The European Championhip
i fat approaching. Jacek Our national team i buy
getting ready for the play-off. Our hope are et on
a few young team member. Thee former league player jumped
traight into the national team. Let’ have a few word with
one of the new team member. A true tar of the pat eaon. He i in the reerve team
for now, but hopefully oon… – Where are you from?
– Zabrze. How doe it feel to be
playing with the mater? – Do you feel like a tar?
– I feel trange… Thi feel like a dream…
You know… a little urreal. You are only 17 year old. There are rumor about top
foreign team wanting to buy you. – About Ajax Amterdam…
– I don’t think about that now. I jut want to do well in the
friendly match againt France. After that, we’ll ee… How’ your private life? The ladie in our audience would like
to know if you have a girlfriend… I’d like to ay hello
to my girlfriend Ewa. Ewa
– I love you! Keep your finger croed for me. Let’ all cro our
finger for Jacek Mróoz. The future tar of our
national football team. Hey, defence! Move it! 33 to nothing! Hey, Santa! Pass the ball! Watch out, he’ll take it. You wanna play? This junkie sucks, man. Can you lend me some money?
I need to make a phone call. I don’t have any money. Take some from the blind dude.
Over there on the left. Good luck. Our Santa lost his Rudolph. Get back in the goal there! Go on! Go get the ball, man!
Fuck, what a bonehead… Hello? Hello?… Jacek? I know it’s you, say something… Say something, Jacek!
Is something wrong? Where are you calling from? Where are you calling from? I’m sorry about last time… You know I wouldn’t throw you out. I just can’t handle it anymore… Jacek, ay omething…
Where are you calling from? Say omething! Your lunch is ready. You’re a goalie, man!
You’ve got to catch it! Come on, concentrate! Watch out, here it comes! – Hey, Santa… You’re good.
– Yeah, right. – Hey, ball player! Shoot!
– I’m no ball player… What, then? I’m the ball… He’s still looking for Rudolph… Let’s play. Get in position. Don’t be a child. I never said that. You said I would get the
job, if I fix a couple games. You’re complicating things. We
won’t get anywhere like this. You’re right, we won’t.
I just can’t do it. – Where are you going?
– What do you care? I feel sorry for you. You should feel sorry for
the game. And for those boys. What I said stays between
you and me, obviously. Obviously? You damn prick. – Do you understand?
– What?! Oh, Jacek… Everyone face the basket. Two rows. One here, other one over there. No talking. Spread out. And move back. Move back! You pass the ball to me. Stop that, please. One makes a play, then
the next guy passes. Got it? – Yes!
– Go. Fuck, wait until he throws it! Go. Go. Was that your ball? Why
did you take it from him? If you don’t have a ball,
go to the end of the line! He passed it to me. If you don’t have a ball, you
go to the back of the line. Get back here. Focus. Go. Harder. Harder! Focus. Come here. You paraplegic?! What are you doing? Why so fast? You gotta focus if you
want to get somewhere. Or you’ll end up on
welfare like your old man. How does a layup work?!
You catch the ball, dribble. Catch it, take two steps, and throw! I’m sorry. Where are you going? Get in. – You’re 30 minutes late, Dad. – I had a meeting. With the chairman. They
want to hire me at the club. How was practice? I told you I’m no good at it
anymore, but Mom still makes me go. She means well. You’re very good. But I’m too big for it. I’m too heavy. My arms grew, my feet
grew …and my boobs grew. You look beautiful. And my nose, too. I get that from Mom. Actually, you have
your grandmother’s nose. – Have you been drinking?
– No way. Maybe we should walk? No… we’re okay. – You’re a total loser, Dad.
– What? – Get out.
– Ewa… I didn’t want to do this.
You know it’s hard for me. Stay away from us until
you get cleaned up! – Mom, leave him alone!
– Go home and feed the cat! I’m sorry. I was late, because I was… They’re going to hire
me. You know, at the club. That’s why I was late.
But I didn’t drink. Honest. Let me smell your breath. Stop it. Go on! No, I won’t demean myself. – Jacek, I can’t handle this!
– Leave him, Mom! Go, go on now! Go to your lover! To your mother! Move, you fucker! Come on. You’d better start, motherfucker! Start, you piece of shit! Fuck this fucking shit! – Where are you taking me?
