Building Saudi Arabia’s First Movie Theatre (HBO)

Building Saudi Arabia’s First Movie Theatre (HBO)

The next King of Saudi Arabia was named today: 31-year-old Prince Mohammed Bin Salman,
the son of King Salman. To crown the young prince, King Salman deposed his powerful nephew,
Mohammed bin Nayif, who was next in line, and upended the line of succession in the monarchy, where the throne is almost never
passed from father to son. And this son happens to be the
authoritarian state’s version of a progressive. Bin Salman is currently the national defense minister— and an aggressive one— but he’s also seen as a reformer. He’s called for the kingdom to loosen
its dependence on oil, diversify its economy,
and ease its social restrictions. Some have speculated that Bin Salman may even allow movie theaters to open in
Saudi Arabia for the first time since the 1970s. But he won’t take the throne immediately. And currently, there’s not a single theater in the nation of 31 million. But there is a thriving underground cinema circuit where Saudi filmmakers can screen their work: YouTube. — This is Ali al Kalthami,
Saudi Arabia’s biggest YouTube star. His videos get millions of views. But this week, he’s focused on getting
just 200 people to watch his new film. Because this week, Ali and his team are going
to build the country’s only movie theater. — We’re trying to do more short films. But until we have cinema in Saudi Arabia, I don’t think we could go so much into that. — Ali started his YouTube production house,
Telfaz11, six years ago. Their films satirize Saudi culture. In the Kingdom, women are not allowed to drive. Telfaz11’s first viral hit took aim at this ban— “No Woman, No Drive” has more than 14 million views: — A lot of your films focus around
the theme of masculinity. Why is that? — My experience of living in Riyadh is,
you know, from schools to, like, family, to— everything is masculine. You know? We segregated society. Let’s laugh at our problems. It’s funny, let’s discuss it in a funny way. — Artists like Ali walk a very, very fine line. In 2015, Saudi Arabia sentenced a poet
to death on charges of promoting atheism. Last year, the Kingdom condemned a blogger
to 1,000 lashes and 10 years in prison for “insulting Islam through electronic channels.” But the growing community of artists and
entertainers are increasing pressure on the kingdom. This is Gharem Studios, a creative workspace run by Abdulnasser. He’s been making art critiquing
the conservative regime for 20 years— like this barbed wire mosque. — Sometimes when you became a mirror, as an artist— I mean, became a mirror and
you show your society who they are, they get upset. But you go, the red line, the crossing line, there is no red lines in art. — But there’s some line,
because you could get… in jail. — You need to be smart. You can push the lines. If you want to cross, okay,
there are some consequences. — But in just the past few months, the monarchy seems to be
relaxing around leisure rules. The General Entertainment Authority has
promised they’ll open a cinema next year. Today though, Ali and his crew are building their own— at Yamama University. So for one night only, Saudi Arabia has a movie theater. — We’ve been doing this online, which is cool. But to have an equal economical system that makes a creative person, filmmaker, actor, whatever, do his film and sell it to people, that makes him more free to do what he wants. — Tonight, Telfaz11 is screening Ali’s film, that’s based on the extraordinary events
that happened on that very stage in 2006: As actors performed Wasati,
a play ironically about moderation, religious extremists stormed the theater
and attacked the cast and crew. To break the fight, police shot into the ceiling. — If I told you five years ago or
told anybody in Saudi that, “Oh, by the way, there will be stand up comedy events,” “and music events, and orchestra, and officially, and all of these entertainment shows
that are happening in Saudi,” they’d be like, “Oh, you’re you crazy.” — Does stuff like this happen often? — It’s the first time. A lot of people told me that, “Oh, it’s your dream, and it’s coming true,” and it doesn’t feel like that way, for some reason. It feels that… that’s the first step.

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  1. حسّيت اننا بالمكسيك من قوه البهارات واظهار السعودية على شكل دولة كلها تخلف وان الشعب كله عيوب وان فيه ناس يسمون بالوسطيين أتو لإنقاذ الشعب من الظلام الى النور ، عندنا شباب موهوبين ومبدعين لكنهم يصوبون فينا وليس لنا

  2. Saudi will stay like it is.
    And will not become like the west and what they call "freedom".
    if you don't like our country then simple don't interfere. stay in your beloved countries and stop acting like you care.

  3. Cinema, theatres … that's all bullshit.. Let's talk about blockading neighbours (Qatar).. 10,000s of Political prisoners.. Saudi and Qatar are like England and Wales.. Blockading Qatar is Killing Saudi.. We'll witness radical changes very soon in Saudi especially when none of the saudi elite, let alone the public, can ever express their political views.. The stupidity of the royal family is literally killing the kingdom!

