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Silence. No one move from here
till the bell rings. Okay?
– Okay. I don’t want any
noise here. Alright? Give me pencil. You, battery, keep quiet, Okay? Sorry. I like Polo. I like Polo.
I hate chicken. Today’s topic is vacations. Do you like vacations?
– Yes madam. I love vacations.
– Yes madam. I wanted to go to Japan, madam. But my mama said that we
already have a Sony TV. Hey Chakru! Give me the pencil. You. The one with glasses.
I say silence. Alright? Silence please. Silence.
Keep silence. I am not able to hear anything. I want to be well educated. I want
to be Kiran Bedi. Silence please. Children, I’m going to
recite a poem on vacations. Vacation.
We’re free without tension. But we’re tensed of our results. Don’t forget that. It was so nice. We don’t have study. No home work or boring correction. But I’ll correct. The home work. Homework. Homework is so bad. I hate homework. Vacations are still 15 seconds away. And now I want to tell you
some very important things. It always happens to me. I like my mom spanking me.
– What? As she treats me
with an ice-cream later. Your mom’s great, man! You are lucky, my friend. She’s also very pretty. My mom’s like Aishwarya
Rai Ditto, Miss INDIA. My mom is miss Patel. She’s prettier than Miss India. I feel lonely when my mom’s
away from me. I don’t know. What’s happened with Sasha. Tiger. Tiger. Tiger. Tiger. Earth’s on fire, so is the Papad. When the clouds are pouring in sky
I’m frying papads here. Please have some tea. You should tell a lie. To lie, is against my principles.
So, I won’t. Have your tea. People come here to fight. You’ll be forced to tell a lie. There are several quarrels every day. Why did you become a criminal
lawyer if you’re all that honest? You’ve made a criminal
wastage of my money. I’ll speak the truth and truth alone.
You’ve your tea. All are engrossed in their own world. Let it be. Even if I lose this case,
I’ll not tell a lie. All are enjoying,
and I am busy here making tea. Please bring tea! Have some tea!
– I don’t want tea! Serious. Problem?
– Quarrel? Drink this milk soon. I’m going
to give you a very bad news. Bad news?
– Yes. Your friend, Thomas.
He’s going to London. Operation. I’ll ring you at five. Be prepared. My friend should be
released at any cost. Wrong number. Yes. Goldie. Didn’t we study together in K.G? Yes. Long nose. Yes. Oh my God! Goldie. Goldie. Goldie. When did you return from America? Do you remember? You proposed
to me in our first standard. Then you went away to
America in the second standard. That’s O.K. Have your tea now. Here’s he and there that girl. I’m grown up now.
I’m no longer, a small kid. 5 O’clock. Scandal Point? Okay. You’re playing with fire. Have some tea. It’s gone cold. I don’t want tea. Metropolis Dirty roads,
severe traffic and smoke. Made in Bombay.
– Filthy sea, Polluted air. Made in Bombay.
– Pollution. Good subject. Made in Bombay, Bombay made. Made in Bombay, Bombay made.
Made in Bombay. Bombay made. Prime minister going abroad. What do you want to be,
when you grow up? I would like to be the Prime
Minister of India, when I grow up.. ..what about you? I want to live happily. Don’t be serious, Sasha. Thomas will be back. This is the problem with you, kids. At the slightest instant,
you start crying. Come on, Sasha. Be political. You can’t go out. Your parents
have sent you here to study. I’m studying.
Human Psychology Welcome!! I welcome you all on behalf
of Gali Satellite Channel. Exclusively for Jolly Apartment. What are you doing? Go away.
You idiot. Go. It’s my Badbad show. Cut. I’ll change you. If you do
it again, I’ll change you. Sorry for the interruption. You’re aware… …we discuss the problems and
hassles of our society here. Our topic of today is, Love. Means Romance. You must have fallen in love or must
have seen your neighbours in love. So you also watch
love at first sight. Live on Badbad Talk show. Excuse me, please. Are you in love? How was the love at first sight? It doesn’t take time. It doesn’t take time to fall
in love for the first time. Sasha. Sasha. Sasha. Have you even fallen in love?
You skip your breath in love. Butterflies dance in your heart. You know the whole
world spins round you. You won’t understand
now you’re a kid, now. I love love. Sasha, have your foods. Good kids are never fastidious. Have this salad.