– The train station. You’re leaving town. Got it? – Who are you?
– Team players. The chairman warned you, right? You can’t make me leave. If you ever show your face here
again, we will pay your wife a visit. Fuck you! Hey, Santa! Get up! Don’t sleep here. You’ll freeze! – Did you drink?
– No, you got anything? Nothing, fuck it. But you can come with
us to the flophouse. Wait up! Meet the guys. This here is Senator. Miner. Mitro… He’s Ukrainian.
But he speaks our language. I’m Jacek. Let’s go. Excuse me… Could you switch with me? This here… From down to up there… – I’m claustrophobic. Choking…
– No problem. Thank you. You, shut up! People can’t sleep. – Take your mantras to the toilet.
– Not your business. Yes, it is. Fuck off. Fat ass. You stink like hell. It’s not like you’ve bathed
in holy water, Father. You’d like a drink, wouldn’t you? Nights are the worst. I hate this stench. He created it on purpose.
So that we wouldn’t sleep. What harm would it do if we slept… But no… He won’t give us a break. Priest The Body and Blood of
Our Lord Jesus Christ helped Him attain eternal life… This is the Lamb of God who
takes away the sins of the world. Happy are those who are
called to His supper. I’m not eating. You always say that. But then
you never give me your share. – Why should I, you glutton.
– I’ll give it to him. Thanks, I’m not hungry. Did you lose your appetite?
Another conspiracy? – Are you serious or joking?
– It’s pretty cool. KGB, CIA, Martians… They have no name. That’s
why they can do what they do. What’s that? Rule the world? The world doesn’t have to be
ruled. It has to be destroyed. That’s exactly what they’re
doing. To all of you. What about you? I’m still holding up. Hey, Priest! Can I have your
share? You’re Christian… – I can’t look at your fat mug!
– The Bible says: ”He shall not enter the Kingdom,
who giveth not his pork chop away…” I’ll fucking kill you! Who allowed a piece of shit
like you to ever walk this world? Am I not His walking image? You shouldn’t allow such a holy
figure to walk around malnourished. How long have you been like this? – Ever since I got out of jail.
– And the others? You lose track of time. You think it’s been a
week, and it’s been a month. You think it’s a year, and
your whole life is gone. We’re fucked, man. I’m not hungry. I need a drink. – But you have to…
– I could use a drink. Come on. Yes, my Queen! From the bottom… Wait up, I’m coming! Many thanks. Wait! Where are you going? There’s this guy I know,
haven’t seen him in years. Can he buy us a bottle? Mr Wojtek – Hey, Wojtek.
– Hey. Don’t you recognize me? Well? You don’t remember me? Jacek Mrooz. Remember how you broke my leg? I didn’t recognize you. I sent you letters to your parents’
address. They all came back. How are you doing? Did
you and Ewa get married? We have a daughter. Aniela. You live in Warsaw? Wanted to see about a
job… I’m coaching now. Me, too. Minor league. Plus I work for the Polish
Football Association. Don’t really have time for
football. I run a business. Tons of paperwork. Mostly
good for the potbelly… I can’t really talk now. I’m here to see about sponsors.
It was good to see you! Take care. Good luck with everything. Hope to see you again, sooner
than in another 15 years… Give me a call. Here’s my mobile. For 15 years I had dreams
about how I broke your leg. Hope you’re not bearing a grudge… – Don’t worry about it.
– Take care. See you. Thanks. Did you get it? Let’s go, it’s cold. Excuse me… Is this 17 Polowa Street? Why? This a workers’ hostel?
That’s the address I got. I’m looking for someone. Sure, this is a hostel.
You got any smokes? No. Sorry. Hey, Staszek. They said you burned
down at the old factory. No, I wasn’t there.
I went looking for scrap. Three guys burned to
death in those pipes. Rudy, Rumun… And the guy with the broken nose… Bolek. The kid’s looking for a hostel. How did you find me? You wrote that you live in a
hostel. Is this where you live? Not far from here… You will like it. Did you bring something from home? Potato moonshine… This is my eldest son. Stop that, Father. We have to talk. Talk, yes… Why did you say you had
work? There’s no hostel here. Where will we sleep? You see, son… Things
didn’t turn out as planned. How are things at home? How
is your mother? And the kids? Kids are hungry. Mother is dog tired. That’s why they sent me here.
