BREAKING AND EXITING Official Trailer (2018) Comedy Movie HD

BREAKING AND EXITING Official Trailer (2018) Comedy Movie HD

Every day we make decisions Decisions that get us from one day to the next Decisions will change our path ever so slightly Then there’s the other decisions I’m getting a real job. I’m not gonna lie. You sound crazy. Hey, I don’t want to be some loser robbing families Are you okay? Mm-hmm You know, I’m robbing you right now. No, that’s cool. Are you trying to kill yourself? Mm-hmm. Can you close the door on your way out? Why didn’t you just call the cops and leave I know the protocol is after almost time What is your plan here? You know you can’t just babysit me forever. You say that like you think I actually have a plan What are you supposed to eat after almost OD’ing on painkillers? You should probably go to the hospital Oh my god, I’ll eat just stop talking both of you I’m gonna do it. Okay, and there’s nothing that you can do or say that’s gonna stop me from happening. That’s not true It’s selfish of you to make me stay I I guess I’m selfish then I think you’re making a mistake. I think you could be happy I look ridiculous Why do you like me I don’t think you want to do this This is my life, Harry So then what’s the meaning of all this thing Dezzy !

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  1. how did i miss this… gonna go watch it right now… i miss eureka soooooo much…. ( well, it goes on repeat on the second monitor when there's nothing to watch… but still…. )

  2. When was the last time you heard of a guy robbing and house and falling in love with a girl in a bath tub about to commit suicide….wtf is that about!!!!who writes this shit…..sequel coming soon by same writers "Fixing And Entering"

  3. Woe the saddest movie. Suicide is no joke if you see something do something guys. Or watch this movie and bring alotta tissues for the end of the movie. Best movie I ever saw the suspense in it makes you think she don't go through it but keeps you guessing

  4. So I'm watching this movie when sheriff carter shows up and I'm like..wait…that girl is.. Cool! Eureka reunion!

  5. 1:47 thats the guy from Eureka.
    i totally forgot about the show ;O.
    now that i think of it, wasnt she his daughter in eureka? 😀

  6. This trailer reveals that by watching this movie I would probably commit suicide. Thanks for saving my life and a few bucks.

  7. So the story is Guy is a thief who breaks into people's homes for a living, guy walks in on girl who is trying to kill herself, guy stops girl from killing herself and continues to do so but only because and this part we really need to be honest with ourselves because she's good looking and he wants to bang her eventually?

    Seems like a weak movie with subtle but mild comedic elements to it. Would people really care or would this guy's character really give a crap about this person if it was a fat chick say Melissa McCarthy for example?

    Both of these female actors aren't at all that funny. Come up with a better story.

  8. The happiest thing in my life that i remember,when the first time i know D****,and everytime bfore i used that,it turned out i just made love to him,that's all i can remember.,🤔

  9. So the movies about a cute girl that constantly wants to commit suicide and a burglar breaks in sees here trying to falls in love and try’s to constantly keep her from killing herself??? Wow what the fuck is wrong with the world

  10. @1:34 She asked, "Why do you like me?"

    Oh, I don't know, maybe because you're rich and you're fucking gorgeous?

  11. This trailer like Malayalam movie 5 sundarikal(mix of five different stories from different directors ) 2nd story isha

  12. Okay for those of you taking shots at this movie, I don't blame you. This trailer makes, even me, think it's bad.

    But The thing is I saw this movie with no clue of what it was about, I didn't see the trailer or heard about it or anything. I just jumped right in, and I absolutely enjoyed it. Honestly, the trailer gives too much away. I remember when I was watching this movie and wondering what will happen next, and that was the best part, trying to figure out the characters.

  13. Ridiculous idiotic premise. Would it be politically incorrect to make the robber a person of color? Also people who are depressed often have chemical imbalances. A pep talk is not going to change their outlook on life.

  14. They have two of my favorite actors from Eureka on here. When they are on a show I know it's going to be good.

  15. The problem is these two look like sister and brother . . . .also enough with the rich model girls wanting to end their lives. If I had all the money in the world, I could quit the job I have to have (with everyone hating me everyday while getting paid 1/3 less than a dude who texts all day . . .and wishing y parents were rich enough that I could have gone to art school and become a writer) and become a writer . . .then write a more realistic movie than this one.

    this movie has me ROFL… so high right now….i recommend it.

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