Burna Boy – Serving Up Afrofusion with “African Giant”  | The Daily Show

Burna Boy – Serving Up Afrofusion with “African Giant” | The Daily Show

-Nigeria in the house.
-Yes, sir. Welcome to the show, my friend. (speaking foreign language) -The, uh…
-(cheering) So many accolades have, uh,
happened in your life over the past year, year,
18 months, I would say. Hold on. I don’t want
to cut you off. I-I have to tell this one, yeah. -Oh, here we go.
-Just hold on. This guy is like a legend. ‘Cause I’m from Nigeria,
and, like, -I used to spend a lot of time
in South Africa, right. -Right. And this must
have been 2014, right. I went on this boat thing
in Cape Town with some girl, and… (laughter) Yeah. And then,
we was going in and then you
must have been coming out from some place,
I don’t know. And then it’s like
a big crowd starts going, “Trevor. Trevor.” (laughter) You know? And then,
the girl I’m with, she’s like, “That’s Trevor Noah.
Can I go take a–” I’m like,
“You stay put.” (laughter) You know, so, after that, immediately we got down
from there. I went back and I started
watching the whole… -oh, everything.
-Oh, man, I appreciate that. -And that’s how I– you know,
so… -I appreciate that. Most people
would have been like, “And that’s when I started
hating you.” -But, I mean, that’s, uh…
-No. No, that’s a pretty dope story. -I’m– thank you very much
for that. -Yeah, yeah. Thank you very much for that. Let’s– But let’s talk
about that. You know, you have spent time
in South Africa, but you’ve also spent time -traveling around the world.
-Yes. You know,
for those who don’t know you, they-they are definitely bound
to know you. Burna Boy’s music
has been blowing up. BET’s Best International Act. -Congratulations on that.
-Thank you. -Uh…
-(cheers and applause) What do you think… What do you think it is
about Nigerian music and African music in particular, that it’s blowing up
all over the world right now? Man, it’s just the truth always
just circles back, you know? It’s like things always circle
back to where they started from. You know, music as a whole
started from Africa. You know, so it’s always gonna
circle back home, you know? You think it’s just gonna
come back around, -the vibe, the rhythm, the beat?
-Yeah. It’s like, it might leave again but it’s
always gonna circle back home because, like,
when everything else fails, -everybody runs back home.
-(laughs) -Everyone, uh…
-(applause) Everyone started sampling
the sound, as well. -Yeah.
-You know, you’ve got… you’ve got Drake
who sampled the sound. -You know, you’ve got…
-Drake! (laughter) You’ve got so many huge artists
who’ve sampled the sound, and now because of that, like,
when you hear songs in the club, you hear, like, Nigerian music.
You hear African music. I’ve been fascinated by how
it’s not even, like, called… -It’s just music, which it is.
-Yeah. You-you have a specific title
for it, though. -You call it Afrofusion.
-Yeah. What does that mean?
What does Afrofusion mean -for your music? -Okay, so,
basically, it’s like a pizza. -Right?
-(laughter) Hold on. I’m serious. (laughter) -So, it’s like a pizza, right?
-Okay. And then imagine a pizza. It’s like, what’s the main thing
in the pizza that every pizza needs?
It’s the flour. Right. Okay, the dough.
Okay, okay. -The dough. There you go, yeah.
-The dough. The base. All right. -Cool. Cool. Yes.
-Okay, so, yeah. -So, Afrobeat is the base,
right? -Okay. And then now you can have
any pizza you want, but you have the Afrobeat base. -So you could… -You know,
so there’s-there’s the hip-hop. -Pepperoni. There’s the…
-Oh, okay. Okay. Okay. -I’m like, “Hip-hop pepperoni?”
-There’s the dancehall… -That’s actually a good flavor.
-The dance… Yeah, yeah. -There’s the dancehall ham.
-Right. There’s the… You know?
All types of, you know… So I just kind of make
a nice pizza -every song.
-Oh, I like that. -So, Burna Boy just throws in,
like, an Afro-pizza. -Yeah. You-you need to trademark that.
“Hip-hop pepperoni.” You could make
a lot of money from… “Hey, let me get one
hip-hop pepperoni over there!” Yeah. And then, like,
what it should be is, like, a pepperoni
that’s really hot, and then, like, when people
eat it, then they start rapping. Just like…
(rapping indistinctly) (laughter) -(cheering and applause)
-That would be… That would make you
