Bunny New Girl | Short Film

Bunny New Girl | Short Film

Has everyone got a texta or pencil? Yes. Hi
So sorry Hi, I’m Alice Dunn. My daughter Annabelle, she’s starting with you today. She’s, she’s a bit shy at the moment. She’s, she’s got a um… She’s got a little Oh yes, good. Um Well come and say hello Oh… I see Go on, go on darling, you’ll be fine. Are you sure you don’t want to take it off? OK, we’ll be right. Bye (laughter) Class this is Annabelle She’s come all the way from Western Australia (laughter) Shhh Just hop over there next to Bethany there Shoosh Say hello please Bethany Hello Do you prefer Anna? Yes Harry? But there’s already an Anna Mr Borbidge Hmmm. We’ll just stick with Annabelle then. So class Where were we up to? Ah yes Tony Takes A Tumble The hill was high the valley was wide the leaves were all in a jumble The wind was whistling the clouds were forming the sky was beginning to crumble Sure footed he stepped so high on the right so careful that he didn’t stumble Annoyed and unsure Who are you supposed to be the Easter Bunny? Why don’t you give us an egg you little weirdo wabbit And angrily started to grumble He had to hold on not to do anything wrong but everything started to fumble The lighting cracked! The thunder went boom! Ow! The whole country started to rumble! She’s got a beard Shhhhh Was that you Aden? Nup Very disappointing Let’s forget all the fuss and carry on shall we? His balance was funny his legs felt like honey when Tony took his tumble But he claimed that he meant it and it despite his best effort it was anything but humble Lost in his thoughts and direction of course his mind was a mosaic of mumble He couldn’t see clearly though he wanted to dearly his foot steps were more like a bumble Class! Stop that! Here, give that to me! (announcement) Mr Borbidge’s 2/3 class please make your way to the school hall for your class photo Yeah!

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  1. Wow, reaching 10 million views is way beyond what I ever hoped. This little film has had a big life and it's really special to share it with you! Thank you all for watching, commenting, liking, reacting, sharing and subscribing. Be sure to subscribe and click that bell to stay posted on my new film Sherbert Rozencrantz, You're Beautiful which I will upload in full in September! ❤️
    UPDATE: Here is my new film! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IU1g2hs5suE

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