Come on, what happened Shetty Sir? I just got a call from
a client from Madhurai How do they know that we have this piece? When we’d have luck written in the palm,
looks like it’s around you like the equinox. Yes… It’s there bro. The client you said says to pay just 15 crores
and that Madhurai client is offering 20. Why not we give this to them? We should be loyal Shetty Sir.
We have already given a word, right? Who cares about word when
we are getting money? I don’t know who this party is. I get my commission correctly
if it’s the party I said. Brother, I’ll take care
of your commission, ok? Ok Shetty Sir,
piece is yours and it’s your wish They are buying at such a huge cost
and what does that do actually? It shows the way to hidden treasures. If so, we can demand as much
we feel like. Move on… [ELECTRONIC MUSIC] Bro, whatever but it’s a bit uncomfortable
to keep the snake in the house. Sir, don’t repeatedly say snake.
It’d be a problem if the news goes out. If the Police gets to know,
they’ll put you in the lockup. You know? Then how? Yes.. If required, we’ll have a name Yes… You say that name Govinda It moves around in the rocks and so,
shall we name it as Bruce Lee? Yes… Bruce Lee… It’s super Perfect boss.
-Ok Shetty Sir What bro, ok? [GASPS] [MUFFLED LAUGHING] Look, a non-veg guest came to my house. I need good sheep intestines, the lengthier
ones. Chop them into small pieces for me. [GASPS] Is the meals done, Shetty Sir? I just had full I didn’t ask about you…
But about the Bruce Lee Yes, it ate. I just fed to Bruce Lee and came. Take good care [PEPPY MUSIC] Yes… Is it you? What, coming by 10 tomorrow? I’m waiting for you… I won’t go anywhere
Sir. I’ll be at home and please come This dirty tension… Shetty Sir…
-Yes Will the party come? Believing that you came
down with such a bag, right? Oh no, stood by his words, Govinda… Welcome Govinda… Not Govinda but my name is Guru
and it was me who spoke in the phone. My name is Dhana Shetty Very good, he is Thongadurai,
the Madhurai party. Hello, Tamil Govinda… Please come… [AWKWARD LAUGH] Govinda, the matter of snake
is from this brother… Oh, is it? Hello Sir…
-Hello. Come… come.
-Shall we see…? That’s our house. It’s like the residence of Goddess. Keep it here. [CHEERFUL MUSIC] Bring it, man [CHEERFUL MUSIC FADES] Oh no… -[GASPS]
-What happened? It’s true that it was four Kilos. Shhh!!! What is going on… How’s a two kilo piece
considered as four Kilos? What Seth, why’ve you done so when I
believed you and brought him from so long? It weighed four Kilos. You were with me when we bought, right?
Tell them. Shetty Sir Did you speak anything before that? Speaking means?
-Yes, it loses weight if spoken, right? Yes I didn’t speak at all. Our neighbour Bangarraju arranged
a mike as his daughter became an adult. Maybe it lost weight for that sound. We’d come by flight crossing two check
posts. You know how much trouble we took? Understood or shall I translate?
-No need Govinda… Goddess Lakshmi has almost come to
my door step and is going back now. What Sheety Sir, you did so?
You’ve upset everything What’ve I done Govinda? Look Govindam,
he’s given another bumper offer. He offered to pay 10 Lakhs more if the
snake puts on four Kilos in a week. It’s up to you now. You’ve ruined my name, man
-Go, man. Govinda… Forget about his prestige but
tell me the idea to increase its weight Weight… If you can spend five more Lakhs,
we can increase its weight Five Lakhs? 20 Crores on the other hand, Shetty Sir.
-Ok fine! How to increase the
weight of Bruce Lee now? There are special Doctors
for that in Hyderabad. Doctor Anasuya, Snakology specalist. She did FRPS in London. What’s that? Snakes Doctor in the Zoo Oh, a snakes Doctor! Look, call her immediately without a delay. [SIGHING] What’s her mute language? What’s she asking? She’s asking patient’s name Oh! Bruce Lee. [SIGHING CONTINUES] Ok… Bruce…
Bruce Lee. Not any big problem, but it’s just toxic. Give these medicines along with the food
and it’ll recover in one week. That means, Bruce Lee will gain weight
to Four Kilos in a week, right? Yes, sure. Here, madam. [PHONE RINGING] Hey Bhramarambha Yes, Tell me.. Some strangers have been
visiting your house. Even now, your husband is
talking to someone romantically. Just take care. Yes, tell Praveen Dad, we returned back home.
A snake entered into our house Snake?
-Snake? Mom is searching for a stick to kill that. Come fast dad, we shall beat it up and kill Hey, stop your mom for a while. I’m coming. It’s Bruce Lee, man. Oh no, my 20 Crores! What’s wrong Shetty,
why are you running so hurriedly? What do you know rascals? 20 Crores! Why is this Shetty running so? -What else,
some of his debtors may have died suddenly. Hey, move… Move aside… What’s this in front of the house?
What’s this crowd? Move… Move man… A big snake entered our
house by the time I returned. I hit that and threw there. You did a brave thing like
Jhansi Lakshmi Bhai, huh get away You hit my Bruce Lee…
-Why are you hitting mom, dad? stop dad You hit my Bruce Lee…
Don’t talk, don’t talk… Huh! [CLAMOR] A snake entered our Seth’s house…
Oh no, a snake… Snake… What snake, rascal?
Get out… Get out idiot. Get out… Get out idiot Oh no, what’s wrong with your dad? What’s wrong with you? Someone has
done black magic on you in my absence. What black magic, you fool?
Who asked you to come now? What’s wrong with dad, mom? You spoiled everything. what’s wrong with you…? Sit there and don’t talk.
-Oh no, oh God! You move a side. What’s wrong with dad, mom? [PHONE RINGING] Say Shetty Sir. Bro, something worst has happened What’s wrong Shetty Sir? These people unaware of the
matter, my wife hit Bruce Lee What, she hit Bruce Lee? Yes bro… It’s fighting for life.
You come down immediately. You don’t worry Shetty Sir.
Our Doctor Madam is here. You do one thing. Tie a cloth along with
the mud given by Swamiji to the wounds. And also make Two Lakhs ready. Ok, money is ready bro.
You come immediately Ok, we’re coming 20 Crores, you unnecessarily hit Bruce Lee. Oh no, what’s wrong with you ? Why do you say Bruce Lee catching a snake? That isn’t a snake. It’s Bruce Lee. Selling Bruce Lee in
Madhurai, we get 20 Crores Bruce Lee…
I hit without knowing the value. Cry… Cry for what you’ve
done, go on idiot Are you both gone mad or what?
-Hey, you get out rascal. A snake has no ears at all and
does that know 200 languages? Someone cheated you
sweetly calling as Govinda. Yes, you know everything idiot. Get out Look, I’ll show you. Look here dad… I’ll show you. Look here dad… I’ll show you. They said
all cock and bull stories and cheated you. Many were cheated so in the recent days
and don’t you know that? Oh no… Tell me Shetty Sir. Bro, my son is asking how does it know 200
language when a snake has no ears at all. He’s a kid Shetty sir,
what does he know? You just make the money
ready and we’re coming Ok, ok… You come down. Hey Signal…
-Boss. Take a U turn
-What’s wrong boss? There isn’t the greed we heard in Sheety’s
voice now and instead there’s a doubt It seems double engine double
piece is come into your hands? You killed it Anansuya. You did great in that scene, Senthil.
Give that expression from the hills once. You were superb man, have the juice [TYRES SCREECHING] Hello… Hello Guru Bhai… Hello… Hello, there isn’t a
signal, can you listen? Hello… Hello,
your voice isn’t clearly audible Uttam My name isn’t Uttam now… Akash
-What, Akash? Can you listen now? Hey, super. Sir…Sir. I’m in Vizag Guru Bhai City is in full charm. There are so many good people
here, Guru Bhai. We’re promoting in peaks Let’s kill it. Sir, I’m an orphan. I’ve none Sir. I’m hungry
Sir Give some money Sir, I’ll have food You join in four days. Okay. Sister… Sister…
I’m hungry sister, please give some money You shouldn’t beg at
all as you’re an orphan I’m an orphan sister. I’ve none sister.
I’m feeling hungry sister You shouldn’t beg at
all as you’re an orphan. What’s that, sister? Look there… He too is of your same age. He has a mom and a dad.
He may even have a brother and sister. All those would present
him with a good future. Your life wouldn’t be so, dear. Why because you are an orphan. You should safeguard yourself
and build your own life. You should engineer a great future on
your own and it won’t come if you beg. Instead it comes if you study.
Did you understand? Let’s move. [EMOTIONAL MUSIC] Sister, I’ll just come Sir… [EMOTIONAL MUSIC CONTINUES] Hey Chotu… Hello everyone, MD Aksh Vihari who grew into a young business
Tycoon in a short time will speak now. Good morning. Good morning. Sounds good. Goldway Midas Touch means a
cheating and they ruin us. As you thought this way, I too had
thought the same way in the start. But my boss called me and said me
why can’t I change this opinion. Yes, I believed. and I’m standing here as I believed.
And my BMW car is standing there. Still, my belief shouldn’t stop with this. I should buy an island and
build a house like a palace. 600 people should work under me and there
should be a special runway for me to leave. There isn’t any greatness being poor. I was a rich man and also as a poor guy. But every time I got a chance,
I felt like to live as a rich man. The rich man never cries when he runs into
a trouble but would hit that with money. [APPLAUSE] Those who think like me, stay back here.