a lot of money. Um, you are one of the artists who is featured
on the Lion King soundtrack… -Yeah.
-…with Beyoncé. (cheering and applause) You are… you are also
one of the few African artists who got to perform at Coachella,
and that-that’s interesting because that’s what inspired
the name of this album, -African Giant.
-Yeah, yeah. Tell-tell me how that…
how that came about. Yeah, so, basically,
I’m on the toilet seat… (laughter) I love how every single one
of your stories -starts with where you are.
I love this. -Yeah. -It’s like, you have
to be specific, man. -Yeah. “I was on a boat.”
“I was on a toilet seat.” -“I was…” Yes.
-I always remember, you know? So, basically,
I’m on the toilet seat, and then my mom calls me. And then she’s like, “Yeah,
um, you’re doing Coachella.” And blah-blah-blah. I’m like,
“Oh, yeah, that’s-that’s nice.” So, I get off, and then I, you know,
go on the Gram. -Right.
-(laughs) And then I see the thing,
and then it’s like, my name. I’ve seen all the names,
and I’m looking for my name, -and I can’t find my name.
-Right. I literally can’t find
my name, right? So I’m like,
“Am I really performing here?” -“Is my mom playing a prank
on me?” -Yeah. You know? What’s going on? And then she’s
like, “No, it’s there.” And then they circled–
they had to circle it for me. -Oh, ’cause, like, the names get
smaller on the poster. -Yes! -Yes. Yes. Yeah.
-Yeah, it’ll be like, “Beyoncé! -Eminem!” (descending tone)
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. -(laughing)
-Yeah. -(applause)
-So then it was, “Burna Boy.” -Exactly.
-So then what happened? So, basically, that’s
never happened to me before. -You know, I’m used to being the
African Giant, you know? -Right. -So…
-Because you’re huge. This is, like, something
I think people don’t understand, is how big Burna Boy is. It’s just like–
You know, like, depending on where you watch news from,
before-before– depending on where you get
your perspective, you go, like,
“Oh, I don’t know.” But you are huge,
you know what I mean? You’re huge in a country with
one of the largest populations, on a continent with one
of the largest populations, you know what I mean?
All around the world. And then they put, like, this. -You know?
-Right. So I’m not used to that. So I’m like, “Okay, what’s this?
I don’t like this. No.” (laughing) So, basically, I-I told them, I expressed myself, basically–
and not just for that– for the fact that everyone else
that’s coming after me -is, like– shouldn’t have
to go through that. -Right. They should– It’s like
it should be the same way. Like, let’s say
the Latin artists -and all the other international
people that was there. -Right. -You know what I mean? -Yeah,
they have started billing, -like, J Balvin will have
a bigger font. -Exac-Exactly. -Yes. Yeah, yeah.
-Exactly. So I’m thinking, -I mean, it’s only right,
you know? -Right. -So, yeah. -Right. That one
of the biggest artists in Africa -would get one of the biggest
fonts on the page. -Yeah. Yeah. -Yeah. -I like that.
I feel like– -(applause) -I feel like– Yeah.
-(cheering) I, uh… I’m not gonna lie. I feel like
that was the Nigerian in you -kicking in.
-(laughs) No, ’cause Nigerians do not– Like, Nigerians and humility
don’t mix. Like, Nigerians are like– Nigerians are like,
“We kick ass.” You’re the coolest Africans
on the continent. And, like, I can just see
a Nigerian looking, like, “Is this my name, huh?
Huh? Is… -“Did you run out of ink?
-That’s-that’s… “Did you run out of ink
when you wrote my name, huh? Eh?”
(laughs) I can just picture that. Um, all right, so, um, you know, you’re-you’re
performing live everywhere. People love your music.
You’re gonna be performing -for us today. Uh, what’s the
song? -(cheering and applause) -What can we look forward to?
-Sorry? What’s the song that you’re
gonna perform for us today? So, I’m gonna do, like,
a little medley. I’m gonna, like,
bring one of the– my songs -from my other album, my last
album, Outside, -Right. Uh-huh. -called “Ye,”
and I’m gonna fuse it -Yeah. with one of my songs
from this album -called “Anybody.”
-This is dope. So, basically, what you’re
gonna do after the break is you’re gonna make us one
of those pizzas where we have all the toppings -at the same time.
-(cheering and applause) African Giant is available now.

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