Bollywood Full Movies – Heda Hoda – हेडा होडा – Hindi Comedy Movie – Kids Film – Shivaji Satam Movie

Bollywood Full Movies – Heda Hoda – हेडा होडा – Hindi Comedy Movie – Kids Film – Shivaji Satam Movie

“Heda. Huda.” “Heda. Huda.” “Heda. Huda.” “Heda. Huda.” “Heda. Huda.” “Heda. Huda. Heda. Huda. Heda.” “Upside down.” “Upside down.” “The world is upside down.” “The world is upside down.” “Who will make it right side up?” “Dog, cat, and peacock
are upside down.” “Upside down.” “Upside down.” “Trees and roads are upside down.” “Make the lake right side up.” “The water will flow into the sky.” “Sun, moon and the stars
are shining.” “The water will fall on them
and cool them down.” “The world will be in darkness.” “There will be silence
in the dark.” “Upside down.” “Upside down.” “You are hanging from the tree
upside down.” “Straighten up.
Everything is right side up.” “Your sister is pacifying you.
Else, I’ll pull your ear.” “No, dear sister.
I agree with you.” “I am right side up.
Now, nothing is upside down.” “Everything is right side up.” “You are very smart.
You are the princess of the family.” “My brother is intelligent,
bright as the moon.” “Everything is right side up.” “Everything is right side up.” “The world is right side up.” “The world is right side up.” “If we are right side up,
everything will be right side up.” “Dog, cat, and peacock
are right side up.” “Everything is right side up.” “Everything is right side up.” Do wise people
hang from the tree upside down? I can’t help it, Laxmi. I love
to see everything upside down. Brother, it’s time for school. If we are late,
the teacher would love to beat you. Oh, no! Did you have the flat bread?
– No, I’ll have it in school. I tore my pocket. Let me patch it up. No, it’s okay.
– No, it’s not okay. Do you want
to go to school like this? Come on, remove your shirt. Give it to me. Here you are. Check it. You took have a look. What have you done? I thought I would.. Idiot, it’s not your job to think. Don’t stare at me. Run along. Sonu, be careful. Mumtaz? – Yes.
– Come along. What have you brought for me?
– Mom has sent some sweets. From across the border?
– Yes. People from my village travel to and fro,
and mom sends something through them. She’s a mother after all. Tara.
– Present! Tabassum.
– Present, sir! Samruddhi.
– Present, sir. Karmar.
– Present. Mahmood.
– Present. Sonu! Don’t laugh. There he is.
– Where? Sonu, come here. Sonu, what brings you here? What kind of question is that? I study in this school. I see. So, show me your notebook. Show it to me. Were you herding cattle yesterday? Cattle? No, I take
the camels with me. So, why don’t you stay
with the camels? Why do you come here? Dad says one must get educated. Go to your seat and study well. Where is the duster? Sonu had taken it yesterday. Sonu, did you take the duster? Yes, sir. I cleaned the blackboard. All of us had cleaned
the blackboard. Then everyone must have
taken the duster. No! We didn’t take
the duster, Sonu did. Is that so? Sonu, bring me
the duster. Where is it? Quiet! Stop this nonsense! Where is the duster?
– I don’t know where it is. Did it just walk out of here?
You must have hidden it. You are very mischievous. Sonu, do chicken squats. I did that the day before.
I won’t do it today. Sonu!
– Very well. Come on. “Upside down.” “Upside down.” “The world is upside down.” “The world is upside down.” “Who will make it right side up?” “Who will make it right side up?” I found it! I found the duster! I found the duster!
Sir, I found the duster. Sonu! Sonu! What is it?
I won’t talk to any of you. Why?
– I cleaned the class. But all of you took the credit. Are you angry, Sonu? Yes, I won’t talk or play
with any of you. But you are our leader. A leader never gets angry, Sonu. Yes, why not? Who will you play then, Sonu? I have Chammakchallo and Chamiya. But they are camels. They can’t talk or play with you. Well, they talk with me
and play with me too. Really? Will they talk to us? No. They talk only to me,
believe it or not. Chammakchallo talks to me alone. Sonu, does Chamiya also talk? She also talks to me.
I am the king of the camels. They all talk to me. Sir.
– Sir. Salute, sir! Sir, will you stay here today? No, we are going to Khavda.
Why do you ask? If you stay here,
we would offer you ‘laddoos’. Sonu, do officers come here
for ‘laddoos’? They have lots of work.
Right, sir? We need to be alert
at the border, kids. Why?
– You won’t understand. Go home and have ‘laddoos’. Tell us, sir. What brings you here? There will be
a head count tomorrow. Why is it done so often? So that nobody comes here from
the other side. We have to be careful. You have to be careful?
