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Uncle, caught any fish? Sit, you will get some. Bro, get sprightly. There is still a
lot to be done still. Father, what is it father? Where do you run off
early in the morning? You can never help me. Who is coming, father?
– Our master is coming. Who master? The elder engineer.
He had given me this job here. He got transferred
when you were young. Now he is in a big post in Banaras. Big post? – Yes,
Bhiku, you are still working here? Hurry up.
We have to clean all the rooms. Will Mr.
Engineer stay in all the rooms? His two daughters
are coming with him. Geeta and Meena. And their mother? No, son.
She died when Meena was born. Even Geeta was young at that time. She might have grown up now. Get these paint buckets. We have to paint the
windows and doors upstairs. Okay, father. When are they coming? Tomorrow morning. Tomorrow morning. Hurry up. Sir has arrived. Come on. Get the luggage. Come on. Hello, master. – Hello Dhan Singh. Meena dear, you were so young. Geeta dear, you have grown up a lot. Hello Dhan Singh.- Bless you. Come Meena.
– And Dhan Singh, how are you? It is all your kindness, master. Because of your kindness
I can earn my meals. How is your wife and children? My wife has passed away, master. My son should be playing
around somewhere. Where has he gone? Badal. I am dead. I am dead. I am dead. What happened, brother Ram? My head is hurt. Daddy, it was just a piece of apple. And Maniram behaved
as if a bomb has burst. It came from up aboveů Look.
Did you see? Did you see?
– Naughty boy. Come down. Come down. Come down now. The dratted boy. He has become very naughty.
What do I do? What to do?
Take a stick and thrash him. I didn’t hit you consciously. It slipped from my hand. It slipped from your hand. Don’t you have a strong grip? Brother, forgive him. Why should I? I won’t forgive him. Maniram. – Yes, master. You play the flute very well. Even I know how to play the piano. You know to play the water? No water. It’s the piano. Piano. Then play. There is none here for me to play. We have a huge one at our school. So big. Do you play with your mouth? Not with the mouth. You play
a piano with your hands. Like this. Is it? Won’t you show me your stuff?
Show me. I won’t tell anyone. I swear on God. You have so many nice things. A necklace of this will be so nice. That’s nothing.
Look at this. Real diamond. Wow. So nice. Meena. – Sister is calling me. Meena. – Coming, sister. So uncle,
you are contaminating the food. I will go and tell the master now. You dratted boy!
You have come again. Yes. Why are you after me? Run away from here.
– Why? Shall I tell you?
– Tell me. Look Dhan Singh.
Make your boy understand. He is messing with me again.
– What happened, brother? He has stopped my breakfast. Tell him that I not a straight man. If he messes with him I
will break him into three pieces. Not three, uncle. Four. Is it? Stop now. It is prohibited
to pluck flowers here. These are not flowers.
They are buds. It is a sin to pluck buds
which have not bloomed yet. So do I have to cook them? These all are waste. Look, pluck such ripe buds. Wrap them in a most cloth. They all will become flowers.
– Okay. Sister! Dhan Singh! Father. Dhan Singh!
Dhan Singh! A mad dog is attacking. Hey. What happened? Come here.
Don’t be scared. He doesn’t bite. Sit here. He is my friend. Bhairav, shake hands. He is so smart. Come here.
Come. Come. Come. Come. Come. Come. Come. Moti. Moti. How sweet? Is he a pet? – Yes. Where did you buy it from? You can’t buy him like vegetables. This is also my friend. – Oh. Here. Hold him carefully
otherwise he will run away. He is as soft as silk. Hey. He ran away.
You made him run away. You couldn’t even
hold a rabbit properly. I will go and catch it now. There he goes. There. There he goes. There he goes. Look. There he goes.
Look. There he goes. Goodness, he runs so fast.
What will happen now? Nothing.
He will come back on his own. You have a lot of friends,
right? – Yes. Please introduce me to them. Come. Not today.
Tomorrow early morning. – Okay. Go away. Look at him. You dratted boy.
You were mimicking me. I will tell you now. I will see you. Hello daddy. – Hello, Meena. Hey. Give that.
Hey. Where are you running to? Did you get hurt, uncle? Give it to me.
– What? – Give it to me. – But what? Give me my coin. What coin?
– What coin? Dear, a round coin. Give it. Give it. – Where? Thief, give me my coin.
Give me my coin. Give me my coin. Give me my coin. What happened?