What will I tell them now? Father… Go on, pour it. Come on, everyone. Let’s have cocktails. Can you go blind from that? No, just deaf. Jacek! Come on! We’re gonna play. Come on! What? We’re gonna play. Football fucked up
my life. So screw you. Cops! Cops! Follow me, guys… Come quick… Where? Let’s get the fuck out of here! Come on in. Just like a hostel… We’ve got water… Well, not right now. Look, son. That can be your room. – Won’t this collapse?
– No way, I live here! I have to get you out of here… I’m not going anywhere.
I like it here… Hey, kid. Check out the job listings. It’s old… You can see what you missed. With that paper you actually look human. Here, read this. What’s this? Homeless World Cup… They’re saying guys like us can play. – You know, teams…
– Get that away from me. You could coach us! You don’t have to
play if you don’t want. Games like that are always fixed.
They all have their deals… Bullshit! The ship had its own deals. The slammer had its own deals.
And guess what, I made it. – Deals are for people, not losers.
– You don’t know shit. Forget it, then! I’ll round them up. I’ll talk to the guys myself.
You just fucking stay out of it! Do what you want, I don’t give a fuck. I’ll get it. Hello? – What’ up? How i chool?
– Don’t joke around. Where are you? – How is your mother?
– Where are you? – Don’t tell her I called.
– You don’t have to call. Dad? Yeah… Come back. Mom’s not mad anymore.
She is looking for you. She called everywhere. I told her you mut be dead.
Otherwie you would have called me. She cried, but he didn’t believe me.
You don’t have to bring me anything. I know… You know what? I’ll call you. Okay, bye. – Who was that?
– A friend. Give me back my ball. Or what? – Or my dad will be angry.
– You won’t be angry? – No.
– You don’t like to play? No, I hate it. I want to play the cello. But my dad says that
will make me a faggot. Here’s what we’ll do. I’ll
take this ball and run. When your dad comes,
tell him it was stolen. By whom? By faggots. This is the ball. We were gonna play, right?
Where’s the ball. Give it. Come on, I bought you beer. – Let’s play. This here is the ball…
– This might be easier… You were supposed to stay away. These are my conditions. Everybody at practice.
No fucking around. No drinking or dope during practice. You listen to what I say. No discussion. I say when we start and finish. You give it all you’ve
got. Is that clear? If so… …then from now on call me Coach. That’s too much… Got it? Got it. All right then. Let’s
start with the leapfrog. – What’s that?
– A little green animal. And – One!
And – Two! Let’s go! More bounce. Very good. Bounce up and hop to the side. One… Two… Are you sick, Jarek? Move it. Support it with your hands. Hey, Senator! Leave those
pencils and briefcase! It will be easier! Stop! Other way around. – What?
– Nothing… Enough. Yeah, you can do it like that.
He can hold your legs down. Very good. Your briefcase is a big help, right? What’s up, Jarek? Hanging in there? What is it? Hey! Get out of here! Now! Bunch of stinkers. Don’t touch me! Get out! All of you, out! We were just leaving. My bag… What? Money, here, we got money. Leave that, you thieves! Here is your money, my Queen… – Still here?
– I’m going… Now I gotta clean up after them. Damn stinking bums. Play it to Cocky! Good! Come on, Senator! Fuck! Let’s get out of here! Sewka Sorry. Come on! Alek! No sleeping! Stand there. Go for a chest stop! Get off her, she’ll suffocate! – I slipped…
– Take it easy… – What’s your name?
– Severine. Are you hurt? – My arm…
– Your arm hurts? Can you move it? – Does that hurt?
– I didn’t mean to… – Can you move it?
– No… And like this? I think it’s broken. You know, broken. We have
to take you to a hospital. I have a train to
catch. What, this here? Not anymore, you don’t. – Can you bend it like this?
– No. She’s a foreigner. She had an accident.
Someone ran into her. Please step back. Something wrong? Pretty
please, my Queen… Please help us… She has a train to
catch. A train to Paris! She came to the station
and someone ran into her. – You live at the train station?
– No. We just play there.
Practice, you know… – You play…
– Football. – With whom?
– With my buddies. – Where are you from?
