Brian Greene:  How Can We Picture the Fourth Dimension?

Brian Greene: How Can We Picture the Fourth Dimension?

The possibility of dimensions of space beyond
the three that we know about is an idea that it cropped up in the early part of the twentieth
century and it has been with us ever since. Even our modern approach to unified theory,
something called string theory, evokes the possibility of more dimensions than the three
that we experience, right. So we all know about left-right, back-forth and up-down,
right. Those are the three dimensions that are all around us. We all move through them
freely in day to day life. These other dimensions suggested by theoretical considerations. There
is no experimental evidence for any of what I’m about to tell you. But the theoretical
considerations suggest that in addition to left-right, back-forth and up-down there may
be other spatial dimensions. It’s hard to picture like where could they be? There doesn’t
seem to be any room left and that’s really the point. They are new places that our experience
doesn’t allow us to access directly but according to this theoretical ideas might
be there. I have a little analogy that helps to understand
this. Think of a garden hose is one that we love to use. So think about a garden hose
that’s nice and long. Now from far away the garden hose is going to look one dimensional
because that’s the only part that you have the visual acuity to see because the circular
part is just too small for your feeble eyes to detect. But then if you take a pair of
binoculars from a faraway vantage point now you see that there is a circular dimension,
a circular part that wraps around the garden hose that you missed when you just used your
feeble senses. So dimensions can be big, obvious and easy to see or they can be curled up and
tiny, much more difficult to detect. Now the garden hose is an object in our universe.
But this idea might apply to space itself, right. So it could be that left-right, back-forth
and up-down are the big easy to see dimensions like the horizontal extent of the garden hose.
But just as the hose has a curled up dimension, maybe space itself has curled up dimensions
all around us, just curled up to such a fantastically small size that we can’t see them with our
eyes. We can’t see them even with today’s most powerful microscopes. But the possibility
according to the mathematics well motivated by these attempts of realizing Einstein’s
dream of unified theory, the math suggests this as a real possibility that there may
be more dimensions than the ones that we directly experience.

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  1. I used to believe what this guy have to say like about "Now slices" etc… but now I think he totally lost it about time isn't real and space isn't what we see… then please tell me why if time isn't real and space isn't what we see, then the fundamental of realty isn't real, then who are we? where are we? when will we know what it is? I suspect that he's Buddhist… everything isn't real… but I thought he's a Jew…. I believe what we see is what we get… he needs to give us more tangible stuff about time space continuum.

  2. You shouldn't erase my comment… I watched your video and I deserve some answers at least from the viewers… Why we experience time space continuum if time space isn't real and what it seems? Ask Brian Greene if he can explain his now slices theory into dimensions?

  3. I heard, let me know if I'm wrong, that mathematically 12 dimensions are stable, the 13th dimension becomes unstable. This is mathematically.

  4. I really like the flatland example. Imagine people living in a 2d world. if the people are circles, they can only see the outside lines of each other. However, to us, we can see inside them, and can touch and shift phase through any part of their 2d flat land.

  5. I imagine that every points on those "spirals" have their own (x,y,z) coordinates. For example (0.000000000000000000000000000001,0.00000000000000000000000000000001,0.0000000000000000000000001).

    So are those really the fourth dimension??

  6. Just a little warning, this channel is about to explode with a ton of new subscribers (including me) because of AsapScience.

  7. There is no fourth dimension man! that string theory is not true because it does not exist, because 1 dimensional string does not exist as real.

  8. I'm sorry, I thought this was going to explain how we can imagine the 4th dimension….

    Didn't it just say "things are more complicated than they first appear and we can't see them"… Not very inciteful

  9. Why is he saying 3 dimensions? We intuitively experience 4 dimensions, we have experimental data for 4 dimensions, standard model is 4 dimensions. The 4th dimension isn't particularly difficult to understand, so why does he keep harping on 3?