What happened, Maniram? Dhan Singh what to say? I dropped my coin, he picked
it and put it in his pocket. Now tell me how a poor man like meů What? Stealing, were you?
– No, father. No. No, father.
I didn’t steal anything. No, father. I will give what
I have picked. – Give. Give. How did you get the coin now? Rascal. I will show you. Dhan Singh,
why did you hit him uselessly? Dear, you don’t know.
He is very naughty. Let’s go, Badal. – Come. Master. – Yes. That Badal had stopped my breakfast. Yesterday he had hurt my head. And today he let loose
a mouse inside my clothes. Master, this is
beyond toleration now. Now wither he will stay
in this house orů – Or? And I will also stay. Maniram, listen. I saw everything. It is right to mess with children. Go and do your work. Look. Look there. Wow! Who’s there? Who’s there? Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Even I have several
friends at school. And a lot of books.
– Books? – Yes, books. You don’t know about books? – Books? Yes, it contains colorful pictures. Fun stories. Trees. Streams. Lakes. And it also has several animals. So you mean a book.
Even I have one. – Where? Come, I will show you. Look at my book.
It is from here till there. Is this a book? – No, it is a book. It has got mountains,
lakes, streams. You are a fool. – You are a fool. Okay tell me, how will
you take this book to school? School. Yes, one reads books at school. Paper books are like flowers. You can carry them
anywhere you want to. I am very hungry. But would have been great
if we had got something to eat. Why do we need to bring it?
Look there. Look. There is a monkey there. Why are you scared?
He is my uncle. Hello, uncle. Are you okay? I am very hungry, uncle.
Give us something to eat. Uncle, drop some more.
Some more, uncle. Uncle, drop some more. Some more. Come, sit. This is enough. Eat, Moti. Look. Look. Look. – Moti, eat. I am very thirsty.
I forgot to get the thermos. Thirsty? Look there. Come. “My grandpa sings.” “The one who will resolve
my riddle is smart.” “My grandpa sings.” “The one who will resolve
my riddle is smart.” “A traveler lights a lamp
and wanders through the night.” “Even in storm and hurricanes
his lamp is not extinguished.” “A traveler lights a lamp
and wanders through the night.” “Even in storm and hurricanes
his lamp is not extinguished.” “Tell me, who is it?” “Star.” “No, it is the firefly.” “Yes. Yes. Yes.” “My grandpa sings.” “The one who will resolve
my riddle is smart.” “His hands and feel
are in his stomach.” “He is awake day and night.” “He walks all the time but
he doesn’t go ahead even a step.” “His hands and feel
are in his stomach.” “He is awake day and night.” “He walks all the time but
he doesn’t go ahead even a step.” “Tell me, who is it?” “Tortoise.” “No, it is the clock.” “Yes. Yes. Yes.” “My grandpa sings.” “The one who will resolve
my riddle is smart.” “With two small wings
it goes around in gardens.” “It steals colors from the
flowers and kisses every bud.” “With two small wings
it goes around in gardens.” “It steals colors from the
flowers and kisses every bud.” “Tell me, who is it.” “Bee.” “No, it’s the butterfly.” “Yes. Yes. Yes.” “My grandpa sings.” “The one who will resolve
my riddle is smart.” “It goes around cities.” “It goes round without any wheels.” “It makes everyone dance
whether kings or beggars.” “It goes around cities.” “It goes round without any wheels.” “It makes everyone dance
whether kings or beggars.” “Tell me, who is it.” “Letter.” “No, it’s money.” “Yes. Yes. Yes.” “My grandpa sings.” “The one who will resolve
my riddle is smart.” “My grandpa sings.” “The one who will resolve
my riddle is smart.” Badal. Badal. Coming, father. Here son. Give it to the master.
– Yes, father. Thank you, Badal. Greetings, master. – Greetings. So Badal Singh,
what prank are you planning today? Look, what a funny joke. I don’t know how to read. You don’t know read
even though you are so old. Move. Why are you acting
like a possessed person? Why can’t I read? You are unlucky. Why? Because of god’s will. No father.
Teach me to read. Teach me to read. I am illiterate myself.