– Paris. Beautiful city. – Have you been there?
– Sure. We once played a friendly
match against the French. That train you missed,
where were you off to? Moscow. Everything is okay. Just please help us! Just help her, you damn undertakers! – I’ll examine the patient.
– We’ve been here an hour! Take it easy… – Where is the young woman?
– Here. Please follow me. It was an accident.
Will she be all right? – We’ll see. Come on.
– Leave your bags. We’ll watch them. Don’t worry. Hang in there! She’s nice, eh? Gotta watch them, motherfuckers. Just don’t go beating him up.
Wait until he’s fixed her arm. – Did I do it, or what?
– You did great. Don’t talk so much. Voila. Our team. Guys! Say hello. She came to see us from France. Looney, Mitro
– the Russian cosmonaut, Priest… – I’m not a priest!
– She’s from Paris. Sewka. Short for Severine. Say hello. Paris is their headquarters. – Stop that!
– It’s always like that. Can you sign it? Write something on her
cast. Senator has some pens. Let’s sign it as a souvenir. Right on her cast? Let’s all sign it. I said no! Don’t fucking touch her! Jacek… This is our team. You can play here
every day after 2 p.m. No one will bother you. Hey, man! You can change here, even sleep. If anyone asks, I know nothing. Sure thing. Maybe I could play with you? We’re two short. Team of nine. Now you’re just one short. – Okay.
– Did you see that? Let’s start! Skip
– one, two… Knees high! And back down. Senator! Drop the briefcase! Move your shoulders. And knees high. Next! That’s how fast it should
be. Bend your knees. Senator! Drop the can! Drop the briefcase! Or I will! No hands, just shoulder action! Ready? Hi! – Hi, I found a present for you.
– Cool. You’re not leaving? No. Moscow can wait. Is it okay to shoot? As in a movie? I think so. Hey. Okay, direct passes now. Very good. Head shots. Let’s go! Miner, go. Very good stance. Senator… Very good. Alek. Like a girl! Very good, Cocky! One more time. Don’t worry. The ball will surely bounce off of you. Excellent! Our priest now. Beautiful shot! Very good! One more time, cosmonaut! Great! Now we try the chest trap. Then pass it on, whatever
way works for you. Here you go. Almost there. That’s exactly it. Chest, head… Excellent! Try to be precise. Miner, try it again. Chest, foot… Fuck! Give me the briefcase! – What’s going on?
– He took my case. We’re at practice! Fuck, I’ll dump that
briefcase. Leave it! I’m coming. Like little kids. Go. Go. Go. Okay, that’s it for now. Hi. – How are you?
– Good. You? – Not bad.
– Your arm? Great. That’s a great ball you got us. You were going to Moscow? What
were you going to do there? Scouting. The same as I am doing here. Tell me something. Me? Cocky The name is Roman Gawron.
Also known as Cocky. I was a seaman. I was third mate on a merchant ship. We took cargo to Singapore. I’ve been all over the world. – Been to France, too. Marseille.
– Jacek has also been to France. Fuckin’ Jacek… But I was at sea. You know what that means? Sea… Open space… I had a wife… Then I slipped. You did what? I was inside… – You understand?
– No… Maybe it’s for the best. Look who’s here. The kid talked me into
it. Can I play with you? He’s really set on it. I used to play. The kid can cheer me on… It’s true. He was very good. Can you even run? I’m fit as a fiddle. I don’t know… I’ll get in shape, if it’s
the last fucking thing I do. The kid will be proud of me. – All right.
– You out of your mind? Welcome on board. Fucking Veterans Club. I understand… It’s really important to me. I want them to get the feeling. To play on a real field,
against a real team. Maybe it won’t do shit,
but it’s important to me. Can you do that for me? Saturday would be great! Thanks a lot, man. See you then. – We’re in.
– Isn’t it too soon? You’re backing down? – They’re real football players.
– Forget it! You scared? You can’t come in here, baby. A woman in the locker
room brings bad luck. Everyone sit down. Remember what we talked about. Direct plays. Watch each other,
everyone is in positions. If you don’t know where to
pass, kick it out of bounds. Just don’t pass it to the opponent.
We’re playing the 3-3-2 formation. – The priest can be goalkeeper.
– There’s no priest here, fat ass. Silence! 3-3-2… Can you all shut up?! Reverse order.