They’re good for your eyes, eat them. By eating salads, even you’ll
be as beautiful as your mother. Have it, eat it, I say. Hi friends! I welcome you
all to Badbad Talk show. What are you doing, pal?
It’s my show. Our second topic
today is, “Mother’s Love” I mean Mother. So. All must have had at least
one mom in their life-time. Let’s meet Mr. Pappu, of our society. He is just 99 years old. 99 years. Hey! Cut. Cut. Come on. Mr. Pappu, what’s the
secret of your healthy long life? My mother’s blessings. Oh. That’s very good. Would you like to say
something about your mother? My child, my mom’s dead. How old was she, when she died? Somewhere around ninety years. O.K. would you like to tell us
something about her, if you remember? Remember? I fell down, once in my childhood. I was bleeding from my head. She quickly lifted me and
held me close to her heart. She ran in rains through
crowded streets, she screamed. My face was full of blood,
while her face was full of sweat. God knows, my child, from where
did she pop up, there at that time? In two, minutes,
she put me in a Hospital. This was my mother. Anything else? Even at this age, I remember her. She fell sick after several years. She was lean like a dried thorn. I lifted her and hold her
close to my heart and.. …took her to the same
doctor through the same street. My mom was a real lovable person. Even now,
I recollect her lovely face. I know, I shouldn’t
probe into your personal life. But our talk show
runs only on such scoops. So, let’s meet, Sasha, now. Only 95 months. So, Sasha, do you remember your mom? No, I have never seen my mom. She died the day, I was born. Since then,
I have no mom and no birthday. Look, how depressed are
those who have no mother. And those who have a mother,
don’t realise her importance. I shouldn’t be asking. Even then, don’t you
remember your mother? Don’t you feel lonely?
Don’t you feel like crying? Scram. – Sorry. – Aren’t you ashamed to
ask such questions to a kid? What are you doing here?
Come on, get out from here. Come on, lift your camera and out. Come to me, and have a little food
you can’t pretend with me. No. No. This is your meal. This is your meal. Why are you depressed?
Come on, get up. Very good. Drink this milk.
And be strong like me. You said that day that, by praying
to God, everything can happen. Yes, that’s right I pray to God everyday,
but he never listens to my prayers. How can it be? I dreamt yesterday. God was sitting like this… ..and his messenger was besides him. He was reading everyone’s letters. God asked him, the plight of
all the seven year old kids. What’s the question of the day? What’s the plight of all
the seven year old kids? Lord, there’s a letter from Africa
from a dark, innocent kid, Rosila. Rats danced in her
tummy due to starvation. Rats danced in her
tummy due to starvation. Send her a truckload of Rasgullas. Next please. Boss, there’s a girl,
Julie in America. Poor thing, she’s very lonely. Her parents fought everyday. Poor lonely Julie.
Send her a cute little friend. A little black kitten. Next.
– Sasha. Sasha. Boss, this is the last name.
So, promote her. Have a special
miracle planned for her. Which miracle? God alone knows that. Drink this milk.
Then something special is awaiting you. When will it come? That, even I don’t know. When will it be? When will that happen? It will happen.
A miracle will happen. But when? I’ll tell you.
Just see. Venus in Pluto, four and a half, Pluto,
Jupiter on 5, 20 & 6, 26 wow! It will happen soon, in any form. Horse, elephant or even in the
form of an ant, it can happen. It can be in the form of a cat,
dog or a goat – any form. He’ll be very bright
surrounded by light on all sides. That light will be
cooling to our eyes. How can this happen? It will be round, cool luminance. Giving coolness to the eyes,
will that light be. There are good & bad people here.
But he’ll be only with the good. In this way, behind his head,
there’s form of a halo. You mean a Halo? That’s right.
Don’t they call it Halo in English? Are you sure?
– I am 100 percent sure. It’s written
– What? – Every things written. Romance?
– Yes. Yes. Love?
– Yes. It’s written.
– On my palm. No, on your face. But first, “I love you” won’t do. Just like education,
love has also become a business now. You mean? Buy her a big expensive gift. That’s what we call
“1995 a true love story”. Gift. Now a miracle will happen. Now a miracle will happen. Now a miracle will happen. Sasha. Sasha. Sasha. Miracle. Miracle. Lata, Lata. Goldie. Sasha, please. Please.
– Goldie. Please. Please. Please open the door, Sasha. Please call sister, call Lata. Please. Please call Lata. – No.
