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Just as in the past
years witnessing.. The migration of the
people to the foreign lands.. …again this year 2000.. One of them an accountant
from Gujarat- Jayesh Patel.. …a teenager from Mumbai
– Robin Patel Both had dreams of making
it big in foreign land.. Third one was Raajnam
Venkateshwaram from Tamil Nadu.. Who was yearning to bid
adieu to the days of poverty.. …by earning
decently in a foreign land! A professor from Kolkata
– Proveer Chatterjee.. …who was conned of his retirement
benefits by his only son.. …and is now left
with the burden of.. …getting his daughters
married off.. …his friend goaded him to
take up job as a tutor abroad.. And that Vishal Saxena of Delhi,
like many other teenagers.. …would prefer to work
abroad rather than over here, Accompanying these people also
is Makhan Singh from Haryana.. The neighborhood village
headman’s son earns well abroad! Are we not capable than him?
We too would go.. And from U.P., uncle and his nephew
– Banwari and Prem.. …like others have set their
sights upon the foreign land.. …as a solution to
all their problems.. These were the very thoughts too,
of Hardhaman from Punjab So too were the thoughts of
Dipuji Rathod from Rajasthan.. Who has lost all his
hopes in these desert sands.. Now with a hope to achieve
his goal in foreign land.. And the educated,
unemployed Gurutej too from Punjab.. …like the others has invested
everything for going abroad.. And a peculiar kind amongst
these was Aman Sahadev from Jammu.. …who had nothing
to gain abroad but.. …rather to forget
himself and his past.. And Santokh Singh from Punjab,
who needed money for.. …his son’s treatment of
the incurable disease, …too is ready to go abroad.. …at any cost.. in any way! Oh aunty, it was a mistake..
forgive me forgive me It hurts, what mistake Oh Santosh what happened,
what’s chasing you …oh Kartar a plane Plane chasing you?
I can’t see it I for
– India. J for.. Plane.. plane.. oh
Guddu the plane has come Hey how can you take the
child like that, from school? J for plane.. j for.. jug Oh Guddu, plane.. the
plane has come.. uncle What happened Aunty.. aunty watch out You idiot.. Oh Guddu.. plane.. plane.. Oh father O Meeth.. oh Guddu wait What happened? Why are you laughing, tell me.. I am asking you
what has happened Got the Visa What? The visa has been stamped Brother has got
his visa.. father.. …brother has got his visa
stamped.. brother will go abroad. Oh the lamps are lit Yes.. . Now we will get
you married with great pomp Take this panjeeri it’s good for
your health and your brains also. Eat it in England and have it
alone don’t share it with anybody Yes mother, I will go to
England and have it alone Sometimes dreams.. …come true.. Sometimes dreams come true.. Like strangers become ours.. Like you get
everything without asking.. Like everything
happens without thinking.. Like a garden blooms
in the haunted place.. Sometimes dreams come true.. Prem my son don’t ever
leave your uncle’s hand.. …whatever
problems you have to face. Now all our hopes are
pinned on both of you. Son.. take care
– Mother Brother, why are you feeling so
sad. Let us reach England and.. …then we will repay all our
loans and get back our land We have hope. The life
seems beautiful now.. We’ve started
seeing our destination.. …which we couldn’t
see it till now.. We’ve started
seeing our destination.. …which we couldn’t
see it till now.. It is like somebody has bought
the news of the spring season.. It is as though the swaying
winds have sung a couplet.. Like you meet a
traveler in a unknown way.. Sometimes.. Stop.. stop Oh father The situations have changed.
Even our destiny is changed.. Our boat sinking in the
ocean has been saved.. Sometimes the tornado
becomes the shores.. Sometimes the
dreams come true.. Sometimes the
dreams come true.. Like strangers become ours.. Strangers have
become friends and now .. …your dreams will
also be fulfilled. Tomorrow all of
you will reach Russia and there at the airport you
will meet Rashid from Pakistan.. …he will explain
everything to you. You have to stay there for two days
and then go to England.. enjoy Foreigner.. Oh Makhan Singh that
plane has left us and gone. You too can leave it and
look at these girls.. hi hi hi I have not seen such
girls in my village Stop it.. You have come to
some other’s village.. …and so stop it Munna enough Oh men.. here here.. Are you Rashid? No Clinton.. who else
will come to take you people. Rashid.. no brother no..
come on, sit in the bus. These three have come from
Pakistan, they will stay with you Salutations Salutations That’s all We’ve moved out
of our houses.. We’ve moved out of our houses.. …and want to see what
destiny holds for us.. We want to see our
mothers happy with long life.. Even the
strangers become ours.. Sometimes the
dreams come true.. Like strangers become ours.. Everything is fine?
– Yes.. Come on brothers, come on
my men this is your heaven. You can light a fire here and these
beds are for you people to sleep. The bathroom is there
and don’t piss anywhere.. …this is the room
heater and there the kitchen. You can cook
anything you want and eat. The next journey will
start after five days Oh brother.. why after five days,
at Delhi they said only two days Do you want to go back? Does
anybody else want to join him No brother I don’t want to go lam also not going Stop this nonsense.
After five days Yes after five days What he says? After five days I what? After five days Oh five days Have you gone mad? If you are caught all of
you will go into prison. Are we free now? From the last five days.. …we’ve been
starving in that room. And when a person is hungry .. …he can even kill anybody,
Rashid sir. Don’t look at my face.. …the people there inside
are in a worse state and they can do anything.. anything. What happened to brother Gurtej He has come with the food,
he will come. Keep waiting Oh keep quiet, everybody
is in a bad state here.. …and you are talking nonsense, if you say one more word I
will hit you with my shoe. Keep quiet, where has
this Gurtej disappeared? He had gone to bring food I fear he may have
got busy on the phone. Now the police will see
him and they will reach here Who all should we save ourselves
from, the police or the agents It is the limit,
this is also over Now there is no
hope for food also. Desi have some shame.. …we are all hungry here and
you are hiding this panjiri.. Aman brother make him understand What’s there to understand.
I promised my mother.. …that I will eat it
when I reach England. Okay do one thing then, keep
this panjiri in a glass bottle.. …and send it to a
museum and write on it …that this is the
food which was available.. …and yet we all
starved to death. Nothing will happen brother;
God will take care of everything. Everything will be alright This is all just talk Santokhji. The Almighty will keep sleeping
and the clays will just pass. The doctor had given
you a year’s time.. …for your son’s operation
and six months are almost over. The next six will also get over. Hey Prem what are you saying.