  10. I still have trouble understanding this: What does it mean for a dimention to be small and too little to notice? Anyone wish to share their insight? 🙂

  11. I know for a FACT there is a GOD and I wonder if the math maybe pointing to a spiritual dimension.  There are verses that point to a spiritual world all around us and we cannot see it.

  12. here is an easy way to imagine a 4th spacial dimension: the web address you are looking at is the 4th spacial dimension. so your coordinates can be described as ( X, Y, Z, URL ). changing the web address does not alter your XYZ coordinates, and your location in XYZ does not alter your location on the web, so it is an orthogonal dimension you can traverse. it is a spacial dimension because every web page is a unique point in a spectrum which can be described with a coordinate.

  13. is it just me or does anyone else see a resemblance (not in the intelligence but manner of speaking) between him and George Bush?

  14. 1D is an infinite number of 0D points lined up to form a line. 2D is an infinite number of 1D lines stacked next to each other to form a plane. 3D is an infinite number of 2D planes stacked up to form a 3D object. 4D is what we know as time, or an infinite number of 3D objects "stacked next to each other" in 4D space. We only see one 3D "slice" of the 4D world at any given moment. 5D is an infinite number of 4D "objects" or "time lines" stacked together in 5D space. 5D space is where you find all the parallel universes or parallel timelines of the universe. After this it is difficult to describe the attributes of the dimensions, but it is safe to assume that it follows the same logic.

  15. Data is transmitted from the 10th dimension via strings, microscopic energy vibrations, that when they intersect our extended 4 dimensional space create particle resolution or particle change (entropy). This data download creates expansion of the universe also known as darkenergy, which we see as the universe expanding. The universe expands and we have change or time, without one there isn't the other.

  16. I wish high schools would spend a little more time teaching the difference between theory and hypothesis.

    He calls it a theory and immediately tells us that there's NO tested, empirical evidence for other dimensions.

    If it's never held up to a test, it's an hypothesis. Not a theory. If you look at an action and go, "Huh. I think [such-and-such] is happening." That's an hypothesis. Not a theory. If your hypothesis is tested again and again by many people (not just you) and it never fails to hold up perfectly…


    Big Foot? Hypothesis.

    Creation? Debunked hypothesis (it's failed every test and I'm a Christian who cherry-picks the bible because you HAVE to).

    Sept. 11 was an inside job? Debunked hypothesis.

    Chemtrails? Debunked hypothesis.

    Light acts like both a wave and a particle? Theory which has never failed to perform exactly as expected.

  17. XYZ are the easy ones and time as layers upon this system, well known as being the fourth. The tiny wrapped up one. Could it be a point with a positive and negative spin or 0 dimension added on to each x y z . Would be cool if + -spin was also on time where you could have spin phase to and from past and present. That last part I don't know but sounds like a cool adventure.

  18. The formless dimension is not a thing that you can understand with your mind, you have to experience/ feel it with your conciousness

  19. I getting really irate about the fact that people keep denying that time is the 4th dimension, saying that time is in all dimensions. Really, how do you know time is in the other dimensions? We don't live in a 3rd dimensional universe we live in a 4th dimensional universe. I can demonstrate this because we are surrounded in space-time. We know that gravity bends or warps space-time not just space. If I take two atomic clocks with identical time and leave one on Earth and send one up past Earths gravity for awhile, then bring it back down they will no longer have the same time. (This experiment has been performed)

  20. I saw him present in Albany @ International Colloquium; excellent presenter: then and still; really talented communicator. Elegant Universe is layman-readable until the last couple chapters going into Calabi-Yau structures. Even so the content until then is so well developed you come away thinking you might just 'get it'. Always helps to stretch the neurons.

  21. There could be other "spatial dimensions" hmmm … why **spatial** dimensions?

    Garden hose analogy is kind of silly. Somehow I get mad at explanations which do not dive into the matter about string-theory and particle physics.