  4. I am Saudi and I do not like my life in here every time I say that everything will be better now I see how the Saudi people act with someone different from them we will never be better until we get rid of racism

  5. There're a lot of hate comment right here? . I think they're never learn what's meaning of different and respectable .
    And about this video, I grew up in theses changes things . And I appreciate that we finally want to improve our country . I'm proud to be Saudi
    The most thing I proud about, that we never attacked another countries and killed innocent peoples with flimsy excuses.

  6. كم لنا واحنا نصايح عليكم ان اعلامنا مختطف من قبل ناس لهم اجندات خفية وانهم يحاربون الدين بمبادئ ليبرالية .. شوفو يالنايمين

  7. حسبي الله الواحد مايدري وش يقول يوم شهرناهم قامو يطعنون فينا اقسم بالله ناس ماتستحي والي يقهر يشتكي لهم والله مادريو عنك بس يبو اي شي ضدنا يا ازق

  8. والله فضيحة وانا حتى ما سعودي وحسيت بالعار. الحين الغرب خلوا كل أزمات الدولة من فقر وتخلف في التعليم وقمع سياسي ومنع لحرية التعبير وجاءوا ركزوا على تفاهات مثل السينما وفن هابط وكل شوية يظهرولنا فتاة سعودية بنص حجاب…. وين العقلاء ؟ ولا محمد بن سلمان اعتقلهم وخلالكم السديس والشلة الي معه (علماء السلطان) ؟

  9. These spoiled princes, living the good luxurious life, detached from the real people. No wonder they've been in war for thousands of years. Stay away from our countries!!

  10. HARAM – its against islam must never be built in the holy land…….. Singing (al-ghina’) is haram: doing it, listening to it, or living of it……..May peace be upon him.

  11. This is fantastic, it is so interesting to see how far they´ll come. I am glad that he is making a difference in his society even if it is a small one.

  12. Well said. "It IS My Dream. And it IS coming true." And NO! I'm NOT crazy. I have the eyes of The Buddha, The Enlightened One! "LITERALLY! DROOPY EYE LIDS & ALL.😂🤣😂"

  13. STOP CRITICIZING A COUNTRY TO MAKE IT LOOK LIKE YOUR OWN!! . If we are to be open minded then we should accept Saudi Arabia the way it is and what it offers. That is there culture and that is there way of life. Every country has it's own way of life focus on your own. In some parts of America there are huge communities that live without electricity let alone a cinema, and they live isolated from the rest of America. LOOK UP the AMISH in America.

  14. Please don't become like UAE where prostitution and hypocrisy is rampant and women of any nationality can be bought with enough money. There is enough of that already in your surrounding countries.
    If you need to be covered to not attack women, do it that way, just create lot of rooms in your houses for people to have sex or masturbate rather than taking it out in the open.

  15. There trying to slowly but truly trying to push the boundaries in Saudi until they water down islam in that ultra conservative country so they can westernize it and bring confusion in their society they warned us about this in the Quran

  16. مع اني لست سعودي ولكن اعتقد ان الهدف الاول يجب منع الإعلام الليبرالي من دخول اراضي المسلمين

    فكرة حرية الإعلام هدفها الأساسي هي الدخول في عمق اي مجتمع ثم بث السموم الدخيلة وتسليط الضوء على السخافات بهدف خلق جو من العدائية في نظر عامة الناس. ….الإعلام الغربي ينسى مشاكل الدول المتقدمة من انتشار السلاح والعنصرية وينسى السرقات البنوك والجرائم ومشاكل المشردين ويسلط الضوء على السعودية والدول الإسلامية دائما

    هذا النغاق الإعلامي يجب ايقافه فورا بالقوة أو بالطيبة…..الإعلام الغربي شريك اساسي في الفتن الحاصلة بالشرق الأوسط ويجند للعبة هذه العلمانين العرب المنافقين من يغض النظر عن سخافات الغرب في نشر الحروب

    اذا لم يمنع الإعلام الجديد من الدول الإسلامية ما راح تنتهي مشاكلنا. ..كل واحد ينظف قذارته بالاول مو ناقصين غربيين يتحدثون عن نسائنا واعارضنا…خلهم يلموا نساءهم بالاول اللي مليانات شوارع اوروبا وامريكا وكل وحده تبيع عرضها ببخس ….هل مثل هولاء يقتدى بهم؟؟؟

    انا ما اعيب على الغرب فقط هم في الأخير في حرب ثقافية ضد المجتمع المسلم لكن اللي يعاب بالاول هم من فقدوا الهوية الإسلامية ومن يطبل دائماً للغرب ….هذا النفاق يجب ايقافه فوراً ان لم يكن بالطيب فالقوة مرغمين ….مو ناقصين دياثة الغرب في مجتمعنا الإسلامي

