Bollywood Full Movies – Laadli लाडली ( The Darling ) – New Hindi Dubbed Movies – Kids Comedy Film

Bollywood Full Movies – Laadli लाडली ( The Darling ) – New Hindi Dubbed Movies – Kids Comedy Film

Stop, Laado. Else I won’t talk to you. Stop, Laado. Look, if you don’t
listen to me then I’ll not talk to you. Stop, Laado. Stop. Look. She doesn’t care about
even food when it comes to playing. She is so unfortunate. She has been orphaned
at such a young age. The earthquake took her entire family. That’s why she calls this lamb by
the name of her deceased sister Laado. But she is extremely talkative.
– But she is sweet. She can befriend even
enemies with her talk. Don’t worry. I’m with you. You know who saved both of
us from the earthquake, don’t you? Sister Chandani. She is always with us. Silly. It’s mid-afternoon. Don’t you want to have food? Go to the camp or you won’t get food.
– See you. Wait. You won’t get
food at the camp now. Wait. I’ve got some
jaggery and chickpeas. Have it. Wow. Jaggery and chickpeas.
Laado loves them. Get them tomorrow again. She is nuts.
– Completely. Come, Lakshmi. I was waiting for you. Here. Have tea. Sister, any news about brother-in-law? I’ve already asked
the postman four times. He said that he’ll inform
as soon as he reaches. Since it’s a foreign land. Why are you worrying?
Have faith in the Almighty. Everything’s going to be alright. He borrowed 500 rupees
from the landlord. Repaying the principal amount and
interest will be really back breaking ask. See what I’ve got my nephew. He must be 8 years old right. I’ve stitched them longer. You shouldn’t have. You should take care of yourself. I am fine now.
But nothing seems to be quite right. Everything’s going to be alright.
It’s just the matter of a few days. I hope it’s a boy.
I’ve made a wish for him too. It’s all about fate. Even I had lovely daughters. I carried them for 9 months.
And then I strangled them. Sister, why are you
getting disheartened? Have faith in God.
Your nephew is on the way, isn’t he? That’s fine. But what’s he going to
get in us poor people’s house? Ordinary food. Even Krishna enjoyed his
friend’s ordinary food. Isn’t it? Hello.
– Hello. The office of the camp officer.
– There it is. Master, I’m Hari. Hari Singh Rathode. I’m Hari Singh. Stop introducing. Come to the point. I have come from Noorpur village. Look, I don’t care
where you have come from. Tell me what you want. I got this letter. The earthquake didn’t spare
brother and sister-in-law. I’ve come to take their child. Is this any time to come? It is almost dusk. Come tomorrow. Sir, where do I spend the night? I have no place to live here. Oh. The entire world is sad. No. I’m not sad. Retard. He doesn’t
understand even a saying. Did you say something to me? No. I have this disease
o talking to myself. Give me the letter. The name?
– Hari Singh Rathode. Not your name. The name of the deceased. Ram Lakhan Rathode. Oh. This letter was sent
from here four months ago. You’ve come a little early.
You should’ve come after 4 years. I’m a poor man, sir.
I was able to accumulate little money. Hence I come. Yes. Yes. I’ll do it. Do this. Sit there for a bit. It’s a really old record. Let me check. Damru. Damru.
– You called me, sir. Get the poor guy a cup of tea. See. He’s shivering because of the cold. Okay. What was the name? Ram Lakhan Rathode. Ram Lakhan… Yes. Ram Lakhan Rathode. Sita Devi Rathode. Love Laado. Roshni. Roshni. This is our Roshni. Damru. Damru. I’m right here. Get Roshni from camp number 4.
– Right away. ‘Roshni. It means a girl.’ ‘Where are you going to take her?
To Noorpur where girls are killed.’ ‘You yourself have killed two girls. ‘ ‘Think. Think as to where
you are going to take her.’ ‘Get up. Get up.
What are you thinking? Get up.’ ‘And get out of here. Run. Run.’ Listen. Where are you running off to? You came to take your niece.
So take her. Sir, the evening has fallen. Night is approaching. Where do I go with this girl at night? I’ll do this.
I’ll come tomorrow morning and take her. Stay here tonight. Take her in the morning. Come on. Come meet with your niece. Come on. This is your niece Roshni. And Roshni, this is your uncle.
He has come from Noorpur village. To take you. Uncle, you look exactly like my father. This is my sister Laado. My father would always talk about you. See. You’re so nice.
You came to take me so soon. Uncle, I’ll just be back. Come. Let me give you some
money as well. 10,000 rupees. This amount.
– I know it’s too little. The government will give you more. The money will be sent to your address. Come inside and sign
that you’re taking Roshni. “The train goes chuk chuk.
How did this world change?” “The train goes chuk chuk.
How did this world change?” “The train goes chuk chuk.
How did this world change?” “The train goes chuk chuk.
How did this world change?” “The engine lets out smoke.” “Such a deep well.” “The bird on the tree.” “The train twists and turns.” “Look, there’s a peacock over there.” “Looks like there’s a thief there.” “You are singing in the jungle.