I don’t know how to read. We are only destined to dig grass. And I have already taught you that. Badal. Dhan Singh, Badal is crying. He has lost his mind, dear. Badal, it is not hard to read. Once you know the alphabet
you will start reading. Look at this. A. This is A. B and this is B. A and B, here it is. Right? And this is yes, right? Y? And look like this. What? And this is how you write yes. Yes. And then we write L A U G H. So it will be Log. Bird. Not Log. It is Laugh. And now we write N O W. So it is New. Not New, it is Now. So if you add all of
them together it becomes. Yes, laugh now. Got it. Laugh now, Badal. Badal is laughing.
Badal is laughing. Aů This is A. And this B. Dhan Singh, Badal is so smart. He will learn to read
and write in a few days. Then he will do MA. Then BA. Right? Yes, he will. What the hell. He will do nothing. Come. Geeta ma’am is calling you. You will become a gentleman. Ruffian. Bhairav. Bhairav. Bhairav, go. Bhairav, go. He has fallen down.
He has fallen down. Go. Go. Go. Go. Go away, rascal.
I will hit you once I come down. Bhairav, go. Bhairav, go. Why are you after me?
Have pity on me. I will fall down. Bhairav, go. Bhairav, go. I will fall down. Catch him. I will fall down.
Look, I will fall down. Bye. Bye. Bro, I am falling down.
I am falling down. Bro, I will feed you meat.
I will feed you mutton, dear. Sir, please have pity
on an orphan like me. I will fall down. I will fall down. Please have pity
on an orphan like me. Do you know the name of this lake? The name of this river?
Its name is Bhagirathi. This is the river Ganga. It flows in front of our school. Is it? – Yes. Then one day I will
swim down to your school. Fool, you don’t know that
Banaras is miles away from here. How can you swim till there? Many miles? Yes, River Ganga gets
out of Lord Shiva’s tresses.. ..and reaches Joshi Math. And from Joshi Math
it’s Lakshman Bridge. From Lakshman Bridge,
it reaches Rishikesh. From Rishikesh,
she flows through Haridwar. From Haridwar, it goes to Allahabad. And then it reaches Banaras. Goodness!
Then maybe she gets very tired. Fool, a river never gets tired. You are a fool.
How do you know that it doesn’t? The rive does get tired. Look there. The old man’s beard. Beard? That’s a waterfall. It’s not a waterfall.
It is the old man’s beard. Then where is the old man?
– Old man? Behind the beard. Hello, old man. Hello. Bless you, children. 1, 2. – 10. I break the banyan. – Tree. I break the bungalow. – Lock. You count. It is. – 12. On the 12 we got theů – Rope. You count. It is. – 80. And in 80 there were. – 8 scores. You count. It is. – 100. And when it is 100 we go down. Do you know that counting game. 80, 90, a total 100. “Eena, Meena Mynah Mo.
80, 90 and a total 100.” “The 100 was a broken pot.” “Come on juggler it’s
a counterfeit coin.” “Eena, Meena Mynah Mo.
80, 90 and a total 100.” “The 100 was a broken pot.” “Come on juggler it’s
a counterfeit coin.” “The counterfeit
coin reached Delhi.” “There it met a cat.” “Her name was Aunt Rita.” “The mouse ran away
when it saw her.” “Run. Run. Run. Run. Run. Run.” “Eena, Meena Mynah Mo.
80, 90 and a total 100.” “The 100 was a broken pot.” “Come on juggler it’s
a counterfeit coin.” “One day because of the cool shade.. ..the money came to my village.” “The villagers were
simple and innocent.” “People who lives in peace and joy.” “When the money started
piping brothers began to fight.” “Seeing this condition of
the village there was a meeting.” “They made money sit on
a donkey and slapped his back.” “Run. Run. Run. Run. Run. Run.” “Eena, Meena Mynah Mo.
80, 90 and a total 100.” “The 100 was a broken pot.” “Come on juggler it’s
a counterfeit coin.” “When money came to Ajmer.” “The lion blocked his path.” “He was sleeping with
his tail coiled up.” “The travelers ran away in fear.” “Who will wake up
the sleeping lion?” “Who will remove it from the path.” “At last money proved to be useful.” “It understood the game.” “It got a few crackers.” “And tied them into
the lion’s tail.” “The crackers burst
and the lion ran away.” “Run. Run. Run. Run. Run. Run.” You left without having
your breakfast again. Sister, we had great fun.
We ate a lot of fruits. So aren’t you going
to have breakfast? Why not?
I will have my breakfast too. Maniram, serve breakfast to baby. Maniram, get the breakfast here.
Come, Badal. Sit, Badal. Sit. Hey, what are you doing here?
