Bollywood Full Movies – Malli – मल्ली -New Hindi Dubbed Movies– Kids Jungle Film-Latest Comedy Movie

Bollywood Full Movies – Malli – मल्ली -New Hindi Dubbed Movies– Kids Jungle Film-Latest Comedy Movie

I am going to tell a story. There was a dense forest. With monkeys chattering,
deer jumping.. ..elephants munching
and trees whispering. There was also a beautiful pond
in the forest. A small and a big pond. Hey pond! Tell your name. The myth of the pond is that.. ..all the dew drops
came to a meeting. They joined and became a pond. The pond has small
and big fishes in it. There are weeds in the pond. There are trees
peeping into the pond. There is a sky in the pond too. And there are clouds in the sky. All of them dancing in water. And now Malli is also in the pond. Malli is the Queen of the forest. She will take a royal bath. Guess what Malli will
do after the bath. Only when I close my eyes,
I can see a beautiful dream. A blouse like the
red coloured flowers. A skirt with the
colour of green grass.. ..with lots of white dots. And a stole like the blue sky. I will get transformed
into a new Malli and dance. What is that? Hey, dear friend. Have you come with your mother? Why are you staring
at my dotted skirt? Oh! You have no dots like
my green silk skirt has. Don’t feel sad for that. I will give you some dots.. that your whole
body will be dotted. Then you will become
a beautiful dotted deer. You will be happy then. Oh! A forest fire! The deer.. is trapped. I have to save it. I run through the fire.
The fire is growing all round. Burning trees are falling down. A nest is in flames. I am searching for the deer. It is missing. I hope it is safe! There the deer,
scared and shivering in a corner. I went close to it and lifted it. Thank God! It is not hurt. Don’t be afraid.
I will save you. I carried it to the river. Water till my neck,
I swam across the river. The deer was safe. I left the deer free and
told him to go safely. The deer smiled and thanked me.
“No need to thank”, I said. You go home
and be safe with your family. The deer went saying goodbye.
I too said goodbye. Shall I open my eyes?
No don’t open. Shall I open my eyes?
No don’t open. This dream will disappear,
and even I will. The dream is over
and I am opening my eyes. Malli is going to leave now. Now we shall race. That tree is the finishing point. We should start
only after I count 3. Not before that.. okay. No cheating. You also. 1.. Why are you in a hurry?
Come back, stand in a line. 1..2..3.. Oh, God. I lost. The forest is celebrating
the young bear’s wedding. Elephants erected the tent. Deers are invited too. Cuckoo.. What? You deserve it Muthu. You can’t take care of yourself. The officer left you responsible
for his daughter. She is always running away. I wish she leaves home
soon after the holidays. Hey! Malli, come here. I said come here. Come here at once.
Did you see Cuckoo? If not at home,
she should be with you. Why are you nodding? Where is she?
She should be with you only. I know she is your friend.
Tell me, where is she? She is not here. Tell me where is she now. She is really not here.
– Really? Come on, tell me. Don’t beat me. Oh, God. Where have I got stuck! She is protective about me. I like her very much. You know how we first met? We looked at each other. I got angry,
and began to sing loudly. The sparrow had a big moustache. It adorned a big garland of flowers. The sparrow beat the drums. It got married and had a concert. Later I asked her name. My name is Malli. Your name? I then realised
that she can’t hear.. ..and can’t even speak. Then I saw her again after few days. Now I am like Cuckoo. I also can’t hear. Grandma, the poachers
are shooting again. I saw them.
They also killed one animal. By cutting the trees.. is incurring
the wrath of nature. By killing the animals.. ..he earns the loss
of the animal clan. On the whole he earns only sins. This is your mother’s letter.
It is only about you. She keeps running
away with Malli always. Finding her is becoming
very difficult. Cuckoo, this is a forest. There are wild animals here.
Don’t loiter alone. Listen to Muthu. Okay! ..Okay! Good! This stone is a useless stone. Just an ordinary stone. This stone is a useless stone. There are ordinary stones
and extraordinary stones. This stone has a power in it. Whoever puts on this stone,
will run fast like a rabbit. Grandma. Grandma. Grandma. Grandma, I have made
a garland of these stones. I want to give it to
Cuckoo before she leaves. Person wearing this will
lead a life without sickness. Is it so? Is there any stone
to make a person speak? Yes. Which one?
