Brilliant Movies Of 2017 You Totally Missed

Brilliant Movies Of 2017 You Totally Missed

Movies: they’re everywhere. With multiple new releases coming out every
single day, there’s just no way anybody has the time or money to see all of them. Which is too bad, because it means that a
lot of really good films go completely under the radar. Heck, you may not have even heard of some
of the best films of the year! Don’t worry, though, because we’ve got your
back. Here’s a look at some of the brilliant movies
of 2017 you totally missed. Prevenge Ask anyone who’s ever been pregnant, and they’ll
tell you that the whole “creating another human with your own body” thing isn’t easy. Back pain, swollen feet, and a rollercoaster
of emotions are enough to make even the most calm people go a little crazy. But in Prevenge, that pregnancy-induced madness
quickly turns… to murder. Writer/director Alice Lowe plays Ruth, a pregnant
woman grappling with the death of her partner. As her due date nears, Ruth begins listening
to the menacing supernatural thoughts of her unborn child, and starts to believe the world
should be held accountable for ultimately leaving her baby without a father. Cue a revenge-fueled killing spree that leads
Ruth to reevaluate each piece of her wildly fragmented life. “Just so that you know you have absolutely
no control over your mind or your body anymore. This one does.” Oh, and that’s no prosthetic belly there:
Lowe was actually in her third trimester when she filmed Prevenge. Talk about Method acting! Chuck Once upon a time there was a regular guy named
Chuck Wepner who sold liquor and did some prizefighting on the side for cash to support
his family. Then, one day in 1975, he was cherry-picked
from a sea of boxers to go glove-to-glove with one of the world’s greatest athletes:
boxing legend Muhammad Ali. As most film fans know, Wepner’s amazing story
famously inspired the classic film Rocky. ‘How can I help you Mr. Wepner?” “You follow boxing?” “Rocky?” “Tell Sly, Rocky’s here.” “I can handle this.” But unlike the fictionalized Rocky, Chuck
aims to tell the true tale of this unlikely sports hero, with Liev Schreiber in the lead
and a great cast including Naomi Watts backing him up. The Lost City of Z Charlie Hunnam, Robert Pattinson, Sienna Miller,
and the new Spider-Man himself Tom Holland teamed up for The Lost City of Z, a thought
provoking adventure tale about a group of explorers searching the Amazon for a legendary
lost civilization. “I call it Zed. The ultimate piece of the human puzzle!” Unfortunately, The Lost City of Z opened the
same weekend as The Fate of the Furious, so pretty much nobody had any idea it existed,
and it vanished from the box office almost instantly. The good news? That gives you the opportunity to unearth
a cinematic lost treasure of your own. The Transfiguration This one is definitely not your average vampire
thriller. The Transfiguration shifts its focus away
from classic vampire tales to the story a young teen named Milo who shields himself
from the unfriendly outside world with a deep-rooted fascination with the undead. But that interest turns lethally obsessive
when he becomes friends with the troubled Sophie, leading to a chilling slice-of-afterlife
indie horror flick that will leave you completely transfixed. “And you change a lot, after the first person
you kill. You change a lot more after… after one after
another?” The Devil’s Candy Ethan Embry stars in this sinfully delicious
horror film about a tortured artist who blacks out and wakes to discover he has painted a
horrifying portrait of pure evil. Has he been touched by some kind of holy – or
unholy – force? Or is he simply going mad? The only way to find out is to watch The Devil’s
Candy for yourself. If you dare! T2 Trainspotting To anyone who’s said sequels rarely stack
up, we counter with T2 Trainspotting, the 21-years-later follow-up to Danny Boyle’s
classic Trainspotting. Two decades on, T2 peeks in on the life of
the gang from the original, with Begbie, Renton, Spud and Sick Boy each in an unexpected – or
all too expected – place in their lives. Can people really change? Or is that just an illusion we sell ourselves? Boyle’s inventive sequel asks the questions,
but you may not like the answers. “Where did it all go wrong? Hahaha.” “Where did it all go wrong?” “Where did it all go wrong?” “Where did it all go wrong?” I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore This Netflix exclusive release stars Elijah
Wood and Melanie Lynskey as a pair of eccentric neighbors who embark on a quest to track down
the thieves who burgled her home. Their mission quickly melts into chaos and
violence as they frantically try to outwit the pack of corrupt criminals following their
every move. I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore
bursts forward with an inventive, subversive, slyly smart, and downright fun feel that’ll
have you hollering in one scene and pondering society’s structure in the next. “All right tough guy, you had your chance.” “Ow ow.” “Oh God… are you OK?” Dig Two Graves The brainchild of screenwriters Hunter Adams
and Jeremy Phillips, the indie horror outing Dig Two Graves centers around 14-year-old
Jacqueline Mather, referred to by her more masculine nickname “Jake.” Grieving for her recently deceased brother,