The others please leave from here. Just off my way, Just off my way, before leaving look at the
face of the guy beside you and remember. Because you should remember him when he
waves at you at in a Benz or BMW, right? You should feel jealous of him, right? [APPLAUSE CONTINUES] When you work hard for the whole month,
Goldway is the only way… Does you girlfriend walk away with another
guy when you don’t gift her costly things? Gold way is the only way… Is the finance guy coming and taking
away the bike you like and buy? Gold way is the only way… [APPLAUSE INTENSIFIES] The money related to this MLM
scheme is in heaps at your feet. It’s up to you whether you collect that
one by one or pull away with bucket loads. It’s a queue for everything in India. You stand in the queue or make
a queue stand in front of you? We’ll make them stand in queue.
We’ll make them stand in queue. What do you need for your troubles be gone? Money…Money…Money… That’s the spirit… That’s the spirit… That’s Platinum Aswin and Diamond Aswin.
They’ll speak now. Welcome to the rich man’s world. Midas touch means a mud called Mitashium
and whichever it turns will turn into gold. Similarly in which ever business
our Company invests, that turns into gold. Now, we proudly present the Magic pearl. This may look very normal for your looks but this
is the water with great medicinal qualities. This is exported to India
from Alaska river of America. Recently this river is sold off for
Ten thousand crores rupees in auction. This cures every disease. Very very power full. To share the wonders by magic pearl,
Mr. Muralikrishna from Maddelapalem is here. I couldn’t spread my hands before.
My hands used to tremble heavily. By taking one drop of this magic pearl a
day, my hands have turned strong as steel. [APPLAUSE] Your offer today is just 2000 rupees. Your offer is just 2000 rupees. When the pieces are that side,
what are you eating this side? Hey, they are offering such a great food
means the Company would be very big Hey dude, we shall join this. [PHONE RINGING] Yes. Good morning MD Sir Very good morning Ashwin. A girl has come to meet you, sir Please send her in. That’s so nice of you Robert. And
we shall send the consignment by… Good morning Sir Good morning… Sir, my name is Avani. Please take your seat Oh, no problem Sir. No problem, be seated.
We shall sit and talk Please tell me. Sir, my name is Avani and I’m
coming from China Valtheru. My friend said I’d get a job
by attending your seminar. I’ve even seen your speech and I don’t
have any money to join in your scheme Sir. I completed my degree
from Sarada orphanage. I’ll work very sincerely Sir. I came with a great hope that
you’d give me some job Sir. Look Bhuvani No no, my name is Avani Sir Avani
-Yes Avani. We recently recruited our total
office staff in campus interviews. It’s correct for you to join in the scheme
than to work in the office. Oh no, I don’t have so much money Sir. No problem,
I’ll take care of the money matters. Mr. Ashwin..
-Yes sir. Avani is coming, join her in the scheme. Ok, shall we make her pay the money? I’ll look into the money matter Ashwin, ok?
-Ok Sir. Ashwin will be there
outside, you go and meet him. Thank you so much Sir
-You are welcome You gave me a job as and when I asked for.
You’re a good man, Sir. All the best. [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Boss… What’s the matter?
You took the girl first into Silver. Hey… You know that I won’t do
anything without a reason, right? Signal…
-Boss How is the collection, man? It isn’t that great, boss Yes… That’s why I
brought her into the scheme How’d collection grow because of her, boss? See tomorrow Hello Sir, my name is Avani
and I came from China Valtheru. I’ll narrate a small story to you all. Rain God, who never showed mercy despite
rituals for rains in a Kingdom for years… one day came to the place where rituals
were taking place along with his wife and said that he should let the
rain fall that day for sure. Then his wife had asked why is he into
that thought that day all of a sudden. Rain God replied saying that all have been
performing rituals for rains for so long… but none had ever believed
that I’d make it rain. Look at that man with an umbrella
believing it’d rain and he’d be drenched And that he liked it. He let it rain to make his belief come
true and made a heavy rainfall take place. So, belief is very stronger
than any rituals and worships. And that belief has made me a
silver today in this scheme. I should later become Gold, platinum
and Chromium and that is my aim. The speech was awesome madam. Very inspirational speech Excellent speech Listen as said by MD Sir
-Yes, thank you [PEPPY MUSIC] 400 branches in 20 nations and you know how
many are working and how big is the office? Hello to all. I was a very normal bank
employee till two years back. I used to count cash at bank every day and today that bank employees
are counting my money. It’s all the blessing of Goldway. [APPLAUSE] I too attended the meeting
like you all, one day. After a week days, I went and submitted
my resignation letter to my bank Manager. Seeing that, my bank Manager
questioned whether I’ve gone mad. I answered saying I’m gone mad for Goldway. That madness should come for you all. You all to should get into the Goldway madness
and only then you all too would develop like me. Hail Goldway! Goldway magic pearl.
It is wonderful. I joined Goldway and am earning 25000 per
month. You too join and can see great money How many have come today for new? Who brought you all here? My brother…
-My friend… No… It’s your confidence which
brought you all here, yes or no? Yes… Yes… That’s nice. Unlock the volcanoes in you…
Unlock your energy. Goldway magic pearl…
Goldway magic pearl… Goldway magic pearl…
Goldway magic pearl… Goldway magic pearl.
It is wonderful. Goldway magic pearl.
It is wonderful. Sir… Avani, get in. No problem Sir, you look into your work
and my 14D bus would be on the way. That’s ok, it’s on the way right?
I’ll drop you, get in. [PLEASANT MUSIC] Sir…
-Yes How did I speech on the stage, Sir. Impressive. By seeing that I employed you. You didn’t see me, Before you employed
me into the scheme, right Sir? I saw… Oh, you saw?
-Yeah. Where did you see, Sir? On the beach road. I saw you that day when you were
motivating an orphan kid about life He was a small kid Sir. I felt pity when he called me
sister, sister for begging. I joined him right then
in an orphan home Sir. He’s studying very well Sir. Sir, I stay on that left. See you Sir. Avani… I like this book a lot and never gave this
to anyone even after was asked a lot for. You read it,
it’ll be of great help for you. Bye… I like this book a lot and never gave this
to anyone even after was asked a lot for. [PLEASANT MUSIC CONTINUES] Sir Arrangements were great Avani. From the
next time, you conduct all my meetings. Hmm. Nice dress Thank you Sir. No idea what this magic is,
how’d the heart know about this. I first asked who I was,
like the behaviour was strange. No idea what happened to the
heart, how’d it know. Hey dear heart… Listen everyone, Goldways best employee of
the quarter… It’s none other than Avani. Oh…wow. Congrats Avani
-Thank you Sir Keep it up. Congrats Avani. Sir, he is Mr. Akella Raghavendra Rao He’s running the Sarada orphanage and
is getting the orphan kids educated. I too am working there as a volunteer That’s so nice. Please tell, how can I help you? I came to ask if you can adopt one or two
kids from our Ashram for education, Sir Sure, we shall do it certainly Avani. It’s for good I said in advance, right? Sir is a good man Thank you Sir. You’re giving an extra
space for that girl, boss. Giving space isn’t a matter Nandu…
We should even know how to use that space. This world isn’t running because of the
clever but because of the good people. Only the good think about the others. Akash Vihari is younger in
age but is big in kindness. [APPLAUSE] Many in this country have religion feeling, some more have regional feeling… and some more have caste feeling…
Many more have the cash feeling and thus we to live unite
are living separated. Why should we be like this? As there’s cash in the pocket, shouldn’t
there be a heart behind that pocket? It should be and let’s all stand
in support to this society. Let’s prove to be having a heart. A small help for these orphan
kids on behalf of Goldway. [APPLAUSE CONTINUES] Sir, one photograph with the kids. Avani, come Please come to the centre sir.
-Hey be careful. You stand ahead I’m being introduced newly to myself..
This magic in me is yours, dear. Your feeling of love is good as the silence
from the minute hesitations. Talking lips have forgotten the sound. But still they took your name like this Oh no, how did this love
come to me like this as you No idea what happened to the
heart, how’d it know Boss, these arrangements cost us 8
Lakhs and the costumes one Lakh rupees. Hey, is it just the expenses always?
tell, what is this month’s collection One Crore Seventy Five Lakhs boss. What, just One Crore
Seventy Five Lakhs boss? I thought we get three Crores. Boss…
-Yes. The total commission we
shall pay is 25 Lakhs. Say that we’ll give cheque in 15 days Which bank Boss? I’ll say. Thank you Sir.
Thank you Sir. [PEPPY MUSIC] Yes, it’s like the life is settled now. Hey, who’s there in this office? Oh no, such a big office to cheat? Hey rascal, call your MD Where is your MD? Hey, are you the MD?
Come inside. I’ll talk your MD himself…
come you Idiot. Tell where is your MD rascal? Sir, please listen to me Tell where your MD is…
-What happend…? Sir, I think there was some mistake
somewhere. You can talk to our MD Sir. Sir is coming, please be seated
sir, Please sir, be seated. Call your MD, nothing like sitting any
more. -Sir, please wait for 5 minutes You first call your MD and you can then talk
about the cheque. Call him first, rascal. We shall take the money
and then leave from here. We should at no cost leave without money. Keep serving Tea and manage. Keep listening to what they are talking. Sir, have Tea.
-Hey, hey get away. I have a known CI and let’s
give a complaint brother. Sir, please have a tea Hey, what are CI and SI?