Think before you speak. What you said was right Santokh. Nothing happens
without his wish. If it is night now.. …It will be morning tomorrow We are all waiting for morning. Who knows when it will come,
forgive him Santokhji. Prem is only a kid and he
did not intend to hurt you. But this is harsh reality. We also thought that in 5-6
months we will earn so much.. …that all the
debts will be cleared What you say is right man, if I
had known this would happen then.. I would not have left
my business in Bombay. If I had to given bribes on time to
the police and the goons there.. …then at least there would not
have been so much of tension.. …why did I listen to my
parents and come here.. …to suffer like this.
without any fault it is our fault.. that we tried
to reach UK from other countries Gurtej you have come What man, till when
should we suffer here? Why don’t you shoot us and
finish everything. – One minute Hearing your one minute we
have spent five months here.. …and there in our country.. …the responsibility of our
children and old parents are on us.. …and here we are
in this condition What you say is right. We have given
you the our life’s savings.. …and then too
this is our condition We have taken a
loan and come here Oh brother keep quiet.
Nobody is listening to me. Even I don’t enjoy this,
keeping you people here like this Even I am spending
for each and every day How much does it cost to starve us?
– When did I starve you people. You’ve been eating properly
for the last five months.. …the provisions got
delayed for a day.. …or two and you
people are talking so much. And who is spending for this
place you people are staying In? Yes, why are you
keeping us here, free us I want to do that, but
luck is not favouring us. The checking has
become so strict.. …that you all have been
stuck for so many days. But don’t be sad, we
will go from here by morning You have already said
this three times earlier This time it is final. I had
come here to tell you people this.. …but you all pounced on me. What is your name
Professor Banerjee.. Chatterjee.. Probir Chatterjee Nice name. Take these roubles. first
please neaten up yourselves.. …you should look
like educated tourists There is no need to be scared. Your visas are valid
for next ten days.. …and you people
can move anywhere.. …eat anything you
want and enjoy yourself. You can compensate for
the last five months Oh this country is of
youngsters full of fun Hey somebody make
this mechanic understand Mechanic will tighten
your screw, come here Oh brother see your panjiri’s
box is fixed. What are you looking Dada has given it Oh boy this fatso has
gone mad with the bag he got Dada tell me one thing,
you don’t look too old.. …but even Banwari uncle
calls you grandfather. This dada is not that.. …we Bengalis address
our elder brother as dada. Oh. Then the elder
sister is called dadi You fool That is why Makhan
Singh we all call you Desi Desi Yes Desi. Hey silly man stop it, will you
remove your pants and jump in this. What a man he is. He’s going to England
to swindle people there. And in this green outfit he
looks more like a parrot.. …have some shame There is no shame in business, if he
feels ashamed he will go hungry You have to die someday,
so why not die of shame if you blow the flute in front of
a buffalo this is what you will get Oh God what girls,
see that one in yellow Oh my God look at these men, what
did you people get the money for.. …and here you
people are drinking liquor Oh Robin, for the
last five months .. …we have been asking
for permission to breathe. Today we have decided to
live freely like the white men It is all right brother
Chaudhari, today we will also enjoy Oh Desi just stop it Oh idiot you are
drinking my liquor also Then buy more Desi we don’t have anymore
money, how will we buy more Hey the thin man won.. He will get good
money too.. yes. Hey man I am coming.. Dada
you take care of this panjiri.. …hey if you have the
guts come and fight with me. Say long live Sukhdev Singh ji, oh he is scared Come. Oh I lose, forgive me You go, come on fight with me That is right brother Come on Oh brother It is good brother,
you have come Aman.. Aman What happened darling He.. Who he.. any problem? There is a problem
– What our lndians.. Indians problem will always be.. …darling but a big
problem of ours solved.. …that is why we
have to leave tonight. Come on let us celebrate Yes that is alright, but let
me just talk to the Indians be careful we have to
leave this evening okay okay Hey By the way madam do you know you
look very beautiful in this outfit.. …what happened?
– You.. Bye bye love you Aman..
love you Aman Come on man Oh Bhola brother you
sit first, come sit sit. Sit down, didn’t you all hear me, it
is a long distance of traveling.. …come on sit in the truck.
– What sit, from the last five months you
are telling us sit down, sit down. We have paid you
for air travel.. …and you are
making us sit in a truck Oh he’s a Pathan.. I swear, even my donkey back
in the village moves faster Sardarji just look
at its condition Brother its better than us Keep quiet Oh keep quiet Pathan,
what he is saying is right Oh brother even I am worried
that this truck will reach England. Rashid Chaudhari will this
truck go straight to England. Yes sir, please will anybody
make this Desi understand. He is not capable of
coming out of the village.. …and they have sent
him straight to Moscow Oh brother we are
not going to England. We are going to
Ukraine’s capital Kiev Yes key to enter England ls there some door outside England
which will need a key to open it Oh keep quiet Desi – But what is
the need for the key? Hey lover boy just keep your
mouth shut, how much you talk In the name of God Praised be the lord,
Praise the Lord Ganesha Sometimes dreams come true.. I had seen your future and mine Oye Oye Somebody make him understand Has England come Yes baba it has come and
Prince Charles has come to meet you. See the buffalo believes it. This is our Rashid Chaudhari.
Not the person you said. Who else will come,
come on get down Lets see what England looks like This is England.. like this.. You keep quiet, all of
you listen carefully. There is a
jungle ahead of this.. …and you people
have to walk across it.. …and should cross the
border before morning. We have to enter Ukraine Walking?
– Yes walking. It will be cold ahead and so
you have to wear all your clothes Now itself Yes now itself,
further the road is so bad.. …that you will not be able to walk
with your luggage, so leave it. You will get it further ahead.
