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‘I heartily welcome on the
stage India’s first woman president.’ ‘President,
you are the new image of a new India.’ ‘What will be your first step in
taking this country in a new direction?’ What is the examination
system in Indian schools? Someone comes first and someone last. Wrong. Children lose their
confidence after failing. Who knows what the fate
of each of that child is? Henceforth, the results
of examinations will be in grades. ‘President,
what will be your next step?’ In each school, a free Payru
counter from the government. ‘Hey.’ What is it? ‘Mahek, where are you?’ President. – ‘Of India?’ Mahek, forget about India. First hear the result
for class president’s election. Rahul Shrivastav,
37 votes and Mahek Mirza, 3 votes. So Rahul Shrivastav is the
new class president for this year. Ruche, just 3 votes. 3 today, 40 someday. Don’t worry. How come just 3? One is mine. – The other is mine. And the third? – Mine. Everybody is scared of Rahul. That is why they vote for him. Mahek, we will win next time. You will become the president
of not just this class.. ..but of whole of India. I am always with you. Don’t feel scared. Shut up, Amit. Pinky, what happened?
Did the tyre get punctured? Well? – Mahek, not Pinky. Give me two. Andu. Khadu. You don’t know anything. What do I do with you? Hi, Tingu. Kabir Mirza. Dad. This is for dad. Mom. Oh, Tingu Mirza. From PETA? No letter ever comes for me. Hello. Good evening, sir. Call up at the office. You are? Okay, call up in the evening. Or at the site? I? His daughter, Mahek Mirza. Can I take a message? Okay. Yes? Okay, bye. Mother, I am home. Politician caught. Stock market down. Fridge free with cooker. Today dad will lose,
unless his move is E5. Do you know E5? Stupid, look. If this pawn is moved forward,
my bishop goes. And then only three moves to wait.
Just three. Tingu, I got only three votes. Mahek, I did it. Chocolate mushroom cake. Hi. You must be hungry.
– No, not at all. I am not hungry. Mahek, E5. Oh, no. How is it? – Excellent. Mahek? – You are the best
cook in the… in our colony. Thank you. No surprise that in the examination of.. ..Masters in Home Science..
– You came first in the university. I have been enduring
it since past 14 years. What? – Since past 14
years I have been eating this. Happily. – Thank you. Wait. – You won’t get pocket money. I will get it. Mom! – Yes? Am I not eating? Very nice. Dad, Harry Potter Part
3 is not a children’s film. Any problem in class? Forget about children, you
too will feel scared if you watch it. Any problem in class? Knight. E4. Any problem? Class president election. You lost, didn’t you?
You got less votes. 3 against 37. You got much less votes. Cold coffee.
– Oh, I thought it is tomato soup. Very funny. Aunt Zarina is coming
from London. – Why? Dad. When? – In December. She is here for two months. Then all of us will
go to Hampi for a few days. Dear, which flower
do you bring every day? It is wild but it is beautiful. Hello. Mirza residence. There goes my client. Oh, Jenny? – Your client is gone. How are studies? – Oh God!
– How are you, dear? Aunt, is Mahek there? Does Mahek share her
tiffin with everybody? She does. Aunt, is Mahek there? Dear, give the phone to your mother. Aunt, is Mahek there? Mother, you are too much. Go. Hi, Jenny. Thank God. – Tell me. ‘This Sunday is my..’ – Birthday. Thanks, dear.
We all are going for tracking. Duke Slope. Father will accompany us. Wow. All the best. Stupid, you are also going. With your special binocular
and magnetic glass. And you with your rappelling gloves. Okay, dear. Bye. – Yes. Checkmate. – Oh, no. Mahek. Oh. Keep it in the bus.
Everybody will share it. In our childhood single
child used to eat all this. Happy birthday. Thank you. Later. We will start climbing
Duke Slope at 9 o’clock. Everybody should reach
the top by 12 o’clock. Then lunch. And we will start
climbing down at half past two. By 5 o’clock in the bus
and back home by 7 o’clock. And Mahek will be the group leader. First group,
Kaustubh, you will be the leader. You, you and you will
be in the first group. Second group,
Nidhi, you will be the leader. You, you and you in the second group. And the third group, follow me. The first and the last
rule of tracking is discipline. No one will leave own
group to go here or there. Mahek, can I come in your group? No, Amit, I don’t want any trouble. Come on. Where is Amit?