We shall take our money and go. How long shall we wait, idiots? Call him [PHONE RINGING] Hello Boss…
-Hello, say Nandu. There’s big problem boss. What’s wrong? They came to know that the
cheques we issued are fake ones. Have you issued the cheques? We issued the cheques
with a date after 15 days. You idiot, I said to issue cheques after
15 days with a date after 15 days. Ok, ok…
We shall escape and do as I say… Ok, ok boss… Ok [PHONE RINGING] Hello Hello Avani, collect the bag from Ashwin.
I’ll tell you later. -Ok Sir. Hey, those going to get your MD
haven’t yet come. Where are they? Where are they and where’s your MD, idiot? Oh no!
-What? Why are you getting so angry? You shouldn’t get angry like that Instead of getting angry… Will your MD cheat by giving a fake cheque? Your MD rascal is a big fraud Whom are you saying a fraud?
Our MD sir is a very good person. He just called me and said is on the way.
He’ll be here in 10 minutes.Please sit. Anger isn’t good at all, bring that down Madam, you please go You go madam… She’s getting so angry
saying anger isn’t good. [PEPPY MUSIC] Get in Avani. Ok Sir. The game is over and the counter is closed. Nandu, escape Why are they saying you a fraud Sir? I got very angry when
they said you a fraud. I, myself don’t know
that I get so much angry [TYRES SCREECHING] [DOOR SHUTS] They are with clarity and
what they said is true Oh no, you don’t say so Sir. You are a very good man No Avani, I’m a big fraud. That is… What’s that Sir?
That’s wrong, right? Nothing is wrong when we feel
something right and do it, Avani [MELANCHOLIC MUSIC] Will you cheat the innocent
people for money, Sir? I haven’t cheated the innocent
but the greedy people, Avani. [THUNDER RUMBLING] [MELANCHOLIC MUSIC CONTINUES] Nice dress [THUNDER RUMBLING CONTINUES] What happiness will you
have in the money, Sir? You’re with clarity in just this matter. There isn’t any happiness in money, but it’s behind everything
that gives happiness. Because money is always ultimate! Every guy chooses his own way to live
in this world and I chose this way. One minute! [ELECTRONIC MUSIC] Your job is over. [UPBEAT MUSIC] [MELANCHOLIC MUSIC CONTINUES] [THUNDER RUMBLING INTENSIFIES] 1947 August 13th… 3 days before India got Independence, 3 boats
started with wealth to England from India. But just two have reached there Third ship was Ocean Opera. It drowned within three hours after
it started from Kalingapatnam port. That drowned ship had 100 Billions in it. And I and my team researched for six
months, found out that location longitude. And it costs three Billions
to get that boat out. All the funds we had are
spent into the research. So, if you can be a part of it,
it’s 50-50 in the treasure we take out. [POUNDING MUSIC] It’s a trap. Boat, move… Move… Hey Srikanth, escape.
-What’s wrong boss? Escape… Hey Signal, jump…
All these are the Police. Fast, run away. Escape fast, run… Escape fast, run… Fast, run away. Run… Run… Run…
Hey Signal, get in, get in [BRAKES SQUEAKING] Sir, say what you are expecting. I’ll give a fund even to
your station along with you. Don’t register my name. Oh, offer is great. Come… Say in front of this, once. Hello Ajay, I just saw the news in paper. They arrested Uttam Kumar and
kept him in Kalingapatnam station. Take that Inspector’s number immediately… Hurry up! Yes… Ajay, what happened? Sir, this is the number of Kalingapatnam SI [PHONE RINGING] Hello… This is ACP Chandra
Sekhar talking from Vizag. Uttam Kumar in an Ocean
ship cheating case, right? Yes Sir. But his name isn’t Uttam Kumar,
but is Captain Sagar. He has many names as such.
His real name is Uttam Kumar. Where have you kept him? I arrested him and made
him sit in the station, Sir Isolate him immediately. Disconnect his phone. Don’t let anyone talk to him.
And immediately switch on the Fax. Ok, ok Sir. Hey… First check whether
he’s there or escaped. Quick.
-Ok Sir. Did you get the Fax?
– coming Sir Ok, bring whatever is coming in one by one.
-Ok Sir… Here Sir What are these, man?
-Many more are on the way Sir. Ok, go and bring them.
-Ok Sir… Sir… [ELECTRONIC MUSIC] What, are they still coming?
-Papers are out Sir. So many cases? Sir… Sir… Sir, can you please get up and stand once? Captain Sagar cheating public saying about
a treasure deep in the Sea… Interstate cheater Uttam Kumar
who is the accused in many cases… Kalingapatnam rural Police have arrested. Uttam Kumar today
-For the enquiry… He’s going to be presented in the court. [SIRENS WAILING] [CLAMOR] Along with Uttam kumar whom did you arrest. Uttam Kumar… Uttam Kumar…
Uttam Kumar… May the truth win! Greetings… Who named you as Uttam Kumar, man? My mom and Dad gave me that name
to live as the best in the society. My foot! Are you here now for me to ask on this? Lucky people! The request from the Police department to
handover you to their custody is accepted. Court permits an hour in every two days
for his lawyer to meet him. You should appear before them. Ok Sir It’s an order to hand him over back
to Court in the same state as of now. -[THUD SOUNDS]
-[GROANS] Tell me… Why are you cheating all like this? There’s a big story to say why, sir. But you’d say every accused guy would say
a story like me. Why to waste the time? I just need money and
that’s it and I did so. Okay. Where did you hide the money? Sir, a guy who fears earning
money would save the money. I don’t have such a fear
Sir, I spent it all. You spent it all. Ok, can you get up for once? -[GROANS]
-[THUD SOUNDS] You cheated so many. Why do you need the money? Can you ask the same question to
Vijay Mallya or Neeraj Modi… Sir… Even money has turned into a sixth element
along with air, earth, sky, water and fire. It’s sitting in a position to command
over all these five elements. We need Sir,
we need money for everything Sir I’m seeing just you in my service,
who did such a great fraud. Sir don’t say me a cheat.
Sir, I’m a very good man Are you a good man?
-Yes Sir. a good guy will have to turn bad due to the
influence of conditions in this society. As the conditions aren’t favouring the
bad guy is remaining as the good guy. And such good guys are moving around us. Sir, shall I say you something? There’s a great difference between a poor
guy being good and a rich guy being good. I too can join Lions club,
distribute goods and be a good guy. Or I can even become good just
through some charity work. At the most it’s a pot costing 170
bucks and a mug 20 and a glass 10. Psst! No, I don’t need such a good quality Sir. I want to continue being
good being a rich man Sir. Is it wrong…? Have you ever thought about
so many people cheated by you? Sir, it’s very common for the clothes to
get dirty and the humans to get cheated. Sir, how can we eat Chicken 65
by feeling pity on the Chicken? Still, I haven’t gone directly
to any and cheated Sir. I’ve just given a chance to the guy
who was ready to be cheated. Have you given a chance? Sir… If you ask me, you shouldn’t
file a case on me for such matters. Hey, what are you talking? Sir, the farmers who give us food pray
to save them, requesting for help. But they make them roam around banks saying
they are not qualified to get a loan. Rich people come in suits, Sir. They’d finally they loot the banks which
give them loans in the name of business. What sir, isn’t this cheating? Say, isn’t this a cheating? [SMIRKS] Yes, it’s cheating. Can you file a case on them? What are you talking…? Still, it’s become very common in
this world to cheat and to get cheated Sir. [WATER SPLASHING] Let’s drag him and put in the hot
box, drag him [GRUNTS] He isn’t opening up his mouth
even after into the third degree We are seeing such a guy for the first time Brothers! He wouldn’t so
easily fall in the track. There’s a separate route for that.
None in our department would say these. Look at my experience, he would say himself
-Is it, uncle? All the best.
-All the best uncle, give it a try. Oh no! Get up dear, get up slowly.
I brought you food. Come on, you look to be very hungry. Eat dear, eat full. Brother, say where you have kept that money
and where are all your batch members. It’s my responsibility to get
you bail and bring you out. Believe me, believe me brother. [BURPS] I’ll help you, say… Brother… Get out… you sudiya… What did you say? Get out… you sudiya… What did you say idiot? What will you say? You call me sudiya…?
you redecule me by calling sudiya. One week is gone with him.
