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Bollywood Full Movies – Woh Full Movie – वो – Hindi Movies – Latest Kids Comedy Film

“O see the clouds fly away.” “O see the clouds fly away.” “O see the clouds fly away.” “O see the clouds fly away.” “O like the birds, we’ll fly away..
O we’ll fly away..” “We’ll find gold, silver and pearls..
we’ll travel like the birds everywhere.” “We’ll find gold, silver and pearls..
we’ll travel like the birds everywhere.” “We’ll travel like the
birds everywhere..” “We’ll travel like the
birds everywhere..” Pupe! Pupe, we’ll reach to your
grandpa’s house in some time now. Do you remember what your mother said? Yes. My father, that means your grandpa,
is a very famous poet. Everyone knows him. Everyone respects him so much. When he is writing something,
don’t irritate him. Did you understand?
– Yes. You blabber the entire day. Pupe, until you mother gets
treated and returns from Madras..’ll have to stay
with your grandpa. Okay? Get up now. Satish is here with Pupe. Come. Dear Pupe, do you remember me? Your photo is hanging
in our house in Calcutta. What about mine? I used to take you in my arms.. ..and tell you stories of trees,
lion and jackal. I used to even sing lullaby for you.
Do you remember? She is aunt Mary. When I lost my mother at young age.. ..she brought me up. Now see, how much she loves you. Satish..
– Yes. When will you take Surma to Madras? I will return to Calcutta
by morning train.. ..and then I will leave for
Madras the day after tomorrow night. Before going to Madras.. ..Surma wanted to meet you. But I didn’t have the
courage to get her here. She is very sick. What did the doctor say? Her condition is serious. I will see..
I will take her to Madras and see.. I am just worried about Pupe. She is young.. ..what if something happens.. Have faith. Pupe has never stayed away from us. You will be busy with your work.. Don’t worry. Pupe will be fine. Many stories revolve here. Pupe will be busy in it. Hello? You are brother Satish’s
daughter, right? Yes. And your name is Pupe. Pupe.. Pupe.. Pupe.. Your name is so beautiful. I have never heard such name before. Do you recognize me?
– No. Is it? You don’t recognize me? My name is John. Uncle John. The fat lady who is wearing an apron.. ..she is my mother.
– Shut up, you idiot. Don’t you feel ashamed
to address me as mother? As a son what responsibility
have you fulfilled? You keep changing jobs. The rest of the time, you loaf around. I don’t have any money.
Go from here. Go away! Mom.. my sweet mom. Mom, I am an artist. I play flute. And all the artists are same. One last time..
upon god.. I will never ask again. Just Rs. 20. What is the use of playing flute?
What will happen? Will anyone give you money? It is better that you try to work
in a factory in the nearby village. You’ll earn some money. After your father left, I’ve
brought you up with great difficulty. You don’t understand anything. O God! What sin did I do that
I gave birth to a son like you? Enough.. Mary, go inside. John, play flute as much as you want. But you have to work. How can one run a
house without an earning? Tell me something.. Uncle, I will surely do.. I’ll play flute such a
way that everyone will be happy. People will call me from places.
I will earn lots of money. Uncle, you wait and see. Dear Pupe, what’s the matter? Are you feeling sad? Are you missing your
father and friends? Then we have to think about it. Feeling sad is not good here.
Not even loneliness. We have to do something.
– What will you do? I’m thinking the same.. what to do. The matter is very serious. We have to think. Tell me who they are? You and.. grandma?
– Yes. It is a very old picture, right? Yes, long time ago. When we had got award in Delhi
for writing ‘Our Dreams’. This photo was taken then. Will you give me that book? I will read it.
– You? You’ll read ‘Our dreams’?
– Yes. I’ve never read any
book written by you. Whenever I asked mom, she would say.. ..’we don’t understand
then how can you?’ What else does she say? She says ‘you are a famous author’. ‘The entire world knows you.’ All this.. what do you write? Story. You don’t say anything,
then how do you write so much? Which story are you writing? The king? Devil? Mom used to tell me stories about
the king while putting me to sleep. Which story do you write? I.. I write stories about humans.