– All of us, kid. We will also be alert. Very good. What should we do
if we come across a stranger? We’ll take him to school. Our teacher
would make him do chicken squats. No, kids.
It’s not the teacher’s job. If you see a stranger,
inform the police immediately. Yes, sure. Salute, sir! Darn it! I’m not able to solve it. If a camel takes 100 steps
in 15 minutes.. much time will it take
for 250 steps? Brother, why does the teacher
ask such things? He’s our teacher.
He can ask anything he wants. Laxmi, tell me something.
Does a camel walk at a fixed speed? It isn’t a railway engine. It will take its own time. Yes. If it comes across a tree,
it will stop for the leaves. How would I know
when it will take 250 steps? Besides, we don’t have a watch.. check the time. Darn it! I won’t
answer the question. Brother, if I reach your class,
will they ask such questions? Absolutely!
– I will answer all questions. I will study a lot.
– You love to study. That’s true.
– What are you doing? Let me read it.
– It’s no use to you. Why not?
– It’s a message from the dacoits. They plan to attack the village
the day after. – Why? What do they want?
– Rs. 500,000. Rs. 500,000?
– Yes. If we pay the money,
they won’t attack us. Where do we get so much money from? Don’t ask that. Ask why we should get it. We’ll have to pay them
if we want to live. If we live, we can earn
that money later. Is that so?
– Yes, they are dacoits. They won’t hesitate to kill people. Chief, I have a suggestion. Make them happy
by offering 100,000 or 200,000. How do I do that? I don’t know who
and where they are. What do we do?
– Ask for donations. We need to save the village. What gives them
the right to loot us? We are as strong as them. Can’t we fight them? It’s not easy to fight them, Walji. I don’t care.
We have to fight them. Walji, give it a good thought. Uncle Hira, there’s no time
to think. It’s time for action. What should we do, Uncle Walji? Get your sticks, guns, and swords. Two dozen youngsters
like him are enough.. drive them out of the village. Doesn’t our village
have brave men? There are. If you take
the initiative, we will support you. Can we really drive them out? Why not, Uncle Hira?
I am brave enough. If all of you support me..
– Yes, sure we will. Uncle Hira, shall we
make preparations? Let’s take Goddess’ blessings
and do it. Hello, Uncle Lakhu.
Do you have mail for me? Who will send you mail, Sonu? The one who can read and write. Uncle, tell me.
Why are date palm so tall? I don’t know. I know. They are tall so that cattle
don’t feast on the dates. Do you understand? You are really intelligent, Sonu. That I am. Sonu, here’s a question for you. How did the village head count
increase by five yesterday? Five more.. I don’t know. Then you are foolish. Why? Five more.. I’ll have to do something about it. What’s wrong, Sonu?
Aren’t you coming to school? No. – Why?
– I’ll tell you. Tell us, Sonu. What is it? Five outsiders
have entered the village. How many?
– Five or more. How did you know?
– Uncle Lakhu told me. Is that so?
– Yes. Do you remember
what the army officer told us? Yes.
– We should be alert. We will take them all
to the police station. We can do that during the day,
but what about the night? Let’s create a signal. We should ring the bell
on the tree like this. Everyone should gather
upon hearing it. What if we are unable
to do anything? There’s nothing that we can’t do. But Sonu, are you telling
the truth? I never lie. Okay, let’s go.
– Where are we going? Just come with me.
– Yes, let’s go. Look at that insect. It hides in the sand quietly. As if a stranger hides
in the village. Right? What does ‘stranger’ mean? A stranger is a person
we don’t know. If we go to other villages.. ..and nobody recognizes us,
then does that make us strangers? Absolutely!
– That’s strange. If that’s the case,
everyone in the world.. ..would be termed strangers
sometime or the other. Forget the rest of the world, we have
to find outsiders in the village. Yes, let’s go. Else, they will hide
like these insects. Just watch how I get it out. Look at that. Well done, Sonu. That was awesome. Similarly, we’ll find
those outsiders. And we’ll take them to
the police station. Yes, let’s go.
– Come on. Who is that? We’ll have to check. Why are you staring like that?
– Who is he? He may be anybody.
What do you care? We do care.
We want to see his face. Run along. I think he has come
from across the border. Let’s inform the police. Lest he runs away. We’ll have
to keep an eye on him. Let’s go. Oh, no! This is Rahman’s brother. What are you doing here? Let him be, Rahim.
Walji’s son is half mad. Am I half mad? Well, you are completely mad.
Happy? We made a mistake
that we kept looking all day. Why? – The outsider
won’t come out in daylight. We’ll have to find him at night.
– Will we find him? If Sonu says we will,
then we’ll definitely find him. We’ll find him and take him
to the police station. Yes!
– Let’s meet at night. Yes, come on.
– Let’s go. Have your dinner.