Centre-back – Senator. What’s with the swaying? You gotta piss? And leave the damn briefcase!
Or the ref won’t let you play. Eyes, ears, heart and brain of the team. You watch everything. Follow every play. Got it? Reverse: Priest, Mitro… – What am I playing?
– Shut the fuck up and I’ll tell you! Priest, Mitro… Cocky…
Where the fuck is Cocky? – They kidnapped him.
– Where is he? He stayed behind at the shop. What were you doing there? I should fucking smack you. – Why are you wearing that?
– I can’t risk my head… Get another one for your balls then. Someone go get Cocky! I’ll try to postpone the game. Let’s go. I’ll help you. Either we stay together or fuck this! There he is! Motherfucker. Cocky! Take him. – Fuck off.
– You fuck off! I was in France, too… Go for a long shot! Longer! What’s up? Where are
those stars of yours? Give me another 15 minutes…
I lost my centre forward. Hope you find him. Man, I’m only doing this for you. – My boys are waiting. Your call.
– Just a moment. Go on! Gentlemen, let’s begin.
Remember what I told you before. Direct passes. And we’re
good to go! Let’s play! Go for it! Go back! Excellent! – You could move your fat ass!
– Everything’s fine. Let’s play ball! If you don’t know where to
pass, kick it out of bounds! They’re tripping right over the ball. Fuck, look at each other! You couldn’t have reacted?
Just a fucking reaction! Beautiful. Not bad. Don’t get too comfortable,
you’re the goalkeeper! Goal! Great… – Why aren’t you happy?
– Look at the fucking score board! Thank you Wojtek. Don’t play with that. Fuck this team. You’re shit. Leave the fucking lamp! I thought you wanted to learn. I thought you fucking
cared! No fucking way! Every man for himself! You
don’t look at each other. You don’t listen to me.
I could stand there all day! Shut the fuck up! You were running around
like headless chickens! Bunch of faggots!
Fucking star individuals. Wait a minute… You’re better than all that? You’re just like the rest of
us. We met at the same station. You’re one to talk! You got hammered and didn’t give a shit! I’ll drink when I want to. You’re
not the boss of me, asshole. I gave you my conditions. No drinking! – You’ve got problems?
– Who made you the boss? Fuck you! Stop it… You asked for it, Coach. Fuck you, you piece of shit. 2 o’clock tomorrow,
everyone in the field. Does it hurt? No. Why did it happen? Nothing happened. A couple
hobos got in a fight. It wasn’t so bad… Sure. We could have killed each other. But it didn’t work. Have a drink with me. I bought a bottle of vodka.
I thought we would be celebrating. Here. Cheers. You’re my guardian angel? – Dad?
– Hello, unhine. – I love you o much…
– You’re drunk. You promised! My angel… I love you so much… Stop calling me. You’re a tupid drunk! I’m sorry… Next time… Next time I will wake up Mom. Mundek Coach… I want you to know… That game back in 1992. Score was 3:2. Goals by Jacek Mrooz. 16
and 32 minutes into the game. I was there. Really? Otherwise I wouldn’t
have let you play here. I remember how that guy broke your knee. I cried. Honest to God. The championship would
have turned out different. We would have clobbered the French. Yes, get in there! Go! Other side! Faster! Go to the right! Give it your fucking best! To the right! Great! Man, you could have taken
a dive. Let’s go for a beer. Looney is buying. That was very good. A piece
of excellent useless work. Looney I lived with my grandfather. He was paralyzed. I would help him out. But then he died.
People were coming in… But I left. Now everyone makes fun of me. They say I have no will power. That I eat all the time
because I like being fat. That’s not the point. It’s
like this void inside you. Day and night… It can’t
be filled. Sucking at you… So you eat. You have to eat this life
before it eats you. So I eat… We need proper gear… We
have to get there somehow… We need food… I could get the monks
to give us some food. I know some Viets. They
own a clothing stand. They could give us some T-shirts.
I helped them get a residence permit. And this other condom guy. But he could probably
only give us the rubber… Good enough. Any more ideas? – Rich Ukrainian friends?
– Gagarin. Senator, say something! You
used to be a big shot, right? Let’s see that briefcase! I got something… Sports Stars Charity Ball… Gala for former national team players… – Yeah, great idea.