-Yes. He’ll say… He will Yes, we heard it uncle. We heard. Is it necessary for me instead
to retire with respect? Sir… What, did he say anything? -He isn’t trying
though we tried a lot from the morning Sir. [TEETH CHATTERING Tell me. Tell where did you hide all the money. If not, I’ll make you be
in for your whole life. You can’t do anything to me, because
I’m not a poor man Sir. I’m a rich guy. You yourself will arrange for
a flight and send me to London Hey idiot,
why is so much money greed for you? Sir, have you ever felt
so empty in this world? Have you ever been
starving in your life? Have you ever experienced the emotion,
anger and loneliness coming from hunger? This is a very bad world. When I was seven years old I used to live
at slum in Hyderabad. My father used to work at Deccan co operative
bank near the slum for daily wage. My mother used to sell flowers at the
temple, which was oppsite the bank. The bank dad worked in
reached a bankruptcy state Board meeting decision to get out of it
by showing a greed of higher interests and close down once they get
deposits was overheard by dad. Dad tried telling them that it’s wrong to do so
as soon many innocent people would get cheated. Board members got angry
and pushed dad out from there. Public seeing the announcement by the
bank one day came in heavily to deposit Dad seeing that tried saying them
not to get cheated going in greed Public rushed in with greed
and a stampede took place Even mom went down there to save
dad getting crushed under their feet Dad died right there, Sir They threw mom fighting death,
in the hospital and left. Doctor came and said my mom
lives only if I had money. It was darkness around and was
a kid not aware of what to do Sir. A case ran on the bank because
of that stampede issue. A volunteer sister came and informed to arrange for the
money required for my education if we say as she wants I said whatever they wanted me to say, Sir Sister spoke to them in smiles and came
to me with the suitcase they gave. She said me a cute boy and asked me to sit right there
and would be back immediately and left from there, Sir. I in that age for the first time understood
that this is called as cheating. Mom couldn’t withstand that. She cried aloud thinking how do I live in
this dirty world and breathed her last. [MELANCHOLIC MUSIC] The graveyard keeper came to me crying at Mom’s
pier said not to cry and that the world is so Don’t think a guy who cheated you as your enemy because
he makes you realise that he taught you a lesson to live. Treat him as a teacher And asked me to decide
how I wanted to live Sir. Loneliness… And I came on to the roads
in the innocent childhood [DRAMATIC MUSIC] This world is been running with a greed,
which I never understood about. It was cheating and conspiracy all around
and I could see only that world. I felt I can do anything in this world, cheat
as I wish and also take life if required Sir Not having thousand rupees to
burn own mother’s dead body, I signed stating that
as an orphan body Sir. I signed stating that
as an orphan body Sir. Sir… Sir… Sir… Have the tea. Are you thinking about him?
What is he so, like an animal Sir? How annihilation is happened
when the nature loses its balance? The same take place even when
a human loses his balance. [UPBEAT MUSIC] They are torturing Sir very
much, take some care bro. Your guy will get Chicken pulav
three times a day in the lockup. You go now Nandu, our Lawyer Sir. Hello Sir…
-Hello. Sir, arrange to close
the file a bit faster Sir Don’t worry brother, we can easily buy justice these
days when we have the money. What man, haven’t you informed about me? [UPBEAT MUSIC CONTINUES] Sir…Minister Sir’s PA is in line.
-I won’t talk. Just talk for once Sir. I know how to deal this case Not that Sir, what’s wrong
if you just speak for once? Whatever you wish to say,
say that at the court… Ok? Ok, I’ll say right there Do whatever you wish to
do and I’m behind you. What Nandu, how are you? Sit Hello… It seems Uttam Kumar is arrested. He’s very
close to Home Minister Sir, look into that Sir I will. Do you know who he is? He took 2 crores from me saying to get me a loan
of 20 crores for setting up Solar Power Plant Sir Then, why is it written 4 crores here? He took 2 crores more saying to take up the responsibility
of selling the power we manufacture to the Government, Sir How do you believe all these, man? He said Reserve Bank Governor
is his father in law, Sir Me Sir… I don’t know who he is, Sir. What is yours? He took away 3 crores saying to get 100
Square Yards written on my name Sir. Hey, where the hell is 100 Square Yards
costing 3 crores on this earth, man? Not on earth Sir, but on the moon. What man, have you started
selling even on the moon? Sir, what’s he talking? I object, 100 Square Yards on the moon…
-You sit down Sir Ok your honour. You tell me. Saying North East corner and the
competition is high, he made me buy Sir Why so much hurry to go up? How did he cheat you? Lilliput Sir. What, Lilliput? What Lilliput? What’s this your honour?
-You be seated Sir You tell me. A man of the thumb size. What, a man of the thumb size? Even I was surprised
so and got cheated Sir. You know about Yakshas? There are their caves even
till date on the Bommuru hills. There are even their heirs. Ten days ago, a man went up
the hills for his daily chores. When he was into his work, something jumped
over from one plant to the other. He immediately caught that
with the help of his dhoti. You know from where does a human get luck?
What is that… Lilliput! He took him and kept in his fridge. He’s thinking to sell
him for one crore rupees. Crazy guy doesn’t know that
he’s worth 20 Billions. 20 Billions…! The man who took 50 Lakhs from me saying so and
cheated me… I’m seeing him again today Sir You tell. It’s by saying Gajamuthu… Just one in a Lakh elephants
will have Gajamuthu on its head. We can get any girl go flat for us. Me, even in this age… [LAUGHS] What man,
do you need girls even in this age? He asked to powder the Shikakai Sir He showed a powerful Iridium Sir This will power up your entire house All would get the power. Garuda Sanjivani I object.
-Let them say. Okay. Silly complaints, your honour.
-You be seated Sir. As you say… I’ll get you the South
Zone Railway Contract… I make an offer for the Blue Berry Diamond [UPBEAT MUSIC INTENSIFIES] It’s become a fashion for the public now
to even to say that they got cheated. The court is adjourned. Lawyer Sir?
Is the case in favour of us? Judge isn’t letting you talk at all. You don’t care about all that. What’s happening inside isn’t a matter at all
in our case. It’s the matter that’s on outside. Let’s concentrate there. PP Sir I’ll just come My client’s case would come today
for the final hearing -So what? You just… Did you win so many cases
with this hesitation? Please take This is fine but what about the witnesses? I’ve already managed… You’re not an ordinary guy. We stitched their mouths with the notes
and they won’t talk now… See now. He’s a very good man and
we weren’t any cheated [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Bhairava Swamy… Bhairava Swamy…
Bhairava Swamy… Stop brother… Looking at the procedures here,
I feel we won’t get the justice here. It’s not in this court that we say. There’s another court for us, come on Move.. [FIRE BLAZING] [SPARKS CRACKLING] Hey Basava, leave me. I’ll leave. You believed us and
invested in the business… Good. You expected profits and that too is good. You asked to return the money when
there was a loss and that is very good. But when we said not to return the money, you went to the court… Listen to me…
-It’s not good. Let’s sit and talk.
-It’s not good. Money is a bad thing. It won’t let anyone stand on the word. I said would let you go now, right? It won’t let me stand even on that word. [THUD SOUND] [FIRE SIZZLING] [HAUNTING MUSIC] I’m killing, right? Our total money is lost because of him. Won’t you at least let me
eat me food peacefully? What nonsense are you
talking with that fellow? Join me to eat. Hey Bunty, throw him into that oven.
-Okay. [FIRE BLAZING] Boss.. Bhairava Swamy is here. He met and said me about this
Emu scheme four years back. There’s all the environment in your farm
that is needed for Emu birds to grow. And the Nitrogen available here is
very much liked by the Emu birds. Very happy that you became our
partner in our business of 500 crores. Oh no, one egg costs a Lakh it seems.
-Wouldn’t it be? It is sold for a Billion
after it grows big. Its fat itself sells at
50 Lakhs per Kg it seems. Hey, you know one more thing? It seems they make a medicine with its oil. Look, instead of licking
that pickle and staring me… why don’t you too invest in this Emu birds
business when all from the village have invested? She’s like my husband! [INDISTINCT VOICES] Ok, move on… Move… Swamy… You’re thinking about
us instead being selfish. You must compete in the coming up elections Fine. You both follow us from behind. Bhairava Swamy,
the owner of Emu birds farm… Cheated for a few Billions
and went absconding. Eggs in Lakhs and birds in Billions… Public cheated getting greedy… I said long back that
they were all cheats… You go running in greed to get
Billions by investing Lakhs… I said something but where was your brain? You ruined all the money in the Emu birds business
and now sitting idle on the steps blocking my way… Move… Will anyone believe when said
a bird’s cost is one crore? There should be a limit even for the greed. I know in advance that he was a big fraud Public destroying properties of Bhairava Swamy
saying that he made them believe and cheated. [INDISTINCT YELLING] Under circumstances of the arrest of the owner of
Emu birds, the birds became sick without any care. You do anything but I want my money. I lost my mental peace
today because of him. Fearing the Police, I’m moving around hiding my face in
the streets unable to see even my wife and kids, brother Why didn’t you file a case on him? I filed a case bro,
even the hearing is on in the court. But as I don’t have a confidence to get
justice there, I came to this court brother. Ok, we will recover…
will recover everything. [CLOCK TICKING] [ELECTRONIC MUSIC] Good morning Sir. You decided that just
money is important in life. Sir… That money turned into a duster and
wiped away all the complaints on me Sir. [SARCASTIC LAUGH] I’m not getting anger over you
and instead am feeling pity. Because any great swimmer cannot swim long enough
in a drainage canal and even the money is so. You’ll have to lose some day or
the other in the hands of money. Are you cursing me, Sir? No, I’m telling the truth. [LAUGHTER] Sir, shall I tell you a truth? Money won’t cheat us, but we cheat money Why because money is always ultimate. Give me the hand Sir… Thank you Sir… See you Sir…
Be careful. You take care. [ELECTRONIC MUSIC CONTINUES] Uttam…
-Lawyer Sir… Love you… Congratulations… Congratulations… [LAUGHS] Fly like a bird…
-Definitely Go. Boss…
-Welcome back… Welcome. You be waiting and I’ll be
back speaking with the lawyer. Nandu is on line, talk to him ok? Nandu…
-Welcome Boss. I returned back like a Jasmine dude… You’re superb, Boss It’s all rebooted… Clean sweep… Next, Gujarat is shining it seems…
Let’s plan there We have nothing to block now, boss. -[THUD SOUND]
-[BRAKES SQUEAKING] Hey… who are you idiots? who are you idiots?