– There is one. Peacock God’s blue stone. Where will I get that stone?
– You can’t get it. Grandma, I need that stone. Come, I will show you.
– Okay. I want that blue stone.
– Don’t be in a hurry. You can’t get that
blue stone so easily. There is a big story behind it.
Know that first. Tell me soon. Long time ago,
this forest perished in fire.. ..and became a desert.
There was no water to drink. The animals that survived
too could not even whisper. Then what happened? All the animals flocked
together and decided.. go and see the Peacock God. They prayed to the Peacock God. The Peacock God appeared
before them. The animals who cannot speak,
how did they communicate? Among them a small
rabbit alone could speak. The Peacock God out of mercy,
gave them the blue stone. Then they got back their voices. How does the Peacock God look like? Wait, I will tell you. Hey! Malli, come here. Lift that up. Put it on your head. You are roaming like
a confused chicken. Do you have wheels on your legs? Where have you been? I..
– Where? To the Peacock God tree.
– There? All alone? No, with Moyar grandma.
– With that old witch? Don’t talk like that, aunty.
She is a nice old lady. When whole village talks about her,
why do you support her? You nicely cook up your own stories. Come home, I will
complain to your mother. Sister, she talks too much.
It’s because of your pampering. Though I’m quiet,
aunty is fighting with me. She is scolding you as you are idle. Help us to do our daily
chores and stay at home. Okay? It’s a long time since
her vacation started. Have you picked up your books
and read or atleast dusted them? For our sake your
father is away and earning. He will be happy
only if you study well. He will then buy whatever you want. “Little brother,
you should be born soon! I, your sister will carry you. We should sing and dance together”. You will carry only little brother! What you’ll do,
if it is little sister? Little baby,
you should be born soon! I, your sister will carry you. We should sing and dance together. “Like the sky that is so high,
I will also grow so tall.” “Like the sky that is so high,
I will also grow so tall.” “The trees grow as
if to touch the sky.” “The kites are flying
high to reach the sky.” “The burning fire too
tries to reach the sky.” “Even the birds crave
to touch the sky.” “The smoke also
tries to do the same”.” “It flies high.” “Like the sky that is so high,
I will also grow so tall.” Postman uncle,
do you have my father’s letter? If it comes, I will bring it home. Why are you roaming
like a forest officer? When is your school reopening? Next week. Are there only
Gandhiji’s snaps on these stamps? Several other people’s
snaps are also there. You are working here
since many years. Why is your face
not there on a stamp? For that just a face
alone is not enough. Perseverance too is required. One should have served the nation. One should be a great leader. Only then will they print it
on the stamps. Understood? One day my face too
will appear on it. Now I am seeing Malli on it. On the letter? And I’m putting a seal on Malli. Uncle! a secret.. We are going to the Peacock tree. He will come and give a blue stone. All the voices in the forest
arise from Him only. He has a great power in him. Tonight myself
and Cuckoo are going there. When you meet Him,
ask your Peacock God.. recommend for my transfer too. No, first let Cuckoo’s
work get done. Hey! where are you going?
– To the Peacock God tree. At this hour? Has the old
lady cast a spell on you? Just go back to bed. Our daughter is fine.
She likes this forest and nature. They make her happy. When she’s happy, she forgets
her drawbacks and laughs. Muthu takes good care of her. At times he finds it
difficult to manage her. She keeps your letters carefully.. ..and reads them
before going to bed. She keeps them under her pillow. I forgot to tell you.
She has a friend here named Malli. A tribal girl.
She likes her a lot. I will bring her back
before her school reopens. It’s difficult to keep her here
due to my office commitments. Half my time is wasted
in washing myself and my clothes. Cycling all the time
has punctured my body. Other than the bears and lions,
I’ve given letters to all. I should first take a transfer
and leave this forest. Don’t know when
which animals will come. Here comes the little cat. Have you received a letter
from my father? Yes. Where were you?
