“Bully” A Short Film by: Impressive Productions

“Bully” A Short Film by: Impressive Productions

Dominic: Had enough limp wrist? Avery: (nods) Dominic: Look at me like that again and you’ll regret it. Got it? Avery: Yeah… Dominic: Get to class. Avery’s Mom: Hey… Avery’s Mom: There’s garlic chicken in the crockpot if you’re hungry. Avery: Not tonight mom. Avery’s Mom: Avery… Avery’s Mom: God, what happened to your face? Avery: Nothing… don’t worry about it. Avery’s Mom: Nothing? Avery’s Mom: Who did this to you? Avery: No One. Avery’s Mom: Go clean up. Avery’s Mom: I’m calling first thing tomorrow and speaking to the principal. Cinnamon: Hey honey… Cinnamon: Can I get you something to drink? Avery: Umm… yeah Cinnamon: Wait a minute. I’ve seen you here before. Avery: Uh… I don’t think so? Cinnamon: Honey, the face is always changing but I’ve seen more re-runs of this show than “I Love Lucy”. Cinnamon: What’s his name? Avery: Who? Cinnamon: The Boy! That’s why you’re here right? Avery: Yeah… Avery: I actually don’t know his name Cinnamon: Ooo! Mysterious. Cinnamon: Honey he’s not the one who did this is he? Avery: No. Avery: That was just some asshole at school. Dominic: Avery.. Dominic: Oh my god. Did I do that to you? Avery: What’re you doing here? Dominic: Please. Dominic: Don’t go. Avery: And why the hell should I stay here with you? Dominic: Look… Dominic: I know you. Dominic: I mean. Dominic: I know that your biggest fear is drowning. Dominic: I know that you favorite color is neon blue. Dominic: And you love the school cafeteria pizza, but you can’t stand the pepperonis they put on it. Avery: I… Can’t… Dominic: No. Please. Dominic: We could be great together. Dominic: Really. Avery: Can you please just go? Avery: Now. Cinnamon: Honey, come here. Cinnamon: The first one is always the most painful, okay? Cinnamon: He’s got to learn to love himself first. Cinnamon: Or else this. Cinnamon: It’s gonna keep happening. Cinnamon: Avery… Cinnamon: You’ve got to learn to be smart, okay? Dominic: Listen.. Avery: Don’t. Avery: Why did you ask me out? Dominic: Because I am ready. Dominic: I’m ready to figure everything out out. Dominic: I’m ready to be out… Avery: Okay. Dominic: Okay? Dominic: Like “Okay, we’re good.”? Avery: Woah. Dominic: Oh… sorry.

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  1. So many things wrong, which have all been mentioned. Good production values, but horrible life values and not based in reality.

  2. The one thing I have a problem with is the failure to mark timing. I dated a bully. This can happen, but this representation should have been blocked to establish more time has passed.

  3. Actually, I get it. There was forgiveness and understanding. Not the way I would have handled it, but I saw a boy who was good at picking up the pieces. The complexity was nice to see.

  4. Actually, I get it. There was forgiveness and understanding. Not the way I would have handled it, but I saw a boy who was good at picking up the pieces. The complexity was nice to see.

  5. delete this video! It has a horrible message about abusive people.
    delete this video! It has a horrible message about abusive people.
    delete this video! It has a horrible message about abusive people.
    delete this video! It has a horrible message about abusive people.

  6. Great and cool short feature with impressive artistry and well-achieved production values! but one question : why his mom is like 100 years old? i thought she was his granny …

  7. I like the outline of this story. But it's definitely too complicated to be just a short story. It needed to be flushed out a lot more. But there were really good bones to the story. I would have liked to seen a little more.

  8. Meu bully foi igualzinho o dele,meu foi na escola, cheguei e meu colega me deu tapa cara e me ameaçou se contasse pra alguém, no dia ia ser pior,ele me bateu muitos dias até me comer aforça,estudava anoite e aproveitou que eu estava sozinho me puxou pro mato e me comeu aforça, doeu tanto, me machucou.

  9. I understand the framework of a short film doesn't have the luxury of drawing out a full redemption storyline so I'm not going to judge the antagonist's "quick" turn around. I'm just glad for a happy ending. Too few gay films have them.

  10. I think it's not meant to give a good message, but a realistic one.

    How many times have I seen this type of relationships? It's a real thing. No matter how bad it seems, some people think they deserve that kind of abusive love and that's how it is, until they realize.

  11. The format of ulra short movies always leaves more questions than can be answered. I liked the drag queens wobbly tits though.

  12. How old is this guy, why does he have a 3rd grader's backpack. And why the hell does a school bully know so much about the victim he's supposed to be hooking up with. This is really confusing

  13. All I can say is this. If one day a guy is beating people up because he's in the closet, and the next he's suddenly openly gay….don't fall in love with him. He still has a lot he has to figure out. This movie really sends a bad message to those who haven't dated much before.

  14. Coming from an abusive relationship, this hurt.
    Regardless if the guy is 'now ready to be out', he's still abusive. What's to say that he won't do it again? Is the guy so desperate that he'll go with someone like that? If I'd known from the beginning how my ex was, I'd NEVER have been with him. I think it definitely sent the wrong message. They reconciled, fine, but that should have been the end of it. And yes, Cinnamon was the best!

  15. Interesting insight into bullies, they either are insanely jealous or closeted homophobes….and yes homophobe does mean irrational fear, of homosexuals or being one.

  16. the drag queen was absolutely right: the bully first needs to be at peace with himself. That will take a lot of time… He isn't Saul on the way to Damascus just becoming Paul in a blow. But that may happen, who knows, and there's always a little hope 😉 Fine movie.

  17. Josh Jordan was exquisite! The last scene was as precious as any jewel by Harry Winston! And, I don't mean rhinestones!

  18. Wish I could like this, but I can't. Bullying is not ok even if the bully is gay. Bartender only good character.

  19. I miss the art of holding hands. Nowadays everyone think u have swap spit and go down on each other from the start for a relationship to mean something. I love it when certain guys I meet and they shake hands in a certain way from the squeeze, to duration of handshake, to the look in their eyes. And that's in church.

  20. Drag is wise, drag is knowledge.
    The other two are just like shit. I mean "I give you blue eye cause I love you". "I forgive all your mistreatment just cause you came with a pity apology". C'mon, gurl.

  21. So not okay with this. WTF. Yesterday I gave you a black eye because I hated myself, but today I'm okay. Hold Hands. Even in a remotely forgiving way…..NO

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