Why did you bring me? Hey, untie me rascal Hey, don’t shout… The knife will be in
your throat if you shout Wait. What shall I do? Beat him up, guys. He should vomit out everything.
Beat till he says Hey, say rascal… Where is the money?
Hey, say rascal… Where is the money? Hey, you hit him. Say where you have kept the money, idiot. [THUD SOUNDS] Tell… Tell…come on tell. Tell…
-Hey tell. Hold. Tell… Tell… Tell… Tell…where you have kept the
money, idiot. Hey, why don’t you say when asked? Hey, lift him. Put his head in my Jockey. Hey, what are you doing? You think I’m any Police guy to hit and leave
you? I’ll make you tell everything out. I’ll make you tell everything out Tell, tell rascal.
tell. I will tell you, I will
-Tell I will tell, I will…
-You play drama with me, rascal? [FIRE BLAZING] [PHONE RINGING] Brother, his phone is ringing. On the speaker and put it at his ear. Your phone got suddenly cut.
Boss, where are you? We’ve been searching for you
all over the court from an hour. Hey Nandu, that Bhairava Swamy
got me kidnapped with his men. Oh no, what happened boss? [GROANS] Money, we shall return his money What’s in the money boss? You’re important, but the money comes out
only if you put forward a word right, boss? [GRUNTS] I’ll inform in the phone.
You go and collect. -Ok Boss [UPBEAT MUSIC] Bhairava Swamy… You and Prakash go,
collect the money and come here directly. Brother, Bhairava Swamy Brother… We’ve been waiting
at the place you said from then. Neither they came nor the money has come. It’s the money matter right?
Have some patience… Patience Ok brother. Ok, let’s see. [PHONE RINGING] Brother… They called again put the speaker on. Sorry boss, I got a bit late. It was the hard earned money, right? I asked Signal whether we
shall take this and run away. Hey… He said, it’s wrong to
cheat our boss and run away. Hey Nandu… Again he reminded that our boss has said nothing
is wrong when we do anything thinking it as right. Nandu, this isn’t the time, man.
-He agreed. Signal, at least you say man Boss… Don’t look at someone as your
enemy as he cheated you… In a way he too is a teacher for you… As you
keep saying he taught you a lesson to live, right? Hey… Nandu… Hey You were our master for
all these days, right? From now on, you feel we are your teachers Nandu… Nandu… Don’t do so [UPBEAT MUSIC CONTINUES] Brother, ask them dial once…
Brother, ask them dial once… How many as such have I seen so far?
-Brother, please redial once… What great drama are you playing, rascal? You’re dead today in my hands -Bro,
please listen to me. Please listen to me. Brother, please listen to me.
Please listen to me. What happened? Brother, it seems his friends
ran away with the money Bro is saying to come back. Come on, start the vehicle. Why to talk with him brother? Hey, stop Bhairava Swamy What to stop bro, he’s cheated us again… Hey… I’ll kill him brother
-Hey, I’m saying to stop right? Hey, brother is saying, right? Brother, please listen to me. What’ll you say? come on say. Stop that Bhairava Swamy, brother. I’ll give you 50 crores from the next
scam of 100 crores I’ll be doing. Believe me brother. -[KNIFE SWISHING]
-[GROANS] Hey, You said to stop him right? I stopped his breathe itself. If you try to cheat me like you did to him,
I’ll come searching for you and then kill. Whatever maybe a great swimmer but he can’t
swim for much long in a drainage canal! Even the money is the same. [JEEP ENGINE REVVING] How did he cheat so many, bro? Hey, he’s been doing
scams from his childhood. No… He hasn’t got so much brother. He doesn’t have so much talent brother.
Is he better than us? Look at that guy waiting in that bus stop. Cheat him and get hundred rupees. Hey, stop the vehicle Bunty. This isn’t any big matter for me. See, I’ll earn two hundred in just
two minutes and show you. Sir, I came from a faraway place. Someone picked my pocket, please give me two
hundred Sir, I’ll send once I go to my place How many would come so, idiots?
I won’t give you. go away. You look healthy as a pig and don’t
you have shame to beg? Get out rascal You asked for two hundred saying to have lost
your purse and came from a faraway place, right? Did he give? He didn’t. He didn’t give What’s that in the hands?
-Watch. How much is that?
-150 Rupees. Ok, go and say as I say you. Sir, look at this watch. It’s a Singapore watch worth 5000. There’s a golden hand in this. Keep this and give me 500. After I go back and send you
money, return that back to me. I won’t give 500 but will give 400. Okay. [LAUGHS] Brother… What a brain has he got? Brother, how bro Hey, shall I say you a basic rule? To cheat someone, you shouldn’t search
for the pity angle from him. We should show him the greed Wow, what a knowledge man? You’re superb brother. Bye. Say how do we earn those 100 crores? To earn 100 crores we
should have 3 crores with us To earn 3 crores We should have 20 Lakhs To earn that 20 Lakhs? Do you need a reason of
Akshaya Tritiya to buy Gold? No need at all, it’s just enough that
you come to our Vaishnavi Jewellers Where is this shop?
-In Kakinada To buy Gold here,
should money be harvested on the trees? No need, enough that you swipe your cards How far are we now? Twelve Kilometers Start the vehicle. What…? Are we going to loot this shop now or what? Bro, we don’t need to do robberies
or murders to earn money. There a thousand ways to get into
the loop holes of law and earn money. I’ll show you a loop hole in
that, come on… Brother… Go into the shop and give a look
around like you buy it all… Take a visiting card and come out Go. [BRAKES SQUEAKING] Kittu
-Hello brother. Get that paper and pen and print
this matter immediately. -Ok bro. Perfect… Hey, go and distribute these in
all the villages around Kakinada Give the money, Go and do what is said. Gold at half the rate in Vaishnavi Jewelers
on the occasion of Akshaya Tritiya… Hey, what’s this? Brother, don’t take a tension. See, how would this public come around and
stand in queue when said gold is for half rate [PEPPY MUSIC] Book two Omni vans… Seth’s number… Who knows filthy language well? I know… I know… Hey, I know… You…
-Hey, silence! Why? I’ll call Seth just like that for fun [PHONE RINGING] Hello…
-Come on. You rascal… Idiot… Filthy rascal…
Waste fellow… You buffalo… Hey, Shut up You rascal… Idiot… Filthy rascal…
Waste fellow… You buffalo… Hey, who is that idiot? Shut up Waste fellow… You buffalo… -One more time.
-[PHONE RINGING] Hey, who is it rascal?
-You rascal… Idiot… Filthy rascal… Waste fellow… You buffalo… -Hey, who
is it rascal? Why did you call? You’re mad. Switched off… Basava… proceed Hey, who are you man? You think this is any bar that you’re
sitting here and drinking? Come on, move. Bro, I’ll just take a peg and leave…
Just one peg What is this mess, idiot?
You know who am I? Gouliguda Mallesh! Come on, move Hey bro, even I’m from Gouliguda Gouliguda?
-Yes bro Where in Gouliguda? Just beside the road bro… Come on, sit here and let’s
talk while having a peg. The wheather very cool today. Bad season bro, even winter feels cold now
-Hey, it’s too cold! Pour it Sit brother, we can chat having a peg Whatever but it’s only our Hyderabad
guys who give drink for free… Yes, correct. We’re rulers. Either the owner or the security runs
for a drink at nights For drink Will the longing stop?
-No, it won’t. Will the longing stop?
-No, it won’t Pour it… Hey…pour it properly… I’m steady how much ever I drink…
Hey Mallesh steady… [WHISTLES] [FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING] Hey Gouliguda Mallesh, attention! [BRAKES SQUEAKING] You…? Two Omni’s are booked on the name of Vaishnavi
Jewellers. -Oh, is it you? Come on, waiting for you [GROANS] Bro, can you listen?
-Okay. Hey Banda, you…
-Yes Brother. Banti..
-Yes Brother. Ok for me too
-Do as I said I thought only we got the
fliers of Gold for half rate. This is the shop giving gold for half the rate,
right? -Yes, please come in. This is the shop madam Move dear, I think we’re the first ones.
-This is Vaishnavi Jewellers Yes, this is the shop… Come in… Don’t push, go slowly…
All will have the tokens… Go in slowly…
There’s a place, please come in… Come in and the vehicles
giving the Tokens will come… Hey, don’t push… Slow… Bro… Bro… The crowd is too heavy here…
I’m unable to control. Come fast bro… Stop… Stop… All will get the tokens Don’t rush… keep distance. Tokens are only for those standing in
queue… Yes, go and stand in line… Go madam…standing in queue. Keep distance. Line.. line..line… Form a line…that’s it. Move a side. Slow… slow. Come on don’t push…
All will get the tokens… One… Let me take just one token… I’ll have to starve even this
night if I don’t take the token… Please understand my problem… One token… Hey, all will get the
Tokens and don’t push. [SIRENS WAILING] Hello Basava..
-tell me bro. Police are coming…
Don’t run away seeing them… Do as I said, ok?
-Ok bro… Hey, in line… Madam… Don’t fight… Stand
in line… -Why are so many people here, Why are so many people here, man? What’s happening here? -Get into
the line… Come on, go in line… Who are you, idiot? Hey… I’m the security of Vaishnavi
Jewellery Sir. -So what… What’s this public…
Why are so many here in this noght? That is, it’s Akshaya Tritiya tomorrow,
right Sir? -Our Seth announced offer. He’s giving Gold for half rate. What, is Vaishnavi Jewellers guy giving
gold for half rate for Akshaya Tritiya? Yes Sir.
