*some type of music* can you feel it? the pressure of the box now as you can see this is no ordinary box this is THE box you can tap it you can brake reality as we know it no one has come even close to figuring out what this box is the box can create but it can also destroy some say there is no box while others say there is but to me i say, there WAS a box some people think the box is god him self but… the box is not alone one creates the universes while the other destroys these two were once one both enjoyed life as it was until one grew sick of creating then they split this is only the begining to the end while both posses powers unfathomable they both have a weakness its each other one will fall and one will rise they do somthing so complex, yet its also so simple together once more will destroy but by each other is a must have that is why we keep them apart Gravity, physics they mean nothing when the boxes are in controle bending space and time is not hassle for the two but it is when it gets out of controle for all we know light consumes the darkness quite the opposite so what now? whats left after all this destruction simple NOTHING

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  1. By using the arms to precisely control the location of the screens, the timing and coordination of the projections can be plotted. It really is quite complicated but most complicated is probably the time and art that went into creating the animation 🤗

  2. Et bien, y a de l'idée là!! Pas mal du tout pour l'avoir eu cette idée, et les moyens de la réaliser!! Joli travail d'artistes et bravo aussi pour les programmateurs, et automaticiens! Et merci pour la communication de cette information! Amitié, Stéph.

  3. hmmmm…. I'm a little saddened that I'm not impressed… I might have been more impressed with the flat screen graphics if I saw it in person or in 2013… or maybe even if the narrator wasn't in such silly melodramtic awe… in any case, I tapped out at 3:08 … wake me when it's over.

  4. Всё накрылось медным тазом, когда осветили манипуляторы. Не нужен был контровой свет

  5. I think the coolest part was the very end, when you showed only the edges of everything behind the canvases while returning them to the original position.

  6. So this is the future… droids who can perform.

    I'm looking forward for the day they will watch performances on youtube all by themselves relieving us from this duty.

  7. The science of choreography steals the thunder from the visual output for itself there! By far the most industrious imagination I’ve witnessed at work this entire week. Cheers!

  8. I'm always shocked at how casually people will get into a robot cell… those machines will grind you into powder if they get a bad number at some point.

  9. WOW!!!!!! That was amazing, when I think back to my childhood these were everywhere, but that is a long time from now, we don't use these old robots any more.

  10. There’s a lot of work that has gone into this to make it look slicker than it otherwise would be (in first person), but none the less… WOW!

  11. currently 101k people have an actual imagination compare to the 1K that don't. How can 1k people not like this, it's amazing.

  12. OMFG!!!!! I just finished my mixing session and youtube made it again… What a wonderful way to go to bed! Dreaming while im awake :O

  13. 2:40 в этом месте спалились, что это графика на 2х экранах (нижний угол за границы полотна не вышел), но все равно красиво!

  14. We had laser shows in the 80s. This is just a slightly advanced version of that technology. I'd say it's uses, beyond entertainment and advertising is very limited.

    I have seen stars being born a trillion miles from Earth…. I am not so easily wowed by an illusion generated by a program. It's cute. Robotics is a poor imitation of what a single human being is capable of.. The day I see a robot reading poetry and genuinely enjoying it, I'll admit I was wrong.

  15. Absolutely mind blowing that this was posted in 2013…. Does anyone know if this exhibit is live somewhere? Is there a show somewhere that features this?

  16. "captured entirely in camera" – Which is kind of pointless. You're basically projecting CG images onto a flat screen as seen from the point of view of a camera, and then recording them again using a motion-.controlled camera in that exact position. It doesn't work with an audience, because the perspective is only correct when seen from that exact point of view. I guess it's an ad for motion control systems?

  17. I watched this on acid and it was so intense I started fucking bawling. I thought I was watching my own universe be created right before my eyes and when it was finished I thought my life had just started anew

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