The cow is stuck in the mud.” “Flowers have blossomed on the tree.” “The train goes chuk chuk.” “The train goes chuk chuk.
How did this world change?” “The train goes chuk chuk.
How did this world change?” “The bird flaps her wings.” “When will we reach home?” “It’s night. The fire flies are out.” “Ladoo too slept well.” “The beautiful dawn will come.” “It will bring with it a new life.” “Life is a long journey.” “The morning and evenings
are spent at different places.” “We’ve left the past
and old memories behind.” “The train goes chuk chuk.
How did this world change?” “The train goes chuk chuk.
How did this world change?” “The dunes made of mud.
They appear so sharp.” “Sometimes here and sometimes there.” “They just disappear into thin air.” “Life too is such.
It’s like the nomads.” “They are here today.
They’re gone tomorrow.” “The moments get lost here somewhere.” “The lovely night
is out there somewhere.” “The sun has set behind the sand dunes.” “The train goes chuk chuk.
How did this world change?” “The train goes chuk chuk.
How did this world change?” This is so strange. I have spent
my entire life here in this desert. Today I realised by what this girl
said that our earth is so beautiful. True. This girl is so sweet. We have reached your village.
But are you going to take her there… Uncle, these people are so nice. They have come to meet me. Hello. My name’s Roshni. This is my sister Laado. I’m so pleased to meet all of you. Laado. Along with brother and
brother-in-law their son also died. This girl is the only one left. What’s your name?
– Roshni. And your name?
– Lajjo. Aunt Lajjo. This is my sister Laado. Yes. Your sister Laado. Come. What happened to sister
Lajjo was so unfair. But the girl is very beautiful. Didn’t you see how she
was staring at all of us? And was saying hello to
all of us with her tiny hands. And the village chief.
He pulled his leg back. As if she was a ghost. But one thing’s for sure. This must be the first time.. ..someone might have seen
a girl of her age in this village. Otherwise here… Lakshmi, you must not think
about these things in this condition. Lakshmi. God will fix everything. We’ll have a baby boy for sure. Village chief,
we should banish Hari Singh. Hello. Whom are you banishing? Hello.
– Hello. Looks like some unlucky
guy has not paid the interest. I’m not talking about interest here. I guess you’re not aware of the untoward
thing that has happened in the village. Hari Singh has brought
a girl with her from somewhere. My God! What rubbish. He has not got any girl. It’s her niece. But why did he bring her here? Couldn’t he have
taken her anywhere else? Yes. He could’ve. But to only one place. To the orphanage. Her entire family fell
preyed to the earthquake. Four people of her family have died. So you tell me. Where could that little girl
go with her uncle and aunt being around? That we don’t know. Hari Singh has broken the law of
the village by bringing that girl here. And he must be punished for it. What rule has Hari Singh broken? Listen, that girl is not a
newly born baby whom you can strangle. She is an 8 or 9 year old girl. And remember one more thing. The government officers
will come here to check on her. Then? Why is that? That’s because that girl
is yet to receive a lot of money. I believe she should
get 20000-25000 more. So much money. The clerk gave it
for Roshni’s upbringing. 10,000 rupees. And he was saying that the
government will give more money. Do this. Deposit this money in the
post office tomorrow morning. When that girl grows up, we’ll
be able to use it for her marriage. But the landlord’s debt. Minus that money from this amount. And deposit the rest of the money. Okay, Lajjo. This is Laado.
– Laado. I’m Roshni.
– I’m Roshni. No, idiot. I’m Roshni.
– I’m Roshni. This is Laado. I’m Roshni.
And you’re… And you’re… I’m Roshni.
– I’m Roshni. What is your name? Your name?
– I’m Roshni. I’m Roshni. I know your name.
Your name is Buddhimaan. Buddhimaan. Buddhimaan. Why you be friends with me? Yes. Friendship. Friendship. Hari Singh,
is that girl your real niece? Yes, Lord. She is my elder brother’s daughter. I went to take a son. But… You can barely make your ends meet.
How are you going to provide for her? Landlord, the government has given
10,000 rupees for Roshni’s upbringing. The government has also
promised to give more money. Anyways, her upbringing
is your personal matter. The council is of the opinion
that you get married quickly. And get her out of here. And most important. Don’t let the girl step out
of the house till that is arranged. Leave me.
– It’s mine. Whose children are they?
– Yours, master. So many of them. I just didn’t
realise when they took birth. Give my gun. Come, my dear husband. Go. Go. What great deed did you
do in the council meeting today? Did you get that city
guy ostracised or no? It doesn’t take time
to get someone ostracised. It will be done just like that. But he has found a gold laying hen. Gold laying egg? I didn’t understand. The government has promised
to give him 25000 to 30000 rupees. 25000 to 30000. Such a big amount. That pauper has hit the jackpot. Or you sit here doing nothing.
Do something. I’ll lure him. Roshni. Roshni. Roshni. Hey…Come here. How dare you play with my son? If anyone see, it would be disastrous. Go from here. Let him play with me. I like him a lot. Beware. If you even touch my son
hereafter, you’ll see the worst in me. Got it? Why are you getting upset?