– Please. Please. The wax will melt
and fall on the cake. No. Please. Please. Goldie. This cake is to
celebrate our 24 hours of meeting. How sweet. I want to tell you something. Say it.
– Very important. Say it. Very important.
– Say it. Very important.
– Say it. Very important.
– Say it. I love you. I love you. No.
– Love you. No, this is wrong. Everything is fair
in love and war, Lata. No.
– Don’t go away from me, Lata. Lata, come close. Come, Lata. Come close, Lata. Sir! Sir. No sir. No. Sir..
– What vulgarity is this? Get up. Get up.
I said get up. Get out. Get out. You touched Lata.
You touched me. Get out. I said get out. Get out! Get out! Get out! I’m telling you. Get out! At this time. Here. In my house. With her.
Stand up. I said stand up. Get out! Get out! I said get out. Get out. Get out. Get out. Sasha. The miracle’s happening.
– Miracle? Here. The Halo miracle.
God has sent it. God’s sent a dog.
But it’s a stray dog. I’ll tell your dad. The
street dog has entered your house. Made in Japan. God made.
– God made. God made. God made.
– Halo. Come. Come. Sir, a dog .. Dog?.. Where? Here ..there .. A stray dog.. in the house.
– No, it’s a dog from heaven. What?
– God has sent him. Did God say that to you?
– No, I’m saying. I hate dogs.
– That way, even dogs hate you. Sasha loves dogs. To clear the depressed kid,
I said that, God will send her a gift. Now, she thinks, the dog,
to be a messenger of God. You are misguiding her.
Dare you do that again. I like goats and not dogs. She wasn’t drinking milk.. I was.. I, too, hate dogs .. I’m leaving for my village..
she isn’t drinking milk? Halo, I’m really happy today.
– God made. You know, I’m the happiest girl now. God heard my prayers and sent. But, do you know, dad hates dogs. But God has sent you for my sake. I love you. Love you. Love you. I love you, Sasha. Do you like this dog
that I’ve brought for you? Thank you, papa. Eh! Take care of the God made. I’ve lied for the first time in my life.
I’ll fast tomorrow. Chintu uncle, why haven’t
you cooked food for Halo? I came here to become a
Government servant, not dog servant. I won’t cook his food. If you won’t cook for him,
I’ll feed him in a restaurant. You may go. Halo, coming? I’m going. Halo, coming? Halo. You’re the one,
who never listens to me. Never run like this, alone on roads. If anything happens to you then? I’d be left all alone again. God’s sent you specially for me. “My song is just a pretension.” “It’s a tune of Halo.” “You’re a treasure of fun.” “I accept you, as my friend.” “One. Two. Three. Four.” “Let’s say it together.” “Halo, Halo, Halo, Halo.” “You are bald, silly fellow.” “There’s a buffalo behind me.” “Attack, attack Halo! Halo!” “All say it again and again.” “Thank you, sorry, superficially.” “All crave for money.” “My Halo swings and dances.” “Me, and you, all are alone.” “Halo plays with me, alone.” “All are mad after money.” “But my dog is in his own world.” “Keep quiet.” “My song is just a pretension.” “It’s a tune made for Halo.” “You’re a treasure of frolic.” “I’ve made you, my friend.” God made. God made. God made. Halo. Halo. Halo. Halo. Halo. Halo. Halo. Dad, did you see my Halo? Dad, did you see my Halo? My dear, he should be here Halo. Chintu uncle.
– What’s it? Have you seen Halo? Halo? It’s a street dog
must have gone back to roads. Halo. Halo. Halo. Halo?
– Is my dog here? Hey.
– Halo. – He isn’t here. Sasha, he is not here. Halo. No. You go there. Dad, I can’t find Halo anywhere. He must have gone back to the
place, from where he comes from. So, didn’t you bring him here? You told me a lie. Halo! Chintu, where’s Halo?
I can’t find him anywhere. He must have gone back
to streets Let him go. Halo! Halo! Halo! Halo! Halo! Halo! Halo! Halo! Halo! Halo! Halo! Halo! Halo! Look Sasha, have your food. Eh! Where are you going? Sasha, be political. I tried my level best. I’m sure, Halo will never return. I need Halo more than anyone else. I’ll find him at any cost. Don’t be political, Sasha. God! Papa, someone’s spying at us. Dad, someone’s looking at us. Dad, someone’s looking at us. No son, it’s just your imagination. Dad, someone’s looking at us. 64 died in Mexico. Bosnia was bombed. The rest were all advertisements. Advertisement. Made in India. Advertisement. Sir, your daughter’s come My daughter?
