Braun Strowman crashes a Tag Team Champions Summit: Raw, Sept. 16, 2019

When Dolph and I decided to become a team. Nobody could believe it. Not the WWE Universe. Not the locker room. Not even you, Michael Cole. And God knows you think
you know everything. But take a good hard look, at greatness. Take a good, hard,
look at your new RAW Tag Team.>>RAW.>>Uh-oh.>>Braun is a man of his word.>>And
here is the former tag team champion. The monster among men who promised moments
ago that someone is gonna get these hands.>>Well, Strowman’s in a foul, foul mood. The worst case scenario last night, Strowman left Clash of
Champions empty-handed.>>Now that, Dawson and Wilder trying
to cut off Strowman at the pass.>>I guess Braun’s knee’s okay.>>Yes, Strowman now injuring
that knee last night, and Dawson went right after it,
and didn’t matter.>>Check on that chin of Scott Dawson.>>Bam, into the barricade. And now Strowman looks to turn his
attention to both Ziggler and Roode. And Robert Roode, wasting little time,
looking to retreat and get away from the monster.>>Supposed to be a Tag Team
champions summit. Strowman has no business out here. He’s not a champion anymore.>>He might not be champion, but
I like where this is headed.>>Strowman can do whatever he wants,
Cory, summit or not.>>See you later.>>Knocking Wilder right into
the WWE Universe, Ziggler as well.>>Roode’s gotta compete later
tonight against Seth Rollins, get out of there, Robert.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Well, Braun Strowman made good on his promise. [MUSIC]>>University of Tennessee
got a maniac on the loose.>>Poor Dolph. [MUSIC]>>Damn it. This is supposed to be a summit,
this is supposed to be a summit. [MUSIC]

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