  22. I'm not convinced of extra dimensions. The whole "tiny dimensions" thing just sounds like a mathematical work around to some property we don't understand. Like it seems arbitrary that some of these dimensions would be curled up. Not that I understand any of this. Just a worthless hunch.

  23. Uuuh, there absolutely ARE more dimensions!  We've known this for years. And Angel Fellow is on point: the question wasn't answered. I just saw another Big Think vid that didn't answer the headline. I'm going to start calling these The Big Stink.

  24. so how about this : what if the 4th dimension is space and time and lets take the cube for instance he is a 3rd dimensional object now if we think about it into the 4th dimension all we have to do is imagine the time it was onto that space and thats the 4th dimension

  25. Every time he looks to his left his voice becomes so much louder. I am guessing bad mic placement. Drove me crazy!

  26. Pretty sure there is actually a ton of experimental evidence that the 4th dimension exists. It's not just theoretical at this point. I could be wrong…. 0:41

  27. One thing I'm confused about is I've seen discussions of higher dimensions in which sometimes they are described as physical/space-based but then often (such as for imagining the 10th dimension) they are described as time-based. Which is the prominent theoretical understanding of higher dimensions of these two or are both considered theoretically possible? Because they seem to be two different definitions of dimension entirely.

  28. This is not about how to picture the 4th dimension, it's about how extra curled up dimensions are part of string theory.

    So sick of string theory, it's been pushed since the 1990's science shows. It's been ~30 years and I'm hearing the same stuff.


  29. Your only chance of caching a glimpse of and experiencing the fourth dimension is either by being somehow able to imagine it, or by taking a psychedelic.

  30. the gardenhose is a terrible analogy, dimensions dont have sizes, they are directions. earth looks flat to us but its curvature is not a new dimension

  31. Please like if you like. So that others could also see this and *please comment your suggestion*.
    Let me tell you what I think of it, all the microscopic organisms which has negligible height and width but only a little length are kind of a point and and walk on straight path wrt where then so, whenever they see they observe world in 1 dimension and they think world is a straight line and organisms more complex than that can see world in 2 dimension which can walk in both left and right direction. We can see it so we find it bullshit but they can only walk either left, right or straight and they see world as a flat plate and organisms more complex like humans, which has recognisable length, height and width and which can walk in any direction and even jump observes 3 dimensional earth.
    In other words the organisms which live in *(N+1) dimensional place (4 dimensional universe) is able to observe N dimensions (length, width and height).
    Probably we are microscopic to someone living in 5 dimensional world and they can travel in 4 dimension.

    Important thing If someone says 4th dimension is light he may be correct upto some extent because I think that 4th dimension is walking through one frame to other frame in time wrap or you can say *walking through the black hole without any black hole but on your own which is time traveling and is kinda definitely related to Time.

  32. I'd love dark matter to be a higher dimensional existence being detected gravitationally only! As we work in 3 spatial ones best we are denied interaction with any more.

  33. is there any possibility of extra dimensions to have properties other than spatial dimension.(sorry for bad english)

  34. As you teach us about the fourth dimension, I suggest you look up a video on sound normalization. You could definitely learn something there

  35. There are only 3 dimensions- length, width and depth no matter where you are. These people are bullshitting the public.

  36. We are consciousness, life's creating idea multiplying with just using Frequency, radius ,vibration ,energy, the literal meaning of being awareness an understandin the silenced enlighten consciousness, but it's your will to be free willed, forced to work for sadness, abused children an starving homeless, mentally an physically ill people an children. No body puts the energy where it should be, in all of us all
    1 self awaring contiousness, knowing without knowing, independent thought an 1 conscious life consuming frequency, vibrating feeling we sense, 1 self consciousness awaring emotional, depression,anxiety,paranoia, Frequencies, vibrating, energy
    feeling we sense , 3 consciousness aware meaning is destructive

  37. Maybe is all perspective! If you were to zoom OUT far away from our whole universe it would just look like a ONE DIMENSIONAL LINE… then once you moved into the universe you would see what would look like a wall of stars, it would look like a TWO DIMENSIONAL DRAWING… then once you got onto a planet it would look just like our world as we know it, A THREE DIMENSIONAL REALITY… and then once you go even farther into maybe an atom or a molecule, then you would see THE FORUTH DIMENSION.