I just gave a letter in your house. What has my father written? He has enquired about all,
including your expected brother. I see the addresses
and hand over the letters there. Only in your house
I read and write letters. What did mummy ask you to reply? She has asked him
to come back soon.. she wants him to be
near her when she delivers. I have written all over the
letter except the address space I want a nice skirt.
Write that also. I will give you honey. Trying to bribe uncle? I have already stuck the letter. So nothing more can be written. Uncle! please write in a new letter. Okay, I will write
a new letter and post it. Okay. Blouse in maroon colour. Skirt in grass green colour.. ..should have dots
in it like the deer. The stole should be
sky blue in colour. Write these without forgetting. I will write.
– Please write, okay? Fine, Malli. Do write.
– I will write, dear. Hey! Cuckoo.. I am going. No, we should not go there.
That’s a veterinary hospital. No Cuckoo, let us not go there.
Someone may scold us. Listen to me. Don’t go there. Our magazine’s next issue is
“Animals special”. As a veterinary doctor,
can you tell us your experiences? I am not working for publicity,
but for the animal’s welfare. When I was young,
we had a dog named Jimmy. One day it fell ill. My father hesitates to buy
medicines even for his own people. So the dog was not taken care of. I felt the dog pleading
to me for its treatment. I was helpless then.
I was only eight years old. But now I am a veterinary doctor
and they are all my friends. Why this sudden affection
towards the animals these days? Every media seems to enquire
about only animals? These days spotted deer, black buck
have acquired national importance. Don’t go Cuckoo. Listen to me. No. No, Cuckoo. Anyway you people hunt for news. Come in. Come. Meet my new friend. Oh deer! Do you own it? No. I’m only treating it. One day while going by my jeep,
I saw this deer lying wounded. So I brought it home
and I’m treating it. It will be alright
in just three days. Then I will set it free
in the forest. Had you been in such a situation
what would’ve been your reaction? Are you a vegetarian
or a non-vegetarian? Non vegetarian. We should be human to all animals. I am sorry, come out. We should safeguard them.
Most of them don’t do that. You have beautiful dots. Can you stand still without moving? I will count and tell you
the number of dots you have. Hey! who are you?
How did you come here? Not me Cuckoo.
– Go away. There is an old saying.. “The buildings will grow
taller than the trees. Man will be more
cruel than the animals. There will be a day like that”. Nowadays nature can
be seen only on T.V. Write this also.
-Thanks a lot, sir. Sir, she was hurting the deer.
– Did you harm the deer? I did not harm,
but was only counting.. Hey, don’t lie. It pains you when I hurt you, right? Then why did you hurt the deer? I was only counting the dots. Lie. Don’t lie. Hereafter you will not do that, okay? Go now. Go. Take her. Cuckoo is there.
– Just go away. Cuckoo is there.
– Go, run away. Don’t you dare to come here again.
– I won’t go without taking cuckoo. I will show you where it is. Come on.
– Cuckoo is there. Go, run away. Get lost. – I didn’t
do anything. I didn’t do anything. Cuckoo always does something
and gets me into trouble. Get lost. Grandma..
– Who? Is it Malli? This is Cuckoo.
The blue stone is for her. I am taking her
to the Peacock God tree. Today is an auspicious day
to go there. It is believed that
the Peacock God.. ..will come on this day. Be awake and pray nicely. Before sunrise He will
appear like a lightning. Ask Him for the blue
stone without fear. “Oh God you are the almighty!
All belongs to you.” “Oh God you are the almighty!
All belongs to you.” “The river is singing because of you.” “The sparrow sings because of you.” “The river flows because of you.
Cuckoos sing because of you.” “The voice of the forest
is all because of you.” “If you bestow the blue stone,
Cuckoo will be able to speak.” “If you bestow the blue stone,
Cuckoo will be able to speak.” “Oh God you are the almighty!
All belongs to you.” Cuckoo. Sir..sir.. Sir..sir.. What?
– Cuckoo is near the Peacock tree. Why did you take her
to the Peacock tree? Papa. Papa. Papa. Cuckoo.
– Cuckoo. Malli always takes away Cuckoo
with Peacock tree’s stories. She is not well. Avoid further problems
while she is being sent back. They are children. They play
together, go here and there. You are creating a big issue of it. Measure fast, I have my duty.