Jake is thrown for a loop when she’s visited by three strange men who say they can bring
him back to life. “I’m not supposed to talk to strangers, so.. I’m Wyeth. Now that we know each other we’re no longer
strangers.” Are they telling the truth? What lengths will Jake have to go to see her
brother again? And what does her grandfather, Sheriff Waterhouse,
have to do with it? As Jake begins to contemplate an unthinkable
trade-off, dark secrets of her family’s once-hidden history rises to the surface. Inspired by gothic motifs of grief and revenge,
and soaked with the uncertainty of an ambiguous timeline, Dig Two Graves should captivate
discerning genre enthusiasts. And though it didn’t make any big waves at
the box office, given its tiny release, Dig Two Graves has been showered with acclaim
from critics, with calling it an “uncommonly smart, well-made, and ultimately
touching meditation on grief.” Colossal You’d expect a film with a title like Colossal
to be an overhyped summer tentpole, but this pitch black sci-fi indie comedy came and went
without getting the media attention it deserved. Colossal stars Oscar-winning actress Anne
Hathaway as Gloria, a woman in the throes of a post-breakup existential limbo who’s
shocked to realize she actually has bigger problems than just curbing her drinking and
getting back on the dating scene. Like, giant reptilian kaiju-sized problems
in the form of an enormous monster terrorizing South Korea. These two things don’t sound like they could
possibly be part of the same movie, but the way Colossal connects them is just part of
the film’s genius. “I just feel like dancing so ah… so guess
which film this from huh? “F— is going on?” “Do you want to make any requests? This does not last that long.” A distinctly unique take on the monster movie
genre boasting ultra fresh performances from Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis, Colossal is decidedly
strange in the very best way. From the Seoul street fights reminiscent of
Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots to the ultimate narrative twist, here’s a film weird and wild enough
to stretch your definition of what a creature feature should be. Raw This foreign horror flick is just as formidable
in English as it is in French. Raw, which was called Grave in its original
European release, starts off so simply it may even elicit laughter. A movie all about a vegetarian adjusting to
college life amongst meat-eating peers? Not exactly captivating. But writer-director Julia Ducournau practically
slaps you across the face with a rack of raw ribs in the moments that follow. Happy-go-lucky freshman and lifelong plant-eater
Justine has high hopes for veterinary school and intends to be laser-focused on her studies. However, her mind soon shifts to a different,
unexpected target: human flesh, the taste she acquires after she’s forced to eat raw
meat during a hazing ritual. As Justine tries to make sense of her newfound
cannibalistic desires, Raw swerves down the winding road of navigating college parties,
uppity professors, and the complexities of sexual identity. We won’t spoil the ending, but we have a feeling
that Raw’s third act is what catapulted it into the laps of many adoring critics—and
made a few viewers fall out of their seats. Bloody and brutal but oh-so bright, Raw is
a film you can really sink your teeth into. Literally. Land of Mine After making big waves at the Toronto International
Film Festival and in Danish theaters in 2015, Land of Mine finally hit theaters in America
at the beginning of 2017, not that anyone seemed to notice. That’s a shame considering how gripping Land
of Mine is. Based on a true story, the film is set in
Denmark at the end of 1945. Freed from German occupation, the country
was still filled with thousands of hidden land mines. Sgt. Carl Rasmussen and his band of German prisoners
of war are tasked with clearing the explosives, a job that brings into question justice, morality,
and vengeance in a single breath. “(speaking Dutch)” This historical drama earned itself a 2017
Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Language Film, a standing ovation at TIFF, and the
title of best Danish film of 2015. If Land of Mine is missing from your watchlist,
change that immediately—if not sooner. The Salesman A twisty and intriguing drama from Iran, The
Salesman tells the story of Emad and Rana, a theater loving couple who set out to stage
a production of Arthur Miller’s classic play Death of a Salesman. After Rana is attacked, however, their lives
are upended as the need for revenge begins to take center stage in their lives. “(Speaking Farsi)” Lauded as an “ingenious cinematic use” of
the American stage, The Salesman’s story-within-a-story brings to light questions about violence against
women, marriage, post-traumatic stress, death, and the class system, and asks the audience
to work through them as the film runs on. Though The Salesman might’ve slipped past
you, it certainly wasn’t lost with critics, landing itself the Oscar for Best Foreign
Language Film at the 89th Academy Awards. Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
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  1. Nice collection. Raw was actually very good and Colossus was entertaining with some very equally entertaining performances. I'm going to have to search out the rest.

