Bong Joon-ho’s ‘Parasite’ Makes History at Oscars: Film critic Pierce Conran

ninety-two years of Oscar history were
shattered Sunday night when the South Korean film hit parasite became the
first film not in the English language to win the Academy Award for Best
Picture parasite is crushing of the one-inch subtitle barrier and director
Hong jinho we have film critic Pierce Conran live
in the studio with us Pierce what a night what a night now when you and I
spoke at the end of last week we were expecting parasite to bring home an
Oscar but for and in Best Picture and Best Director your overall impression
I’m speechless I’m not gonna be a great guest for you today no it’s it’s a
remarkable achievement of course the film had been garnering a huge amount of
praise and a lot of these so-called precursor Awards over the last few weeks
notably a few prizes that the like Best Original Screenplay Awards at the
Writers Guild Awards in Hollywood and at the BAFTAs in the UK those were very
significant and so it took that award quite early in the night and that was
that was wonderful and then it it didn’t it didn’t get a few of its technical
prizes as was somewhat expected particularly production design was not
not a very likely one but then after winning international films we all
expected and we all kind of thought well that’s it to award this is amazing this
is history but lo and behold it’s picked up Best Director which was a really the
one that’s a people had really did not expect at all and once that happened it
was like can it go all the way and well here we are and it did and it did it did
indeed now the entire world now knows poem jinho you know from as many I guess
times at the microphone you know with his crazy hair and everything but who is
from Jun ho I mean for our audiences outside of South Korea with his films
and and of course he has a little nickname called bum tail a combination
of bone and detail well as that nickname suggests he’s an incredibly meticulous
filmmaker and he’s he’s a director who makes who draws his own storyboards and
his films are was very richly designed and over his
now 20-year career as a feature film maker he has made films that well I
think his most famous film prior to this was something called memories of murder
which for many people is the greatest korean film of all time they may have to
change their minds a parasite I don’t know and then a few years after that he
made the most successful Korean film of all time the the creature featured the
host that held that title for eight years and then after that he also made
other firsts by becoming kind of the first film maker along with Park Tino
Kim Kim Jun to explode out in the overseas by making the first thing kind
of international Korean film those were of course snowpiercer
and then his the Netflix project okhta and so then he was kind of a he is a
filmmaker who managed to to become a huge name in Korea and be recognized all
around the world now it’s not just the idea of him being a celebrity it’s of
course you know why did he become such a famous filmmaker and his his attention
to detail his mixture of comedy and particularly the way he mixes genres
that’s something that people have really picked up on in terms of his very his
very unique point and films always have great surprises because you never really
know where they’re gonna go they don’t follow the exact standard schematic of a
genre that we typically see it’s not like a Western or a thriller or a horror
it’s a combination of everything bones you know exactly I think one of the one
of the big reviews out of ken last year said the same thing
bones you know is a genre unto himself well the cast included bones frequent
collaborator on gung ho as impoverished patriarch but we didn’t see any you know
actors or acting nominations and some of us were a little sir to see that there
was a lack of that absolutely I mean this has been this has been a common
refrain a common point about the Oscars over the last few years there’s the
famous hashtag tweet Oscars so white and so there were there were precious few
nominees of any of any minority descent and we had of course all hoped that some
kinda might get a Best Supporting Actor nomination but that was very unlikely
although he did get a few somewhat minor awards in that category except from film
critics groups but however we can at least see that that parasite
did win a very much a shock win at the Screen Actors Guild and the best
ensemble prize now that’s true that that’s that doesn’t reward any
individual performances but doesn t show that at least the actors in Hollywood
feel the actors in parasite are something to celebrate so but what will
happen now is is is the question does this mean that we will see more Asian
actors be recognized individually for their achievements at the Academy Awards
were just in Hollywood in general one certainly hope so
and we do have some other films coming out I mean that the farewell was a was
of course snubbed at the Oscars but did win the top prize the Spirit Awards the
the night before and we have we have like an Asian Marvel film coming out
either this year or the next I’m not quite sure so we are going to see more
representation but will that translate into more kind of respect and
recognition that remains to be seen but I hope so
yeah we hope so and many thanks to you peers for your insights tonight and for
those of you who want a more a recap of the parasites Night at the Oscars and
learn more about the film the cast and the now world-famous Punk jinho tune in
to our knees in depth right after NewsCenter tonight

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