-Why didn’t he tell me? Still, if there’s so much of a crowd in the
night, it’ll become a public nuisance case. Doesn’t your Seth know? Yes, a rule is a rule and all
should abide as per the rule. Rule! Correct Sir, correct Anything has to go as per the rule Sir. [LAUGHS] Ok, by the way send ten
tokens to the station. What ten Sir, I’ll say to my
Seth and send twenty. -Really? Your Seth is a good man. See our power now Constables Line…Line…Line… Go madam, stand in the line. Seth is a good man, right? My foot! He’s turning
his black money to white [CHEERFUL MUSIC] Hey Tea… Hot tea… Madam, line! Tokens will be given
only if you stand in line Hey, why do you dash ahead
like a big hero? Go back What’s happening here? Won’t they be when getting
gold for half rate? Go away man My Seth hasn’t informed me… Why’s the phone switched off? Hello… Sethji, it’s me Kittu.
-Tell Kittu There are so many people at our shop here
and I do not know what’s happening What… I’m coming… Driver, start the vehicle Tell Banti Brother, Seth has started from his home You immediately start from there
and come to the bypass road Ok Brother. Hey Basava
-Brother. Say Tokens are over and close it Oh no, few more tokens
are still there brother. Do as I said. Move. What, man? Tokens are over Sir. How if they are over now?
There are so many people here We’ll go and get them Sir.
-Ok, go. They’re blocking the van Sir…
Ask them to move a bit aside. Look, tokens are over. Van is leaving,
give way… Move, give way for the van… There comes the Seth… Move… Seth ji, please come… See how many people have come
when you said gold at half rate. Gold for half rate… Who said it? Yes Sir, you put fliers saying
gold at half rate, right? Fliers! Huh, I don’t know I don’t know… I don’t know… I don’t
know… I don’t know… I don’t know… Come on… Start the vehicle You were great brother. [SCREAMING] Mallesh… Hey… Mallesh… What’s Mallesh?
-Who’s Mallesh here? Say… Call me Gouliguda Mallesh. Sir… [GROANS] [CHEERING] Money bro… Money…
-Let’s enjoy. Cheers brother… Bro, you made them go crazy Your logics and magic are super What’s that, popcorn? Bro, you made me very happy… [EXCLAIMS] Hey, he’s my brother from today. Hey, brother.
My brother… You are superb brother. If you try to cheat me,
I’ll come searching and kill. What bro, you made us
all wear white and white? Bro, the sheep would believe only
when in white and white in this country. Bro, you said it great. What bro, look to be very happy?
You may have done some great plan. Yes… but there’s a small problem. That man would recognise me Come on… Say who’s that
and we shall deal with him There is a merchant named
Dhana Shetty in Singarayakonda. Money… Money is always ultimate Sir. Person has a value in this
world only when he has money. More the money and more is the value. Very rare piece Shetty Sir… It would weigh four Kilos. We’ll invest just 10 Lakhs But what we get is 20 crores. Is it?
-Yes. With this, your bank balance will
look like your bank account number. What’re you still thinking Shetty Sir? Our decisions are our life
-You said it correctly. Yes, what a timing Govinda? I have some more partners. I’ll say this snake matter
even to them and set the deal. Don’t say snake Shetty Sir.
-Then? If needed, shall we have a name for that?
-Oh! You suggest that name Jackie chan. Shall we have it as Jackie chan ? Yes, super Go and come back by 10 tomorrow, Govinda…
We shall finalize the deal Yes… Hello Govinda.
-Hello… Hello You came exactly by the time said… I said partners, right…
These are the two. He’s Singarayakonda Crime Inspector
Narasimham and SI Samarasimham Are you fine Govinda? Sir, the snake story of Jackie chan you said
me, yesterday… Say that to these now. Come on tell. Escape guys…
-come on escape. Catch them… Catch… Come on move… Catch them… Come.. come. You cheat me by saying the snake
story, rascals… -You wait Mr. Shetty. we got them right? Where’ll they go now? Your money will not go anywhere.
We’ll recover every pie He’s caught Sir. There’s a fair and smart guy
behind these and he sent them. Yes, to get that Bruce lee,
we shall beat these guys up. Push them in and bash them up Sir. Bro, the sheep in this country believes
only when in white and white. Tell me dude… Hey dude… I brought for 10 rupees
interest without my dad knowing that. Hey, how even if you don’t believe me?
20 mambers are joined believing me. Hey, wait a minute. I’ll call back Hey, you’re Goldway Akash right? You’re Goldway Akash, right?
-No. Hey, you’re Goldway Akash…
You’re Goldway Akash… I’m not Hey, what man?
-He’s a big fraud. He’s cheated us. Hey, where are you going?
-I am not. Hey man, come on leave. You leave him…
-Where are you escaping idiot? Where is our money? Why don’t you talk? Where is our money? Hey, he is leaving. Stop him… Hey Someday, you’ll definitely
lose in the hands of money Son and daughter in law are doing jobs
and why to work in the mill at this age? Being born as a human,
we shall work hard to eat, right? Hello…I saw you somewhere. Do you come in the TV? [SCREAMS] Good deeds result in good Bad deeds result in bad Results of the good and bad Are to be experienced right here Results of the deeds here are given here.
Results of today are immediate. We shall face them for sure
This is the rule of this creation Result of how many tears is this…
The results are haunting like the shadow. When the justice is punishing you
You can’t escape in this life Good deeds result in good
Bad deeds result in bad Results of the good and bad.
Are to be experienced right here. It’s your responsibility
for the good deeds and sins Brother.. don’t hit him..
he will may die. let him die. He should take the results for his sins.
He cheated so many. Hey, I won’t leave him today Good deeds result in good
Bad deeds result in bad Results of the good and bad
Are to be experienced right here. Results of the deeds here are given here
Results of today are immediate We shall face them for sure
This is the rule of this creation Avani! Sir. Sir. No problem son… Nothing to worry… You need rest for your
health to stabilise… Take care of him, Avani. [GRUNTS] Shall we listen to the moral today? Ok teacher. Alexander winning over the world
has put three conditions before his death. One is that the Doctors treating
him should carry his coffin. Second is to throw all his wealth
over his coffin in his final rites journey. And the third and the
important one is that, he said to keep his empty hands out
from the coffin by making holes to it. That means whatever we earn,
we’ll finally die with empty hands. [MELODIOUS MUSIC] Very happy that you brought me lying on the road
and cured bringing down to your Ashram Sir. The good we give to this world in some way
reaches back to us in some form, son. See you Sir Wish you have better times. Sir, I’ll go and give him a send off Avani These surroundings brought
in a great change in me. I understood that the policy
I believed in all these days is wrong. But… I don’t understand where
to go and what to do now. I wish to start a new life. Avani… When you’re by my side,
I feel like my mom is with me. If fine for you, will marry me Avani? [EMOTIONAL MUSIC INTENSIFIES] Introduction of some colours Fragrance of so many hopes. My sleep is gone with your breeze My time is glowing with your love. We are the butterflies… Every moment blossomed like smiles All is well but where do we take bath? When all the glowing mornings come in front
of me like you Every day is like a new birth Let the time run away and world go away
I have no worry at all A blossom and the happiness My destination travelling along with me My life and my heart beat..
I’m nowhere without you even in dreams We are the butterflies. I should buy an island… I should build palace like house in that…
600 people should work under me… There should be a special
runway for me to leave… What are you thinking? My dear you’re the beauty
Shining smile is the beauty You’re my truth forever The light searched by my heart
is your face, my dear You’re my complete life Those calls from you are the twists
in my life Ours is a sacred bonding We’re together like a victory
When you’re with me, skies will come down What happened, Avani? Introduction of some colours. Really? Fragrance of so many hopes My sleep is gone with your breeze My time is glowing with your love. We are the butterflies Every moment blossomed like smiles. Baby is very healthy Avani…
You look very weak… You need healthy food at this time… Take a bit of care She doesn’t eat well even when
said, Doctor… She gets stubborn Nothing to worry, delivery would
be there in the next two weeks. You be by her side and take care of her. Ok Doctor See you Doctor.
-Ok.. Take care. Haldoor, Haniganahalli… Chikmangalur
-Chikmangalur Haldoor, Haniganahalli… Chikmangalur Right… Right… Brother, that guy was seen. [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Brother, on that hill. Catch him, guys How dare is he to cheat us bro? Let’s not leave him at all brother. We will kill you. [GRUNTS] Hey… Bro… not that Brother
please listen me once. When you get us caught to the Police and hide
coming here, you think we can’t find you? Bro… [THUD SOUND] Hey… Hey Basava… Brother, please listen for once Kill him. [LAUGHS] Brother… if you take cofee in Chikmangalur…
you will come for it again and again. Avani… Why did you come out? I said you to take rest, right? I heard some noise…
-Oh that… Friends… I’m talking with friends You go and I’ll come Okay. [THUD SOUND] Bro… You cheat me even after
knowing about me, idiot? No… No bro I said right that day, I will come searching and
kill if something goes wrong. Brother…
Hey Basava Brother. Go and kill this idiot’s wife. Ok brother.