– We don’t know. I mean I don’t know. Where is Amit? – How would I know? Where is Amit?
– I had tried hard to explain to him. What is our fault? Where is Amit? Over there near the river. Amit. Amit, come out right now. Amit, please. It’s an order. You are not my leader. There can be anything in the water.
It’s dangerous. Amit. Amit. ‘Mahek, help.’ ‘I say stop.’ Hold on, Amit, I am coming. Amit. Amit. Mahek, thank you very much. It’s okay. It’s amazing, Mahek. It’s amazing. Mahek, you’re really brave. Yeah. Thanks, Mahek, for saving Amit. It’s okay. How are you feeling
after saving someone’s life? It’s nothing. It was my duty. Wow. This was Mahek Mirza. 12 years old and such a great deed. Didn’t you feel scared
when you jumped into the water? Fear? Fear is a word
which is not in my dictionary. ‘Mahek Mirza is being
awarded bravery award..’ ‘..Bravery Medal for saving
her classmate from drowning..’ ‘ deep waters without
worrying about her own life.’ To Mahek Mirza.
– Mahek. Mahek. Mahek. Mahek. Mahek. Are you okay? Amit, thank you very much. It’s okay. It’s amazing. It’s amazing. Amit, you’re really brave. Yeah. – Please. Thanks, Amit, for saving Mahek. Mahek, at least you
should have thanked Amit. He has saved your life. Will he receive
President’s Bravery Award? Do you like yellow flowers? No. And why are you bothered? I too like them.
My name.. – Sorry, I have to go. You do not like the
poster in your room, right? How do you know? Rucha, nice. Amit, okay, okay. Rahul, bad boy. Since past two years,
mummy cannot make Indo-Maxican Biryani. Daddy, cool buddy. Tingu, good boy. You wanted to be the leader in tracking,
but Rahul was chosen. You wanted to rescue
others but you were drowning. Wow. Lady detective, or child kidnapper? Fairy. – Oh. Mentalist. God bless. Let go of my hand. Let go of my hand. Let go of my hand. Help! Help! – listen. Listen. But how do you know all this? Didn’t I tell you that I am a fairy? Prove it. Just now you had lost your voice. I had done it myself. Uncle, help. Child kidnapper! Catch her! Child kidnapper!
Child kidnapper! Catch her! Now nobody can hear your voice. And your expressions as well. This is original. Rolex. 50 rupees. A bit damp. Sit. I have to feed Honey.
I have to feed Tingu. He will be waiting for me. I want to help you. – For what? You want to be a topper in everything.. ..but it doesn’t happen, right? Do you have a magic lamp,
stone or a wand? I am a modern fairy. It is obvious from the sari. From where did you buy it? Nice. New York. The thing is that you do
not know what you are best at. Exactly. So what am I best at? Who knows it better than you? What do you mean? Listen to yourself.
Peep inside your own self. Find your best attribute. What is it? – Think. You are a fairy, so tell me. I told you I am a modern fairy. I don’t have a magic
wand or instant solution. Mental. I am a fairy. Freedom is not worth having
if it does not include.. ..the freedom to make mistakes. So basically, anything that
cannot be proved scientifically.. ..can be doubted. Ma’am, fairy? Excuse me?
– Ma’am, are there fairies in the world? No. – But there are
fairies in all the stories. It is a symbol. It is our imagination. But has it been proven scientifically.. ..that there are
no fairies in the world? Mahek, please. – Hey. Ma’am, I have seen a fairy. Mahek, I am your friend. Shut up, Amit. Ma’am, I have also seen a fairy. Shut up. My grandmother had also seen
five fairies in her childhood.. ..but they were bad. A fairy comes in the morning
before we wake up from sleep. Yes, and you can see her? Silence. There are no fairies. Okay, silence. She happens to be dangerous. They do not eat. – What? I don’t believe in ghosts. Not ghosts.
Fairies. We are talking about fairies. Hey, don’t feel scared. Simply catch her nose.
Then they run away. Silence. Silence. Silence! Silence! There are no fairies.
– That’s it. Shut up! You girls, shut up! Ouch! Silence. Did you see? There are fairies. Ruche, stop it.