– Yes sir. Here?
– Yes sir. What nonsense! What nonsense is happening here? So sweet. So sweet. Baby. Baby. Smile, baby.
Why you are not smiling? Your papa is going to
come now. Smile. Smile. Smile. Yes. Yes. Yes. Move. Yes. Look here. Look here. You. Oh! Sir. Sir, one
photograph with your daughter. What?! What nonsense is this! Your daughter’s very sweet. But I’m still a bachelor. Are you Editor uncle? Yes. My friend is lost. Can you put his
advertisement in your papers? Please, uncle. Where’re his parents? I’m his parents. What?! Yes, this is my friend, Halo. Eh! this is a dog. This will cost a lot of money. I’ve a lot of money, take it. This is all I have. Sir, with a little money.. I’ve seen many, giving money. This is the first time
someone’s giving her life’s savings. Print it, in tomorrow’s paper.
– Yes sir. Thank you, uncle.
– Sir. Phone. How many people read your paper? Made in India, made in Japan,
made in Kashmir. Made in Japan. 50% don’t read and
the rest can’t read. Logically speaking.. That day, Halo didn’t have a collar. Only a dog catcher
could have caught him. Dog catcher? All made in India. Can I take Lata out, for a movie?
– Yes I’ll be a bit late
– Okay. This seventh cup
has also become cold. Do you want the eighth? Okay give it to me. I’ll be late today, uncle.
– Okay. Come on. I’m taking ten rupees
to go to the dog catcher. One who catches dogs? He’s a dangerous man.
His dad also caught dogs. He’s worse than his father. Look how he drives the van. He doesn’t have breakfast
till he’s caught ten dogs daily. He must have killed your dog by now.. ..or he must have been
run over by a truck. They stop for speed brakes,
not for dogs. It’s a rule. Here we are, at his house. Don’t be scared. Okay?
Don’t be scared. Go inside. God save me God! Let me die. I haven’t caught your Doberman uncle. I haven’t caught your cousin also. I say, I haven’t caught your cousin. I haven’t caught him, God. God! Save me from this dog.
He’s attacking me. This one, that one, No, No ..
God! Please help me. Set me free. God! God! God! Uncle, have you seen, my Halo? No child. Initially
I used to catch dogs. But now, they’re
catching me. Look there. That’s smuggler Raja’s dog. There that dog from the market
He’s putting a collar on my neck. Oh! How tiny is this dog? Now that I’ve grabbed him.
He’s harmless and helpless. Now tell me, have
you caught my Halo? No child, since the last
ten days, I’ve been in bed. I haven’t caught
any dogs since then. I swear on dogs. Uncle Chintu.
– Yes. You had told me that,
God, had sent Halo to me. Yes, so was it. – Then why did
he snatch it from me, again? God never snatches.
He always gives. This is my granny’s remembrance. Is it second-hand ring? But my love’s fresh. What game are you playing? What game are you playing? What game are you playing? It’s a topic of the day
– “Lost” Some lost their keys while
others lost their locks .. So much so that
some lost their memory. Today, we introduce
you to a tiny sad girl.. ..who’s separated from her dog. Sasha. Since, when have you lost your dog? Were you treating him properly? As American papers say,
that dogs are very sentimental. Now let’s see how sentimental is
our police department, towards dogs. We youngsters should
remind them of their duty. 1-0-0. All lines on this route are busy.
Please try again after some time. Why hasn’t the
informer called, till now? What time did he say,
that he would call? Didn’t he say, 9 O’ clock?
– Yes. What’s the time now?
– It’s past 9 now Then why hasn’t he phoned? Commissioner will be annoyed,
if he knows about this. Oh ! God ! Let it ring. Whom are you calling?
– Police station. Police. You don’t touch it.
I’ll take the call. Don’t touch. Police station.
– Yes. Police station.
– Yes. Police station.
– Yes, dear. Smuggler Raja’s made
life miserable for us. I want to meet the police.
I want my Halo. Meet the Commissioner straight.
The rest are all useless. Okay. 1-0-0 Hello. Commissioner’s office. Hello. Police station? He’s speaking in a girls voice. Last time he spoke like a parrot. Keep him busy, I’ll tape his talk. Hello. – Hello. – Hello.