Can’t you see? This is the first
time your son is smiling. Roshni. Roshni. Roshni. Roshni. Yes, Durga. You’re right. Hello, sister. Lakshmi, come. Sit. So this is our little doll. Roshni, this is Lakshmi. Our neighbour. Hello.
– Roshni. Lovely name. Come. I’ve something for you. Come on. See what I have got for you. I’ve stitched some clothes.
– When did you stitch these? Last night. I thought she
might not have proper clothes. You’ve gone crazy. You shouldn’t have. Wow. Such lovely clothes.
– Really? I’ll go wear them. Look at my lovely clothes. Wow. Roshni looks like a princess.
– Let me see. Wait. Let me save
you from every evil eye. I’ll get buttermilk for you. Yes.
– Laado. Laado. Look at my new clothes. Who is this lamb?
– This is not a lamb. This is Laado. She is like my sister. Do this. Feed it well. Get it all chubby and fat. We’ll
butcher in the next Holi(festival). We’ll have a feast.
It will be great fun. What did you say? What did you say? You’ll kill Laado.
You’ll butcher my sister. I’ll butcher you. How dare you.
So much of anger for an animal. Sister, I…
– Don’t mind, Lakshmi. Looks like she considers it her sister. Here. Your dirty disgusting clothes. Roshni. Roshni. Wait. Wait. I heard you had an argument
with that girl Roshni. Yes. It was my mistake. I said untoward things
about her lamb thoughtlessly. You hurt the little girl’s feelings. And Lajjo even hit her thanks to you. Lakshmi, you should be a little mindful. Look, you too will be a mother shortly. But you act immaturely. Okay. Okay. Now you don’t scold me. Lakhsmi. What if we also have a daughter… What if we also have a
daughter and she is strangled… Be positive. Be positive. Here. Have some buttermilk. You’re angry with me.
So why vent it out on the buttermilk? Here. Okay tell me something. If your mother had slapped you.. ..would you’ve stopped talking to her. I’m also like your mother, am I not? Laado, you tell her.
She is your sister, right? Tell your sister. She can’t talk for her to tell me. But you should reply to
the ones who can talk, right? You’re bad. I will not talk to you. My mistake. I’m sorry. You won’t slap me hereafter, right? Come on. Have the buttermilk. I should apologize.
Will you forgive your aunt, Roshni? Aunt… What are you doing, Ram? Leave him. Listen.
– Yes. Where is Hariya?
– I had sent a message. But why hasn’t he come? He has become arrogant
as he has got a few bucks. Come, Hari Singh. Come. Hello, master. I was waiting for you. You’ve done a really courageous
thing by bringing your niece here. But you were talking of getting
me ostracised in the council meeting. No. No. Actually I realised
my mistake after you left. She is your niece after all. Not an animal to be left to die. Master, is this punishment any lesser.. ..that she should not be
allowed to step out of the house. This too is inhuman. I understand your plight. And this is the age to get her married. She should be playing
and having fun at this age. Do this. Send her to our house. She’ll help your
sister-in-law with her work. And also play with my kids. And yes. If she lives in my
house no one in the village council.. ..would dare to say anything to me. You know that I’m a very good man. Do this. Take ration
from my place every month. Okay, master.
I’ll consult my wife and let you know. Okay. Think over it.
I’m saying for your good. Yes. I just remembered. You spoke of some money
in the council meeting. Do this. Let me keep that money for you. I’ll give you handsome interest. And I’ll also waiver
the money you’ve borrowed. Okay. Aunt, do you know who my best friend is? Laado. No. I’m asking about my best friend. Best friend? I’m your best friend. No. You’re my aunt. Don’t pester me. You lose. Let me tell you.
My best friend is my fairy sister. I mean sister Chandani. Fairy sister.
Sister Chandani. Who is this? I’ve not seen her. No one can see her. Only I can. She is crazy. She is making up stories. Come on. Do your work. I have a friend as well. Okay. Don’t pester me. Let me work. You know her.
– I do. Lakshmi. No. She is my aunt. It’s is not a girl. It’s a boy. Boy? Are you talking about that retard? He is mad. How can he be your friend? He is not mad.
He is intelligent. He has a good heart. Really?
– Lajjo. What happened?
– Hurry up. Gayatri is about to give birth. The entire village has gathered there. And the midwife has also been informed. Come.
– I’ll come right away. I’ll also come. No. It is not advisable for
you to go in this condition. – But why? I said no. Roshni is alone here.
Look after her. I’ll send you the message as
soon as I come to know what happened. I hope and pray it’s a boy. I’ve been praying for it since days.
– May your words come true. It will be a boy. Take care of Roshni. Relax. I’m here. Be strong. Be strong. Lay down. Sit properly. You’re moving so much. May I ask something?
– Ask. What is it? Aunt, ever since I
have come to the village.. ..I have not seen a single girl. Don’t their parents
let them out of the house? Tell me. Why are you silent? Laado. Laado. Roshni. Where are you going? Laado. Laado, where are you?