– Humans? Which humans? What is the name?
– I don’t know. What’s in the name? Yes.. it is possible
that his name is ‘Woh’ (He) ‘Woh’? Oh.. does anyone have name ‘Woh’? Yes, there is.. there is.. Look, when you traveled
in train and came here.. many people did you see? What were their names? You go to school carrying
your bag every day.. many people
do you meet on your way? Do you know anybody’s name? But how can you write a story on them? Why not? Hey, their stories never end. Like ‘Woh’.. sometimes
a cat scratches his dog’s nose.. ..and it gets hurt. Sometimes, if he forcibly
sits on a bullock cart.. ..and there’s a fight
between the rider and ‘Woh’. Look, what happened last night.. ..there was a fight
between two hefty cats. When ‘Woh’ threw a bucket of water.. ..then one cat ran this way
speeding and the other ran that way. There are so many such stories. One better than the other,
new stories. Stories of kings
and princess get over. Now look,
even our ancestors were small kings. Their stories ended long back. But the story of ‘Woh’ never ends. He is a common man. His story keeps on going..
keeps on going. How does he look? Thin or fat.. In between. In between. Does he have hair or not? He has them now,
he might not have them after few days. Is he tall or dwarf? Neither tall or dwarf. What does he wear, loin cloth or pant? If he wishes he will wear
loin cloth or loose pajama. And black coat.. and yes..
he will always carry an umbrella.. ..regardless it rains or not. Grandpa, I saw him?
– Him? Who? ‘Woh’.. he.. I saw ‘Woh’.
– ‘Woh’? It is raining so heavily.
– Yes. Give me some more. It is very tasty, tangy..
– Yes, you are right. Grandpa, tell me a story.
Story about ‘Woh’. What did ‘Woh’ do
after returning home? Hey, there was a chaos
after returning home. When he returned, he saw
that a jackal was waiting for him. Jackal?
– Yes, jackal. Jackal wished that
it should become a human. Like, we all have desires..
the same way it wished. After meeting ‘Woh’
jackal got agitated. It started telling him again
and again, ‘make me a human’. But why did jackal want
to become a human unnecessarily? Dear Pupe, don’t you know?
– Eat.. Jackal’s name has been added
into book of endangered species. Now jackal thought that it
would be safe if it becomes a human. Now no one will try to make bag,
belt or anything else from its skin. ‘Woh’ tried to explain it to
so much that humans are untrustworthy. They always fight amongst themselves. But jackal didn’t agree.
It was very adamant. Finally, ‘Woh’ introduced
it to the people he knew.. ..who could tell it
a way to become a human. ‘Woh’ is a democratic man. But how will jackal become a human? Oh, famous people
are not weak like us. They are very strong people. It is very easy for them to make jackal
into human and human into jackal. Is it? Really?
– Yes. Do you know what they did? First of all,
they cut the fur from jackal’s legs. Then they made it stand on two legs.. ..and taught it to talk like humans. Friends, today is a
very special day for us. That means, brother jackal.. ..has become human
because of our effort. We’ve done a difficult
and great job in this gathering. Hereafter..
hereafter it’s name is Mr. Shivuram. Even I agree to this name. Brothers! Hereafter, Mr. Shivuram
will wear clothes like humans.. ..and become a citizen of our society. But before that,
there’s an important thing to do. A small ritual. We have to chop off Mr.
Shivuram’s tail and throw it. Because humans don’t have tails.