Police station. – Hello. Why are you speaking like a girl? As I’m a little girl,
I’ll speak like a little girl. What do you want to say? There’s a noise of train
in the background. Sawant go. Trace the call. Are you the informer?
– Yes. I’m the informer. Come on, speak. – No, I’ll only
speak to the Commissioner. He’s not here.
Tell us we’ll tell him. Shall I come over there?
– Good Don’t come here.
We’ll meet in some of secret place. That ice-cream shop.. Ice cream shop?
– Behind it, is Joggers park. Yes, I know that park. I’ll meet you, there. What time?
– 4. P.M. What’s the colour of your dress?
– White. White dress.
– Yes. What’s the code word? Code word.
– Baba black sheep. Baba black sheep. Baba black sheep. Very good. Have you heard?
– Baba black sheep. Black sheep. Baba black sheep. Baba black sheep. Baba black sheep. Baba black sheep. Baba black sheep. Baba black sheep. Baba black sheep. Baba black sheep. Yes. Have you any wool? No madam.
– No madam. Baba black sheep. Baba black sheep. Baba black sheep.
Have you any wool? No madam. No.
– No madam. No. Yes sir. Yes sir. No sir. No sir. Yes sir. Yes sir. No sir. No sir.
– No madam. Baba black sheep. Have you any wool?
– No sir. Baba black sheep.
Have you any wool? Yes sir. Yes sir. Three bags full. No sir. Baba black sheep.
– Baba black sheep. Baba black sheep.
– Baba black sheep. No, Mr. Astrologer. Baba black sheep. No. No. No. Baba black sheep. No. No. No. Phone. Phone. Phone. Yes, yes, speak. Not you, I’ll tell the Commissioner. Come on, why don’t you tell us? No. No. No.
– Leave her, man. Don’t leave her. She could
be smuggler Raja’s crony. Remember?
– Yes. Okay. Let’s go Baba black sheep.
– Yes. Yes. Yes. Police commissioner. Good morning, sir. Yes sir. My people are out,
to arrest Smuggler Raja. Within 24 hours, he’ll be before you. Sir. Sir.
– Yes sir. I know sir, he’s escaped from us
several times, not this time, sir. Sir. Informer? Yes sir. Two of my C.I.D
officers are spying on him. Sir. Sir.
– Yes sir. – Sir. Sir. We’ve nabbed the informer, Sir You take him for interrogation.
Start third degree. I’m coming over there. Yes, sir, I just now
received an information Such a cute, little informer.. The informer’s caught.
You do what I say? Go. Yes sir. Sir, I’ll see to it that the man
is behind bars within 24 hours. What’s all this, going on here? Are you playing with me? I had told you to nab the informer. Not this kindergarten kid. I want results. Uncle, will you help me? Please. Yes. What is your problem, baby?
Tell me. Come on. Tell me your problem. Ever since, my mother died. I’m all alone. God heard my prayers
and sent me a friend. Halo .. a beautiful dog. Dog? You mean a dog? He’s lost somewhere.
Will you find him for me? Dog! You mean dog. Now I should go out and look
for your dog. – Yes uncle. Why? Do you think,
I’ve no other job to do? No. You don’t, sir.
– No? No, finding a dog, is not your job. Stand straight. Take your tummy in. I don’t like to see
you lousy stomach. Sir, phone. Yes? Yes. Smuggler Raja? Yes. Yes, I know, he had used a goat. Yes. A black coat? Dog? You mean dog? Oh. Dog.
– Yes. Okay. Thank you very much. Now I have all the information. He was the one, who had used a
goat for his smuggling purpose. This time, he’s going
to use a dog, not a goat. Now, you all, listen carefully. Tomorrow morning, sharp at 9 A.M. That old building
opposite to the central park. There’ll be a man in black
coat with a small dog in his hand. But we’ll have to raid on
him very smartly and carefully. Now go and tell everybody. Be active and smart.
You understand that? I want results. And you. Now I’ve to deal with you. Papa. Papa. Sasha went to meet the
Commissioner to trace her Halo. To meet the Commissioner?
– Yes. Nice headline. Commissioner will help the
girl in finding her dog. Print this. You’re seven and
I’ve to bail you out. Where’ll you take me,
when you’ll be 17 years? Before central park. Tomorrow, 9 A.M. What? I’ll have to follow, a man there. Why?