– Roshni. Laado, where are you? Laado. Laado, where are you? No. No. Help. Help. Why did the landlord call you? He was shedding crocodile tears. He was saying that the village
council has been really unfair to me. He was talking a lot in
the council meeting yesterday. Lajjo, I don’t believe anything he says. Actually he had called me.. that I keep
Roshni’s money with him. He was talking of giving
me handsome interest. He was talking of employing Roshni. I don’t understand what I should do. I’m caught between the
devil and the deep blue sea. I feel we should listen to the landlord. We should find a good
boy and get Roshni engaged. But for that, we’ll have to
look for a boy outside our community. How long are we going to keep the
innocent girl locked up in the house? We should listen to the landlord. There is no point in going
against the community we live in. Laado, I don’t want to go.
I don’t want to go, Laado. See, fairy sister. My aunt
wants to throw me out of the house. She wants me to go
to the landlord’s house. I don’t want to go. Convince my aunt. I don’t want good clothes.
I’m happy in my aunt’s house. Whom were you talking to, silly? Fairy sister. Fairy sister. What were you telling her? I was complaining about you.. ..that you want to send
me to the landlord’s wife’s house. You shouldn’t say the landlord’s house.
Her name is Phulwa. Still I don’t want to go there.
I want to live with you. Okay. We won’t go if you don’t want. But there is no harm
in going once, right? Promise?
– Promise. God promise.
– God promise. 2 rupees 25 paisa. 2 rupees for the soil.
And 25 paisa for the plastic bag. Yes, master. Come. Come, sister Lajjo. Come. So this is Roshni. Will she be able to
take care of my children? Anyways, she’ll learn. So I hope you’ll live
here like a good girl. Darn you. You guys had
to take birth in my house. Run. Run. You’ve driven me nuts. Oh. Lajjo, how are you? Here’s your money. With the interest. You shouldn’t have. Okay. So this is Roshni. God! You broke my pot. They keep damaging things of the house. You guys have nothing to do. Quiet. Girl, don’t just stand there. Come here and clean everything. Bharat Lakshman.
If you beat Ram I’ll skin you. You’re still fighting.
You’re still fighting. Go from here. Girl, you’re still standing there. Do you see those clothes? Wash them. Okay, Lajjo. Go. Look, I brought her here
today only to introduce her to you. Tomorrow I’ll send her
along with her clothes and bed. Ask Hari to get them. But I have still not asked him. Don’t worry.
I’ll speak to Hari personally. Let’s go, Roshni. Don’t you have any brains? Why did you delegate all
that work to that girl before Lajjo? So should I have delegated it to you? Laado. Laado. See, I am back. I don’t want to keep my daughter there. Roshni. Roshni. There is no need to go out. I’ll never allow you
to play with that girl. Roshni. Roshni. Let go of my hair. If you want to pull out hair
go pull out your father’s hair. Go. Roshni. Roshni. I said no. Why are you hitting the kid like that? So what should I do? Fulfil his demand? Should I let him go out? I’m worried about your honor. I’m going out for some urgent work. I’ve a meeting with
the government officers. I might return late. You have food. But what do I do about him? He’s the Lord as they say.
He stands to gain any which way. Roshni. – Yes, son.
Now I won’t stop you. Go play. Roshni. Do you know that day the fairy
sister gave me this much of ice pops? Do you know the fairy sister
was so pretty, so pretty. She was just like you.
– Just like me? Yes. Roshni. Laado. Go. Your friend is here. Buddhimaan, will you play with her? Here.
– Laado. Come let’s play. All hail the Lord.
– Come, Dhansuklal. Come, landlord. Come. Come, landlord. Come. Come. Sit. Listen. The landlord is here.
Arrange refreshments for him. Tell me. What brings you here today?
Anything urgent? I know I am too small a fry
to suggest this but still can I suggest. But the character of Veerbhadra
has become questionable off late. Mind your tongue. Know your place. It is not right to backbite
about a good person. Let me talk.
Let me also listen what he wants to say. Master, if you would pardon me…
– Say, will you. Veerbhadra has violated
the rules of the village council. His son is openly roaming around
in the village with that girl Roshni. And I’ve heard that
Veerbhadra himself has given.. ..him the permission to play with her. What nonsense. This is impossible. Our friend who is a
council member himself.. can he go against
the decision of the council. Anyways, you go.
We’ll ask Veerbhadra. But if this turns out to
be untrue then you’re done for. You’ve made a really beautiful elephant. You liked it, aunt?
– I loved it. Okay listen. Look, I’ve stitched a skirt for you.
And a corset. Wow. This is so pretty.
– Like it? Go and wear it.
– Right away. What is it, Buddhimaan? Roshni. Laado. Roshni? There she is. Laado. Laado.
– Laado. Laado. Aunt. You’re looking really pretty. Buddhimaan. Look at my new clothes.
My aunt has given me. Do I look good?
– Do I look good? Do I look good? No. Say you look good. Say you look good. How do I look?