– Oh Rashid sir Listen brother we have
only five minutes with us and so please hurry Come on brother Oh Almighty God We have worn so much clothes it
looks like we are going to the moon Don’t you people know
the story of the onion What onion man Onion? Formerly our
onion was like the garlic. But one day he too went
to England like us and.. …there Rashid made him
wear so many coverings that he has become today’s onion Oh Vishal your uncle does not
have a bungalow in this jungle Not here he has it in assam Santokh brother be careful What be careful. As if we
are climbing a mountain Come on it’s just a
little water, I crossed it.. …this old man crossed it.. can’t
you cross it, are you so weak.. Come on.. take care of the
old man.. bring him along Dada come I cannot walk what I am tired
– What? Move aside. dada this idli
sambhar will not understand. You keep your arm on
my shoulders and walk. So many people went to England but
nobody said that it is so difficult. Oh snake.. snake Dada, sit here.. Be careful. dada, Are you ok? If I could walk so
much then my visa would.. …have not been
rejected for health reasons. Don’t worry dada, you rest for
some time then we’ll go ahead. No. Enough. No more. I can die
now but I cannot walk anymore. Dada not like this If you have to live, don’t fear
death. Friend why are you worrying? The journey is difficult.. …unknown way, we will
reach the destination soon.. We have to reach our destination
and fulfill our dreams.. To live life is living,
why to fear from living? Till there is life, there is
desire, we will not lose till then We will walk together, we will live
together, we all say that.. Listen friends, we will
surely win and move forward.. Till we are conscious.. …we have the passion, now
all the pains will vanish.. What happened? Prem, what happened to Prem? Banwari
uncle what happened to Prem. Prem.. what happened child?
Santokji, what happened to my child. Wait Banwari.. Banwari wait. O Prem.. nothing
will happen to you.. …nothing will happen
to you.. wait ..wait Pull him towards you. Move.. move.. move let me
see what happened to the child Rashid bhai.. Rashid bhai see.. …what happened to my child
Rashid bhai, doctor.. Prem ..Prem Prem.. Prem,
Rashid you have killed.. Bastard I will not leave you. Rashid kill me also.. kill Hey I have given
him an easy death.. …otherwise he would have
suffered a horrible death. There is no city
no doctor for miles. Banwari he is right Banwari Yes.,. I couldn’t bear the
pain of the child. So I shot him.. I am ruined.. Banwari , no Banwari.. Banwari Prem.. Prem my son. I should have gone died before. Why did God take you first. Now how will I face
my sister in law.. …what will I answer my brother. We had left our home to earn
money, but lost everything.. …did I give him so much
love just to see his death, Prem. Very good, we have entered
Ukraine. Come, come be brave come Help us God Come on.. come on make it fast We are walking only Who can stop death. Be
brave Banwari, Tell me. Banwari don’t you think we
praise English people unnecessarily. They are all lazy. Here the land is so fertile
but they have grown grass on it. Rightly said Santokh brother. If we get this land we will harvest
out gold from it like in Punjab You said it right Gurtej.
Our Punjab is different only Don’t leave me and go
on the eve of Lodhi.. Don’t leave me and go
on the eve of Lodhi.. Don’t leave our
country and go abroad.. Don’t hurt us and go.. Don’t leave our country and go
abroad. Don’t hurt us and go.. Whom do we tell this to?
Don’t leave us and go.. Don’t leave me and go
on the eve of Lodhi.. Don’t leave me and go
on the eve of Lodhi.. If anyone sees this fire
we’ll be imprisoned. There was checking today. Five monkeys
like you were caught and two men from our
group were caught. Now we will have
to change our route. Tomorrow morning we will go
back to Russia to Doniste.. From there we’ll get
onto a steamer up to Malta. Then from Malta all will be
sent in a ship to England. Oh some one take
this patient inside. C’mon.. c’mon hardly
any distance left. Oh helicopter..
helicopter is coming. Hide quickly.. put ice
on yourself.. hide.. You will be in
trouble if they see you.. Get up fast everyone, Nothing. Where is the helicopter,
where it is? It must have gone away,
c’mon. c’mon we will move ahead Saved Uncle. uncle.. uncle What happened? Very bad. very bad has happened.
But c’mon we have to move ahead. C’mon C’mon go and sit in that van from
there we will go to the steamer. We’ve almost
reached Malta understood. C’mon.. c’mon.. c’mon.. We will reach England hey
you Santokh Singh c’mon.. Hey you strong man you are.. I’m Bangladesh, Bangladeshi Oh yes Dhaka’s muslin Salutations Sat shri akalji God. on this ship you have
gathered lots of dreams.. But now show us
our destination too. I don’t want to wait no more.. Let’s bring the house down.. So let’s move yeah. I
don’t want to wait no more.. The caravan is moving.. The caravan is moving
ahead is your destination.. We have to go, we
have to go across.. Forget your sorrows and
friends let’s enjoy.. We have to go, we
have to go across.. I don’t want to wait no more.
Let’s bring the house down.. So let’s move yeah.. I don’t want to wait no more.. Oh beloved, see
my drape is swaying. Innocent drape has flown away.. Your look has looted me in
the whole market in my teens.. Beloved, I’ve just
given my heart to you.. Beloved, give your
heart and take mine.. We have to go, we
have to go across.. Listen to what
my anklet says.. I think it calls
you out, beloved. Your silence is killing me.. Whom do I share
my confusion with? You are my beloved. I
lost my heart on you.. Your love will
make me go crazy.. I am loving you deeply.. Just think, I am
living for namesake.. You are my beloved. I
lost my heart on you.. Your love will
make me go crazy.. I fell in love with
you in the first sight.. Beloved, give your
heart and take mine.. We have to go, we
have to go across.. Sometimes the
dreams come true.. I don’t want to wait no more. Let’s bring the house down.
So let’s move yeah.. I don’t want to wait no more.. We have to go, we
have to go across.. We have to go, we
have to go across.. Hey stop.. wait.. wait. if you
all go like this what will we do. …we will all be killed. What happened? Look there I say stop.. if you jump
like this you will die. Take something and then jump.. …Tyre or wooden planks.
something.. …wait listen to me
take something and jump. Open this, c’mon. C’mon hurry up Hey if there is
anything inside just pick it Yes come. Come Gurtej Baba.. No Aman brother I don’t
want to die please save me. Go and take out the ball
from the net.. go.. very good.. Come Come on dada God it’s only your support Sometimes.. …dreams.. Listen Hey why are you following me You are that same.. You? Yes. You People? Thank god you have recognized.. …us sister we were 200 but now only we are left. What about others? Other didn’t survive. Aman? Dada.. Dada.. Aman. Aman. I am ok Niharika, I am ok. I thought you .. Death is not
that easy Niharika.. …god knows what other
colours life is going to show. But see His mercy too. We
survived the horrifying accident.. …and in this unknown
place met known people. You all come with me.
My house is near by. Myself and my husband will do
whatever is possible for us. Ya its amazing. Finally I
made it possible for you. Liquid plutonium. You cannot gauge its value. Ya but we are giving you much
more than any value you can gauge. Ya, but the entire thing
goes to the Russian mafia. I only take a small share of
this and rest goes to them yes its ours. Oh its beautiful.. Niharika What you are looking at.. Smile. Someone firing Let’s go. Hey stop. stop.