– Never. Tail? Order, order, order, order. Yes, chop off it’s
tail and make it a human. My Lord.. Have mercy and please save my tail. I love my tail very much. My other jackal friends say that.. ..they’ve not seen any
beautiful tail like mine. Please don’t chop off my tail. Have mercy and spare my tail. I will agree to whatever you say. Can’t I become a human with tail? Mr. Shivuram, this is not possible. You have to let go off your tail. Baba, I’ve kept the biscuit box here. If Pupe wakes up at night and
she’s hungry, then give it to her. Who? I am your ‘Woh’. I came here wandering. What’s the matter? Brother, don’t ask me. When I left for work in the morning,
it was so sunny. Then some time back,
it started raining. My umbrella got wet. Do you have needle
and thread with you? What?
– Needle and thread? You don’t have? Never mind.
No problem. It is a beautiful blanket. Where did you buy it from?
How much did you pay? It was gifted to me by my friend.
– I see. It is very beautiful. Oh god.. Biscuit. Hey, what are you doing?
It belongs to dear Pupe. If she feels hungry at night,
she will wake up and eat them. You don’t know Pupe.
She won’t say anything. I am very hungry. Do you have any dinner left? Did you eat everything? This is your mother’s photo. Your eyes look same. Wow. Don’t touch my things. I don’t like it. And I don’t like it when
people talk while I am working. That’s the reason you are alone. You don’t keep your son with you. That’s why, you don’t have anyone
to take care of you at old age. I don’t need anyone
to take care of me. Moreover, I am not so old. Understood? Will you let me work? Okay brother, you do your work. Write. Tell me something.. ..why do you hide your
photos here and there? Hang them on the wall.
It will look good. It is your family photos. Do you have an answer? When I see these photos.. ..I recall old things and miss them. I don’t want to remember them. What’s the use? Anyways, you won’t
understand these things. No, I didn’t understand. I knew that. Yes.. but I remembered my childhood.. ..when you said you don’t remember. I had a red color box.. ..I used to collect
feathers of birds.. marbles, mother’s clip.. ..and don’t know
what all I kept in it. Same like the way
you hide your photos. Look, I don’t hide things. You are blabbering nonsense. Shut up! You get angry. Why do you get so angry? Okay, shall I sing a song? Sing a song? Shall I dance a little? “There was Lal Topi.
His owner was Gopi.” “Topi said his body is dirty.” “Call for a washer man soon.” “Call for a washer man soon.” “Lal Topi in washer man’s house.” “Have become so dark.” “Gopi said how will I stay?” “I am a guy with Lal Topi.” Dear Pupe, what’s the matter? Why did you eat all the biscuits? What should I eat now? I am hungry. But I didn’t eat your biscuits. Then who ate my biscuits? Pupe, why are you creating commotion? All my biscuits are not to be seen. “I had kept.. the box full.” “All disappeared.” “Disappeared.” “Disappeared.” “Disappeared.” “I didn’t do anything.” “Why are you getting angry on me?” “He came inside the house stealthily.” “He came inside the house.” “He came inside the house.” “Woh? – Woh.” “He came stealthily.” “He came stealthily.” “He came stealthily.” “He came stealthily.” “He came stealthily.” “No commotion or any noise.” “When that biscuit thief was here.” “Morning the box was empty.
Is he a thief or dacoit?” “If I nab him, there’ll be
a big fight. Pupe is a big fighter.” “Pupe is a big fighter.” “Pupe is a big fighter.” “The clouds are showering!
Thief is not making any noise.” “Thief is not making any noise.” “In the morning when I saw,
there isn’t one left inside.” “In the morning when I saw,
there isn’t one left inside.” “There isn’t one left inside.” “I didn’t eat your biscuit.” “I am telling the truth.
Don’t get angry.” “How I will make it disappear?!” “I don’t know magic.” “I don’t know magic.” “I don’t know magic.” “I don’t know magic.” “Then tell me where is he hiding?” “Who is it, tell me?” “Woh.. Woh..” “He is a pinch of sky.” “We can’t hold it.” “Cooke like the cuckoo.” “But don’t show yourself.” “Don’t show yourself.” “It plays in the rain
while eating the biscuits.” “It makes relationship with trees,
plants, flowers, and leaves.” “It makes relationship.” “I don’t understand the puzzle.” “If you understand
the puzzle tell me.” “I don’t want to understand.