Get lost. Who are you to say so? Sit. Eat, dear. Take Badal.
Eat. Maniram, get more for me. He will eat 2 eggs? – Yes, he will. No! Give her Maniram. I will get it. I will get it. So he was coming slowly. And then I saw a huge lion.
– Lion? What lion? Uncle, don’t you know about
the lion across the river? The lion is very dangerous, uncle. I am not scared of lions. I have killed several
lions in my day. I swear on you, uncle.
Don’t go near the river. Otherwise it will eat you raw. What useless talks? Eat now. “When I didn’t get you
I was estranged from you.” “Whenů” “Now the condition is such
that even my wish is gone.” Lion. Lion. Lion. Lion. Lion. The lion has come.
The lion has come. Lion. Lion. Lion. Save me. Lion. Lion. Lion. Save me. Save me. What nonsense. Sir, lion.
– Lion? What nonsense. A lion was chasing
and barking at me. Does a lion ever bark? I swear it was barking, master. Maniram, you are a fool. Master, this is all
Badal’s naughtiness. He has made life hell for me. What kind of manner less
people I have to talk to. Come. Sit Badal. What are you making? Sister. Sister,
look what he has made. Badal. Listen. Listen, Badal. I don’t know anything. Meena. Come,
Meena, I will show you something. What? – Come with me. This is me. Yes. I have made this. – It’s so nice. Isn’t this Bhairav?
– Yes. Isn’t it good? – Very nice. Who is this? This is Maniram. Maniram? Where? Look Maniram.
How nicely he has painted you. Why? You have now started
making paintings of me too. Do you know whose wall it is?
Of the government. And rascal, you made
pictures on government wall. Making picture.
– Don’t erase it. – Let me go. Making pictures on
government walls. No. Maniram. – Master, coming master.
I will tell master now. Making pictures.
– Maniram. I will tell him now. If master doesn’t punish you,
my name won’t be Maniram. Master, that Badal.. – Maniram. Go and we are returning home today. You are leaving today, sir. – Yes. I have received a telegram
and we have to go today. Tell Geeta to pack up.
– I will, master. Dad, are we going home? Yes, dear.
There is a telegram from the office. We have to go at once. I am not going it
was so much fun here. Don’t be silly Meena. – No. No. We will come again next year, dear. No. No. No. – Don’t be silly. Badal! Badal! Badal! Badal! We are leaving.
Are you angry? Even I am very angry.
But what can I do? We have to leave. We will come in the
next holidays. – Meena. Here. Take this.
And even this paint box. Your stuff is there
and you are sitting here. Come on. – Badal,
will you write to me? – Yes. Will you answer it?
– Yes. – Come on. No one will write any letters. Will the little girl do her
studies or write letters to you? Who are you to say so?
I will surely write to him. Okay let’s go. Rascal, if your letter is
answered I will cut off my nose. B. Here is B. And D this is d. L. and when you add them
all it isů Get out, you fool. Badal. ‘Badal, will you write to me?’ ‘Yes, will you answer it?’ Uncle, do you have 15 paisa? I want to send a letter to Meena. And father is saying that
he doesn’t have money to waste. Now tell me,
how should I send the letter? ‘This is river Ganga.’ ‘It flows in front of our school.’ ‘Is it? – Yes.’ ‘Then fine, I will reach
your school swimming one day.’ Uncle Murli. Uncle Murli. – What? Any letter for me?
– Why are you bothering me? No. Look.
Even I might have received a letter. Get lost. Hello, Dhan Singh. – Hello Murli. Uncle Murli.
Uncle Murli. Any letter for me? So even you are getting letters now? Right Dhan Singh?
– Brother, he is crazy. Our engineer’s daughter
had said that.. ..she would write
to him before leaving. And he thought it to be true. She might have forgotten
him by now because of her studies. But this fool is still
wishing for the letter. Uncle Murli. Uncle Murli. Has my letter been answered? Drat it. Just you wait. Has he lost his mind? What happened, Murli? The same. Always asking
for his letter’s answer. He jumped in front of my
cycle in the middle of the road. I would have broken my bones. Who will write to him? It will be answered.
It will be answered for sure. Sit, I will get food for you.
– I am not hungry, father. Badal, can you catch the
wind how much ever you try? No. Then? But father,
I will receive my answer. I will surely receive it. Father, did my letter come?
– No, son. Why is my letter not answered yet?