– I’ll dine with brother. This is great!
My daughter is studying. Water?
– Yes. Where is Sonu? I don’t know.
He must be playing with friends. When did he return from school? He came back, left the bag
and went away. Where does he go all day long? I’ll have to take him
to task today. He’s your son, not a dacoit. You always think about beating him. I have to think about that sometimes.
– Why is that? I would get beaten up
when I was small. What do you think?
– He’s the one. Look how he tiptoes. Shall we catch him?
– All of us together. Let’s take him to the station.
– Yes, come on. Got you! Got you!
– Let me go. We won’t let go. – Got you!
Got you! – Let me go! Let me go. – We won’t.
– Let me go. – We won’t. Why are you troubling him, Sonu? He’s a stranger. He sneaked into the village.
Look, what he was doing in the temple. What’s wrong? Move it.
Sonu, what happened? Dad, he was trying to stick this
in the temple. Take it. ‘Chief, beware. Leave Rs. 500,000
in the temple’s verandah in three days.’ ‘This is our last threat.’ ‘Else, the village will burn.
Dark Mountain.’ Dark Mountain?
Did you see that, Chief? A Dark Mountain is threatening you. Dark Mountain? Let me see who you are!
Come on! Let’s see who it is. This is Ramu Patang. Stand up! Come on! I didn’t touch chief’s cow. He insulted me needlessly. He threw me out of the village.
– Who are your accomplices? There’s no one. Just like that..
– Oh, really? Will you burn the village? I’ll break your bones before that. It was just a prank, Uncle Walji. Forgive me. Let me go.
I haven’t done anything wrong. Really? You scared the people. You troubled the chief.
That is enough. Forgive me. I will go away.
I will never return. Promise?
– I swear by Dark Mountain. Chief, what do you say? The kids caught him. Sonu will announce punishment. He deserves punishment. Really? What is the punishment? Make him do chicken squats. Make him to that. Karsan.
– Walji, welcome. How are you?
– I am okay. My son’s stubbornness
has got me worried. What does he want? You know he has a government job.
– Yes. He wants me to sell the house in
the village and go live with him. He is right. – I’m thinking
about it. What about you? I’m worried about Sonu
all the time. I’ll be happy if he completes
his studies, else nowadays.. He’s always with camels. Sonu is crazy about camels. Hello, Uncle Karsan? How are you?
– There you go. I am fine. How are you, Sonu?
– I am also fine. Why didn’t you go home?
Why did you come here? Sonu said we’ll take Chamiya and
Chammakchallo and go home with dad. If it was up to him,
he would ask his dad to be home.. ..and wander about with the camels. Dad, look! Uncle, look!
– That’s great. Walji, Bahadur solved my problem. Bahadur wants to be with Sonu. That is fine, Karsan,
but the money.. I will get the money sooner or later. But I will hand over
Bahadur to you.. ..and go live with my son. No, Karsan.
– Take him. I like Bahadur.
– Bahadur liked you too. But remember,
I will ride him first. Very well. Bahadur, how are you?
Do you like it here? Bahadur, you are new here. So, if Chammakchallo
and Chamiya trouble.. ..just call me.
I’ll come to your help. Don’t be afraid. Bahadur, let’s do one thing. I’ll sleep near you. Okay? “Upside down.” “Upside down.” “The world is upside down.” “The world is upside down.” “Who will make it right side up?” “Who will make it right side up?” Sonu, go to the doctor
and get some medicines. Your dad has fever. How can I go? Dad had asked me
to do chicken squats. He told me to do it
until he calls me. I was very mischievous last night. Sleeping among the camels
isn’t a bad thing. But dad told me to do it, so I did. I am telling you. Go on. What if dad scolds me? Just do as I say. Laxmi, will you do me a favor? Yes, I will. Really?
– Brother, just tell me. I’ll do anything for you. Okay. So, you do
chicken squats for me. Me? Dad, have some water. I have had the medicine.
– Without water? So what? I don’t need water. Even camels don’t need much water. Really?
– But dad.. we have water bags
in our stomachs like the camels? No. – Camels must be
Lord Ram’s favorite animals. He blessed them with water bags. Not us. Isn’t that something
to ponder over? Really? Sonu, can you think as well? Yes, dad.
– You always think about.. to trouble your dad.
– Come on, dad. I was thinking.. ..I should take the camels
as you are sick. Should I hand over
my camels to you? He has matured now. He loves camels. He will bring them back safely.
Right? Yes, but who will look after him? I will do that. I will go with him. I will bring him back safely. Oh, no! How can you do that? What do we do? Shall we send
the kids away? – Yes, send them. They will make mischief at home. They won’t let you rest. Okay. But come back
in the evening. Go on. Sonu.
– What? It’s afternoon.