I am going home.” “Find it soon.
Find it soon. Find it soon.” “Stealthily.” “Stealthily.” “Enough of singing now.” “It is nightfall now.” “The biscuit thief came stealthily.” “The biscuit thief came.” “The biscuit thief came.” Hello?
– ‘Pupe?’ Dad? Grandpa, dad has called! Yes dad, how is mother?
– ‘I will tell you later.’ ‘Give the phone to grandpa.’ Dad wants to talk to you. Yes Satish, tell me.
– ‘Dad..’ How is Suma?
– ‘She is not fine.’ What?
– ‘Doctor said her condition is critical.’ ‘I will have to stay
here for few more days.’ Okay.
– ‘I will inform you later.’ Okay.
– ‘Let’s see what happens.’ You don’t worry. Grandpa, what’s the matter? How is mother? What happened? Tell me. Did my mother die? No.. don’t say such things, Pupe. Your mother is unwell. I want to go to mother. Please, take me to mother right away. Why don’t you say anything? I will go to mother.
– But how will you go now, dear? I don’t know anything. I want to go to mother. Right now. Right now.
– Pupe.. what is this? How can you go to mother now? Where are you going? Don’t be adamant. Don’t misbehave, understand! You are very bad. Pupe? Do you want a kerchief? Take this You.. do you know me? Take this. Wipe your tears.
– Yuck. It is not dirty. It is a little dirty. It is a stain of the snuff. You use snuff? Grandpa never told me. Yes, sometimes I use when I am sad. Then I become alright. Are you feeling sad? Now you look sad. Then why are you using snuff?
– You can’t use it. So, I used it.
Now, you’ll feel better. Come.. sit next to me. Tell me something,
why are you so sullen? I am feeling sad for mom. Me too. Me too. Yours? You are grown up. Why will you be sad? It happens.. your grandpa, Mary aunt,
everyone feels sad for their mothers. Mary aunt is so shrew that
she can never feel sad for anyone. No, dear. The biggest problem
is not being in any problem. When someone is in problem,
they get angry. Like you were doing now. But what problem does Mary aunt have? You think about it. After thinking about it,
help her getting out of that problem. I? How can I help her?
I am very young. What if you are young? Even young people
understand others problems. They can help them.
Can’t they help them? Yes. But how will it be possible? Why isn’t it possible? This is a magical tree.
– What? Not for yourself,
but if you ask something for others.. ..they will get it instantly. Yes. Look there.. look there.. look.. ‘There was a poor man named Pachu
in the same village.’ ‘He was a little crazy,
but a simpleton.’ ‘But that poor guy
always helped others.’ ‘One day, he took a
pot of jaggery on his head.. ..and went from one village to other,
and from there to another. Hey Pachu, what is in your pot today?
– Jag.. Jag.. Jaggery.. Jag.. Jag.. Jaggery..
give me some. Let me taste it. No, no.. how is it possible. I have to deliver this pot
to the sweet shop in the village. They have given Rs. 5 to me for this. If I open the pot,
won’t they suspect me? They won’t suspect you. Don’t talk unnecessarily.
Give.. give jaggery to us. If this jaggery belonged to me,
wouldn’t have I given it to you? This jaggery belongs
to the shopkeeper. Does it belong to the shopkeeper?
– Yes. Then the jaggery will
go to the shopkeeper. Tell me,
will you give the jaggery or not? Why don’t you understand? How can I give the jaggery to you? So, take your jaggery. Oh my God! Oh god, what have You done? What do I do? Where do I go? You have everything.