Come and sit in Mani’s place. Mani, you come and sit in Rucha’s place. Man, that is some temper. It’s God’s outburst. Did you hear what I said? Quick. There is a limit to everything. I want to see absolute discipline
and compassion henceforth. Is that clear? Space. I can barely sit. Ma’am. – Yes, Mani. Ma’am, she is calling..
– I didn’t call him fat, ma’am. Ma’am! – But Mani,
you should do something about it. Ma’am, but why? Fatso, who will marry you? Ma’am. I can’t bear this anymore. Mani. Mani. Rahul. Amit, this was politically
very incorrect. If someone really loves him,
she will marry him. But ma’am,
isn’t love about mind, soul and body? Ma’am. Ma’am, I agree with Mahek. If everybody was fat,
slim would be bad, right? Okay, bye. Rucha. What do you think? Are there fairies? Stupid, they are there. Okay, bye. Listen, I met a fairy. Stupid. You are talking nonsense. Okay, bye.
I will call you up after going home. Hi, Tingu. Mother, I am home. Mother, what is my best attribute? ‘You are a very lovely daughter.’ Tingu, what is my best attribute? Shut up. That’s it.
If I can know my attribute, I will.. Modern fairy. ‘Mahek!’ ‘Dear, come down quickly.’ A child smells a flower. It is okay. But why would a dog smell it? You have asked this
question hundred times. Did you see? It is the imagination of an artist. Imagination? Of this kind? It is beyond my understanding. Aunt Zarina has given that
poster to you with so much love. She only has named you.
– I know. I know. Is this good manner? I don’t even remember her face. Really, she had come
when Mahek was 5 years old. Strict on the outside, but in her heart? She writes for one of the
most respected newspapers in England. The Observer. She had paid fees for
my architecture studies. And, checkmate. Mahek, you lose every day. Yes, I lose every day,
so don’t play with me from tomorrow. Come, Tingu. Sorry, Mahek, I didn’t mean it. Please. Mahek. What are you doing here? Listen. The science exhibition
will start any moment. We have eminent scientist
Professor Rao visiting us today. He is going to choose the
best project in the class, all right? So till then remain at
the tables and do your best. And I want you all to be here.
Is that clear? Now get back in. Quickly. And nobody has permission
to eat chewing gum in here. Even if it is a part of their project.
Is that clear? And best of luck everybody. Let’s try for the last
time before inspection. – Yeah. Hey, this is going in reverse. Connection is loose. Fix it like this. Sir, Jenny Matthews. Good morning. – Good morning. I’m Jenny Matthews, and this
is a crystal formation experiment. Mixture of Epsom salt
and water when evaporates.. ..salt forms crystal. So what is the idea behind it? Crystallography is the basis
of crystal and crystal formation. X-ray diffraction
is the main application.. ..which is used in many
industries for several purposes. Medicine is one of them. Thank you. Sir. Good. Very good. Sir, Rahul Shrivastav and Sneha Joshi. Sir, this is a scratch radio. Cell phones, satellite TVs,
walkie-talkies, car radios.. ..GPS and baby monitor,
all rely on radio to function. And we also hear some
stations on this radio.. ..and which is built
indigenously from scratch. Thank you. Good morning, sir. I am Sakshi Kaul. The bottle contains vinegar and water.. ..and the balloon contains baking soda. This happens due to
the chemical reaction.. ..between baking soda,
that is sodium bicarbonate.. ..and vinegar, that is impure,
dilute acetic acid and water. So what is the idea? Sorry, sir? What is the idea? The most effective
application is lens cleaner. What? Sir, she means drains cleaner. Very nice. – Thank you. Good, dear. Sir, Shankar Mani. Mani. Speak. Tell sir. Tell sir. India. Farmer India. Does it move? Thank you. Japanese style. What’s the idea? To save our country. We face difficulties because
of rising prices of petrol and diesel. And it doesn’t stop there. Transport becomes expensive.
The cost of things increases. Pollution. Illnesses because of it.