– So? They have been munching
on something since morning. Let’s have our meal. Very well. Come this way. Sonu, I am thirsty.
– Water. Come on. I’ll serve you water.
– Okay. “The bride will wear this Kanjari.” “She will look like an angel
all decked up.” “The thread follows the needle.” “You will also..”
– Aunt, what is that? It is ‘Kanjari’.
It will look good on the bride. I see.
– Yes. Get it made for your bride too. Oh, no! Let’s not talk about
brides and grooms. I will become an army officer. Really? You seem very intelligent. What’s your name? Sonu. Can we have some water? I am very thirsty. You can have a potful. Our well has enough water. Here you are. Where are you going in this heat? We’re out herding camels. When they eat
to their heart’s content.. ..we will go back home.
Right, Sonu? Yes. Let’s go. Goodbye, aunt.
– Goodbye. Sonu, where are our camels? Doesn’t matter. They must have
gone ahead. Let’s go. Laxmi, run quickly.
– Sonu, I can’t walk further. Wait here. I’ll go look for them. No, I won’t stay here alone. I would feel scared.
– Then let me carry you. Laxmi, stay with that aunt. I will bring the camels back.
– Very well. “The bride will wear this Kanjari.” “She will look like an angel
all decked up.” Aunt, shall I leave Laxmi here?
– Where are you going? Our camels moved ahead.
I will bring them back. Laxmi, sit here. Sonu, come back soon.
I am alone. Aunt, what if I come late? Don’t worry.
People travel to and fro. I’ll send her home with them.
– Okay. Who are you?
– I am Sonu. I haven’t done anything.
I was just sitting here. Here? In front of my house? I was looking for my camels. Little did I know your house
would come in the way. Where are you from?
– From there. What do you mean?
From across the border? No. From Huda. Come here. Come on. Come on in. Who is he?
– What was your name again? Sonu. He says he has come
from across the border. What? From across the border?
– Yes. How can a small kid like him
come so far? I can’t think of anything.
You deal with him. Tell me the truth.
Where are you from? – From Dhrang. Dhrang?
– From Dhrang? From so far? Did you come alone?
– No. Laxmi was with me. She couldn’t walk further. And the camels were running away. So, I came after.. Listen, don’t be afraid. Allah is very kind. No harm will come to you
if you tell the truth. Uncle, I never lie. I came here
running after the camels. From Dhrang? Where are the camels?
– I don’t know where they are. Kids, put those bells down. Why is that, uncle? Because I said so. Where did you get them? Weren’t they around
the necks of new camels? Which new camels? We don’t have new camels.
They all belong to our herd. Uncle, that big camel..
– What are you talking about? They belong to our herd. They are all ours.
– How can that be? I didn’t go to steal anything. The camel which came from
across the border, belongs to me. Is it?
– Yes. But father said.. Your father always thinks small. Two days ago, I had to take
some stuff across the border.. ..I told him to take it
and he’ll become rich. But you know what he did?
He refused. He refused, went home, and slept. Do you know what he said? I don’t do illegal work. Uncle, what would you do
if you were in his place? I? I would’ve agreed immediately. I would’ve taken that stuff
across the border and got rich. You are very brave. I am very brave. What happened to it? It would’ve remembered its owner. Uncle, if the owner of this camel
comes here looking for it? No one will come here. What if he comes? If he comes, tell him that
these camels belong to us. Mother told us not to lie. Women always think that. Uncle..
– What is it? Think about it, if the owner of
the camel comes here, what will we do? Here? From across the border?
Does he want to die? No one can come from across
the border without permission. But I came here. What now? You don’t worry, son.
I will send you across the border. But what about my camel?
– Have patience. I will find them tomorrow
and get at the station. Son, you don’t come here like this. I shouldn’t come here? No son, you stay there. Dear, give him some..
– You said what I wanted to. You talk to him, I’ll be back. Tell me, how does your camel look? They are very nice. Son, all camels are good. They have bells around their necks.
They ring nicely. I found it.
This is the sound of my camel’s bell. They are around. Hey, what is this? Camels are here. You’ve tied bells around your neck?
Where did you find them? Uncle brought them from somewhere.
– Uncle? Father, aren’t they nice?
– But these belong to my camels. They would’ve dropped it somewhere. Uncle, let’s go and see
if I find my camels. Son, it is dark now.
– What now? Look, you don’t worry.
By tomorrow you’ll get your camels. But son.. Here, have food. Dear, this boy is from Dhrang. Since I’ve heard, I am so happy. I have got to see
my villager after ages. Dear, won’t you give him any sweets? I went inside to get jaggery.