I don’t have anything. Neither house nor family. I don’t even have clothes
to wear or food to have. I don’t even have
banyan or even a cloth.. ..with which I can wipe my
face and repay the loan to shopkeeper. Oh God! What have you done? Hey, this is a magical stole. Magical tree’s magical stole. Oh God! Hey! Hey, listen! This is a magical stole
from a magical tree! Hey, listen! This is a magical stole. You’ll be fine. Yes. Go. All right, go. Okay. Greetings, brother Pachu.
– Greetings. Please hold your stole
on the child’s head. He’s suffering from lose
motions for the last 3 days. They just don’t stop. Yes, yes. All right, all right. He’ll be fine. Brother Pachu.
– Yes. Please touch your
stole on my son’s body. The thing is, when a train
starts moving, it can stop. If there’s a war, that too can stop. Even an earthquake can stop. But this fool failing
in exams just doesn’t stop. He has his exams tomorrow. If your stole touches his body,
my son will pass. All right.
– Touch the stole. Go.
– Let’s go, son. Let’s go. Then what happened? Then what? All the villagers
started holding Pachu in high regard. They started loving him a lot. And Pachu’s sorrow disappeared. Yes. Come on, Pupe. I’ll leave.
I have a lot of work to do. Who are you? Where are you coming from? Where are you headed? We are nomads. We show our plays moving
from one village to the other. Who’re you?
– I am Pupe. What plays do you perform? Would you like to watch?
– Please perform one. One..Two..Three. Gokul, what’s wrong with you? No, sir. How can a person dance if
the drummer plays the drum so badly? If a good musician doesn’t come,
I won’t dance. Yes. He does this all the time. Everything falls in place afterwards. Actually, he’s a little disturbed
because he couldn’t show you.. ..a good dance performance. But I loved it.
– Is it? Yes. Since when our flutist went
to our village to get married. But there’s no news
from him till date. I heard that his wife’s maternal
cousin’s uncle is a railway driver. He must have begun working there. He’ll run a train. But, how can our flutist run a train? Can something like this ever happen? Hey, why can’t he? Aren’t flutes played in a train? Keep quiet. Don’t stress your brain. Listen, dear. We’ll perform
in the neighboring village. Come along with your entire family. Half price for you. Why don’t you have
a tent in your circus? The tent flew away in
the severe storm last time. We were in the middle of our play. And our ring master flew
away along with the tent. Tiger, bear,
elephant, along with everyone. Yes. Since then. Since then we move from one village
to the other performing our plays. And search for them. Come on. Do you know uncle John? Who, John uncle? He’s Mary aunt’s son.
He plays flute very well. I’ll bring him to you.
– Okay. Gokul will be happy. Mummy. Oh! Mummy. Give me. 10. 10, that’s it. Why do you trouble me? From today onwards
earn money for yourself.. ..or else go to a faraway place. I don’t want to see your face. I would’ve gone long back. But, you can’t sleep
without seeing my face. That’s the reason I stayed back. Now stop laughing. Go away. Hey, hey! Uncle John, let’s go. Let’s go.
– Okay. Hold this. Come on sit. Bye mummy.
– Bye. Ladies and gentlemen.
Hold your hearts. Now we’re going to
present our last item. Miss Monica! Her beauty makes even the moon
to blush and hide behind the clouds. We’ve travelled around the
world and brought her from Honduras. See her golden hair. Nice and naughty stride. Danglers in her ears
and her red cheeks. After seeing which. After seeing which,
people will go crazy. So we present to you, miss Monica! Giving her company on flute is, John! Friends, that’s the
end of today’s performance. Tomorrow come again,
same time and same place. And watch a brand new
item from miss Monica and John. How did you like it? Nice, isn’t it?
– Yes. Mummy. Mummy.
– Yes. Mummy. My first earnings.
– John played well. Yes, mummy. My first earnings. See, again she’s crying. Madam, your son plays flute very well. Wow! Excellent! Good that Pupe brought him here. Look, we’ll stay here for 7 days. We’ll show our performances.