Medical bills. Tension. Cycle. – Cycle. It is a cycle. Our country will benefit a lot
if we use alternative energy sources. India has no lack of solar energy. If it is used properly,
the future will be secure.. ..and our first step in this direction.. this car running on solar energy. We will now see how
this revolutionary car runs. This is the model. These are attached. These are the solar panels. They absorb light and
give power to the motor.. ..which rotates and the car runs. Towards a lush green valley. Good. This year’s Toyota Award
of Best Idea of solar car.. ..goes to Mahek Mirza of India. What are you doing? This is Japanese tradition. Mahek. Mahek. What happened? – Where are you lost? ‘Eminent scientist Professor Rao..’ Mani got the first prize. ‘..has given the first
prize to Shankar Mani Sanjay..’ Applaud at least. Curtsey. ‘..for non-conventional energy source..’ ‘..for the relevance and
importance of billions in India.’ I got it.
Non-conventional energy source. Very conventional. Every year someone or the other does it. But my windmill did turn.
It did not get stuck. Hey, shut up. Hey, Mahek’s sycophant.
Haven’t you brought the catapult? Hey, you. Rucha, let him go. Rucha. Sorry, Rucha, don’t get upset. Are you angry? I will definitely teach
a lesson that over smart boy. And you. Listen to me,
Mahek, I can never get angry with you. Got it? – And me too. Shut up, Amit. ‘Oh, go.
Happened again. Need a system.’ Dad, what is my most
exceptional attribute? Losing in chess. Dad. Your diligence. Oh, thanks. Very small.’ This is my flower. What is it doing here? Oh, God, I forgot the list again. I remember it. – What? You? 2 kilo sugar, 1 kilo split
Bengal gram lentil, 3 Pears soaps.. ..and 2 toothpastes. What are you doing here? Why? I am a fairy. I can go anywhere. Didn’t you discuss
about me in the class? Can nobody really see you? No. Look. Wow. It means at the moment
only I can see you? Yes. Nice sandals.
From where did you buy them? London. You know, I always feel
as if I have seen you before. You must have seen me in dreams. No, in reality. Somewhere.
But how do you know everything? You can see everything by yourself. I mean from your land. From wherever. From your home. Can you see sitting there.. ..or do you actually
go to all the places to see? I mean how?
How come you know everything? How does this logic work? Do you want to know? – Yes. Really? – Really. You won’t tell anybody? – No. Really. – Well? I won’t tell. Promise? – Promise. It’s a trick. Very funny. I thought a lot. I too should.. But it is difficult. What did you think? Ask others and think yourself. How was he able to see you? Beautiful people can see me. Please. I don’t know. Really. So what is the use of having
a fairy like you as a friend? I am a modern fairy.
I don’t do magic tricks. And? – Shaving cream for dad. It was not in the list.
– I wrote it just now. Hey. – Did you see,
I am one step ahead of you? Very smart. Please. – Can’t. Okay, good bye. Mahek Mirza, I am giving you a hint. Nobody can hear. All your time passes in dreaming. What if you give a bit
of twist to your dreams? Dreams? When do I dream? Mom. Dad? Mom. Dad. Hello. Did you just get inside
me and do something? Why? – I never saw this earlier. All this is inside you. I just showed you your thing. But what is the benefit of it? Benefit? What do you mean by benefit? No, that is my…that is my problem. I see any dream at any time. It is hiding there. – What? The secret. ‘The secret. The secret.’ If you shut your doors to all errors,
truth will be shut out. Rabindranath Tagore. For the football match,
the team will be the same as last year. Before that there
is our Annual Gathering.. which we will present a play. Who wants to take part in this play? I have written the play and
its name is Environment Pollution. Ma’am. – Yes, Rahul? This name is.. – Not so special? You’re right. Ma’am’s sycophant. You can suggest a name. Amit, don’t look at me. Nature? Not bad. Any other suggestions? Save our Country? Something personal. Save your own home. Something social. Garbage. – Trash. Very creative. Problems of Urban India? No. Harry Potter. Harry Potter and the Mission Pollution. Smoke all around. Ghostlike. Friends, this city is in your hands. Filmy. Air, noise and earth. Clean these roads. Next. Cleanliness and us. First take a bath yourself. Mahek, suggest something. Innocent City. Innocent city. Nice name. Class? Wow, Mahek,
your name and main lead also for you. Mahek, you’re great. – Shut up Amit. I.. Jenny, speak. I.. – Try it. I’ll come again, okay? Bye. ‘Hey, wimpy!’ – Shh! At least she tried. Next. “The head ornament