I think children ate it. I will make it and send it
for you tomorrow. Son, is everyone good in the village? My cousin stayed there. His name is Mohammed Rasool. His wife name is Mumtaz. Mahmood’s mother and father? Mahmood? So, they have a son? Yes.. – Does he study with you?
– We study together. Will you do me a favor?
– Why not? When Fatima was ill,
I had a vow on Hajji Peer’s shrine. Will you put a veil there? I will take Mahmood along. Shall I give him the veil?
– Why not, dear? Sure. Son, have food. How should I food?
I am fool to listen to you. Where are my children
and where are my camels? I don’t know what’s going to happen. Hey sister, what are you doing? You are sending
a veil through a stranger? He is not a stranger.
He is from my village, Dhrang. You know people of Dhrang
can never be strangers. Like Mahmood, like him. Son, take this. Uncle, I’ve left Laxmi there. What about him? Son, you don’t worry about him. He is across the border.
We are worried about you. It is not good for you
to stay here for long. Go now.. Leave.
– Remember one thing.. ..don’t tell anyone that
you had come here. Understand?
– Yes. – Let’s go, son. O Almighty,
let the kid reach home safely. Walji! Walji! Walji! Uncle Hira?
– Father. Laxmi?
– Father? Hey, where did you send this kid? Leader.. Where did you find her? Dear, I had been to tailor’s village. Laxmi was crying. So, I brought her here. Uncle, god bless you. Uncle Hira,
I’m very thankful to you. But she went with Sonu. Laxmi, where’s brother? He went to bring the camels. I couldn’t run,
so he made me sit there.. ..and went behind the camels. Come, son. Come on. What happened? – Uncle, will you surely
come to the station with my camels? You don’t worry. You just leave. I will get your camels to
the station tomorrow. Don’t worry. Go son, hurry up. Goodbye, son. It is late night now. I am telling you,
we should do something. Laxmi is here,
but why didn’t Sonu return? Hope police didn’t catch him. Sonu never does wrong work. Why will they nab him? We have to find him. Let’s go and call our friends.
– Okay, let’s go. Listen, our son hasn’t returned
home yet. You go and find out. How do I find out? I lost my three camels.
It is because of you. You said Sonu would
take care of the camels. You are only worried
about the camels. You are not bothered that
he would be slogging behind the camels. God knows, if he would’ve
eaten anything or not. Had he returned on time, these
consequences wouldn’t have raised. But this kid is very careless. What will he do if the camels go away? Why do you curse him? Had he been with the camels,
they wouldn’t have got lost. But he would be busy playing. He abandoned my camels. Poor guy would be slogging
behind the camels. God knows,
when he will return home. ‘God knows,
when he will return home’. I know my son very well. He will come back from the hell,
but I lost my camels. Is this our signal?
– Looks like that. At such late hour?
– There must be something. Come on, let’s go.
– Let’s go. Hope you didn’t ring it wrong. No, I remember. This is our signal. Our friends will be here hearing this. Shall I ring it again?
– No. No, if elders hear this,
we may land in trouble. If no one turns up in five
to ten minutes, I will ring it again. Okay? – Why won’t they come?
They’ll surely come. Come on, let’s see. Stop there! Where are coming from?
– I.. I.. Where were you going?
– I went ahead following my camels. Where are the camels?
– Don’t know where they went. I am going home now. I will look for them in the morning. Where is your house?
– In Dhrang. – That’s very far. Come on, sit. I will drop you home. I think, we have to signal once again. No, look they are coming. Mahmood, what’s the matter?
Why did you signal us? Leader hasn’t reached home yet. Sonu went in the morning
to graze camels with his sister. Laxmi is back.. ..but neither camels nor Sonu returned. Where would’ve he gone? I think he would’ve
gone across the border. Oh God, it is difficult
to return from there. Not difficult, but impossible. What do we do? We have to do something. Come on, let’s go and find him. But how?
– By walk. In darkness? If we walk all night,
we’ll reach the station by morning. What if family members look for us?
– Let them. Come on, let’s go.
But we’ll go in soldier style. 1, 2, 1.. left right left. 1, 2, 1.. left right left. 1, 2, 1.. left right left. Left right left. Left right left. Left right left. Children, where are you going
at such late hour? We are going to the station. What will you do there? We will look for our Leader. Leader? Who is your Leader? Sonu! Sonu is inside.
– Hey, he is our leader. He is going home. You are going to station, right? Why will we go there?
We found our leader. We will go home. If you don’t feel offended,
can we come in the jeep? So many of you?
– Yes. Let’s go.
– Yeah! Come on, come on. Here is your son.
– Sonu, you are here? Yes father.
– Thanks a lot. Sit, have tea and leave.
– No thanks, I shall leave. – okay. Son Sonu, where were you? Brother Sonu..
– Sonu, we shall leave. – Yes. Lalji..