After that. You come every day. Understood? Everything will be free. When we go after 7 days,
we’ll take John along with us. I’ll give him money. Food and stay will be free. In a year.. Don’t cry. Look, he’ll visit you
a couple of times in a year. Thrice. All right,
he’ll come four times. Happy?
– Uncle? Yes. Why did you bring miss
Monica from Honduras? Hey, actually. Where’s Gokul? Where’s Gokul? Gokul! Hey, miss Monica. Come here. Where’s Gokul? Oh! Gokul! What is it, Pupe?
Want to say something? What are you writing? Woh’s story? Then. Then, what are you writing? Tell me. I am talking a lot. I am not letting you write. Isn’t it? No, no. When you grow up you’ll
understand what I am writing. That’s too long. Can’t you write something
that everyone can understand? Why not? I can write every style. Every style?
– Yes. All right, have you ever
written a poem about a tiger? Yes, I did.
– Recite one. I never insulted
nature in my universe. Oh! God. You’ve donated
violence with strong hands. What’s surprising is that. Where’s a tiger in it? You forgot to bathe and
eat because of your writing. Why have you kept Pupe busy in it? Won’t she eat? Hey, why would I keep Pupe busy? She came and started chatting. Grandpa was reciting a poem for me. Poem about a tiger. Come on. Let’s go. Grandpa, can I say something? He narrates better stories than you. Come on, hurry up. Can I get some water? I’ve been walking for long. Is it easy to reach here? Grandpa, you also take some. The curtains of your brain
will rise all of a sudden. I don’t sniff tobacco. You also don’t. Not in this house at least. You get angry unnecessarily. I am not angry. Please don’t mind. But that poem about
a tiger was not that good. What do you mean? I mean. That… I mean, your style is a bit old. Heavy words. Forget Pupe.
Even an adult won’t understand. Can’t you write in simple words? Something that everyone
will understand. Yes. So now you’ll also
teach me how to write poems. No, grandpa. I am sorry.
– Hey! Hey! How can I say something like this to you?
– What are you doing? Leave me. But you’re angry. Please forgive me.
– Leave me. Okay, I forgive you. I forgive you. Leave. Now. Now leave. Yes. You may go. I have lots of work to do. Go. Oh great!
I am thankful that my life’s saved. Otherwise,
since the time Pupe told me.. ..that my story is better than yours.. ..I am in seventh heaven. Pride. May be, you’re right. My writing is difficult to understand. Hey, you felt bad. How can my story be better than yours? Because I am born from your stories. You’re definitely born.. ..but you’ve gone far ahead than
my stories. Am not angry. Am feeling a bit weird.. ..that my dear Pupe
wasn’t happy with my poem. Why don’t you narrate
such a story to Pupe.. ..which you yourself were fond of
in your childhood. Don’t you think you
should write something new? New thoughts of a new world.
– What? Sorry grandpa, I. I say anything. And a person feels proud
with a little bit of praise. Before I talk some more nonsense,
I’ll run from here. Grandpa, you were right.
The poem is nice. But I’ll understand it
properly only after I grow up. Hey Pupe. I’ll narrate
you a different story now. Something similar to your Woh’s story. Once there was a boy named Bunty. He was very dark. Therefore all the boys
used to tease him a lot. One day his friends
teased him so much. They teased him so much,
that poor Bunty went to the forest.. ..and started crying loudly. Oh my God! Lord. Lord, don’t run. Listen to me, Lord.
Lord. Lord, don’t run. Stop. Listen to me. Listen to me, Lord. Lord. Lord. Lord. Lord. Lord. Save me, Lord. Lord, I am a helpless and a sad tiger. Please save me, Lord. You’re telling me?
– Yes. Yes, sir. Only you can save me.
You’re very handsome. Just like a prince. Handsome? Prince? You’ve gone mad, tiger. No, no. Believe me, sir. No one is as beautiful as you. There aren’t any black
spots on your body. How could this happen, sir? How? Hey, I never had any spots. Surprising. My friends
tease me saying that I am ugly. And you want to become like me? No, no sir.