– You used to play, right? Yeah. Whatever. They are there. They go
there. There is money there. What do you think, Cocky? Tomaszewski – Look, it’s Tomaszewski.
– Who? – You don’t know him?
– No. The man who blocked England.
Best goalkeeper in history. May I see your invitation? – We’re here for the gala.
– Yes, I have it. I cannot find it. – I can’t find it.
– Are you with the press? – No, I’m a football player.
– May I see the list? – Would you step aside, please?
– We’re here for the gala… I will just check… – What is your name?
– Jacek Mrooz. I’m sorry, your name is not on the list. Honestly, I play football. So do I, sir. Unfortunately, that’s not enough
to be invited to this gala. This is for members
of the national team. But I was on the national
team. Back in 1992. And who did you play against? France. Well, I was supposed to play… – But then I was injured…
– So you never actually did play. We will let you know when there is
a gala for those who ”almost” played. But now I must ask you
to leave. Good night. – You prick! I told you I played!
– Calm down! Just a second, I know him. Fuck off, I earned this!
Don’t go if you don’t want to! Excuse me… Jacek Mrooz, right? Yes. I’ve lost track of you. What happened to you after the injury? – Ups and downs…
– Great talent, I remember. How old were you when
your leg was broken? – Seventeen…
– A little young to retire… I’ve often thought
what happened to you… So what do you do? I coach… – Really? Whom?
– The homeless. Homeless?… Yes, homeless! You heard me right! Homeless football team? Really? Yes. – Where can I find you?
– The old national stadium. One moment… Just in case… Jacek… I want to show you something. This is what I shot… With the boys… And when I aw Jacek…
I aw him take the ball… He’s very good when
he looks at the camera. He force u to give it all we
got. He doen’t bullhit around. I hould look at the camera? It doen’t work in the field… When we’re playing… Then there i thi hield over u… They can’t… They can’t get pat it. That’ good. They can’t do nothing. Jacek aid we houldn’t be cared. Booze will be the death of me… But you gotta have omething in life. I would like… people to… repect… I ee how people look at me. Jacek never aw me that way.
Like a drunken piece of trah. He ee me a a midfielder.
Defenive midfielder. What’s going to happen now? With what? With us… Well… You will go back to your wife. And I will go to Moscow. There I will meet Ivan. Then I will go to
China and meet Mr. Lee. And then I will go to Afghanistan,
and there I will meet Hassan. – Come help us save Staszek!
– What are you on about? Dad is in there! I went to the employment
office. I was gone all day! He wasn’t feeling
well, so he was asleep. They built that wall. They
didn’t notice he was in there. Go away, kid. Fuck, don’t look! Turn around… Don’t look! What do we do now? We should probably… call the police… They have to take him away… – We’re playing tomorrow, right?
– Yeah. We’ve got to take the kid home. He clawed at it with his fingers… His heart must have given out… Staszek… One way… Paris. Don’t be afraid. You don’t have much to lose. You have some skills. I want you to watch each
other, back each other up. I want you to give it all you’ve got. Fight until you drop. That’s all I want from you. I want to see a team. Is that clear? We’ll be back at the train
station anyway, won’t we… Now we’re going to play. Tomorrow we’ll be picking up
cigarette stubs with a smile. Concentrate. You got smokes? I quit two years ago. We’re one man short. You lost another one
at the liquor store? Maybe you can bring him around? You want to play? Okay, then come quick.
You’ve got to change. Give me that suitcase
and go. Come on, move it! Brothers! You’re advertising
condoms? Bless you! Captains, approach for the coin toss. Hey Alek… – Who’s that girl?
– It’s my sister. No shit… I like her… hat. I see you invited some big shots. – Heads or tails?
– Heads. Play ball! Move it! Direct passes. Take it easy. Go back. What the fuck is going on? Pass it left! Go, Mundek! Awesome! Move it back! Fuck. Go back! That was great! Jarek… You okay? Oh fuck… – Watch your game.
– Watch your net, fatso. Score! That’s great, gentlemen. Three! It’s all right, gentlemen. Three! Go for it… Go solo! Go for it, kid… Shoot! All right, kid! Time! That was great. – Did you like it?