  2. Lost City of Z was terrible. Not only was it depressing, it was disjointed and had very odd scenes that didn't mesh well. The story was unnecessarily long, I don't feel like the characters developed at all, and Robert Pattinson is a definite "meh" actor. I have loved many a movie that didn't have a happy ending, however Lost City of Zed was a real downer and disappointment.

  3. These movies r brilliant according to whom?! a blind n death person?! These movies suck more than my cock wants to be suck

  4. First of all nobody knows what one person finds brilliant movies so if you like these that's great for you but doesn't mean that we do. It's like rating movies with stars and points omg i hate that there is no one to tell somebody else to like or dislike anything. Secondly nice list 😉

  5. The point of watching a movie is watching it, not reading subtitles. Not one of these movies sounded any good for my tastes.

  6. I always love to hear when people make the all time excuse ohhh you didn't see or hear about this movie because another bigger movie was playing at the time LOL That is the biggest bullshit lie in Hollywood right now or wherever else you hear it. We don't see the movies your talking about because THEY SUCK. Case closed.

  7. Trainspotting 2 was fucking terrible. You've lost all credibility with me saying that piece of shit was good.

  8. People on here recommend Girl with all the Gifts, they must work for Amazon video streaming cause it's the worst. The fight between the girl and Bam Bam was the most ridiculous movie fight of all time.

  9. Does every one of these movie lists have to totally consist of the worst detritus of the human experience? Is that all that gen X through millennials want to watch is blood, horror, revenge and dissipation or is it just the pervs who compile this video rubbish. Is it too much to ask for one actually brilliant movie Brilliant Movies Of 2017 You Totally Missed? Just asking.

  10. I would never call these "Brilliant"…Some of them were good enough, and some of them were just shitty.

  11. This review, like so much of what Looper puts out, becomes unwatchable in under a minute because of the constantly repeating music clip. Whoever thought that was a good idea needs to stop smokin' crack.

  12. Transporting actually dud the first one justice.
    For a 20 year late remake it was way way better than expected.

  13. You want to know why no one saw these films because critics liked them and they never get anything right

  14. A lot of these movies are overly pretentious and pretty boring. As are most movies that win those cliche little leaf award badges from film festivals.

  15. From what I've heard about Lost City of Z it's a new classic and will be appreciated from years to come! Fast and the Furious, junk, a shitty series which unfortunately does attract great iconic talent these days but just kept getting stupider and more unwatchable with every movie! I jdon't feel at home in the world anymore was okay with an interesting performance by Lynskey. Raw was amazing for a cannibal movie. Collosal was a little disappointing but had it's moments and Anne was more likeable then she's been in yeara on screen.

  16. WHO THE FUCK MISSED T2?…. Nobody, that's who, you fuckwit – it was released to massive fanfare and received huge rave reviews from the public and critics alike!!

    Seriously, if you missed this one, you must have spent last year hid under a rock!

  17. The Devil's Candy was released in 2015 so was Land of Mine; Raw, Prevenge, Chuck, The Lost City of Z, The Transfiguration and The Salesman, 2016; Dig Two Graves, 2014

  18. If you were entranced and shocked by “Land of Mine” I encourage you to watch other Danish Films.Actually a lot of Scandinavian films are so thoughtful,gritty and beautiful.
    Denmark has some of the best films that I have seen.
    I started watching after I went to a late night viewing of Pusher 1 and Pusher 2.I was immediately struck by the fact that the actors didn’t seem to be acting in their films.The conversational flow is something that you don’t see often in any other films.The Hunt,

  19. I tried to watch that t2 movie because I had seen the first one years ago but I just could not get into the second one I mean hell the first one was all over the place but I only tried once to watch number 2 and I just couldn't, I wonder if I should give it another try though. I almost watched that dig two graves too but ended up picking something else to watch. I love movies so much and I'm always watching new and sometimes weird movies because I have a ton of apps that have new movies,old movies,all movies and I love a really crazy movie,like inception or something like that but I should probably subscribe due to my love of movies, I have actually watched other videos before by you that were recommended so yep I am going to subscribe. Great video! I'm going to go look for that prevenge movie ASAP.

  20. T2 was utterly shit. I can't watch movies with certain actors in them in the same light now most have aired thier ignorant political positions.

  21. NONE of these films are brilliant.🙈 A couple of them are decent, thats about it…some of them are terrible! 😂

  22. Z???????
    How dare you?????
    U seen that piece of crap???
    How can you blame its discretion at the BO on a coincidential release???

  23. The Lost City of Z – I cannot believe I've seen this on more than one list like this. The movie was AWFUL. And I'm a fan of the lead actor (SOA), but I couldn't make it more than 30 or 40 min into Lost City of Z and had to turn it off. Can't believe it made anyone's "good" list….

  24. I stopped watching new movies. Every movie is basically a remake of an older better version. Usually they'll change little things so we think it's a different movie.

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