– Just like a monkey. Do you know circus had
come to our village last year? Looks like the circus’s
joker left his clothes here. You’re right. She looks
exactly like the circus’s joker. Like the circus’s joker.
Or like an animal. There are animals in the circus.
And here it’s a lamb. And we just forgot this mad animal. Buddhuram. You guys are animals
for you behave like animals. He is not mad.
He’s more intelligent than all of you. This is C.
C for crow which goes caw caw. Caw caw caw. This is R. R for rabbit. But there is no rabbit in our village. Yes. There was one in my camp. Caw caw rabbit. Quiet. You should not make
so much of noise in the school. This is D. D for donkey. You know the sound the donkey makes,
don’t you? Dhechu Dhechu. Caw caw. Dhechu Dhechu. Caw caw. Dhechu Dhechu. Caw caw. Dhechu Dhechu. Who hit my child? Who is it? Caw caw. Dhechu Dhechu. Roshni.
– Did you get hurt? Did you get hurt?
– What happened? What’s wrong, sister? Look at what these
village kids did to my son. And to my Roshni too. She was teaching him.
She wasn’t doing anything harmful. Yes.
– What is this that I hear? Roshni, come here. You were teaching kids. See. They ruined my board too. Now where do I teach? It’s okay.
I’ll get a readymade chart for you. Okay. It will also have nice pictures. You study and teach
others as well. Okay? But where did you study? In my camp. I love to read and write. Very good. Study hard. Caw. Caw. Caw. Dhechu. Dhechu. Listen. Is Veerbhadra home? He is inside. Oh. Come, village head. Come, Jaswant. Sit. Sit. Should I get some refreshments? No. We don’t want anything. We’ll ask you to get when we need it. Leave us alone for now. What is this we hear? You violated the decision of
the council being a council member. I’ve heard your son is roaming
around with that girl openly. Is this true? Speak up. Why don’t you talk? Yes. It’s true. But roaming around in
the village is a white lie. They stay in the house and… How does that matter? Be it the village or your house. This deed of yours has shamed us. I accept my fault. A council member is akin to God. You’ve tarnished the
image of a council member. Till date the villagers
have not disrespected him.. ..but also us by calling him mad. They make fun of him.
The kids pelt him with stones. Today a girl has held his hand. She considered him a human and not mad.
Gave him love. Today for the first
time I saw my child smile. Stop, Ram. Or I’ll break your leg. Get out of here. I’ll smash your face. Bharat. Lakshmi. You keep out of this. What are you doing? Fighting? Are you brothers or enemies? We are brothers.
But who are you to interfere? I’m Roshni.
But why are you fighting like that? Your names are so nice. Ram, Lakshman, Bharat. Do you know? These are the God’s names. God’s names? Yes. Do you know?
They would never fight. They loved each other.
They doted on each other. If one would get hurt the
other would feel pain. – Really? Don’t you know the story of Ramayana? No.
– Sit. I’ll tell you. The eldest brother
in Ramayana was Lord Rama. Hari Singh.
– Come, teacher. Hello.
– Hello. Look at this. I go this chart for Roshni. Chart?
– See. It has everything. Roshni will find it easier to study. But what if the council finds out? So? So what? Look Hari Singh, I’m a teacher. My duty is give and take of knowledge. As it is, I’ve had it with this village. I’m thinking of going somewhere
before they throw me out. I can’t tolerate all this anymore. This atrocity. This infanticide. Teacher. Chart.
– Here. Repeat after me. C.
– Crow. Caw. Caw. Quiet. I told you not to
make noise in the school. Come on. Hold your ears. Silly. You don’t know
to even hold your ears. Like this.
– Like this. Like this. I told you to hold your ears. Like this. Sit. Repeat. A. What that mean? A for account which my father writes. It’s A for apple too. Apple. Say D.
– D Dhechu. Dhechu. Buddhimaan, you’ve memorised everything. Well done. What happened? See. The kids have
made our lives miserable. They should be locked
up instead of Roshni. Bring Roshni before the council. Roshni, come. Never mind all that, girl. First tell me. Who pelted you
with the stone first amongst them? Why would anyone pelt me with stones? I stumbled upon a stone and fell. Why are you lying, girl? Why don’t you tell
village head the truth? Who pelted you with the stone? Why are you interfering? Let the girl says what she feels. Say. Who pelted you with stone? Speak up. Stone. Stone. Stone. Stone. Village chief, this girl doesn’t
want to say anything out of fear. But my son has identified it’s your son. What are you saying? You want us to accept
this mad boy’s statement. He’s not mad. I pelted her with stone. Will you be friends with me? I want to play. I want to play. Come on. You want to play? Veeru. Will you also play with us? No. No. No. No. No. No. Give it. Let’s all of us play together. No. No. He hit. Okay. So you’re still angry with them. But the other we became
friends with them.. ..before the entire council. No. Give the macadam please. “Come let’s play a game
which keeps us united.” “Come let’s play a game
which keeps us united.” “Coarse gravel. Read my letter.” “I’ll make you lose your senses.” “Deceit doesn’t work.” “The one who is dishonest gets caught.” “Play later.