– What is it, Sonu? Okay. Didn’t I tell you he will be back? Lalji, what did Sonu say? We have to go to station early
in the morning. Why? – Chamiya, Chammakchallo,
and Bahadur will come there. Really? – Yes.
– Then, we’ll surely go there. Sonu is our leader. How can we let him go alone? What if we are still asleep
in the morning? I wake up early. I will call you. Like this. Okay. Where will we gather? The tree with the bell. Sonu will come there.
Then, we’ll go together. But Shankar, I can’t wake up early. I have an idea.
You go and sleep under that tree now. We will come and wake you up. Yes, that’s a good idea. I don’t want to hear anything..
– Father.. – Shut up! It would’ve been better
if a careless son like you didn’t return. What are you saying?
– I’m telling the truth. I lost my camels because of him. But father..
– Shut up! Go and sleep inside. Go. Let he eat something.
– No, go inside. Brother, don’t leave me and go. Laxmi, what happened? Where were you going leaving me alone? Father will wake up. Don’t lie. Laxmi, our camels have
gone across the border. What now?
– You don’t worry. I met uncle Razzak there.
He is a nice man. You mean,
you had been across the border? I will explain that to you later. Let me go. Uncle Razzak is going
to come to the police station.. ..tomorrow morning with my camels. Are you going alone? No, all the friends are going along. Even I’ll come with you. Laxmi, you.. No, I won’t let you go alone.
I won’t let you. I won’t let you. Okay, let’s go. Let’s go, we have to leave. Yes, let’s go. Is everyone here?
– Yes. Now, what do we do? We have to leave now. What else?
Come on, let’s do the quick march. Wait. Sonu hasn’t come yet.
– Yes. This is not done. This is not done. Nanu, did you whistle near Sonu’s house? No.
– Why? I thought he would wake up. He has to get the camels after all. What do we do now?
– Look they are coming. Why did you bring her?
– Don’t ask me. Laxmi had hold my hand while sleeping. When I tried to release, she woke up. She was adamant to come with us. Where were you going leaving me? Hey, we were going to the police station.
We have to reach there by morning. Let’s go.
– Yes, let’s go. Son, you were right. After counting, I learnt that there are
three extra camels here. Father, I told you, those bells.. You wore those bells around
your neck and you became camels. We were playing.
We didn’t become camels for real. Had god wished,
He would’ve made us camels. Look, do this.. go and get the bells
of these new camels. Razzak, what’s the matter?
You are laughing so much. Sometimes, I laugh on my mistakes
and sometimes on other’s mistake. Look, we had thirty camels
until yesterday.. they are thirty three. It is God’s will. Who are we to interfere? God can make 30 into 33. And 33 to 30 too. What are you trying to say? Iqbal, whatever you did
yesterday was wrong. What have I done?
– I need not say it. You don’t argue with me
and separate the kid’s camels. I will go to the police station
and hand it over to Mukhtar. Mr. Mukhtar is on leave today. No problem, there may be some
other officer, I will give it to him. Razzak, what foolishness is this? I mean, I shouldn’t get embarrassed in
front of God on Dooms day. Is that clear? Razzak, who has seen that? We have seen that innocent boy’s face. He was looking so dull. When he will find his camels,
how happy he and his parents will be. Their prayers will increase
the life of my children. Look Iqbal, I kept you here thinking
you would teach good things to children. You will earn money
by doing hard work, but.. You have become a rebel. Do you know how much money I have? Tell me, how much is your
hard earned money? Does hard work money only counts? I don’t know,
but it gives you peace and harmony. I don’t want peace and harmony, I want.. What do you want?
– Those three camels. If you don’t want to keep them,
I will keep it. I will get lot of money by taking
and getting stuff across the border. You will keep regretting.
I will become rich. To hell with you. Iqbal, fear god.
– You fear Him. But I won’t let you take those camels. What will you do?
– Do you want to see? Iqbal! Iqbal, you have crossed your limits. Take your luggage and leave. Don’t show your dirty face to us. Sister, you’ll regret. We’ll see! Razia, Fatima, Meher!
Get the bells soon. Very good, children. Very good. Father, are you going
to give back the camels? Yes, dear.
– Shall I come along? Yes, dear.. – Father, I will also come.
– What about me? Dear, they are..
– Take them along. But I made sweet for Sonu last night. He is from my village.
Assume him to be my nephew. I will be back. Did you hear that? Did you understand anything? Let’s go, dear. Sonu! Sonu! Sonu! I can’t see Sonu and Laxmi.
Where are they? They were here.
– They were here? Sonu has troubled me so much. Look, if he sitting near
the camels in the backyard. There are no camels. Did you forget? Yes.. camels are not here. Then go out and see.
See if he is outside. Go. Brother Walji! Yes!