You’re not able to understand. They are jealous of you. Sir, give me a couple of
white soaps and a fairness cream. I’ll rub it on my body and
become beautiful like you. Yes. Hey tiger. Why do you need all those
things to become beautiful? You’re already very beautiful. If there are no spots
on a tiger’s body.. ..why would he be called a tiger? Listen.
– Yes. We both consider
each other as beautiful. Don’t we?
– Really? That means we both are very beautiful.
– Yes. Right?
– Right. Right. Right. Hello.
– Hello, father? Satish?
– Yes, father. Yes, tell me.
– Surma is absolutely fine. Wow! That’s great news. Father.
– Yes. I am coming to fetch Pupe.
– What? I’ll reach day after tomorrow,
morning. You’ll take her back
on day after tomorrow? Yes, father. All right. All right. Pupe. Pupe. Mary, come fast. Satish has returned
to Kolkatta with Surma. The operation was successful. Surma’s fine now. Pupe, father will come
to fetch you day after tomorrow. Really? Pupe? Where are you going? Hey, girl. What’s going on? Who are you? Why are you hiding your
face inside this tree trunk? Didn’t you go to school today?
You bunked? I don’t bunk. It’s vacation time. And, who are you? My name is Jhatpatlal
Yugalchand Lakkadwala. And the tree you’re rubbing
your face on, is bought by me. Hey, the three of
you measure this tree. Come on guys.
– Come on. Write down. From there, from there. Take it round.
– Why are you measuring the tree? If we don’t measure it.. will we know how much time
it’ll take to cut the tree? Will you cut the tree?
– Yes, we’ll cut it. Why wouldn’t we cut it? But, how does that matter to you? You can’t. Absolutely not. Hey, it’s my tree. Why can’t I cut it? What about these birds?
– Birds? Yes, birds.
Don’t you understand birds? Birds that fly. Where will these birds
stay if you cut the tree? And those who take some rest
under its shade after a tiring walk.. ..what will happen to them?
– Yes, yes. Don’t you know, just like humans,
trees also grow from small to big. They live. Won’t it die if you cut it? Does a tree have life? Yes, and this is a magical tree. Magical tree?
– Yes. Whatever you ask from this tree,
you’ll get it. But you can’t ask only for yourself. Hey girl. I don’t have
time to listen to your nonsense. We’ll get a good rate after selling
that tree to the wood factory fellow. Hey, you go. Let us do our work.
Come on. I won’t let you cut this tree.
No matter what. I’ll get this tree
cut tomorrow itself. Then you sit and cry. The tree will not be cut.
You come with me. Come on. Hey! Hey, hey! Where are you going? She called us, didn’t she? She said; trees are like humans.
– Yes. Let it live. And she also said that
this tree is magical. Hey, shut up you fools. Where will we get the money
from if you don’t cut the tree? From where will you get your food
if you don’t have the money? Will you kill a tree for money? You fools. Don’t listen
to this girl and suffer losses. All right, I’ll pay you double. Come on, start your work. Come on. Hey, come on. Hey, come on. Come one. Yes, come let’s measure it. Fine. I’ll see tomorrow. What happened Pupe? Do you know?
Those people will cut the tree. Who?
– Jhatpatlala Yugalchand Lakkadwala. He looks this fat. He says that the factory
owner will give him a huge amount. So, cut the tree.
What will happen now? What will happen?
You say that he’s fat. And look at you. His name is Jhatpatlal
Yugalchand Lakkadwala. And your name’s Pupe. How will we challenge them? Meaning, what are you trying to say? Let them cut down the tree? No, Pupe.
How will we face them all alone? We’re not alone. Uncle John, their circus people,
Mary aunt, grandpa.. ..and you’re there as well. All of us will teach Jhatpat
a nice lesson. Understood? Yes, got it. Got it.