– Very much. I’m glad you’re here. You look good. How are things at home? Meet Cocky. – Roman is the name.
– Hi. That’s very cool. I’ve
never seen anything like it. It’s nothing. Did it hurt? No way. Who is it? Nobody… It was never anybody… We won! – Have you seen Sewka?
– No. No worries, thanks. Beautiful shot, kid. Hit the lockers. Congratulations. We
should sit down and talk. This Homeless World Cup
is an interesting idea. Give me a call next week. Great job. Thanks. – It wasn’t easy.
– You have no idea. Are you going to play? No… Miner – So you’re from Bytom?
– Yeah. We were practically neighbours then. Funny we met at the Central Station. Did you work at the mines? Yeah, right at the coalface. And? Don’t wanna talk about it. You coming with me? If you want me to. I’ll put on my tie. – Jacek. My coach.
– Hello. Beer? I can’t. – How about your friend?
– He can’t either. I’ll make some tea. Thank you. – Where are the kids?
– Where have you been? What was I to do? You know what happened. You were there. I can’t go down there. Don’t you understand? They reopened the mine. All the guys are back
to work. Why can’t you?! What will you do then? I play football. We’re going to the Homeless World Cup. But you’re not homeless. You have a home. You have children. You have me… Jolka… Wait… Stay… Stay… What happened? Nothing. Let’s go to your place. – Wait!
– Come on. Ewa Go see them. – Say goodbye.
– Goodbye. It doesn’t mean anything. Let’s get out of here. You have to understand one thing. What we need is to win. We get on the podium,
people start talking… Regular football is so bad
that any success will do… You will be taking the Polish
national team to the World Cup! We’ll take care of the paperwork, travel expenses
– everything. You’ll hold a press conference
before and after the trip. I believe in your boys. You just have to keep them short. – But we should strengthen the team.
– Yes, that’s it. – What do you mean?
– Most of the guys are great. But a few can barely
move. You know that. What are you trying to do? I have an idea. Come to practice. You
can tell them everything. We have no secrets. We have three guys here.
I just want you to talk to them. The team will be the same. We’ll
just get rid of the weaklings. – Where are you from, son?
– The army, Coach! – And you?
– The same regiment. – Army men?
– They’re not homeless then. We checked. They have
no permanent residence. But the army is like
a second home. Right, soldiers? – Yes, Coach!
– At ease. They have a place to live. – Who’s going to check?
– I will! I will fucking check! I’ll take my team, or no team at all! You can gather your own
team, take the army and go. Do you have a criminal record? It’s all in the papers. Why do you want the passport? I’m a member of the national
team at the Homeless World Cup. I’m a football player. A homeless football player? Yes. What will you do after your return? Is this football of yours
a way out of homelessness? What exactly do you mean? I’m just wondering if you’ve
paid your debt to society. I think I’m paying it right now. May I ask you a question? Yes. What colour is this track suit? – Red and white, of course.
– And what’s this? What is this, a pop
quiz? That’s an eagle. No pop quiz. An eagle. And what’s that behind your back? The Polish emblem. You understand now?
We’re on the same team. So don’t waste any more of my time.
I have to practice. I’m a football player. Just give me the
passport and I will leave. Please. Sign here. There. One more thing… What’s your position? I’m in the attack. Centre forward. Thank you. Hey, Senator! You want the top? Mitro is here. You got it? – I have to go back.
– What? I wouldn’t get it anyway. Have to pay. I have no money. Understand? – I don’t have any either.
– Besides, my brother lives in Germany. The Krauts won’t give me a visa. You ever got anything from Germans? – We won’t leave him behind!
– So what do we do? Why wouldn’t they? We’re
going to the World Cup! We’ll smuggle him in. In the trunk. – What?
– Sure! What if they catch us at the border?
Aren’t you on parole? – You’ll be back in jail.
– Fuck that. – Tell that to the guys!
– You have to take chances! – There won’t be a World Cup!
– Chances, I tell you. This can work. The trunk? You crazy? The trunk, no… Gagarin! The World Cup finals! You understand? No… All right… I’m telling you, this will work! Mitro Bastards locked me in the trunk… Let’s have a smoke, comrade… Quiet now… Good morning. Good morning, passport control. Good morning. Good morning. Anything wrong? No… Everything is all right. – Have a nice trip.