Why? Why? What is that red thing? – Red thing? Drat it. Come. Got it. Got it. Got it. Badal. Badal. Badal. – Father. Are you scared, son? Did you have a nightmare? Go to sleep, son. Go to sleep. Did you get it? – Here, sir. Thank you. I will tell everything. Give that to me.
May we come in please? Yes. – Meena. Gupta. Gupta. Meena’s drawing book? – Yes. She is a very careless girl. Where did you find this book? Actually the matter
wasů – The weather was nice. So let’s go for a picnic. You would have been sleeping but Iů Very good. – That is what is said,
they are very good. Yes, they are very good.
That’s why we thoughtů You said, move it.
Damn it. Iů- Meena. Okay, thanks a lot.
– No need to thank us. We stay nearby.
It had the name and address. We thought we can come andů You didn’t.
I said the drawings are so good. Okay. Okay. Come on now. You always blabber
a lot wherever you can. Meena, I think you didn’t
waste your time during the holidays. This copy isů Today is the last day for
the entry in the competition. I can’t believe
that you have made it. But this Badalů – The
clouds are so nicely drawn. Meena you were wonderful. Not these clouds. Thatů – Maniram. Isn’t that your cook? There is not much time. But I will still try to enter
your paintings in the competition. I bet that Meena will
win the first prize. If not the first then at
least the second. – Yes, certainly. Our Meena is a great artist. Father. Yes, son. That was my mistake, father. No answer will come now. No problem, Badal. Get well now and then
we two will go to the city. No. I won’t go to the city. People from the city are liars. This reward is not only
won by Meena Gupta but the school. We were most pleased
with Meena’s success. Because our hard work has succeeded. Meena we hope that even in future.. will do everything
with great focus. And always remember
that the one who works.. ..hard and diligently
does reap his rewards. Don’t make noise. Meena, you have
to throw a party now. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
You will have to. You will have to. Don’t make a noise.
Don’t make a noise. Meena will throw a party.
She will throw a party. Come on, Meena. Hey. What happened? It seems as if you are punished
instead of getting rewarded. What happened? Say something. Kamla, the painting which
got me this reward is not mine. It isn’t yours?
– It is Badal’s. – Badal? Yes, watch man Dhan
Singh’s son, Badal. When we went to
the mountainsů – Yes. I gave him my copy.
– But how did it come here? I don’t know. – You lied. Why didn’t you tell the teacher? I was telling her. But no one heard. All of you started making a noise. That is very bad. There will be trouble
if the teacher finds out. Maybe they will even
expel you from school. Kamla, what will happen now? Sit quietly now.
No need to tell anyone anything. But? Nobody knows that the
paintings were not made by you. Otherwise you will be scolded a lot. Everyone will laugh at you. Good. Very good. Wonderful. We will surely throw a party. After all,
my daughter has won the first prize. We will throw a grand part here. Daddy, she has been amazing. But she is very careless. She forgot this copy
in the government guest house. Poor Badal has sent it. Otherwise it would have
been thrown in the trash. But sister, actuallyů – Master,
the food is served. Come on. I am hungry. Let’s eat. Meena. What happened, Meena? Sister. – Hey. What is the matter, Meena? Tell me. Geeta. Geeta. – Coming daddy. What happened? I don’t know.
She is not saying anything. She is just crying. – Daddy. Dear. – I made a mistake. Mistake. – Yes, daddy. I have not made that painting?
– What painting? The one which got me the
first prize. – First prize. Then who had made it? Badal. – Badal? The watchman’s son? Yes. – Butů Look at this.
He has painted all these pictures. So you won the prize
for Badal’s painting? – Yes. You have done a very bad thing.
– Daddy. You said such a huge lie. I will have to telegram
the art center people tomorrow. That eh first prize should
be given the second one. Sister, what will happen now? It is a matter of great defamation. Sister, Badal’s
painting was the best. Can’t he get this prize? Wait. I will talk to daddy now. Daddy. – Yes, Geeta. Is there any way that
Badal gets this reward? The poor boy’s life will get better. I will have to talk
to the art center people. But how will Badal come? Why? There is still time before
the prize distribution. I will telegram
Dhan Singh the money. He will come with Badal. Badal. Badal. Dhan Singh. The answer has come and
they have sent this money. And they have called you and Badal. Badal! Badal! Badal! Father! Your letter has been answered. Master has called you to the city. The answer has come.

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