BUMBLEBEE International Trailer (NEW 2018) Transformers Movie

BUMBLEBEE International Trailer (NEW 2018) Transformers Movie

Where is Optimus Prime? I want the beetle, i’ll work here everyday for a year. Its yours, kid. Do you speak? You sound like a little bumblebee. The only person you can show yourself around is me. So lets say were driving, and all of a sudden- Somebody’s there! Hide! You serious? Wanna see if i can fix it? [intangible message from optimus] Our war rages on. The voice mentioned a war. you hiding from something? A criminal from our world, is hiding on yours. If our common enemy isn’t found… We’ll burn the whole planet to cinders. Take it down! Fight back Bee! Bee 1.27 you must protect earth, and its people… Thank you. Run! Do not run! She ran… Bumblebee, what have you done?! I am so screwed.

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  1. This trailer is amazing! As cute as the other trailer is, this is more compelling. And makes me want to see the film right now.

  2. My question is – does this movie expect the audience to forget about the past Transformers movies (remember, in The Last Knight Bumblebee was killing Nazis and shit, so how does he go from that to being a shy little VW bug) similar to an alternate timeline, or is this merely a prequel to the Michael Bay movies?!

  3. Its just so god damn awesome, exactly how the movie franchise should have started, looked and just everything about it is loaded with the originality of g1 transformers, not some michael bay perversion

  4. This may be a dumb question, but to me Optimus didn’t sound like Peter Cullen. Anyone else notice that? I know it could be modulated, but compared to the American trailer and this, it doesn’t sound like him here

  5. That original G1 cartoon transforming sound with ravage though just the little things like that are so good and motherfucking sound wave the my number 2 in the top 3 decepticons

  6. Black boyfriend.
    White girl protagonist.
    White man antagonist.
    Zionist marxism confirmed.

    How bout you make an Transformers movie without Humans next?

  7. Am I the only one noticing Optimus Primes voice sounds different in this trailer, it sounds like a different voice actor, but in the other trailer it was fine. Confused…

  8. I love how you get that feel of autoboys vs deceptions again, and that the decepticons feel like an actual threat again and aren’t spitting and yelling all the time.

  9. Welp as we clearly see the helicopter con dies by having a chain thrown up in its rotores and slammed into the ground and explode.

  10. So my question is … If Blitzwing is standing on Shockwave right side in car mode .. the one on his left is Starscream in jet mode ? But that jet mode also looks exactly like Blitzwing lol

  11. Ok, I agree that the trailer's editing makes Blitzscream look like an idiot for dropping him right after asking his question like that, but you've gotta admit that scene was pretty hardcore. He grabs bumblebee, grinds him into a cliff, shoots him, and then just casually drops him off said cliff like a boss. In less then a minute this guy proved himself to be one of the best Transformers villains we've had for a while, even in spite of the fact that he fails How to Villain 101 by not confirming the kill. Now if only he actually bore any resemblance to Blitzwing whatsoever… And that ain't me being a gee-wunner; all I'm saying is why not at least just slap some tank treads on him, or a cannon or something?

  12. I have a theory for why Bumblebee has Visible Head Syndrome. After he was damaged by Blitzwing, he didn't have enough time to completely scan the Volkswagon before his memory core shut down.

    This may not be accurate, but it's just a theory. What's yours?

  13. Michael bay s Ninja Turtles SUCKS and i hate the turtles. Michael Bay Transformers SUCKS ….ALL MICHAEL BAY CGI DESIGNS SUCKS ,TRANSFORMERS STORY really FUKED UP. Do something else michael bay that you know to do good. No more Michael Bay thank you too much

  14. I said this before I’ll say it again I don’t care if blitzwing doesn’t have his g1 colours or his other two faces at least we get to see a live action version of him P.S I love his voice and dropkicks voice

  15. That kind of Transformers movie we wanted ANYWAY, Mr. Bay…. not the "blunt" and failed blockbuster sequels you did!!!

  16. why are alway makin bubmble bee so stupid and goofy, is a transformer not a disney caracter, fuck disney and its stup idealogy of makin idiot caracters,

  17. I love how the guy says “Run!” Then the military guy just says “DO NOT RUN” then bumblebee proceeds to run and the military guy again said “She ran”

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