– Because, my Halo will be there. Who said this, to you?
– The Police Commissioner What? Who? Who? Lata. You! You can’t meet Lata. But.. But.. But we’re friends. Just friends.
– Get lost. Try somewhere else
– Uncle, flowers. When are you going to meet there? Smuggler Raja. Smuggler Raja. Seven year old determined to
convince police commissioner.. find her lost pup. Eh! Why are you
tearing up my letters? Because, I hate your eyes.
– Why? Because, nowadays your eyes
have started wandering everywhere. Whom did I look at? You saw her. She? Whom? The minute you see a
girl you start staring. Oh God! You’re really crazy. Oh. So now I’m crazy,
till yesterday I was Rosy. Lata, I don’t like this. Now you don’t like me.
You like all those lizards. Go to them.
– Listen. – Go. Go. – Lata. Go. Lata.
– Don’t call me now. Leave.
– Smuggler Raja Are you going to put
me behind bars, too? Sasha, stop. Stop, Sasha. Catch her, you’re
not going anywhere. Listen, stay in your room. No.
– Enough of your gimmicks. You’re a spoilt brat.
No one’s going to leave this place.. ..and no one’s going
to bring flowers here. Hereafter, I won’t go anywhere.
I’ll stick to my psychology books. No more human psychology.
– Good. Very good. If you become a prisoner like this,
will you.. ..then get your milk to drink. Sasha. Milk time. She is taking a bath. Smuggler Raja
this’ll be your last day. Where did the girl drop in from? Close the door. The police have
captured all our hide-outs. This is our last and final deal. As per our plans, we’ve to
leave India within 24 hours. Noise? What’s that?
– It could be a rat. You rat, it could
be the cops, as well. If you ever point
that gun at me again. I’ll crop you to tiny pieces
and feed them to tiny dogs. Noise. Quiet switch off the lights. Boss, I think someone is here. Boss, shall I open fire?
– Didn’t I say no? Boss, shall I start shooting?
– No. Boss, shall I start shooting?
– No. What are you doing here?
– I’ve come here to trace my dog. What? Is this a pet shop? I know, you use dogs for smuggling. Which dog told you that? The Police Commissioner. Police? Where is police? Have the police sent you, here?
– Boss, shall I start shooting? Shut up, the boss says. Sorry, boss. Sorry, boss. I’ll chop you to tiny pieces and.. Uncle. Will you help me? What? Please return my Halo. We don’t have your dog, here.
Now scoot and scram. I want my Halo. And if we don’t
return your dog then..? Till you return my dog,
I’ll remain seated here itself. My child, please return my bag. First, you return my dog. I don’t have your dog here.
– Then where is he? We kill the dogs,
after our work is over. You mean, you kill dogs? I won’t support you. Where’s she going? Catch her.
– Boss, shall I start shooting? Catch her.
– Shall I shoot her? – Catch her. Stop. Stop. My money is in
her bag. Catch her. Down there. My life’s in that
bag quick, idiots catch her. Go over there. Idiot, go over there. I’ll chop you into tiny
pieces and feed them to the dogs.. Charge.
– Charge. Hands up. Out. Out. Come, now you’re
surrounded on all sides. She’s like my small kid. We don’t need puppies. Stay away. We have big Alsatian dogs,
we use for smuggling.. Right. Smuggling. Smuggling. Not for smuggling,
we take them, just for a stroll. You took the dog for a stroll. Now we’ll take you for a
stroll in the police station O.K.? He says, no sir. No. Such a long. No. Now you go. I had locked her up.
Did you open the door? I.. no Then, how did she escape? I’ll ask her and just tell you. Front desk.
– Mystery girl helps police.. smuggler Raja. Good girl. Again. What nonsense. These journalists. Constable. Again, I missed a promotion,
we had arrested him. But they haven’t
mentioned our names. Sasha, I saw your Halo. He was walking on the road.. ..and a truck ran over him
and killed him. I rushed to him. I saw that
his body was soaked in blood. He was dead. Where are you going? I saw in my dream. Halo can’t die. I’ll find him out. Love, Romance, all this is bullshit. Don’t ever fall in love, okay?
Otherwise I break your legs. He has cheated me.
All boys are real cheats. I have lost faith in life itself. I hate love. Sister, someone’s watching us. Who is Ranga? Don’t you know Ranga. Ranga is the king of streets. He’s king of slums. His web spreads all
over like a T.V. cable. You have lost your dog. What’s a dog.