  17. يتفننون في تذليل انفسهم للخصوم حتى يشعرون بالتعاطف وهذا كله عبارة عن خوف ورفع الراية البيضاء للحفاظ على مستوى اقل من الخسائر هذا هو الفكر الليبرالي السعودي مع الاسى عليهم احتفظ بقيمتك كأنسان وليس كذو مرتبة دونية ارتقي والحق بركب الامام بدل الاستسلام لشهواتك والانصياع لها والانصياع للخصوم كافي ذل حرام عليك نفسك

  18. المشكلة أن إمريكيا التي تعيش الآن إنحطاط أخلاقي وتفكك أسري, تستخدم هؤلاء الحثاله الخونه وتسلط عليهم الأضواء للإسائة للدين والشعوب ولنقل فسادها للعالم

  19. Fast forward to December the same year as this video was published, Saudi Arabia officially lifted the ban on women driving and movie theaters

  20. VICE News interviews the Saudi Arabian internet star who built the country's only movie theatre for a screening of his newest film.
    WATCH NEXT: Exiled Chinese Billionaire Uses Youtube To Wage A War On Corruption –

  21. This is one of the worst countries and is nearly the country I hate the most but I know there good in everything and good people live there too. I hope these people here make a good change to such a narrow minded near enough evil country

  22. Weird how people keep calling Saudis backwards even when they’re trying to make a change. You’re no different than all those religious extremists that resisted change for so long in Saudi Arabia.

    I’m not saying you all should start loving Saudi Arabia, I’m just saying give them some positive feedback when they’re clearly trying to progress and change their country for the better.

  23. Please saudi arabia no need of theaters our islamic country will be spoiled….. There was a general knowledge question which country has no theaters? In the only saudi arabia was there and it was proud to hear it.. please dont spoil tat… please ban theaters..

  24. Isreal will soon occupy the Madeena, according to the Hadith predictions what are said, Allah swt showered them wealthy and protection until Mohamed bin Abdul Wahhab and the First King Saud got tied and established the best Islamic ruling method, well cleaned and out of all ''shirk'' and ''Fitna'' the state. now this session coming to end, the new generations especially the new king attracted by Satanic Influence, and all governing bodies of Saudi should go back and analyze how and why them past history rulers loosed them kingdoms and outside powers plays on the land,

  25. They should not make it because it is the country of muhammad. And these are making the world towards kiamat(hell).

  26. Europe and America are trying to apply some of their ugly cultures in every country, and unfortunately some foolish Saudis help them.
    Evolution is not in the cinema or women drive the cars. The evolution is in science and support scientists.

  27. this is just a waste of time, art is a waste of money and time he could have been a scientist and actually helped his country and not destroy it with useless stuff like a movie theatre

  28. what stupid nation ,I'm wonder what els they don't have omg , 92 % of Saudi arabia,s income is from oil the other 8 % is from the holy sites of islam ,, I been searching about Saudi arabia country for long time I notic they cant even make anything so far whatever they have is bouth it from usa and other countrys , and they think they are the leaders of muslim nations loll they buy 110 billion dollars weapon from usa most of those weapons used by usa opreters Saudis are not even allowed to use them its just aprt of thi deal to keep Saudi nation stupid as it is , so they can milk them billions of dollars yearly ,, if you don't blive me just search for Saudi arbias tecnolgy and edvances you will be like wtf haha

  29. My God ! is it a joke? Im so lucky that I live in Turkey We are muslim too but there are thousand of cinema and cultural center in our country. I proud about my country 🙂

  30. required to open more and more movie theaters, night clubs and entertainment centers so kingdom money not go out of country but use in country and no use in terrorism but in Night clubs

  31. Vice you might want to do a piece on how you have a lucrative relationship with Saudi Arabia to make them look better in America. So you seem not to have any issue with selling out to a country who butchers reporters.

  32. What’s types of movies are going to be displayed in these theaters wahhism tjow to join isis or how instructions on how to abuse women and foreign workers

  33. Saudi Arabia makes me want to infect myself with the bubonic plague. Saudi Arabia disgusts me beyond capacity of rational thought. Saudi Arabia please just cease to exist😁😁.

  34. When ever I see the Saudi king's face or the Saudi prince's face I get Super Super angry inside.

  35. 2:04 Awful 🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮.

  36. هذا #فيلم من اخراج علي الكلثمي عرض خارج المملكه ليعرض كافيلم سعودية و قصة الفيلم تدور حول احداث واقعيه صارت في جامعه سعوديه عندما عرضت مسرحية مجرد مسرحيه اسمها وسطي فصار هجوم على من في المسرحيه من قبل المتدينين المطاوعه وشغب ووو .. بالتوفيق لمخرجنا علي الكلثمي 🇸🇦

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