shines on your forehead.” “Earrings shine in your ears.” “Hey. O darling.” “If you meet the silver moon.” “You will know that I have gone.” Ho! “You can hear the whistle
blow a hundred miles.” “There shall be seasons a rushing.” “Same as the seasons above.” Ho! Next. Next. Next. Next. Next. Ma’am, do you want
method acting or natural? Dialogues, Amit. Oh, my oxygen brothers
are also getting less. The CO2 is going to kill me. I am feeling suffocated. Help! Help me! Somebody, please help me. Method or natural? From where did the
additional dialogues come? Of course natural, ma’am. That is why there were
additional dialogues. Lead villain. We must win the lead role. Mahek may become a hurdle. I will make her struggle. Hey, where is the
beauty of the earth lost? Oh. Hey, where is the
beauty of the earth lost? Sakshi Kaur, river. Rahul. Danger. Are you ready, Mahek? – Of course I am. O ignorant man,
do not commit more follies. Do not harm the earth. Every breath of yours
is filled with smoke. Every moment of yours
is filled with smoke. O ignorant man,
do not commit more follies. Rahul, very good. Very realistic. Hey, where is the
beauty of the earth lost? Why did this happen to it? Why did all the flowers wither? Why did all my companions run away? Mahek, come down quickly. I am cooking Indo-Maxican biryani. Mahek! Mahek! Mahek, get up, dear. Mahek. Mahek. Oh, mama, I am practicing for the drama. Like this? I am litter. – What? Litter. Garbage. For 45 minutes I have
to keep lying without moving. Oh, mama, did you think
that something would happen to me? But you will see that
I will do this role so well.. ..that everybody will remember it. You keep dreaming.
Sometimes I feel very scared. Dreams? When do I dream? Mahek, how long has it been? 20 minutes. Look, you need more practice. Do not move at all. Okay. But one day my day will come. ‘Truth on stage is whatever
we can believe in with sincerity..’ ‘..whether in ourselves,
or in our colleagues.’ ‘Truth cannot be separated from belief,
nor belief from truth.’ ‘They cannot exist without each other.. ‘..and without both of them
it is impossible to live your part..’ ‘..or to create anything.’ ‘Everything that happens on the stage..’ ‘..must be convincing
to the actor himself..’ Shut up, Tingu. I’m practicing. ‘ his associates
and to the spectators.’ ‘It must inspire belief
in the possibility in real life.. ‘..of emotions analogues
to those being experienced..’ ‘..on the stage by the actor.’ Ma’am. Ma’am. Ma’am, Rahul cannot come. He is not well, ma’am. What? But the play
will start in 10 minutes. Ma’am, he has been hospitalizes, ma’am. The play cannot be performed
if Rahul is not there. Ma’am, but what can we do?
He has been hospitalized. Did you see? Look at that river. We have made it dirty. In your city, every car,
every motorcycle and every factory.. ..which spew out smoke, who are they? All of them are my accomplices. They have weakened your humans so much. How will you fight even if you wish to? This is a lecture and not a play. In every street and on
every road the high level sound.. ..which is heard. Who is it? My cousin. This sound has made your humans deaf. No one will be able to hear your music. And I am not an ordinary enemy. I strike from inside. Within a few moments,
I am going to destroy.. ..your beautiful and innocent city. Idiot, humans have
realised their mistake. We have vowed we will recycle waste. We won’t use plastic bags. Henceforth no new company
or factory in the city. We will go back to villages. There we will create jobs,
opportunities.. ..and all the benefits of the city. We will create redistribution
of population and balance.. ..between villages and cities. She has practiced this in English. There will be a big courtyard
in front of the house. No one will be able to stop
the sunlight from entering the house. There will be lots of trees,
plants and lots of birds. Man has woken up. Your rule is about to end now. My companions will be arriving soon. And they will bring
such a music with them.. ..they will bring such a fragrance.. ..that nature will bloom again. Come, my friends. Arrest him. I won’t spare you. I won’t spare you. I will return. I won’t spare you.
I will return once again. Look behind you. Hey, idiot, what are you doing? This is not the dialogue. Is the play continuing? Yes, you are garbage.
I have to throw you out. Take this, dear. Pinky, take this. It is the last one. Mahek, not Pinky. Okay. Who was she?
– French. She was facing problems. So why didn’t she go to a French fairy? Business outsourcing. I have a fairy sister. Jean More. Sometimes she sends
her people over here. This umbrella? – Global warming. Okay, so how are you? I have decided. – What? I have to decide what I want to be. But what do you want to be? That is what I am telling you.