He’ll even find an elephant, talk to him. Where are you going? Ranga Dada. Who sent you here? The Police! Who gave you, our address? Gunga.
– Gunga who? He’s my friend, at home. Have you come here, alone? Yes. Okay. He works in my friend’s house. Okay. Take her down to Ranga Dada. What do you want? Everyone wants something from Ranga. What do you want? Halo, my dog was a lovable one. God sent him to me, when I was alone. God sent her a dog and made us dog. Nehru said “We’re India’s future”
I’ve nothing. But my heart. My dog is lost. No one’s helping me. All say that Halo is dead. But it’s not true I don’t let him die. Please Ranga brother, help me. You talk in Hindi and cry in English. Oh Samba! When will she get her dog? Within 24 hours,
24 men will be sent in 24 lanes. Good job! Looks like, there’s going
to be a big riot in the city. Wherever there’s a riot,
we’re the first ones to be attacked. You don’t worry. You’ll get your dog.
What will I get in return? Whatever you ask? A full Tandoori Chicken. Okay. Promise. With onions and lime, Boss. Be cool. The matter’s over.
You called me, as your brother. Now smile. Smile.. smile like Madhuri Dixit. Fantastic! Catch all the dogs of the city.
– The one’s with collars, too? All of them, with or
without collars, catch them. You’re taking my dog.
You’re stealing my dog. Where did these dogs come from?
– He brought them. You brought them.
– You mean I’ll steal my own dog? I’m not brought your dog. Take them away.
Tell him to take them away. Take him by train, bus, car or
an auto I won’t give you money. How can I take all these dogs?
You steal the dogs. You refuse to pay me money.
I’ll not spare you. I’ll see you. What is he saying?
What the hell’s happening! I hate dogs. Who brought them? Me! You? Who’re you? Ranga sent me. Who’s Ranga? Are these yours? Ask her. Sasha you’re not going anywhere.
Did you adopt these dogs. Take these dogs away. These dogs.. Today, we have this
talk-show indoor.. riots have broken out outside. Shops, Transport,
Airlines all are closed. Ranga, are you, okay? Eh! Weren’t you looking for that?
– Yes. I’ve seen him, somewhere
– Where? Riots are going on, outside.
Wait, where’re you going? God made, Man made! God made, God made! When are these riots, going to stop? We can’t even meet now. What’ll happen to our love? Eh! What’s this girl
thinking of herself? Riots are going on.
Eh! Listen! Sir, Sasha is not there in her room. Sasha’s not here.. Not there, then where’s she? No uncle, Sasha never come here. Hello. Police station? He’s laughing.
– Look at the way, he’s laughing. Here, people are killing
each other and he’s laughing. You only said,
there are riots in Bombay. But he is laughing. Look at the way, he’s laughing. When I get my Halo,
I’ll also laugh like that. Looks like, someone’s coming The police, come on, run Sasha. You girl, what’re you doing there?
Whose child is this? What are you doing
here amidst the riots? Where’s your house? Come.. Take care of her.. ..who allowed her
to roam in this riots. Strange parents. Where did you go away, my child? Daddy I couldn’t find out Halo. Daddy, why are these
uncles quarrelling? Communal riots. Man made or God made? Man made, but for God.
– Is it so? God, last time you answered
my prayers and gave me, Halo.. ..and took him back, soon. Oh! God! I need Halo the most. Please return my Halo permanently. Good night, God. Hello. Dad, someone’s spying on us. Dad, someone’s spying on us. Our love is time-tested Lata. It’s had a rebirth. Come on.. let’s run away.. Before the next riots break out. Sorry, please excuse me. Ranga’s not scared of
anybody in this world. Except Police, so I ran away. Sorry. Sorry. I’m sorry. Once, Ranga likes a person,
he’ll do anything for him. You’re my sister.
Don’t you want your dog, back? Yes. I saw him hiding here. Come soon. Where? Where? This is that old man’s car.
It means he is at home. Come fast. Come fast. This is the old man’s house. I can hear my Halo barking.
Halo.. open the door. Come fast. Halo. Anyone in home? Halo. I can hear, Halo, barking. Halo. Wait for me.
I will break the door. Halo. Move, let me break the door.
– What’re you doing? Nothing.
– Leave it. Run Sasha, the old man’s coming.
– Thief! Ruffians, come to steal from me. No, not to steal.