Check out my macadam first.” “Come let’s play a game
which keeps us united.” “The one who forgives is called great.” “The one who forgets mistakes
and keeps his heart clean.” “You do argue while playing.” “Let go of the anger.
Don’t ever fight again.” “Coarse gravel. Read my letter.” “I’ll make you lose your senses.” “Come let’s play a game
which keeps us united.” “The clay tells the potter.” “Why do you mash me?” “There will come
a day when I mash you.” “When the potter’s wheel spins,
bowls and glasses get created.” “How did you create us, O Lord?” “Come shake hands.
Even the hearts will meet.” “If you become friends every
moment will become pleasurable.” “Coarse gravel. Read my letter.” “I’ll make you lose your senses.” “Come let’s play a game
which keeps us united.” “Coarse gravel. Read my letter.” “I’ll make you lose your senses.” Okay king Junaid Singh,
you’re seated here. Looks like you’re atoning for your sins. Junaid Singh.
– Who is Junaid Singh? Everyone, listen carefully. I’ll tell you the story
of king Junaid Singh. Junaid Singh was a prince
who was wandering around.. the desert in
search of his princess. He went to a village fed up.. ..because he was certain
that the villagers.. ..had hidden his
princess there somewhere. He did fierce battle with the
villagers in order to get his princess. But he was alone. He lost the battle. The villagers threw him out
of the village in the wounded state. He sat there and
waited for his princess. And started protecting
the village from every trouble. He turned into stone waiting. And do you know this village
is none other than our village. And this is the statue of king
Junaid Singh which is protecting us. But where is the princess? Princess? Her. What’s this talk about Junaid Singh? We never heard any such
name from our forefathers. Roshni is crazy. God knows
where she finds such baseless stories? Teacher, you have read
lots of books of knowledge. Have you heard any such story? No. I have not heard
such a story anywhere. But I think you should
pay more attention.. the good feelings of
the girl rather than the story. So what do you want? Should we believe the stupid
things that foolish girl says. Such false stories could affect
our children’s minds adversely. Landlord Dhansukhram,
there is immense power in belief. Now if a power is saving
our village from the evil.. ..ten what’s the
harm in believing in it? We bow down to the stone
statues in the temple. It’s also all about faith. But whether there is
God in those statues or not. Who can prove that? Your argument makes sense. You’re a really sorted man. It’s our misfortune that
our children avoid studies. Roshni too is a very wise girl.
She too wants to study. Have you lost your mind?
You’re talking of educating a girl. Whereas the fact is that we
don’t even want to any girls here. Don’t take undue advantage
of the chief’s large heartedness. What baseless story you’re
telling everyone in the village? And who is this Junaid Singh? Uncle, Junaid…
– Quiet. Junaid Singh my foot. King Junaid Singh. Sit! Mother. Junaid Singh. Protects the village. Yes. He protects the village. Junaid Singh is very brave. Yes. He is brave. Junaid Singh is very brave. Yes.
– Just like my father. Mother. Junaid Singh is very brave. Yes, my son.
He is very brave. Just like my son. “Come let’s play a game
which keeps us united.” Uncle, why are you sitting alone? Girl, I am not alone. I have you. Tell me. What is it? Are you going to tell
some new story again? Story? No.
I have come to ask something from you. From me? What have
you come to ask me, silly? How do you make such difficult but
correct decisions sitting under this tree? Come on. Go home. How come
your aunt let you out of the house? Okay, grandpa. See you. Grandpa, your moustache is so nice. I wish I had one. But I am a girl.
But it’s okay. My grandpa has it. Such a magnificent moustache. Hari Singh. Hari Singh. Hari Singh. What about my debt? I’ve not got the principal amount.
Let alone the interest. What are you saying? My wife has repaid your debt. You’re lying. Landlord, talk softly.
Why are you disgracing this poor man? You’re not poor. You’re very smart. You deposited your 10,000
rupees in the post office. And you’re enjoying with my money. What are you saying? I gave money to sister
Phulwa personally. You too are lying. Look, give me my money. Or else you will lose
this shanty of yours too. Then go live with
your niece in her camp. I won’t leave without
recovering the money. But landlord…
– What happened? What’s happening? What’s happening here? Why are you shouting
amongst the villagers? For 500 rupees at that. Veerbhadra, you’re a council member. I respect you a lot. But this is our personal matter.
It’s better if you keep out of this. A money lender should be
concerned only about his money. Here’s your 500 rupees. 1…2…3…4…5. Here’s the principal amount.
And here’s the interest. Hereafter if you ever come
to this door come as a friend. Not as a money lender. Got it? Come. Start the proceedings. We’ll
have to choose a village chief first. Roshni.
– Veeru. Laado. Laado. Mr. Buddhimaan, you can’t
make animals the village chief. I recommend Buddhimaan’s
name for the village head. Yes. Council head. Present today’s case, village head. It doesn’t suit a village head to clap. I’m a poor man. The grocer has taken
my house deceitfully. Grocer. Grocer. Yes, village head. Present the grocer. Landlord.