– Aman.. Aman. Niharika.. Niharika. Hey who are you? Aman this ..this
is liquid plutonium. Please give this to
the correct people.. …my husband is in bad company.. Niharika, you first need a
Doctor. Doctor ambulance.. Doctor. Aman you were
right and innocent I.. Niharika accepted daddy’s
wrong decision.. Niharika I have to leave Today everyone even my
father thinks you are a traitor And you Niharika What I think is
not important Aman, I am so sorry, I have
to go. I have to go. Niharika.. Your think rightly.
What do you know about me? That you will hand over a
precious thing like plutonium. Are you an Indian? I am Afghani but studied
in India for five years Then how you are here? After the end of
Najib’s rule there was terror & civil war in Afghanistan …in which my whole family died. After that I
joined Northern Alliance so I could fight with
my country’s enemies. Oh my god, we
are being followed. This is the same mafia who
along with the scientist and Russian mafia wants to make a deal
of plutonium with the Talibaan But why do you want it? We will give it to
the U.N.O & prove that Northern Alliance is the
only responsible group which can handle Afghanistan. Go straight quick ..quick They went the other side Lets get out fast. We will
have to change the car now. Now you will never stop your truck.. …after seeing any girl.
Isn’t it Desi? Hey get up .. Oh truck is gone .. Oh stop it. You seem to be nice. Come here. Thanks O. K. Work? We are here, from here
we will go to Ukraine, From Ukraine to Czechoslovakia, from Czechoslovakia to
Germany and from Germany to .. But sir, these people cant .. I know they cannot go. They
are being chased by many people. That’s why new way is required, it
should be from here to Tajikistan, from Tajikistan to its
capital Dusanbe , in Dusanbe. We will attach
visa to new passports and you all will be
put on board a flight. Passport, Visa so fast? Everything will be fake.
just to put you on board,” …after reaching to London just destroy the
passport and surrender yourself and afterwards apply
for political asylum. What? Shut up. But it will cost you more. Why more. This
route is easier for you Doesn’t matter what is
difficult or easy for me. It’s easy for you so
will cost you more. You seem to be from our side or
you can say we are from your side. Can there be any concession Take. I don’t drink. Cant give a better
concession than this. I work for money not for
making or maintaining relationships. Palvesha what you have thought? It can be done.. It will be.. it will be So this work will be also done Yes. Yes Beloved.
– Beloved. Beloved.
– Beloved. Beloved, you are
close to my heart.. Beloved.. – Life is
beautiful living with you.. Beloved.. you
have lovely eyes.. Beloved..
– It is intoxicating.. Let’s create commotion.
Let’s drink and make them drink. Let’s forget who we are.. Beloved, you are close
to my heart. Beloved.. Life is beautiful
living with you. Beloved.. You have lovely eyes.
Beloved.. – It is intoxicating. Unable to forget her! There is nobody in this world
who is as beautiful as her.. There is nobody in this world
who is as beautiful as you.. You are my beloved.
– You are my sweetheart.. There is nobody in this world
who is as beautiful as you.. You are my beloved.
– You are my sweetheart.. Let’s drink and dance. Meet your eyes with mine
and make me intoxicated. Let there be
fun every moment.. Carry on. Beloved.. – Come closer.
Beloved.. – Show your styles.. Beloved, your attitudes
are breathtaking. Beloved. Stay with me forever.. Beloved..
– Missed it. Give it to me!
– Sure. Changed? Are you ready to go? Tell your friends also that.. No! Lift up your veil.
And show your face. Lift up your veil.
And show your face. Let your face be etched in
my heart. Look into my eyes. Lift up your veil.
And show your face. Let your face be etched in
my heart. Look into my eyes. We’ll eat and drink.
We’ll have lots of fun. We’ll eat, drink and have fun.
And forget our sorrows. When do you get
such an atmosphere? Beloved! Such gathering and
atmosphere! When do you get it? Beloved! Let me drink.
Beloved! It is the right thing. Beloved! Your eyes are beautiful.
Beloved! It is intoxicating! We’ll eat and drink.
We’ll have lots of fun. We’ll eat, drink and have fun.
We’ll drink and offer others. We’ll forget who we are! Beloved! If she is your darling!
Beloved! It would be wonderful. Beloved! Your eyes are beautiful!
Beloved! It is intoxicating! Beloved! If she is your darling!
Beloved! It would be wonderful. Beloved! Your eyes are beautiful!
Beloved! It is intoxicating! Take everyone and
get out from there. Get out fast, bend down.. Get out from here fast Come on you also come.. Come on fast ,
quick.. run fast .. Wait , wait here we
should not go ahead Come on Palvasha we have to go there. You and Palvasha.
Give us cover fire. – OK I will go out from there
with the full group – OK Come on go
– Come on Palvasha. Let’s go Come .. come Come on move. Come on Palvasha. Gurtej.. stop the vehicle Oh stop, move behind He is dead, let’s go come on. God bless you son Always progress son Come soon child,
we will miss you. Now you are our
only support my son.. Mother.. Don’t leave your country and go
abroad. Don’t hurt our heart. Stop. Palvasha. keep this, I know this
will be safe with you. I know it. The court marshal
proceedings have found Captain Aman Kumar Sahdev
of fifth Armoured regiment as guilty of leaking
military secrets to enemies. All the allegations made by him on
his superiors are proven baseless, the court of inquiry headed by major general V.K.
Kaul of western command …therefore decided that
his services are terminated and he is awarded 3
years rigorous imprisonment.. Dusanbe Thank you
– OK Aman, life is precious. You should not let the
past overpower your present. Life and people
around you need you. Dusanbe.. Yes..
– Let’s go? They must be awaiting us.
– Lets go In war and difficult times you
should eat whenever you get food. You haven’t learnt this yet. Look food is a necessity
and death is a tragedy. Why are you combining both. See they are here Desi, what happened why
you are looking so sad. What is the matter?
Is everything alright? Palvesha its good
you people have come. I cant do baby sitting.
Take care of them. Santokhji what happened? Khan brother, dada what
happened? Where is Gurtej? Aman. Santokhji where is Gurtej? In yesterday’s firing Gurtej.. What?
