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  1. Wow!! the movie makes me think, it is so intense. Beautiful. The actors are really good. The lead actor is so good looking.

  2. true story n very sad that happen to that girl……but fuck those people who donn't have guts to stand for right…they r so many people they all can easily save her but all r coward…

  3. That is revenge than resolve the problem. We would to thinking about this problem more than short-circuit it by revenge.

  4. 有趣的事实:


  5. thats really a shortfilm conveying a kind of offensive message for those who dont really expect to move on
    but actually tried to prove the human mentality at times and is well directed

  6. Why he's smiling at the end….?
    Although he may be glad that the driver did not kill him,
    the driver is dead too….It should only be touching…. but not glad with a smile….

  7. The driver was being thankful to the man who tried helping, she acted like that because she wanted to kill every single person on the bus except the man

  8. Dawm. Makes me sad. This was a good movie!!

    btw. men in the comments saying woman aren't good drivers x'D Did you even see the movie? The women just got raped, the passengers could so easily help her… but they didn't. So she wanted them dead. 🙂 oh and another thing.. we are living in the 21 century. Woman can't drive? You living under a stone? I think so.

  9. Excellent Selfish portray in the modern life.I love this short story.At last I got the point the driver told him to get off from the bus.

  10. This short film reminds us what's truly the meaning of being a man.
    I understand why the girl (the driver) in her action that had taken..
    Why?… two men, one knife…. but only one man strived to stop those stranger despite the fact that his not strong enough to fought… but those guys whose inside the bus just watch and kept in silence without thingking that their number could stop it…

    Lesson to be learn… now I understand why this short film got allots of award…..

  11. The whole point was that she was planning to commit suicide for getting raped, and kill the people for not helping her. She then left the guy off the bus so that she didn't have to kill him. She basically crashes the bus on purpose to end her life and kill the ones who didn't help. She saved the guys life as a reward.

  12. Now that was so different. Years ago whilst doing my National Service in Hong Kong, I witnessed a gathering of commuters on a railway station. They all were jabbering and poking the the head of a guy who had jumped in front of a train. No one went to help him but gloried in his death. I was told by a serving boy at the camp, if anyone assisted in saving the guy, he then would be responsible for his life.

  13. The guy save the woman driver from rape…but in the end the woman driver saved the guy! Because she commits suicide…all people in the buz are worthless! Brilliant story…someone tries to save oneself…

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  15. I'm assuming he smile at the end becuz he realize why she wouldn't let him on the bus. She was simply saying Thank You it's the thought that counts and I appreciate it now get off.

  16. Movie is brilliant but m shattered after watching this…more than just felt sad for lady Driver n that gentleman tried to save her from those two thieves ….
    The moment lady get inside that bus n look around all those passengers with so much questions in her eyes ..I predicted that she will definitely do accident of her bus n take revenge with all the cowards heartless passengers n i was correct …she was so kind with that boy …she save his life so much suspense n beautifully picturese ….😍😍

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