-Hey Basava, no… Bro, no… Say no to him bro Hey, no Brother. Brother, no please… She knows nothing bro…
Bro, ask him to stop… Brother… I promise on my
baby which is going to be born. I really have a scam
worth 100 crores bro… Brother, ask him to stop… Brother,
please believe just for this one time Brother, please believe
just for this one time Basava… Brother. Stop Who are all those? Where are you going? Are you starting again? One small work is left behind Avani.
I’ll go and come back fast. Take care of your health I’m with you and in you Don’t leave me and go at this time I’m going just as a body
leaving behind my life here I’ll come back fast, believe me Whichever way I go, you are my earth I’ll be seeing in love with sky as my eyes I’m bidding a bye and leaving
though foot isn’t moving ahead Though I’m heavy, going leaving you alone. Basava, you stay back here
and take good care of the girl. Bro, no bro…
-Careful. Hey Basava, no Careful, she is my brother’s wife I’m bending my head to
the fate and going back It’s so much pain for you as with me Hey, you know why did
I keep him back there? You’re a wise man, right? If you do some crazy tricks, he’d kill your wife
and also the baby in womb with just one phone call Our baby in your womb is with
you, don’t worry Don’t let tears roll, love is our support
and the God is in support How will you get to know
about all such places? It came in the paper that resort is
closed down in Bellary rave party, right? This is the one None would get a doubt if we stay here.
Let’s plan staying here [YAWNS] Hey…
-Brother. Keep all your four eyes over him.
-Ok brother. Avani… Avani, how are you? Talk to me Avani. How did you go leaving me? [MELANCHOLIC MUSIC] I’ll return fast Avani,
you take the tablets in time. Go immediately to the hospital
if you have any problem. What are you doing inside, idiot? Come out Avani, I’ll call you again Hello… Hello… Hello… [MELANCHOLIC MUSIC CONTINUES] Your phone. Hey…
-Brother Pour down the money… Here’s the money you asked for… Say the plan now Rice pulling What’s rice pulling? That is… We’re going to make them believe
about something not existing. We’re going to seed that belief. And share after the crop is out. What guys, understood? Didn’t understand, why are you asking? Nothing! If even you understand,
I shall change the plan Hey… Are you joking?
-Hey, stop… Ok, after that? Eat and sleep, we shall go to
the temple early in the morning Hey, is this any traditional business
to start by going to the temple? The main work is in the temple Go and sleep. Brother, are you searching for this? Hey Banda… There are three
guys standing there, stop there Hello… Why did you bring me to the temple? This temple is 600 years old brother… The Mourya’s and the Chalukyas used to
come here before going for wars. See the glittering gopura Kalasam… we are going to steal
that Kalasam this night. [GASPS] Those three who came with
us too are on the same job [CHANTING] [WEEPING] Call brother. Give the phone. Get these printed Give one Lakh… Take this one Lakh. Ok brother. It break into pieces and sell it for scrap Okay. Hey, what did you say? I asked them to break into
pieces and sell it for scrap. Hey, are you mad? Why to steal that from the temple? Why to pay them for it
and why to sell that in scrap? Are you mad? I’ll tell tomorrow [PUKING] Brother. [MELANCHOLIC MUSIC] Brother, just a bit… We’re watching the breaking news…
600 years old… The temple top of the popular
Shiva temple of Kabaleswara is stolen [ELECTRONIC MUSIC] Brother, ask them both to go out into the city, look for the
guy having more posters on his name and report that to us. The guy with more posters
in the city is our party He’s the popular granite businessman. Manjunatha and owner of 2000
crores worth properties. He is very fond of the five metal
alloy idols and very high in devotion. He visits the temple of Goddess every day. Then goes
to office and then to his hotel in the evening. He meets none other than the
closest reliable persons to him. Government has recently
shut down his quarry. Cases are running over that matter. He also has family problems
regarding the properties. He’s into many problems as such. Find out the reliable candidates
of that granite business man. Not even a minute doubts
should arise about us. Ugrappa Gowda is the right hand
for that granite business man Manjunatha. He takes care of all the
illegal works of Manjunatha. He is the benami for all the
Aqua business of Manjunatha. He solves all his important problems. Ugrappa Gowda’s main
business is real estate. Ambarish, CI…
He is very reliable to Manjunatha. He’s a Police just for namesake but is
mad for money. He does anything for money. And the poor astrologer Shanmugam is a loyal
person who is in no way greedy about money. The granite business
man believes him a lot. Manjunatha does nothing without asking him. Manjunatha talks with these
three for sure every day. We should first get these three
first into our line. -How? [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Hello Sir
-Hi Uttam, how are you? I’m good. Welcome… I just heard about you. We can’t reach Manjunatha so easily… We can’t
reach him To reach him, we should trap this person. Main business of Ugrappa is real estate I’m Ugrappa Gouda and it was me
who spoke to you over phone. This is the land I said you about. This is fifty acres and
this is another fifty acres. I don’t need bits and pieces like this…
I want single bit. Show me if there’s any
single bit of 200 Acres I’ll show you the same Sir.
-Okay. I met RP Patil and spoke
even about the rate. It’s single payment of 100 C.
The rate is fixed, ok? This is the 200 acres single
bit you asked for, Sir. Looks like a litigation land? All at the registration
office are our guys, Sir There should be a loyalty. I go by rules There’s 150 acres belonging to an NRI Sir Let me see Hello brother, please say. Take your commission of 20 crores and
send the balance 130 C o my house. Ok, take care. [ELECTRONIC MUSIC CONTINUES] This is the land sir. It’s good but is very
far away from the city. Show if there’s anything closer to city. -No problem even if it costs 100
crores more. -[PHONE RINGING] Hello… You’re wasting my time. It’s tough to get RP itself and
to get for that rate is much difficult. Brother, don’t repeat the
same and waste my time. Ok, they don’t know what RP is… Very
powerful… Explain like they can understand Sir, you’ve been saying RP from the
time you came. Can I know about that? RP means Rice pulling and life of the guy
having that in hand would transform completely. All their problems will be cleared out. They reach top levels in their life. [AIRPLANE WHIZZING] Sir, I’m unable to believe all this.
Is it true Sir? My main business is RP and I earned thousands of Billions in that. Say if you have any party and I’ll give
you single payment commission of 10 crores. Okay. Single payment of 10 crores? [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Make that priest somehow read this book Oh no! Please get up… Careful Thanks dear. Meeting with the Minister…
Get the quarry file completely ready… Make 50C liquid cash ready… R.P. that’s the powerful temple top…
Very powerful… That great…
-Yes… I too heard about that [PHONE RINGING] Ugrappa… Yes, say Ugrappa Our Sir said to meet tomorrow about the
RP matter. Is it fine at his guest house? Okay. Goud ok,
He says to meet in the guest house [LAUGHS] Yes, Gouda is ok and
what about that Police? What is the next plan? Hi…
Hi. I’m Kuber Goswami.
-I’m Ambarish. That Kalasam you’re
searching for is with me What…? If you cooperate with me,
I’ll give you 10 crores. And that too in single payment I thought you’ve been
drinking juice from so long. Now I understood that it is mixing… Cheers Yes, take it guys.
-we will take bro Take care Uttam See you boss…
See you Bye… Bye… [MELANCHOLIC MUSIC] Guru Bhai, Avani is in great risk. To save her, we should lock these. Pasupathi is into some plan.
Keep an eye on him. Okay. I’ll follow them. You be careful Where is he…? Stop Pasupathi and his gang outside. This isn’t any simple
thing but a great business. Swamy will come and meet you.
-Okay. [TEMPLE BELLS TOLLING] [UPBEAT MUSIC] Why did you stop here, man? For gun. Why gun? We’re now going to Manjunath’s house. If something goes wrong,
none from us will be left alive Ok, then move. You only go. Give it here and I’ll keep it safe with me. [UPBEAT MUSIC CONTINUES] Hello…Swami. You be seated Swamy, I’ll call our Sir Keep the gun safe Why? You saw how many are around, right? No idea what may happen. Swamy has come to meet you. Hello Manjunatha Sir Sit down Manjunatha. Greetings Swamy… I heard CM has one as
such, is that true Swamy? What you heard is 100% true. All said he can’t become a
Minister when he was an MLA. But the cover coming from high
Command his name as the CM. Reason behind that was one such temple top
as this reaching his home one day before. Its power made him sit in that power. Does this have so much power, Swamy? Manjunatha, I’ll explain in
detail about this, listen. You know what exactly rice pulling is? Placing this in the middle surrounded by rice,
this with its power should pull that rice. That means it has to pull
and its name is rice pulling. This is a process to test a power. Does this have so much power?