– Yes. Palvesha, I am going to the
passport office. You take all of them to Khariya, there
is danger all around. Danger, where is
there no danger? Five months have passed in hiding
as if we are thieves and gangsters . I am going to the Indian
embassy to ask for forgiveness, to say I have
made a mistake so do whatever you want to
do with me. No Brother.. I cannot live this life where you cannot save the life
of your dying friend nor do I want to see dreams which
are overshadowed by death.. No one to give a funeral to us.. I am going. I am going.. You can talk
because you are alive. You wanted to die
yesterday to save your friend.. …who was taking
his last breath. It would have been better
if I had not stopped you. All of you listen. I
am doing this because I have taken on the responsibility
to take you all to England. You are right sir, But Gurtej has been with us
from the last five months. We are all
emotionally attached to him. Hell with your emotions. Every
moment we have to play with danger.. And we have to save
ourselves and others from it. In such circumstances its
foolish to talk about emotions. Control your emotions Hey what are you talking about. He is right. He is right.
The deal was to take us to England not to save
the ones who are dying. Also if tomorrow you are dying
don’t expect even water from him. I am sorry sir.. I am sorry. In future this kind of emotional
foolishness will not happen. Palvesha. tell us
where do we have to go. Palvasha. They have not eaten
anything since morning. Give them something to eat. Your emotions
don’t lessen by eating. Palvasha. sister, what
type of a man is he?. Can we trust him? Will he take us to England? Sorry sir, I can’t find them But I don’t understand. how
could these people disappear with my Plutonium & diamonds? What happened? Its not easy sir,
Sameer is helping them Sameer? who the hell is Sameer? I know him very well. In
fact we used to work together.. …but due to some reason, we
went on different routes. He went his way
and I came my way. But I warn you he is
very clever and smart too. He is the person who
can save a sinking ship But, but what will happen now Don’t worry. just relax.
Have a drink. First of all
we’ll locate him down and once he is located I’ll handle that rascal myself This is nonsense. I
don’t believe this. My husband would have told me. He doesn’t keep
any secrets from me. Stop it.. stop it. I
said don’t touch any thing. Go there Sameer, I love you Hello.. hello yes Khalif a,
listen to me carefully.. Had to talk so loudly Yes Then why do need a telephone, his voice will reach
Pakistan like this only. Yes,. coming You don’t come here, hey if you know
our state then you will fall sick. Yes. you take back
the money from him. Hello.. Rashid Khan is
a fraud agent. Hello .. Hello. What happened? Hey my cousin Khalid is
going to England with Rashid. Then stop him Hey how do I stop him I
cannot connect the phone to him, if it gets connected
then cannot hear properly. He thinks we are making a lot of
money & enjoying a great life. What to do? I am
going to offer prayers Sir dial the code of England Yes I am dialing Hey till when Till I can forget my
pain in their happiness. Sameer you should try
this experience sometime.. People who’ve had lots of.. …experiences stop
feeling proud of them.. Hello.. hello yes
this is Prof. Chatterji. Isn’t this professor
Stevenson from Oxford, what? Hey this is Uganda’s number There you are Then I need to dial to Haryana
to call Baroda. Isn’t it fatty? Hey what Choudhari, you live
here between Russia and England. You must be going here
and there very often Oh brother, down come down,
there is time to fly now we are going to
click photos for the passport Thank you Sameer Next Me.. me .. me Sorry Santokh Singh,
there is a problem Hey what happened? Had you clicked the
photo after five minutes then it would have
been great Hey why? We could have made a
poster of your photo Why brother? It would have been 12 o’clock What would have
happened if it was 12 o’clock Whatever happens it
happens to you people Santokh. It doesn’t happen to us Oh.. What happens, happens to us Yes Two hundred years ago it
used to happen to those sardars who would attack Nadir
Shah and Ahmad Shah Abdali & rescued lakhs of
girls from their trap. Hey wait. You’ve started the
story then listen it fully. Have you heard of
Hari Singh Nalva? Have you heard of
Hari Singh Nalva? The Commander of
Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s army. The Pathans had
retreated till Kabul due to him. He used to attack at 12 o’clock The enemy used
to run away saying it was 12 o’clock and
it’s was the Sardars time. It used to be a time of patriotism
for the country at 12 o’clock. It used to be a time of patriotism
for the country at 12 o’clock. And people like you have made a joke
of it. foolish people like you Sorry Now go and click your photo. You look innocent for
the first time in life Don’t say it is 12 o’clock
to any Sardar. You’ll attacked Attack Yes the pickle of Amla. Santokh Singh is
distributing it. go and take it One photo please Sameer, I love you Watch it Wow Palvesha great you have..
..done good job Palvesha. But I am sorry you will have
to die because I love money. I am sorry Don’t shoot.. I surrender.
Palvesha, please forgive me Sorry commander, you will have
to die because you love money He was a very renowned
General of Northern Alliance. I was to send the
plutonium thru’ him to our chief.. …and then
surrender it to the UNO. But because of money he too.. They know that we
are in this area that’s why you all
are being shifted. Everyone will be kept
in a separate houses.. …so that if there is an
attack one can help the other. You keep this and you this Hey brother forget about using this
lam seeing it for the first time When someone fires at you, then this
will automatically start firing Did you get understand it? No How can you, this is
not a musical instrument, this is to be fired. It’s empty. Still fresh. So they know
he made a deal with us.. …and still they
have the Plutonium. Chief we have to find them We will. They are
definitely somewhere close by. What is going on? I am playing You keep on playing- Hey listen. Your passports have been issued. Now listen carefully. Two hours from here is Dusanbe, from where you have a flight to
England after five hours.. enjoy Keep a stool with you,
what happened? Why they caw.. caw? Caw. caw. because
they are going to England and sending
you to a foreign country I foreign country they to
England, Why. Hey sir why? Hey sir why? Hey what Anna? What? You speak and understand Hindi. You have been fooling
us since five months? Learning.. learning.. Come on guys surround them. I am here, my friends I am here Go move kill him. Yes I am here. Who is next? you? May be you No no Move, I said move who is next. Its you Palvesha always
willing to die for your country. You Sssh.. Plutonium other wise Listen, you will
get Plutonium but.. But what? Come on hurry up Desi.. desi.. Everyone spread.. forward Come on move from here Fast come on Aman. Aman there are
no bullets in this Hey Khan, had there
been any bullets in this then I would have killed
them both with this gun. come on Where is dada? I think he is with
Sameer What do we do now.. Horses.. horses are there..
go this way .. this way Hey look they are coming Come on Come on move fast My motherland, I
bow my head to you.. Dada come on get up No I have to go another way.. Don’t be afraid
dada come on get up I am not afraid, I am sorry that I could not
fulfill my responsibilities.. …to anyone nor
to my motherland.. …couldn’t go back to her debt to her remains.. Sameer, let the others
not face this situation Come on get up dada Dada Dada what happened? What happened to Dada? Palvesha, how is Sameer? Ok, he is unconscious
because of the bullet Dada They are following us, we have
to move from here. Come on fast Come on fast they are coming Palvesha which way
do we go from here? I don’t know. Sameer knew.. Sameer, they are
following us. Sameer is wounded. We have to go
somewhere from here.. Yes. we have to go, Lets move.