– Wait sir, I wanted to ask you. You give me letters daily,
but never give me a money order. I can give you one
only if you get one. Looks like you will demand one
from my salary. Smart Alec! Only during festival time
we can make money. What happened?
Why are you quiet today? Uncle, no one understands me.
I feel like crying. First you finish crying.
Then I will tell you a good news. Okay, I will not cry.
Tell me the news. No, you finish crying.
– Tell me uncle. Your dad wants the measurements
of your skirt. Only if you send that,
he can get you one. Soon, Malli will get a new skirt. Tailor, take her measurements. Malli will get her skirt
before the school reopens. She will wear it
and go to the school like a Queen. All will give you a surprised look. The whole village will
be awe struck to see you. Now, I can see Malli
with a silk skirt. I feel like laughing
as well as crying. Is this route safe and short? My horoscope says that I have
a danger due to wild animals. Uncle, don’t be afraid. No one will harm you.
I will take care of you. I want to tell you one thing. That day when I and Cuckoo
went to the tree to see the God.. ..and get the blue stone..
Cuckoo got caught there. But I saved her. Had you seen that.. Enough of what I see
in the forest now. Should I see that also?
You cook up good stories. It is not a story, uncle.
It is true. That’s nothing.
It’s a tiger roar. You are saying it
as if a baby is shouting. I don’t want this route.
– Don’t be afraid, uncle. I am there. Don’t panic.
Nothing will happen. What? Malli is not here.
She has gone out. What do you want? Should I give this to Malli?
I will give it. You go. The cost of the doll would
provide us food for ten days. They are rich, can afford it.
Nothing, you go. Uncle, shall I tell you a story? Looks like you won’t allow me
to do my duty today. The story is very interesting.
I’m also there in this story. “In a forest,
a few hunters caught a deer. Malli is also one of those hunters. They gave me a knife
to kill the deer. I slowly walked with the knife. The deer is also scared of me.
It does not know me. I went close to the deer and.. ..I cut the rope. The deer runs away happily.
I too escape from them”. Funny girl! Will my dad get my dress?
Did you write to my dad? I wrote about everything.
Soon, you will get one letter. I will also get one. A letter for postman? A letter from the department.
A transfer letter. Then, when Cuckoo goes to
the town, I will also meet her. “Postman uncle came and got
me a mango. It tasted sour. Instead he gave me tamarind..
I don’t know after that. I know..
Postman uncle did not come. That Officer’s daughter..
What’s her name? Cuckoo! She had come.
– Did Cuckoo come? What did she say?
– She gave you this. She is going back home. Going back home?
– Yes. She is going back home. Malli, where are you going? Malli. Malli. Uncle, Cuckoo is leaving.
I have to meet her. We will talk later.
– We can’t talk later. I got my transfer.
I have to leave immediately. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Grandma..
– Keep quiet. We will speak later. Let me talk to Malli first. Grandma, Cuckoo has left. I did not get the blue stone. I sat near the Peacock tree
with Cuckoo. But He never appeared.
You lied and cheated me. I will not go to the tree again. Wait, I know you never saw the God. But God has seen you.
Go to the river side. Pray to make some offerings to God. If you stay awake and pray,
you will surely get the blue stone. Go..Go.. I will drop Cuckoo at the railway station
and be back in an hour. Before I return clear the fence
from Mayor area. It’s a hindrance
to the movement of animals. Appoint two watchers there. Cuckoo, how did you come here? Where are you taking me? Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo, let us not stay here.
You will be afraid. Someone will search for us. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Someone is there. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Grandma, Cuckoo is angry with me. Shall I give her this necklace? It does not have the blue stone. It is not going to cure her. That’s okay grandma. I will give her this as my
remembrance before she leaves. She will forget her anger
and smile at me. I am going. People who are affectionate
have a right to get annoyed. She must be
thinking about you always. Don’t feel sad.
Everything will be fine. The temperature is high. Call the doctor,
we have to take her there. Where did you go? Your dad has come. He was asking for you. My child.
– Father. How are you, Malli?