– Let’s go now. There’s a lot of work to do. Inform everyone to assemble
under the magical tree.. ..early morning tomorrow. But how can I inform them?
I don’t know anyone. Why? Don’t you know Pachu
and those naughty boys? And Mr. Shivuram and our Bunty
and Tiger? If we all don’t come together
how will we save the magical tree? Come on, let’s go now. Let’s go. Walk fast. Come on hurry up.
– Okay. Good morning. Good morning. Will you still cut the tree? It’s fine if we don’t.
But, what’s going on over there? Is it a fair or something? Hey, this is a circus troupe. I don’t know. I don’t even
remember when I last saw the circus. Wow! Then it’s going to be fun.
– Keep quiet! Be it circus fair or some other game. We’ve come here to cut the tree.. ..and we’ll relax only
after cutting it. That’s it. But your men don’t
want to cut the tree? I care a darn whether
they cut it or not. Let them go to hell. I will relax only after
personally cutting this tree. Hands down. Put it down. Didn’t you learn anything? Haven’t you learnt that
we’re not supposed to kill anyone? I..I.. I haven’t come to kill anyone. I only came to cut this tree. Why? Don’t you have any other
work apart from tree cutting? Did you never hang a swing
on a tree as a kid and played there? Did you never stand under
a tree’s shadow as an adult? And, what about those birds? Apart from that,
this is a magical tree. – Yes. Enough. Enough of this.
Let’s have some song and dance. Accompanied with some funnel cakes
and laddoos. It will be great. Yes, we have everything. There’s dance,
song, stuffed bread and jaggery. Come on everyone. And, you. What’s your name? Patpat or Chatpat?
You also come. Yes, let’s go.
– Let’s go. Can I come as well?
– Yes, you also come. Hey..hey..hey? Where are you all going? Where are you going? She can’t put me in trouble.
This is my tree. I will relax only after
cutting it with my own hands. Hey! Not just tree.
You can’t cut any tree in my area. Understood? Neither will you cut,
nor let anyone cut it. What? Did you get anything? I did, sir. I did. You say something and
I don’t understand it. Is it even possible? Pupe? You’ll remember grandpa,
won’t you? All right, I’ll leave. Inform us when you reach. Take care.
– All right. Go safely. Grandpa, order a hot cup of tea. What? Has Pupe gone? You’re lonely again? This happens when you live alone. That’s why I am telling
you to have a hot cup of tea. You’ll feel lighter. You started your nonsense
as soon as you came. Everything I say is nonsense for you. Had you gone with Pupe that day.. ..she would’ve felt so nice. She would’ve been so happy. And you would be
happy to see her happy. You keep writing all day and night. What’s that for? Because people will become
happy after reading it, isn’t it? Isn’t it? I remember.. ..when for the first time I emerged
from the pages written by you.. ..and appeared in front of you. Do you know how I felt? Oh God! So serious. So angry. No talking. No socializing, or meeting people.
No chatting. Just writing,
writing and only writing. And now? Now you’ve changed so much. Oh God! That day? That day you danced, sang. Had fun. It was fun. It was fun watching you. Wow! “I.” “I am the mirror.” “In the night, in chats.” “That moon.” “That moon.” “That moon.” “That moon.” “That moon.” “Pitch.” “In pitch darkness.” “A moment of light.” “Pitch.” “In pitch darkness.
– That moon.” “In pitch darkness.
– That moon.” “In pitch darkness.
– That moon.” “In pitch darkness.” “That moon.” “That moon.” “That moon.” “That moon.” “That moon.” “In same daylight.” “On the same boundary.” What time is the
train for Kolkatta, sir? 6 O’clock. “One evening.” “That moon.
– One evening.” “That moon.” “That moon.” “In sheets of paper.” “In sheets of paper.” “In sheets of paper..” “..stays, that moon.” “That moon.” “That moon.” “That moon.” “That moon.” “That moon.” “That moon.” “That moon.”

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