We’ll reach somewhere or the other.. Ok come on.. Move.. come on. Palvisha, what happened? We have reached Afghanistan Afghanistan, really Afghanistan, but
how do you come know that we have reached Afghanistan This is my country, I can feel the terror in
the air of my country. Everybody has been killed,
now nothing is left. What should we do now? oh God Everybody has been killed Palvisha what is all this? This is the terror I
was speaking about, this is a north alliance village which they tried to
capture & did all this.. Oh God how long will
you make my people and my land cry tears of blood.. Who are you people? Don’t shoot I am a Afghani. Okay come.. come Come on Oh God have sympathy, because he’s not only
yours but our loved one also Khan brother when
will he become alright? I will ask and find out Thankfully the bullet
has gone straight through.. …he will be alright Doctor, how is the patient Don’t worry, he will feel okay okay Palvesha sister what
did the doctor say? Doctor said there
is no need to worry. The bullet has
gone straight through. Thank God. he will be
alright in a clay or two Idiot.. idiot Hail Afghanistan.. Plutonium Praised be the Lord He is general Masud.. What are you saying,
he’s General Masud. I have heard a lot about him Hey Hey fatso Why are you
frightening poor Jayesh. Palvesha sister, if
anybody should get a gold medal for cowardice it would be Jayesh I will hit you Gappi, Sameer brother
I brought this blanket for you And sir, please get
well soon so that we all.. Don’t worry I will be alright
in a clay or two and then you .. Hey you wait there. Hey don’t leave him..
Hey fatso you have already become like a buffalo
drinking so much milk, now do you want to
become a elephant. This is not for me, it is for Sameer
brother. Milk with turmeric, which my mother used to give
to me whenever I fell sick. You drink it and you
too will feel fine Hey Sameer just leave him Has won again Sometimes life
seems so beautiful. Yes it is just a matter of time Hey Sameer ji you look fine now And I can see many
things becoming finer.. Hail Afghan.. hail Afghanistan Palvesha where are they going? Nothing important, there was an
attack on the neighboring village, they are going for the defence But There are children and
old people amongst them.. What children and
what old people.. …everybody is the
same for their country.. And we are the ones who have
left our country and come here Dora har aayemora ri har aaye.. Deepu this song of yours has
awakened my sentiments too. My country .. I swear my ears await to
hear the sounds from there.. Even I feel my village
is across that mountain. Yes really and I feel
mother will call out to me Oh Makhan come home. And I feel like flying back home Yes yes why not and then you will hear the same
things which you wanted to avoid for which you have
come all the way here. In the morning the
door bell will ring and the creditors will be at the
door with their bad words and we’ll have the same
feelings of helplessness, go back and listen to it again No never, we have come here to save
ourselves the life of disrespect and to go back and
stay there is impossible You are right brother. Now
Sameer brother is alright. We have our visa
also on our passport. Now we will reach England. The real world is abroad,
isn’t it brother? We’ve been seeing the outside
world for the last six months, and what we have not seen maybe a
little better or maybe a lot better but I still feel nothing is
better than your own country Yes, that’s why the
people who have gone abroad usually come back to
their own land to search for their feeling of
belonging and then they cry a lot when
they have to go back They would cry all the time if
they lived in their country. They stay there in
huge houses but they like their small houses in the
village only for sometime. They like to see the
poverty for some days.. What you think is wrong. They
don’t come to see the poverty but they come for
their emotional attachments and they cry while going because they again have to go far
away from their own people. I know this because I myself
have gone through all this.. What you say is
right Palvesha and.. …they can build
those huge houses only because they work
for twenty hours a day. Just think, how
many of you worked We never got a chance You create a chance by
hard work but you people want to get everything
without hard work We are working hard,
to go abroad You are wrong. I am not
saying it is wrong to go abroad, but to go there illegally
thru’ illegal ways is wrong. Seeing others success and
trying to imitate them is not right. The Almighty God has
given something good, some talent to every human
being, and if you recognize yours, and try to be successful thru
it, everything will be alright you don’t have to go anywhere What you said is right Sameer What else, We are fools
to roam about like this, I would say we must go back
to our own country. Right? You people can go back
but I will never go back. I cannot go empty handed,
my child.. Santokh ji Sameer sir, I have worked for
sixteen seventeen hours on my farm, but I could not collect
money for my child’s treatment. These things only sound nice
when spoken but are impractical Santokh ji your
experience is different. But all these people
don’t have a similar problem. As far as your son’s
treatment is concerned, I think this will
be enough for it. The need is not
only mine Sameerji, everybody has their own needs and they are all very
important in their own way.. One minute. If all their
needs are fulfilled then? I had thought that I will use these
to achieve the target of my group but I think now it
is more important to fulfill the need for humanity That is more than enough,
our work is done. Now there is no
problem in going back Let us all dance Dada now that which
has happened to many others will not happen to them, Unfortunately it
happened to you.. What happened Sameerji I just remembered
Dada’s statement. If we go back we will be able to
repay our debt to our motherland That means you too
will come back with us Why not, even I have
the debt of my land Hey. we won.. Hey what Keep quiet, everybody knows
about you, and you will be hit. Oh Desi, now we have won
and we will be going back, at least now give us the Panjiri No.. I will go home
and eat the panjiri We will pass Jalalabad and
then cross the Torkham border O dear saffron clad beloved. Come to my beloved land. Winds have come from motherland
bringing a message of my beloved. Who knows what has happened to him
is the message of the beloved. So intriguing is
the atmosphere. Blessed is the day today. Winds have come from motherland
bringing a message of my beloved. Who knows what has happened to him
is the message of the beloved. Sometime the heart desires. A beautiful
memory is rekindled. There is a heart burn. The
drape is blown away from head. Like somebody is call
me foreigner come home. With wings I’d fly if I had. With wings I’d fly as I’ve
received the message of my beloved. Those loving tender moments. That were spent together. These stars that glory. These eyes dreamt of you only. Memories have been awakened the
hear is overwhelmed O beloved. From the heart has risen
this flutter bringing.. …the message of the beloved. Don’t know what has
happened to the heart. Don’t know what has
happened to the heart.. …It has brought the
message of the beloved. Winds have come from motherland
bringing a message of my beloved. Aman What you said was right sir, when a person is experienced
he stops bragging about it Have you come here
to tell me this? No sir, when you have decided to go back to your
nation with these people then my
responsibility stops here Means you are not going
back to your country? Reason Sir these people’s dreams
were related to their needs but I was going to sever
all bonds with my past. So it is not possible
for me to go back sir, I take your leave now.. Aman.. your past
will keep calling you and you will
keep looking behind. The past is always behind you, the present is what
is in front of you. To separate the past and the present is like
cutting water with the sword. I too had tried it but I
am returning back today. Aman, My present will
be your future tomorrow so its better if you
understand this present now.. I am sorry sir.. I am sorry.