That is what I am looking for. Mahek, it is difficult to
become better by imitating others. Imitation? Not me. We always pay attention
to what others are doing. But all of us have
got something special. If we concentrate on it and
go on that path we will become better. Better? I want to be the best. Okay, we will become the best. Example? – Farid. Who is Farid? – Your papa. Dad. What about him? Architect.
He does only that which gives him joy. That is why he is the best in his work. Oh. Okay, bye. – Bye. Will you do something for me? – What? Jyotsna, back. Catch! Go, girls. Go, girls. North, south, east or west.
We know we are the best. Go, girls. This year the girls’
performance is very powerful. Go, girls.
Go, girls. – Yes, Mahek is going to win. Yes, that’s true. Go, girls. Yeah. How’s that! One minute, please. Zero. Zero. Garbage. Hey, Mani, keep quiet. Shut up. It is their team.
Why should we bother? Yes. Yes, yes. Game over. Team B has won by one goal. Rucha, are you angry with me? It is not so, Mahek.
It is okay to dream, but not self-goal. It is a very big stupidity. This is the next plan and
this is the shopping complex. Okay? And all.. She is my daughter. Mahek. He is Shaisi, she is Takasiri. What happened, Mahek? Who won? Dear, what happened? We lost. Won’t you give water to Romi? It doesn’t flower. Some plants flower late. Mother, it will never flower. Is she alright? What? Yes,
she just won the football match. She is the captain of her class,
you see. Rahul Shrivastav. – Present, ma’am. Sakshi Kaur. – Present, ma’am. Samir Singh. – Present, ma’am. May I come in, ma’am? Come in, Mahek. Don’t be late again. – Sorry. Sneha Sharma. – Present, ma’am. Utpal Seth. – Present, ma’am. Okay, attention, everybody. I have a surprise for you all. We have a class essay competition.. ..and we have four topics in it. No! The competition is compulsory
and the topics are.. ..intelligence. – No! Humour. – Yes, yes. Beauty. – No! And imagination. Intelligence? Of course. Beauty. Cool. – Humour. Ouch! Naughty Rucha. Rucha, behave. Ma’am, can we combine two subjects? Ma’am, I won’t write the essay. Why? – I don’t want
to lose one more time. “Jingle bell,
jingle bell, no win all the way.” “Jingle bell,
jingle bell, loser all the way.” “Jingle bell, jingle bell..” Ouch. Mahek Mirza,
you have lost the class election. My windmill did turn.
It did not get stuck. These days you dream too much. Is the play going on? Shut up, Mahek. Garbage. Pinky, would you like to eat a guava? There are no fairies in this world. Mahek, not Pinky. Anu problem in class? ‘The best actress award
goes to Mahek Mirza.’ I’m sorry, Mahek. Checkmate. – Checkmate. Checkmate. – Checkmate. Checkmate. – Checkmate. Checkmate. – Checkmate. Ouch! Mahek, checkmate. Mahek. Mahek. Mahek, why on the floor? My God. Mahek. She has fever and she
has viral infection in throat. What had you eaten outside
yesterday and day before? Nothing. Let her rest for three days. Hey. Hey, what happened?
Why are you crying? You will get well. Hey, what happened? She is normal. Everything is normal. They are children.
They are bound to fall sick. I will come again. Aunt Zarina will be here in two weeks. Don’t you want to
go with her on vacation? I am not hungry. Mahek, are you angry? Can I ever be angry with you? Then get well soon. Don’t write the essay
if you don’t want to.. ..but please don’t fall sick like this. Rucha, I don’t want
to go back to school. Mahek, please don’t say that. What will I do there without you? I think she is suffering
from depression. Mahesh Muttuswamy. – Present, ma’am. Shankar Mani. – Present, ma’am. Mahek Mirza. Mahek, don’t feel scared. I am there. You will get well. Won’t you say, shut up, Amit? ‘Khichdi’ (rice-lentil dish)
is a different kind of fun, isn’t it? Bapa has made it. May some fairy come
and make my daughter well. First lady president of India. Mahek Mirza. ‘I’ll tell you a story
of our great scientist Newton.’ ‘Great, you haven’t heard this one.’ ‘Imagine, if that had happened,
neither the three laws..’ ..not gravity would have been known.’ ‘Nor the boring syllabus
would be there.’ ‘Would tea be so famous if it was blue?’ ‘When, where and how did dad
and mom meet for the first time?’ Grandmother used to say
that this lamp is antique. It is from the year 1838. Wrong. Doctor’s prescription.