    Has anyone ever thought of this?

  38. If there are other dimensions out there then this could suggest that heaven and hell could possibly be a real place also the fact that our dreams feel so real suggests that our conscience is capable of escaping this world and body

  39. I love how physicist after physicist relentlessly poses their concocted 4th dimension explanation using the word, "may", but speaks of it with such conviction that one would think that there is some actual validity to their hypothesis. When in reality, the 4th dimension is top secret and these scientists are keeping the public as much in the dark as is possible. Similar to splitting the atom, they just don't want you, and then eventually foreign powers, from harnessing the 4th dimension and being able to assemble an army of 4th dimensional invisible soldiers who could take over whatever country they so chose. The proof of this coverup, is found in revealing when and what the U.S. discovered about the 4th dimension, when they briefly held 2 separate 4th dimensional forest people in captivity at Lawrence Livermore National Labs in the early 60's, in a DOD study. At the time, the entire San Francisco Bay area knew about it because people like to talk, especially about their escape. Although the first one fooled them and became invisible while still confined in the faraday cage like holding cell, they had video cameras running for the 2nd one. And it disappeared and reappeared and then changed into an orb, and then disappeared and reappeared, and then came back as a 3 dimensional visible hairy being, and on and on. The observers were from UC Berkeley, as well as were scientists across the U.S. They were not very good at keeping secrets either. In 1968, they temporarily claimed the tesseract depicted the 4th dimension, but then tossed that idea because the 4th dimensional beings could vary it's foot pressure on the floor as it changed dimensions. Eventually, they decided this feat as changing sub-dimensions of the 4th dimension, because they had already quietly kicked TIME out of the 4th dimension slot since it was getting in the way. Also at this time, they decided that man occupied the OT position of the 4th dimension, and that there are an infinite number of continuously connected sub-dimensions of the 4th dimension. Basically, an invisible 4th dimensional person can walk right through a visible human in the OT position. The further out in sub-dimensions that the 4th dimensional person is at the time, the less the resistance to that little stunt taking place. I have personally felt 4th dimensional people pass their hand through my eye area, in an attempt to improve my vision in that eye, because they apparently also have some healing powers. If this sounds familiar, it is because Jesus was most likely a 4th dimensional person that had special powers. But I digress. Again in the spring of 1975, those pesky UC Berkeley professors wanted to go public with the decision to kick TIME out of the 4th dimension, and assign that dimension for the purposes of studying invisible people that walk this earth. Included in that group was Stephen Hawking, who I passed by on the back sidewalks of Berkeley campus, 3 times a week during the fall term of 1974. Stephen Hawking was assigned the job of writing a book that gave a new home to TIME, which was to attach it to SPACE to make SPACE-TIME. That book did not come out for another 7 years or so. The title was, "A Brief History of Time", that was so brief that it failed to explain where TIME was before it became SPACE-TIME, and failed to issue any thanks to the 4th dimensional forest people who freely devoted their time to teaching man about the 4th dimension. In the early 60's, the FBI estimated the U.S. population of these 4th dimensional people at 1 million, and they are known by many names. Those names include Bigfoot, Sasquatch and Skunk Ape. The actual intricacies of the 4th dimension, is best described in the book, "X3" by Adrian Dvir, an Israeli mechanical engineer who was not involved in any top secret DOD experiments, but instead was given this information through his communication with aliens from other solar systems. And they revealed many more secrets that todays scientist has not been able to study, much less understand, or alternatively to produce a youtube video that is essentially a baseless hypothesis designed to through off a foreign power.

  40. These smart people talk about evidences and proves all the times, did they ever honestly think about the logic of every thing in the existence to begin with? since they are smarter than average smart. hmm good question!

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