Life is not a thing which can be
understood thru someone.. It has made me
understand a few things earlier so will it make me understand
future too, in its own way Give me your permission,
lam going, good bye sir. Why did Aman go
without meeting us How many times do I have to tell
you all, that if Aman had met you, then your feelings would
not have let him leave. But what was the need to leave,
I don’t understand Sameerji how can someone bury
their feelings for their past? Hail afghan.. Hail afghan.. Hail afghanistan.. Hail afghanistan.. Hail afghan..
Long live Afghanistan, Oh brother, why
have we come this way. There seems to be a
lot of danger this way What are you saying, if we were to go
thru another country.. …then we would
have been arrested with the diamonds at
the airport itself Yes Yes and thus we decided
on this road together. Seeing guns you
forget everything Oh sorry.. Oye donkey.. oye donkey Desi, you are being called.. Yes brother You .. your .. now look here
at the damage you’ve done. Santokhji, don’t get angry, He’s our man.. All information is
passed on through these people. Yes the jeep has broken
down at the proper place. The opium mafia
area begins from here. Only they rule here. Whoever rules the country,
the King, Russia, Mujahidin or today’s government? All earn from them only. These people send
their thugs to Pakistan, India, Nepal, Europe and America and earn millions
and billions of rupees. They are dangerous people. They can stoop to any
level to protect their area understood, come on now push Oh we are going.. Oh Desi .. Desi .. Desi What are you seeing Chaudhariyo, I shall eat panjiri from
my mother’s hands at home Sir, let’s go, we
have to go very far I will never be able to
forget his smiling face Oh shut up Come C’mon. Come soon. If someone
comes, then there will be trouble.. Who are you people. Girl Come Where are you going.. where
are you going. Shooy.. shoot.. Hold each others’ hands ..
hold each others’ hands Oh storm, sit .. sit Oh I cannot see anything Sit .. sit Oh get up and search
where have they all gone Run all run Come on go behind Come .. come Oh God Brother, please do something Oh God Santokh ji Oh my friend Sardar you
cannot do this. You cannot do this Whoever has come, has to go.
Everyone will get their turn Oh what are you doing, carry him Come .. come No Sameerji, I ran a lot,
now I will not run from death Oh have courage Santokh, see I have brought the car,
we will get medical help. You only have patience I am not worried about myself.
Aman, my son Guddu Santokh ji I heard about Desi’s
death and returned. I reached here and Santokh ji.
And why only Santokh ji. We had started as a
group of 200 people.. …with our desires and our dreams. All started dispersing,
and started leaving us. Tomorrow it may be that some
of us be saved or not saved. But even if one is saved, he will fulfill the
dreams of all the others, let us promise each other this. So that even if death comes
to us we will die peacefully. Come let us promise ourselves No one among you will die. All will go to your own homes. This is my promise. After crossing the Torkham
border we will reach Rawalpindi. From Rawalpindi we
will go towards Sialkot and from there cross
Chawanda to India. But first we have to teach a
lesson to the agents in Pindi, who are going to send
groups like us tomorrow evening. We have to stop them Let’s hold our hands
and live together.. …we all were
strangers to each other.. Why did some of our beloved
friends betray us and went away? Till we live, we
will never lose hopes.. …till this moon
and star exist.. We walked together and
we will walk together. We have taken this decision.. Till we live, we
will never lose hope.. …till this moon
and star exist.. We walked together and
we will walk together. We have taken this decision.. Let’s hold our
hands and live together. We all were
strangers to each other.. Why did some of our beloved
friends betray us and went away? If you have to live, don’t fear
death. Friend, why are you worried? The journey is difficult,
unknown way.. …we will surely
find our destination.. If you have to live, don’t fear
death. Friend, why are you worried? The journey is difficult,
unknown way.. …we will surely
find our destination.. Till we live, we
will never lose hope.. …till this moon
and star exist.. We walked together and
we will walk together. We have taken this decision.. Till we live, we will never lose
hope, till this moon and star exist We walked together and
we will walk together. We have taken this decision.. Hey friend, we will surely
win. We will win and go ahead.. If we are conscious and
passion in our hearts.. …then all the
pains will vanish.. Hey friend, we will surely
win. We will win and go ahead.. If we are conscious and
passion in our hearts.. …then all the
pains will vanish.. Till we live, we
will never lose hope.. …till this moon
and star exist.. Till we live, we
will never lose hope.. …till this moon
and star exist.. We walked together and
we will walk together. We have taken this decision.. Oh come soon .. soon, soon Soon Oh come soon Oh where are you
people going, who are you Sir, I am from Bulakher, and
we want to cross the border. In the name of God let us thru’ No Sir, why
should I let you thru’ Sir, let us go, our
brother is very sick See Taliba, he’s in
a very bad condition Yes our brother will die here,
see his condition See his condition, no beard nor
moustache, only blood is dripping Taliban .. Taliban Hello, yes I am listening. Yes
they are coming near the border my brother will die, there is
no treatment for him in Kabul Let us go to Pakistan.. What is the problem Taliban,
what is the problem There is a message
from the Commander that some people are
crossing the border. We have to stop those people What is the problem They are creating chaos saying
they want to enter Pakistan.. If they create
problems arrest them Officer What is the problem Sir They are all with me. we
are all on a secret mission Sir, proceed Come on, you all get down here.
And yes reach Rawalpindi. Take any vehicle, I
will meet you there Major Sir, Commander’s man has
sent a message that the people we allowed to leave
were to be arrested. These are safer with you Oh Gullu, why are you
roaming like Wahid Murad.. Cmon, Go, bring the bus.