– Thanks. Mitro! Fuck, he’s on fire! Get him out of there! Stop that! Give him CPR! Me? Do it! We’re in Germany! We’re in, man! Get it? We made it! I need to go to the toilet. Mitro! He drowned in there. Fuck! Mitro is gone! Is Mitro with you? There he is! Stop! The World Cup! It’s been two hours.
He’s not coming back. I risked so much… Fuck, he said he had a brother. So he came to get him. He just needed us to
get across the border. Let’s go back… You want to go back? Coach… Maybe you will play? You have to play. For us. Come on, Coach… Check out the first aid kits… Russians… Maybe they know something. Fuck that. Anybody speak Swiss? These guys are Swiss, right? Wow, he’s fucking tall… This is nice… – Check out the bathtub!
– Is it big? Yeah. Both of us would fit in there. What did you find there? What are you… I’ll take it down to the reception desk. You know how expensive this is? – I don’t want to go on the air…
– Otherwise we will never find Dad. Maybe he will come home on his own? – I wouldn’t count on it. Come.
– This is embarrassing… – Do you have the photos?
– Yes. I don’t want to… I don’t want to! – Can she wait here?
– Yes, of course. Come into the studio. Jacek… If you can hear me… Call us. We… Aniela really misses you. I know… I’m not trying to force you… Jacek, please call us… Is that your mother on TV? You can’t go in there! Mom, come quick! Dad is on television! That situation was not planned. Our programme airs live. – Please turn it up.
– I can’t, they’re recording. Turn it up! The Polih team i now in the final and will be playing againt
Serbia for the championhip… Our guet i Jacek Mróoz
– the coach and triker of the team. – Where are you from?
– Zabrze. How doe it feel to play
for the national team? I’m very happy to be here. Would you like to ay
omething to our viewer? I would like to ay hello
to my wife and daughter. I love you very much.
I will ee you oon. I have to run. Keep
your finger croed! Let’ all cro our finger
for Jacek and the whole team… Let’s go! The OFF-siders

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  1. Czy tylko mi się wydaje, że 1h41m leci taka sama muzyka w Pubie, ktora zazwyczaj puszczali w Pitbullu ?

  2. fabula moze ok, ale realizacja cienko, taki aktor w takim filmie tez srednio to wyglada. brak polskich akcentow, amerykanskie zakonczenie, cos trefny film porównując do polskiej klasyki

  3. SWietny,optymistyczny film.Na poczatku troche sie go balem,bo alkohol jes pieklem.Ale pozniej wszystko ladnieje,az do szczesliwego konca.


  5. Pierdole nie wierze ze takie gowno jak alko jest legalne a takie cos jak trawka juz nie
    Ogolnie narkomani mi mowili ze latwiej z heroiny wyjsc niz z alko

  6. Zagrali lepiej niż nasza reprezentacja :)A film świetny, tylko podziwiać ludzi którzy się nie poddają będąc na dnie.

  7. Polecam, duzo przekazu. Jedyne co mi sie gryzlo, to ta scena na Dworcu Centralnym jak kopali pilke…jakos tak nie bardzo mi ta scena podeszla.Taka…naciagnieta, ale to moja opinia 🙂 Pozdrawiam serdecznie wszystkich.

  8. Lepiej sie zapić na smierć, niż wegetować w korporacyjnym kieracie z uwieszonymi na szyi rachunkami, kredytami, hipotekami, babami i bachorami…

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  10. To na faktach i zgadzam się z przedmówcą, o tym jakim alkohol jest zagrożeniem powinno się już mówić dzieciom w przedszkolu, a potem w szkole podstawowej, a następnie w szkole średniej.

  11. Komuś się popi… o z czasem i dworcami pkp. Na dworzec nie wpuszcza się bezdomnych, trzeba mieć bilet a to jakiś kłamliwy obraz daleki od prawdy gdzie policja i ochrona biją i wyganiają każdego. Może tak prawdziwy film o alko i upadku a nie taki SZAJS. Polskie kino- obciach

  12. Doskonały obraz Polski po przemianach – co za osiągi – jedna-k chyba jedynie w wyniszczaniu narodu Polskiego – to wychodzi doskonale do czasu – wszystko jest do czasu.

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