Nobody in the world can read it. ‘And sometimes even doctors can’t.’ ‘Someone told me that fish cannot see.’ ‘If it is true, then it is so bad.’ ‘And if it is not true,
then why do people lie?’ Bittoo, what would
you like to eat, my dear? I want to eat ice cream. Bittoo dear,
do you want to eat ice cream? – Yes. How many ice creams
would you eat? – Ten. Oh, wow, Bittoo,
will you eat 10 ice creams? – Yes. Wow, Bittoo, come, let us eat ice cream. Did you see? Children film. Children are young
by age but not by brain. ‘We can eat and drink like adults.’ ‘We can think also like them.’ ‘So why can’t we vote?’ ‘We want the right to vote.’ ‘Cut it.’ – Shot number three. Foot biting. ‘What if there was foot
biting instead of nail biting?’ ‘I am sleeping and
studying history as well.’ ‘And I am reading a book also.’ ‘What if such a thing can happen?’ ‘When will the dream of every
child in the world be fulfilled?’ If dogs were able to talk,
would we love them as much.. ..and keep them with us? ‘Don’t call me dog all the time.’ ‘I wag my tail for
everybody and to top it..’ ‘..I have no freedom of expression? ‘The correct length of the tie?’ It’s too short. It’s too long. It’s exactly touching the belt. ‘God knows how these birds
come from Europe without a map?’ ‘Without visa and passports? ‘The older people always
treat the younger ones..’ ‘Dear, what is your name?’ ‘Why like this?’ ‘Doesn’t the postman ever
feel like reading others’ letters?’ Mahek, you have not submitted the essay. Now you will have to do an assignment. It’s okay, Mahek. – It’s not okay. At least you should have
written and submitted it. Now the results of our essay
competition will be announced.. ..and for that we have with us,
the ex-student of our school.. ..and famous author, Mrs. Varma. Please come. Okay, let us start the
prize distribution immediately. The third prize goes
to Rahul Shrivastav. The second prize to Sakshi Kaur. And now for the first prize. It goes to Mahek Mirza. Yes. That’s right. Mahek Mirza. Ma’am, can you please say a few words? I would like to say just this,
that I liked everybody’s essays. All of you write much better than me. I would like to take
with me some of the essays.. a sweet memory. One more thing. Mahek Mirza.
I would like to say specially to her.. ..that she should not give up writing. Writing is her best attribute. Mahek rightly knew,
understood and wrote.. ..the meaning of the word imagination. I have full confidence that
in future she will prove to be.. ..a good writer of not just
India but of the whole world. Thank you. Doctor, treatment, long treatment. Dad! Mama! Romi! Impossible. Dad! Mama! Can you see this trophy? Fairy? How is my child? You have grown so big. So you are the fairy? What fairy? – You. Who is fairy? – You are fairy. Child kidnapper. Umbrella. What? – New York. London. Yes, I go there for work. Then the fairy…aren’t you the fairy? Oh, who is fairy? What fairy? You must have dreamed it. She is used to dreaming. Day and night, dreams. Not dreams. Imagination. Nice sari.
From where did you buy it? – New York. I don’t even remember her face. That’s right. Aunt Zarina had come.. ..when Mahek was 5 years old. You know, I always feel
that I have seen you before. I never saw this earlier. All this is inside you. I just showed you your thing. Right? – Right.
It was my imagination only.. ..but very cute. Mahek, for coming first. But mama, I didn’t submit the essay. Dad. I had full confidence this time. And what if I had lost? Then a gift because you lost. What was the subject? Imagination. But what is the issue about the fairy? Do you want to know? – Yes. Really? – Really. Will you tell anybody? Am I a child? – What? I won’t tell. Promise? – Promise. It’s a secret. Aunt. Indo-Mexican biryani. Please taste it. Delicious. Wonderful. – Wow. Congratulations. Congratulations. Impossible. It must be a dream. Mahek. Mahek. Mahek. Good morning, madam. Who is it today? – Mahek. Mahek Mirza. – Wow. Shut up, Amit.

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