– Brother Walji! Yes, tell me. Tell me, what is it?
– What is your son doing? What do I know? He is not at home. My son too is not at home.
– My two sons are not at home. Your son Sonu would’ve taken them. I am tired of Sonu, but what do I do?
He is my son. Keep him at home.
Don’t let him act smart. Don’t know what
he is going to do in future. Okay..
I will teach him a good lesson today. Let him come home. He has gone out
with all the village guys. He will not return soon. I’m telling you, you go out
and look for him. Sister is right.
– But where do we go? Sister, try to recall,
did he talk about going somewhere. Yes, he said that he has
to go to police station. He would’ve gone there. You come, we will get the chief.
– Yes, come on. Come on. Ajit.
– Sir! How did the kids come till here? Look, hope there’s no chaos here.
– Yes, sir! Sir..
– Greetings, sir. I am Sonu, I’ve come to take my camels.
– Camels? Is this guy mad?
Why did you get him here? Who are those kids?
– Sir, they are my friends. They have come with me.
We have to take the camels. Why are you talking about camels?
Do we sell camels here? Don’t you know,
this is a station at border? First tell me, how did you come here? Sir, we came walking from Dhrang.
My village is Dhrang. We all have come from
there to take the camels. What rubbish are you saying? Sir, my camels
have gone across the border. You tell me,
should I get it back or not? So, I came till here. We need your permission to go ahead. You can’t go beyond this, son. But how will uncle Razzak
come till here? Uncle Razzak? Who? From Huda.
– Huda? Yes. We are from Heda
and he’s from Huda. This means,
had you been across the border? Yes..
– Remember one thing.. ..never tell anyone that you
had come across the border. No, he just met me. He said, he will find
my camels and get it here. Sir, please let me go.
I will be back soon. No..
– What now? Ram Lakhan.. – Sir?
– Take this kid from here. Sir..
– Son, don’t be adamant. Go..
– Sir.. Sonu! What happened, Sonu? Father, these people are not
allowing me to go to Huda. Sonu, officers don’t listen to anyone.
– What about my camels? Look, you don’t worry. Are there
only three camels in this world? You talk to senior officer. No Sonu, I will not plead
in front of any officer. No father, do something. I will surely
get back the camels somehow. Sonu.. – Uncle, Sonu will surely
do what he says. He will surely do, uncle Walji. Sonu, stop being
a leader and study well. Do you know villagers are
so troubled by you? Look, see how many people are here. Wonderful, chief is here too. Then the work will be done, father. Father, if you
and chief talks to the officer.. ..then they’ll surely let us go. Mr. Khan, greetings.
– Greetings, Mr. Razzak. What’s the matter?
Why did you come so soon? Mr. Khan, the thing is
I need to go across the border.. ..for some time with the camels. Across the border?
No one can go there without permission. Sir, that’s the reason, I’ve come to you.
If you give permission, I will be obliged. I can’t do that.
It is matter of the border. Why are you taking these camels. Mr. Khan, the thing is,
these camels are not mine. A little boy from Dhrang took
camels for grazing.. ..but because of his carelessness, camels
lost their way and entered our area. Sir, that kid came to
my house looking for camels. I explained to him
and sent him back, but.. I noticed in the morning that his
three camels are in my herd of camels. Sir, it is important for me
to return the camels. How is it possible, Razzak?
I won’t let you go. Father, won’t Sonu get back his camels? No, dear. Let’s see. If that kid gets permission to come
till here, he can take the camels. They may send him,
but we won’t let him enter. Razzak, you are a very naive man.
You don’t know. They do many illegal things
by sending camels across the border. Mr. Khan, he is a small kid. Sir, he belongs to my in-laws village. You see,
there’s no luggage on the camels. What do we do? It is government matter.
We won’t let you go. If he doesn’t get the camels, won’t
Sonu put the veil on Hajji Peer’s shrine? He will, son. He will surely put it. Pray that god shows a way.. ..and that kid gets his camels. Razzak, what can we do?
Neither can I let you go.. ..nor can let them come here. Who are you?
– Sir, I’m Sonu’s father. – So? Sir, if you let us go there,
we’ll go and get our camels back. We will obliged to you all our lives. Sir, please let us go.
– Look, we have some rules. We can’t ignore the law. Just for camels. Look, I am an illiterate man.
I can’t understand what you say. I just know that I can’t earn money
without my camels. What can I do? Okay, if not me, listen to the chief. He is the chief of our Dhrang village. Sir, please tell him. Sir, he is a very honest man. He earns honestly. If he loses his three camels,
he will die hungry. Look, what’s going on here? Chief and Walji
will surely do something. Sonu is the reason for all this. Walji has pampered him so much. He is his only son.