– What is your name? Karodimal. Is it true that you’ve taken his house? He didn’t repay my debt of the interest. Here’s the loan document. Is this true? I’m illiterate. This grocer deceitfully
took my thumb impression. The grocer took his thumb
impression on the paper deceitfully. Pass the judgement, village head. Dhechu. Dhechu. By Dhechu the village head means donkey. And the decision of the village head.. that this grocer be made
to ride a donkey. Blacken his face.. ..and parade him through
the entire village. Yes! Landlord. Landlord. Dhechu. Dhechu. Landlord. Landlord. Dhechu. Dhechu. Landlord. Landlord. Dhechu. Dhechu. Landlord. Landlord. Dhechu. Dhechu. Landlord. Landlord. Dhechu. Dhechu. Landlord. Landlord. Dhechu. Dhechu. Landlord. Landlord. Landlord. Landlord. I’m having a really bad day today.
– Is it? Find out whose donkey it was. Okay. – I’ll not spare
even that guy whose donkey it is. Okay. – I’ll beat each of them. Okay. I’ll not spare that girl either.
She is unlucky. I’ll banish her from
this village. – Okay. Do you know whom they
were parading on the donkey? Me.
– Yes. I’ll see Roshni.
She has come to make my life miserable. You’re indeed having a bad day today. Careful. Don’t fall again. Careful. Come, landlord.
Tell me. What’s the matter? Today I’ve become an object of ridicule. And that unlucky girl
Roshni is responsible for this. As all of you know. Landlord Dhansukh is a
respected man of this village. Today some kids mocked him. They made a kid the grocer.
And blackened his face. And paraded him through
the village on a donkey. Not just that. Around my neck… I mean they even put a garland
of shoes around that boy’s neck. And this crook of a girl
Roshni has done all this. Look, the landlord is blaming
you for this incident entirely. Speak. Say whatever
you have to in your defence. I accept my fault. This is not true. Roshni wants to save us by
taking the entire blame upon herself. Teacher, I had suggested
the character of the grocer. You. You suggested that
they mock your own father. Rascal. You’ve lost your mind. You’re humiliating your
father before the entire village. Before we take any decision
it is important to know.. ..whose idea was it to parade the
character of the grocer on the donkey. Buddhimaan’s.
– Dhechu. Dhechu. Buddhimaan. How is this possible? My son is… No, Veerbhadra. Kids are akin to God. At times they blurt out the truth. Your son is not stupid.
He is intelligent. They should apologize.. the landlord for the crime
they have committed unknowingly. We are sorry, landlord. Come on. Very good, kids. Aunt. Aunt. How are you? I’m fine.
– Take care of your aunt. Rest. I’ll come in the evening. May I ask something?
– Sure. What will you name your child? I have just not thought about it.
You suggest a name. Do you want a traditional
name or a modern name? Traditional or modern name… Let me explain. Traditional names as in Ramprasad. Bhaktawar Singh. Ram Singh. And modern. Sunny. Ajay. Or Ravi. I want a modern name. Then name the child Ekka. What kind of a name is Ekka? Suggest some nice name. Okay. Name him Ajay or Ravi. And Rani or Reshma if it’s a girl. Why is the house so quiet?
Where are all the kids? To school.
– School? That’s highly unusual. Thanks to Roshni. Wow. But…But why are you crying? The kids have gone to school.
It’s good news. Even the God will not forgive me. I’ve committed a grave sin. Phulwa, what happened? If I tell you, you will not forgive me. Look, have I ever got angry at you? Lajjo had repaid the
money along with the interest. What?
– I didn’t tell you. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Do you know the real
name of the queen of Jhansi? Teacher, may I answer?
– Queen Lakshmibai. Very good. So kids, when the Britishers
tried to enslave our country.. ..queen Lakshmibai had
discouraged the Britishers? What does discourage mean?
– Very good. Always ask anything
you don’t understand. Discouraged means making the other
person realise your power and might. Defeating him in a way. Got it? Roshni. Queen Lakshmibai. Roshni bai. Hello. Landlord, he is not home. Say whatever you have to, to me. Sister, I have something to say to you.
Not to Hari Singh. Tell me. Sister, I…am sorry. I’ve come to return your money. I made a mistake. I just got to know that
you returned the money to my wife. I’m really sorry…for the
mistake I have made unknowingly. Sister, won’t you forgive this brother? Here. “It’s Holi(festival).” “The ones that take
you away from happiness.” “Those eyes are full of merriment.” “The ones that take
you away from happiness.” “Those eyes are full of merriment.” “They are putting colour on each other.” “This is the excitement of Holi.” “This is the excitement of Holi.” “Let’s hug. Let’s hug.” “Let’s hug. Let’s hug.” “Our lives have become colourful.” “Let’s hug. Let’s hug.” “Our lives have become colourful.” “People who dislike colours,
how are they going to lead their lives?” “How are the ones who are afraid
of colours going to form a bond?” “Identity who’s who here.” “Identity who’s who here.” “This is due to the colours.” “Let’s hug. Let’s hug. Let’s hug.” “Our lives have become colourful.” “The one who worships women
gets the blessings of the Gods.” “Every relationship in this
world is formed thanks to a woman.” “In every life, in every child.” “In every life, in every child
there is affection of the mother.” “Let’s hug. Let’s hug. Let’s hug.” “Our lives have become colourful.” Jaswant. Behave yourself. Weren’t you ashamed
to hit such a small girl? Why did she put colour
on me against my wish? Jaswant, it was just a color.