We may think this too is a material. We daily put in an idol
in a temple and meditate. You may have heard about Aum chanting. That isn’t Aum but Aaum. Aaum is the sound coming out from the
mouth without the interference of tongue. Absorbing that sound through meditation and
transforming that into powerful words are the chants… Those chants being daily uttered transform even a normal
sculpture into a powerful idol and we put that up in the temple. Those chants uttered thousands of times everyday
transforms into a power and reach the temple top. That spreads so for Billions of times… and when that power is transforming into the central power becomes
more powerful calamity by the thunders and lightening touching that. When such a power reaches a person,
no other power can stop that person. He would become a great ruler. Hail Lord Shiva…
-Hail Lord Shiva. Chant this daily. Brother, what happened? [EXCLAIMS] Wow, he spoke greatly. I would’ve bought it from
him if I had 100 crores. What I said is true Really? To make someone believe a lie, there
should at least be some truth in that. [CLAPPING] Wow… You’re very clever. When such a power reaches a person,
no other power can stop that person. He would become a great ruler. This Kalasam is very precious. It is said taht he is very lucky
one who posses this Kalsam. Though we give lot of money,
the Kalasam is more valuble. I enquired about Kalasam there
is no any black mark on it. -[PHONE RINGING]
-Brother, Manjunatha Hail lord Shiva! Speak Manjunatha 100 crores is ready Swami.
when can I see the Kalasam? Day after tomorrow is the full moon day. That means the power will be at peaks
and we shall start then. Ok Swamy Hello, Jata Greetings to you. Make the Kalsam ready quickly. [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Give it here. It’s okay Brother. Go and sit there. Sit. Don’t you get angry at all? Why angry brother? Life is very small. As long as we live, it is important as to how good
and how much love have we shown is important. Happiness is only in
living so and dying, right? To get love from the others is
to share our love, right brother? Isn’t it…? You go and meet mines
minister before I come back. [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Come Swami… Sir, come this side. Okay. [CHANTS] Get that Kalasam. [CHANTS] Hail Lord Shiva… [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [BLESSINGS] These are cash bags… be careful. You should visit my house
once for sure, Swamy I’ll come for sure. May all be happy! Go. Brother, I have never seen so much money. Hey, don’t play with the money. Ok bro, I’ll keep it Brother, if you pay money to that CI and
Ugrappa, I’ll have to leave back to my place. Hey, you mad fellow. Nothing like giving him money and
you going back to your house. Brother, What are you talking? You wanted to cheat me again and
loot these hundred Billion, idiot… Cheating You appoint a man without my knowledge? Pasupathi… please listen me. Hey, shall I tell you a story? I had a friend in childhood. He helped me a hundred times
and I’m very grateful to him. But he cheated me once for 10 rupees
and I couldn’t bear that. I killed him. Hey, listen… Listen completely and die I snatched those ten rupees from him and now I’ll snatch the hundred crores
too from this guy now. I’ll kill him, his pregnant wife
and even the baby in her womb. Hey, catch him. Brother, I stood on my word right? [SCREAMS] Hey, what happened? Say what happened, Delivery pains, Brother. One minute… Brother… Nothing will happen to you, Avani. What happened dear? Brother… Don’t get tensed… One minute. What happened, Avani?
-Brother… Let’s go to the hospital I’ll get the auto, one minute. Ok, one minute… Be careful. [PANTING] Bro, where do I get an Auto here?
-You’ll get it in that centre. Brother, this is unjustice please leave me. You… Are you talking about justice? Hey, call Basava..
-Okay Brother. Brother… no. Brother… They said autos
will be there in this centre? There won’t be any autos at this time.
-Where would I get bro? No idea Brother, his phone is not in reach Hey, try… Try till you get his number.
-Ok brother. Brother… Avani, I couldn’t get an auto anywhere.
-I can’t bear it brother. Avani, I’ll take you.
I’ll take you, one minute [CRYING] [GROANS] Avani, let’s go to the hospital.
Come on dear I can’t sit bro…
-Careful. Brother… I’ll take you, sit Brother. Come dear, sit Come dear, sit. sit properly… You don’t worry, I’ll carefully take you. Don’t worry, hold tight Hey, give me beer. Brother, she’s an innocent girl… Brother, poor girl. Brother… Brother… It’s paining… Just bear a bit dear… I’m going…
-I’m unable to bear it brother… Just bear a bit dear… Avani…careful… -[SCREAMS]
-[GRUNTS] Brother… Avani, you’re fine right? Avani… Avani…
-Its paining brother, I’m unable to bear it Avani, nothing will happen to you. I’ll take you carefully to the hospital and
nothing will happen to you. Brother, phone is ringing If he picks it up, say him to kill her and
bury right there and come back here. No brother… Bro, I informed her to return back immediately.
-Brother, phone is ringing. Come on try… Try till he lifts it Bro, there’s a baby in her womb… [THUD SOUND] Nothing will happen to you, dear… Nothing will happen to you, dear… I’m unable to bear, brother… [CRYING] Brother, please call him once Brother… Avani, we have come on to the road. We’ve almost come dear… We’ll get some vehicle here Hey, drive properly…
Be careful with the money Brother, not even a single
rupee will be gone from this… I’m driving a Jeep with 100 crores brother. Hey, come back [TRAFFIC NOISES] Come on, bring that fellow No brother… Please… Please don’t kill me brother… Brother. [THUD SOUND] Hey get up… Dig a grave that fits you… Bro, please let go my wife. Please brother. I said you to take the entire money
right brother. You take it all… I stood on my word, right brother? You too stand on your word now. Brother… -[GLASS BREAKS]
-[GROANS] Hey, untie him. Hey, get up. Hey, go idiot… Go and start the work… Just bear a bit dear…
-Brother, I’m unable to bear it There is a vehicle coming… Hey, stop… Stop the vehicle… Brother, please stop the vehicle. Just bear a bit dear… [GROANS] Just bear a bit dear… Brother, please stop the vehicle Avani, nothing will happen to you… Hey, stop… Stop idiot,
I’ll kill if you don’t stop Hey, get down. Hey, right here… Hey, open the door Just bear a bit dear…
Start the vehicle faster… Start the vehicle… Drive to the hospital. Look guys… He’s digging his own grave [EVIL LAUGH] You are superb brother. We’ve come to the hospital dear,
just bear a bit dear… Stop… Doctor…Doctor… Avani, come on… We’ve reached.
-Pains Brother… Doctor…Doctor… Careful… Faster… Where is the Doctor…? We’ve reached…
nothing will happen to you. just bear a bit dear… Do you get her to hospital in
such a condition? Sign here Go and sit there. [SCREAMS] I’ve no belief over you. If you really exist,
save that mother and baby. [CLOCK TICKING] Ok madam, Anaesthesia ready. Hey…
-Brother. See how deep he has dug the grave. Bro, he dug it very deep Stop digging ask him to come up. Hey, stop digging and you come up. Come…come. I’m telling for the last
time, you’re doing a mistake. That’s what I do, idiot -[SCREAMS]
-[BABY CRYING] Hey Pasupathi… In every lie I say there’d be a truth and
a lie in every truth I say. I urgently need two guns Guru Bhai. one original and one duplicate. I’ll come myself and take. At any cost, allow only me and
don’t allow Pasupathi and batch This is original and this is the duplicate I’ll take the original
and give him the duplicate [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Hey, finish him. [SHRIEKS] [GUN SHOTS] [GUN SHOT] Baby boy is born…
Both mother and kid are safe… [EMOTIONAL MUSIC] [PHONE VIBRATING] Brother, that guy is blessed with a son. Hey Basava, that guy has cheated us. Kill his wife and son Bro, it’s a sin. Hey, if you don’t kill
him, he will kill you. [GROANS] Ok bro, I’ll kill Hello. Hey, why are you laughing? What did he say? It seems you got a son
and I said to kill both [GUN SHOTS] [MELANCHOLIC MUSIC] [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [PHONE RINGING] Hello I got a missed call from this number…
who is he…? This is Chikmangalur Government Hospital. Hello… [PHONE RINGING] [SCREAMS] Did my wife join here for delivery? Hey, who is it? Yes, she admitted and baby
boy was born and gone away. Listen to me… don’t you understand. I want to see. Hey… she gone away. Who… who took her away? He scared just delivered mother and
took them away. Is he mongrel..? He took them away. Hey Basava… [THUD SOUND] Hey, what have you done to my Avavni? Hey, what are you doing?
-What have you done to my son? Come on tell me. Hey wait.
-Basava tell me. Hey wait.
-[GUN SHOT] Come on tell me. What have you done to my son? [BABY CRYING] Avani… Avani… [CRYING] Avani… Are you fine..? Avani… Basava… Basava… Thank you… Basava, Thank you… Sorry, Basava. One minute. Hey, this entire money is yours. Hey, this entire money is yours.
Take it man… Hey, take this money…Take it Basava… If for money,
I would’ve killed Avani long back [EMOTIONAL MUSIC] Basava… Hey Basava… Avani… Avani… Avani… Avani… Avani… We are the butterflies… Every moment blossomed like smiles [MELODIOUS MUSIC]

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    The title of the movie should've been a lot better.
    I think a translated Hindi version should be released on Youtube.

  6. మోసం అబద్దమే, కానీ ఎంతో కొంత నిజం చుట్టూ తిరుగుతూనే ఉంటుంది. అది ఒక మద్యతరగతి వాని ఆశ అయినా కావచ్చు, డబ్బున్నవాని దురాశ అయినా కావచ్చును. మోసం చేసేవానిని చట్టం శిక్షిస్తుంది, లేకపోతే మరొక రూపంలో ప్రకృతి శిక్షిస్తుంది. అయితే మోసపోయిన మద్యతరగతివానిని కాలం రోజూ శిక్షిస్తుంది.

  7. డైరెక్టర్ అండ్ హీరోకి హ్యాట్సాప్… ఈ సినిమా చూడనివాళ్ళు దీని గురుంచి తెలియనివాళ్ళు ఓమంచి సినిమాని చాలా మిస్సవుతారు

  8. Story fantastic hiro acting excellent movie msg good & nice. totally movie super wonderful entertainment.edi ee nati kaliyugam kaligalam.100% thatis reyal life.mosapoyevallu undevareku mosam chessevollu undeuntau.great movie ★★★★ ee kalaniki thagintteundi ee movie.♥♥♥♥

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