Are you going to school regularly? Where is my dress?
– Dress? I had told postman uncle
to write to you. No. I was only asked
to come home soon. Why didn’t postman uncle
write about my dress? It’s alright. Here, take this. Next year Malli will grow big. I will get you a beautiful dress then.
Now smile. Sir, where is postman uncle? Who, the old postman, Periasami? He got his transfer and left.. a big salute
to the forest and me. What do you want? My name is Malli.
Uncle was my best friend. So, you are the friend
he felt bad for not meeting? Yes. Take care of her Mr. Raja. She has strained
herself a lot in the forest. She needs rest more than treatment. Give the medicines properly. Okay, doctor.
– Don’t let her go outside. Okay, I will take care of her.
– Okay. Thank you. The flora and fauna
are happy in this forest. But I..
You’ll feel bad if I tell you. Dad did not buy me a dress.
I was cheated. Why didn’t postman uncle
wrote about that? Cuckoo refused to speak to me,
as she was annoyed with me. I made that necklace for her only. But she never even
looked at it, and threw it. And she went inside the house. I felt like crying. What does she know about the forest? I screamed only to
save her from danger. She never understood that. Humans are greedy and confused.. ..and hence the blood in the pond. What will happen if potable
water is polluted like this? Pond will get purified. Don’t worry. Listen to what I say. You have to collect the dew
drops early in the morning.. ..and pour it in the pond. Only then the pond will be purified. “Beautiful little dew drops.” “Dew drops that bloom
from the little grass.” “Twinkling little dew drops.” “Let the sun’s rays not destroy you.” “Soon I shall collect you.” “Now, the pond is your home.” “And it shall be purified by you.” “Come, pretty ones.
Come, my little drops.” “Come, pretty ones.
Come, my little drops.” Malli. Malli. Malli, postman uncle
has sent you a parcel. Take this and sign here. Hey butterflies!
Don’t look while I’m changing. Hey! Wait there.
Where are you going? I want to show my
new dress to Cuckoo. As she is sick she is sleeping. Enough of problems due to you.
Go away now. Just once.
– I say get out. I want to show my new dress
to everyone. But no one saw it, not even Cuckoo. You really don’t have dots. Well, see the
beautiful dots on my skirt. Where is the deer without dots? Even that has disappeared. Don’t worry, I will not give up.
I will take you safely. 1.. 2.. 3. Who is it..? Who is it..? Thank God, the bullet
has just scraped through. You seem to be in a state of shock.
Don’t worry. I will do a saline dressing.
You will be okay then. You have a strong life line. One who has brought you
here should be thanked. I can save you. Don’t worry. You will be fine and start jumping
around in another week. Come here. How dare you come inside the house? My deer..
– Came to steal the deer now? I carried and brought it here.
Look at my skirt.. It’s all a lie. Get away from here.
– No I am not lying. What’s the chaos here
early in the morning? She is the same girl
who came the other day. My deer..
– Shut up. I told you not to come here
that day. What is it again? Take here away.
– No, it is my deer. It’s mine. A hunter shot at it,
I carried it here all the way. It is my deer.
I have to take it back. Hey! Go away or I’ll beat you. I tore my skirt and
tied up his wound. I don’t want to hear any story.
– It’s mine. I will take him.
– You concoct stories. I have to leave it
back in the forest. It’s in my story.
– Shut up. Started your stories again?
– No. Go away. Go away. Naughty girl. Leave. Get lost.
Don’t come here again. She ran away. Where is she?
– I chased her away. Hey stop! Hey stop! Stop! The little one has spoken the truth. We failed to understand her. Sometimes few mistakes of
older people go unnoticed. Sometimes we failed to recognise
the good deed of small people. If she had not brought
the deer here on time.. would have been a
sad state for the deer. What we believed was a myth.. ..has been proved true by you. God has rewarded you
for your true faith. Cuckoo. Cuckoo.
– What is it? Where is Cuckoo. I want to meet Cuckoo.
– Why? Where is she? Tell me soon.
– She has already left. She must have reached
to station by now. She will not come back.
Her school has reopened. Stop! Stop! Malli is going to close her eyes now. Now I am having a new dream.

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