Bringing BACK The iPhone Headphone Jack – in China

Bringing BACK The iPhone Headphone Jack – in China

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  1. I see that you have knowledge and esperience with phones and parts amd tech maybe you can help in telling us how to use phones or tablets while pluged in but without a battery i cant figure it out.

  2. You would like to add 2 jacks of headphone and microphone and 1 minijack of remote for home computer vintage with cable in iPhone 😄😆

  3. just reminding you that this was done by a single, certainly-not-an-expert guy, if this were a multi-billion dollar company, they could do it at the skip of a beat.

    they just don't want to.

  4. Do people still want it? Don’t get me wrong that’s awesome but working In service industry people don’t know what they want and they don’t know what they don’t want

  5. fantastico video, pero apple no quiere implementar la toma jack de auriculares clásica porque lo que quiere es venderte nuevos auriculares sin cable, compra compra compra

  6. What if you connect your headphones with a dongle and plug in another headphone with the jack you made? Can you listen with two headphones?

  7. 17 weeks and probably the iphone 7 wont be the same beside how long is it gonna be until this guy will change for an iphone max ….was it really worthed ?did you satisfy your ego?

  8. It turns out, the reason Apple removed the headphone jack was to prepare for the iPhone X.

    You see, Android phones that have an “All-Screen” design actually have a little chin bezel at the bottom. The reason all of them have this is to fit the display controller component.
    The iPhone X actually curved the display back below the glass to fit the controller without a chin; and as you’d expect, this left no room for the headphone jack.

  9. It’s just amazing to see how much effort you put in those projects and I learned a lot and in one point you helped me with my school project

  10. Making a 64 megapixel camera in a budget smartphone like a Samsung Galaxy 3 would be hestaricle. When you walk up to someone with your budget smart phone and take a 64 megapixel shot then post it on social media with 4k resolution they would be so confused.

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