– He is very mischievous. But he is very smart. And he is very brave too. Stop this nonsense. Think, what to do now? Father, why doesn’t Sonu come? He will come, dear. God willing. I am hungry. Mr. Khan, did you hear? Children
are hungry. Can you do something? You have brought something.
Feed it to the kids. No, mother gave this sweet for Sonu. Uncle, please let us go. We’ll give this to Sonu and return. Brother Sonu doesn’t need sweet,
but his camels. They are camels with bell, right?
– Yes. Mr. Khan, do you hear? Please have mercy on the children.
Please, have mercy. I feel pity for you. Sir, please take out a way. Look, there’s no other way
than flag meeting. Then organize flag meeting. Flag meeting is not child’s play. You have to take permission
from superiors. and it is not so easy. Sir, I think somebody
has brought three camels. If they get permission from superiors,
the flag meeting will be done. If flag meeting is done,
your work will be done. What happened? – Chamiya, Chammakchallo,
and Bahadur have come. Let’s go. Are we going to take them?
– No. There’ll be a flag meeting first.. ..and then we’ll get back our camels. Wow.. what is flag meeting? What do I know?
We’ll see when it takes place. What is going on? People with camel are
in the front and we are here. Then why delay? These people are complicating things. It will be afternoon. No one cares. Had I been an officer,
I would solve it in a jiffy. Why are they taking so long? Look, he is showing a flag. But no one is doing anything from there. They must be sleeping. Poor guy’s hand will
ache while swaying the flag. Sir, they are showing
white flag from there. – Is it? I think they want to do flag meeting.
We have to talk to our superiors. Wow, look..
– Yes, look. Mr. Khan, this boy’s three camels
are there. Even I heard the same.
– What do we do? Who brought the camels?
– Sir, I brought them. Is it?
– Yes, sir. There were three camels.
– You crossed the border from here? When? What time? It happened yesterday, not from here.. ..there was one more twin brother
like this, somewhere else. We went from there. I mean, not me.. just the camels. I was standing here. – What was
the number of the twin brother? Do you remember?
– Yes sir, it was 1180. So, what do we do?
– He is right. But we have to match
the footsteps of the camels. If you see, the camels are here. It may or may not be. If you were in my place,
wouldn’t you follow the rules? We had to.. it is about the border. Oh no! Hey Sonu! Sonu! Listen to me! What happened, Sonu? – I think
they are complicating simple matter. Don’t know when I will get my camels. What do we do now?
– We’ll do as Sonu says. I will take my camels from here.
– But how? Somehow..
– If you want to go, leave. Sonu, what are you saying? How can we go leaving you alone here? Why did the government do so?
– What? Why did they make a border here?
– There must be some reason. Had I been the government,
I wouldn’t have made a border here. Laxmi, you alone can’t make government. Many people gather and make government. Then, we all will make a government. We will not keep any borders.
Anybody can go anywhere they want.. ..and live wherever they want to. There won’t be any laws
or security anywhere. Brother, look there.
– What is it? The crows are flying in the sky happily
from here to there and there to here. No one is stopping them. When there’s no rule on these crows,
why are they putting rules on our camels? Even they can come.
– How? You call them out.
They’ll come when you call. They’ll surely come. Chamiya! Chammakchallo! Bahadur! Chamiya! Brother, call out once more. Chamiya! Chammakchallo! Bahadur! Chammakchallo! Chamiya! Hey, Chamiya! Look, they are looking here. Chammakchallo! Bahadur! Chamiya! Hey Chamiya! Come. Chammakchallo! Bahadur! Come. Chamiya! Chamiya! Come soon. Chammakchallo!
– What’s going on? What are they doing? Chamiya! Bahadur! Come soon! Come on! Come on! Chammakchallo! Bahadur! Come soon. Come on! – Hey!
– Chamiya! Hey Chamiya! Come on. Hurry up.
– Hurry up. Chamiya! – Come soon.
– Hurry up. Come on. Chamiya! Chammakchallo! Come on. Yeah! We found the camels! Mr. Khan, camels solved the problem.
– Father! Yes.. – Father..
– Come on. Father, the camels are back.
– Yes. Didn’t I tell you?
We will find the camels. We found them. Yes, we found it. But you come home,
I will teach you a lesson. Mischievous boy. Brother, why are you scolding your son? Scold the blind camels if you want. They don’t recognize our borders. Your son is very smart. God bless him. Son, give it to him. “Upside down.” “Upside down.” “Land below and sky above.” “People walk upside down on the road.” “Upside down are camel carts
and the sheep’s.” “Don’t go to graze them. Don’t fall.” “You’ll fracture your leg.
It will hurt you badly.” “Mother will scold you and tell you.. “Everything is right side up.” “Everything is right side up.” “Everything is right side up.” “Everything is right side up.”

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