Not a bomb. She’s a little kid. But you’re an elder. As it is,
putting color is the mark of Holi. But unfortunately, you disrespected
your age and the festival. Jaswant, you’ll have to apologize to
this girl before the entire community. Apologize to her? Chief, I’ve not given
up my traditions like you. I still hate womankind. If I could… What are you going to do? What are you going to do? Kill her. Try touching her. Hari. Lakshmi.
The midwife has also arrived. What? It will happen soon. Be strong. Push harder. Push harder. Push harder. Push harder.
Push harder. Push harder. Push. Push. Push. Push. Lakshmi. Be strong. Be strong. My child.
– Nothing’s going to happen. Nothing’s going to happen.
– Ask them to spare my child. They can’t take my child. No please. Don’t kill her. Don’t kill her. Please. Don’t kill her. Please. Nothing’s going to happen.
Nothing’s going to happen. Nothing’s going to happen. You also say something. Nothing’s going to happen. No, Lakshmi. Calm down.
Calm down. Don’t kill her. Please. Help. Save my child. Or I’ll kill myself. Someone save my girl. I swear. I’ll kill myself.
I’ll die. Save my child. Save my child. Save my child.
Someone save my child. Someone save her. ‘How do you make such difficult but
correct decisions sitting under this tree?’ ‘Today for the first time,
for the first time my son has smiled.’ ‘Junaid Singh extremely brave.
Just like my father.’ ‘Grandpa, your moustache is so nice.’ Rawat, from today there will be not just
one but two Roshnis in this village. “Agreed there is dust and mud
in the village, but we still live.” “Every new moment we spend
hereafter will bring in new light.” “Tell me. Does everyone
agree with that I’ve said?” “We agree. We agree. We agree.” Father.
– Roshni. Brother. Brother.
You survived the earthquake. You survived.
– I survived. Thanks a million to
Almighty for you survived. Father. Father, where had you been? You’re very bad. Where did you go leaving me?
– Brother. Brother. You survived the earthquake. No one can kill the one
who is blessed by the God. What happened, my son? Why doesn’t my son talk? What happened? What happened? What happened? Come on.
Tell me the Junaid Singh’s story. Come on. Listen. See.
Why is my son quiet like this? What’s wrong with you? What’s wrong with my darling son? Son. Come. Let’s go to the fields. Let’s go for a walk. We’ll ride the camel. Play. Don’t be sad like that. Look, Roshni is in your heart, right? Listen. Can’t you stop Roshni? No. I can’t do anything. His father is here. Uncle, this is for you and Rashmi. Rashmi? Rashmi who?
– My sister. Rashmi. When she grows up tell her that she
has an elder sister who loves her a lot. Why are you crying? Roshni is leaving this village. That’s good. Good riddance. But why are you concerned? You are so soft hearted. Are you not sad at all? A girl who transformed this village.
Someone who spread joy to everyone. Won everyone’s hearts. Are you not sad at
all that she is going? Don’t be silly. Our tradition…
– Tradition? What have these
tradition of yours given? How would you understand these feelings? Introspect. See what you are. If there is any humanity
in you then stop Roshni. Stop Roshni. There will be darkness
not only in the village.. ..but also in the lives of
the villagers once she goes away. Stop. Stop, Roshni. Stop. Stop. Brother-in-law, why don’t you stay here? Yes. Lajjo is right. Hari, I’ve a good job in the city. You can barely make your ends meet. How are you going to
provide for both of us? We’ll share whatever we have. No. This is not possible. In fact, I’m thinking of taking
both of you to the city after some time. I’ll definitely find a job for Hari. Yes, aunt. We’ll live there together. And even I won’t be
happy without you guys. See you. Okay, Roshni. Dear. I’ll wait for you. You’ll come to meet us, won’t you? She definitely will. Come. Roshni. Roshni. Roshni. Okay, Veeru.
See you. But you take care. Okay? Roshni, are you going? Buddhimaan.
I’m handing Laado over to you. See you then. Mr. Buddhimaan, see you. Bye, Laado. “Childhood’s left behind.
So are friends.” “I wish I had left the world too.” “We have set out on a new journey.” “Who knows what’s going
to happen on the other side?” “Neither do I know. Nor does my heart.” “God knows when we would
get to our destination.” Roshni. Roshni, stop. Where are you going? Stop. You…You’ve opened my eyes. Today I’ve realised what a daughter is. Forgive me if possible.

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  1. this movie made me cry. we must love our sisters and daughters. we must make them study. because every girls are like ladli.

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