I’ve come for my dog, he’s inside. Is this the time
to search for a dog? Coming to search for a dog
at night with a Hooligan? What proof’s there
that it’s your dog? He’s doesn’t, even, have a collar. How do you know? I know that he’s crying inside I know his style of barking. He’s my dog.
– What’s the proof, that he’s yours? If I call him, he’ll come to me. Please, bring him before me. Come tomorrow and call him.
If he comes then he’s yours. I’ll come sharp at 7 O’ clock. And I’ll take my dog. You remain at home I will come. I’ll come at 7 O’clock. When I call him and if he comes
to me, you should give him to me. I’ll be back at 7 A.M.
Correct. I’ve told you several times
not to meddle with that dog. The dog’s become a nuisance now. Now, a little girl claims that the
dog is hers, she’ll be here at 7 A.M. What can I do now? Its late night, now.
Don’t you want to go home? This is made in India.
This is made in India. – Dad. Dad. Dad, I’ve found Halo. Where my child? He’s opposite to Simmi’s house. If Halo comes to me,
when I call him, he’ll be mine forever. I’m very happy today. Lovely, even I’m happy.
At last you traced your Halo. Well done. Didn’t I tell you,
Halo will definitely come back? Dad, didn’t I say Sasha will
find her dog? Now she’s found him. Really? Seven year old,
finds her little pup! Print this. Sasha. Age 7.
Finally finds her little pup. Oh! It’s 7 A.M. Got to
go to the old man’s house. This is what I call results. Great going kid. Had you been in my place.. would have got a
promotion along with your dog. What? Sasha’s found Halo! Welcome to Bud-Bud Talk show. The happiest member of our society.. Let’s meet that
kid’s dad. Mr. Deshpande. So, Mr. Deshpande, at this function.. ..of your girl getting her dog back. How do you feel? I felt fine, proud. I always
felt that she’s capable and smart. I felt fine, proud. Very proud. Happy. Happy. Let’s see, what Chintu uncle,
has to say about Sasha. Sasha’s a lovely child. We don’t have Sasha with us, now.. she’s gone to fetch Halo. But we’ll be back with them,
live on Bud-Bud Talk show. The doors closed. The doors closed. This is also closed. The doors closed. Uncle, its already 7 O’clock. Sister, Halo isn’t here. This is also closed. Everything is closed. Its 7 A.M., Uncle open the door. Open the door. Its already 7 A.M. Sister, let’s go home. Open the door, open.. Its 7 A.M. Open the door. Sister, don’t cry. Open the door. Let’s go. There’s no one here.
– No. Open. Its 7 A.M. Its 7 A.M. Its 7 A.M., Let’s go. Its 7 A.M. Sister, don’t cry.
– Open. Let’s go home. Don’t cry.
They won’t return now. Let’s go. There’s no
one here we’ll come again. Let’s go home. I can’t come without Halo. Let’s go home. I can’t come without Halo. I will come after meet them. Let’s go home.
They won’t come. Don’t cry. I want my Halo back. Let’s go home. Sister, don’t cry. Let’s go home. Don’t cry.
They won’t return now. Go ahead. I’ll go by a cab, from now on. It’s a first-class, second-hand car. We’ll have to replace
the entire-engine, man. I’ve been waiting since 7 A.M. Where’s my dog? Come in, we’ll talk about it. I don’t want to talk I want my dog. You said, that if I called him
and he comes to me, the dog’s mine. Yes, I know. Bring him to me, then
I’ll call him by his name. It’s alright.
– I’ll call him, and he’ll come to me. Okay. Okay. You’re a nice girl.
Please give us this dog. Never. We’ll give you a Pomeranian.
– I don’t want. I want my Halo. Abdul likes it, very much. I need him more than anybody. O.K. call him by his name. You said you know his name then
why don’t you call him by his name? Why don’t you call him? This is my dog. This is my dog. Abdul I’ll get you a better dog. It’s her dog,
we’ll have to return it. No. It’s my dog. Have you forgotten
his name? Call him. Come on. Call him. Ti.. Tiger. This is not my dog. Yes, this is your dog.
– Didn’t I tell you, this is my dog? Yes son, this is your dog. It’s my dog. He doesn’t respond to any of
the names, we call him by. Try calling him, Halo. Bye Halo. Bye Halo. Bye-bye. It’s your dog now.
Aren’t you happy? Ha.. Halo.

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