The boys are coming Sir Oh come on keep
the fritters ready . The pigeons have come. Oh, the
road to England is not here. Oh Khaliq go in to the office Yes Oh Rashid .. Rashid.. Khaliq,
Khaliqa listen o me, listen to me. Sir that man will destroy the lives
of those boys. Sir pl save them.. Oh you first save your life Trust my word Sir Oh come on move ahead Sameer .. Sameerji I
was drinking juice there, the police came &
took them away.. Yes ok. Oh sir the
military has been informed – Okay Military. Hey he’s
called the military too. Why has Sameer not come yet? Hey stupid men, you will
rot in jail, will die here, tell me where the diamonds are.
I will save everyone We swear on god we don’t know
– Don’t know Then tell me where Sameer is? We don’t know brother This is nothing compared to
what the military will do to you.. Military.. Haneef they don’t have anything.
Your information was not correct. A man called Sameer
has taken away everything Is it true that.. Hey man tell your
informers to get information Sameer has taken everything and we
will be stuck here all our lives.. Hey I have told the military
to take them from here that’s it Who is in charge here? Sir Who is in charge here? Sir, he is.. Sir, You have come so soon.. Why? Should I have come late? Sameer No sir I mean..
Where are they? Sir we found this gun also.. Give it to him. Why, you are doing illegal
work in a foreign country? Oh Sameer We came with you from there.. Stop this nonsense,
come on take them out Come on get out
and stand in one line Yes come on Hands up don’t move. No one will move else they
will be shot. Who is it? Who has come here
masquerading as army officers.. …to take away the foreigners..
come forward Who is this?
– He’s the real one.. Oh sir, you know the police dare
not say anything to the army.. …so you pretended
to be an army officer. Now you see what we do to you. Habeeb
– I cant believe it sir Sir isn’t he a duplicate? Actually he is the original.
Colonel Sameer Ahmad Khan awarded with the Tamkha-e
– lmtiaz. You may proceed, Sir.
– Sir sir sir Enough
– Enough Enough Sir enough Enough We thought you are an Indian.
But you are a Pakistani Pakistani, Indian what
difference does it make You People? Are still alive Son of a bitch Kill him Sir these are criminals And you? I am Rashid, he is
Indian and I am Pakistani Pakistani? Do you know the
meaning of Pakistani, its purity? Had you known about it
then you would not have murdered their
dreams so brutally. You call yourself a Pakistani Get up, this is nothing,
here are all your secrets.. …because of which
you will rot in jail. You all have heard me. Now go. You all will get
your money back. Hence forth don’t ever try to go
abroad illegally, ok, Jamaal.. – Sir Take all of them to
the police station and start
recording their statements Yes sir
– Move. You don’t worry sir, I will personally
supervise this case. You keep this. When you get
my signal you will have to.. …make them cross the
border within half an hour.. Habeeb, you have helped me immensely,
I am very grateful to you. Why are you embarrassing me sir? I have not done anything. what
ever I do for you is very less. You have done a lot
for the country sir.. This will be taken as a
betrayal of your country, yes Only because my wife is Tajik. Sir,
I can never betray my country. But you didn’t inform us that
the Soviet Union was splitting.. You also got the other
three officers arrested Sir, my country is
my soul, my mother.. Your past credibility has
saved you from court marshal. But you will have to
live in house arrest – Sir Till our investigations are
over, no more discussions about it I was put under house arrest and a
team was sent to my wife’s house for the investigation too.
They didn’t find anything. But I lost whatever I had.. Doctors couldn’t save
my wife and my child.. …the investigation
team proved me innocent. The army told me to
resume the services again. My whole life is over. Everything seems
to be meaningless.. Then I met you all and
started on this journey and life again resumed her meaning.. Sameer I am sorry sir,
In Afghanistan you said.. …that we will cross from
Chawanda. From the north or south? Not here
– Found? Not there
– You.. you? Not here also sir Hello Jamil. We are
in north Chawanda. No nothing can
happen with so few people. You bring all the other
people towards north Chamunda. You don’t know Sameer.. enough May be the border is that side Sameerji, we are in
north Chamunda isn’t it? What happened? He is a traitor, you are the native
here, do you know where we are, he is a Bangladeshi and
he knows where we are. Till now all the information which
has been leaked out was by him. Just now he told
someone our location. But he was always with us.
How did he send the messages? I will give.. take this With this” Oh my god, but
whom was he informing? No no I will
tell you, smugglers. For whom I used to
work in the past. But you are a Bangladeshi? But I worked here, because of my mistake their
big consignment was caught and I had to run
away to save my life. All the arrangements were
made for me to stay in London. That’s why I was
on that journey. But when I came
here I realised that if I could give
the diamonds to them, I would regain my
lost position .. The pigeons will fly
away in half an hour.. Hey don’t fire, this
is the border area. I have got the indications.
Lets go from here Yes lets go come on Oh
– Fast fast No, don’t shoot Give the diamond
else I will shoot. Ok, shoot.. I’m a pakistani, you too are a pakistani. We will share
the diamonds amongst us.. Be it any issue
– games or politics, you paint every thing
with the same color. The issue is about right
or wrong and they are right and you are wrong Give the diamonds
else I will shoot. Give Don’t move.. if anyone
tries to run we will shoot him. Don’t move. surrender. Stay where you are
else you will be shot.. Stop it, don’t shoot. No one
will fire, I am major Habeebullah. Its my order. I said don’t
shoot.. – Everything is ok? You were right sir, but pl don’t bring the
lndo-Pak relations in this matter. These are criminal agents Who destroy innocent lives.
Because of these Indians we have caught these
criminals Hence on humane grounds we should allow them to
go back to their country Well Colonel Sameer Ahmed Khan, We’ll send them back
to their country without making a public issue of it, but you will be
punished and the.. …punishment is that
you will stay here and join the army again
and serve your country. Long live Pakistan .
– Long live Pakistan.. Aman brother Bye bye.. thank you Come on now Anna will .. The wall which you see there, on the other side the
border of India starts.. Our India begins from there. We will reach there easily due.. …to the cooperation
from the pakistan military. But will we face any
problems from there? Hey. I was in the Indian army. My
experience will benefit us now. I know where &
how we have to go. The realisation that their
souls are bound to their motherland also made them understand
that dreams are never fulfilled at the cost of
losing their loved ones.. This film is dedicated to
all those unknown travellers who were caught in this
vicious trap of illegal immigration & lost their lives &
all their dreams.. After returning home all the
members of our caravan did what they had
promised each other.. …they fulfilled the
dreams of all their friends.. Whom they had lost
in this journey.

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