Businessman Tamil Full Movie || Mahesh Babu, Kajal Agarwal || Puri Jaganadh

Businessman Tamil Full Movie || Mahesh Babu, Kajal Agarwal || Puri Jaganadh

‘The last don of Mumbai,
Wakil Bhai was arrested in Nigeria.’ ‘Wakil Bhai was arrested in
Nigeria by Mumbai police.’ Move… Move back. We all know. By 2012, we wiped out the
whole underworld in Mumbai. The cops are successful in this regard. Because, Dawood Ibrahim
is legitimated in Pakistan. Chota Shakeel is inactive. Chota Rajan Is working for
government agencies. Abu Saleem is in the prison. And we all know that
Arun Gawli is in politics. We arrested Wakil Bhai as well. I am proud to say… Rather, my whole department
is proud to announce… There are no more dons in Mumbai. No more dons! That is why there are no more
encounter squads. Mumbai will be peaceful from tomorrow. We made your dreams come true. I will break their legs
if anyone enters the crime world. If anyone thinks about committing a crime… I will shoot him. No one can enter the underworld. I will not let that happen. Dude! I am here. Dude! Are you here? Welcome to Mumbai. Dude! Millions of people come here every day. But, only one person can get everything. Mumbai might be fruitful for someone. They will be blessed. Dude! You can buy food in Mumbai for
10 rupees and for 10000 rupees also. Some people fulfill their hunger
by eating Vada Pav. Do you know the price of Vada Pav?
It is 7 rupees. We are lucky that we have the largest
slum area Dharavi here. Dude! I suffered a lot when I came to Mumbai. No job. No money. No place to sleep. Someone will wake us up if we sleep anywhere. Take this. Dude. You are so lucky. I have no one when I came to Mumbai. But, you have me. Your life will be settled. I will find a job for you. You can make a good and simple living. I am not here to make a simple living. Then? I am here to threaten Mumbai. I am here to rule this Mumbai city. What a dialogue, dude! It is superb! Hey! I am going to the office. Do you have money? Take this. There’s a stove. You can cook if you want. Otherwise, there’s a mess
at the end of this street. Eat and sleep. I will come in the evening. Take it and keep it with you.
Take it. Where are you working? Ours is a phenol company. I am the supervisor there. How much do they pay? 12000 rupees. Why? You are my assistant from today. I will pay 25000 rupees to you. Resign your job. Should I resign my job? Am I your assistant? Will you give me 25000 rupee salary? Hey! You can’t even come here unless
I send money to you. You cannot eat unless I give you money now. You can’t even feed yourself. Am I your assistant and
are you giving me a job? I am telling you again. I am here to threaten Mumbai. You are my assistant. Your salary is 25000 rupees. You are not going to your office. Do you get afraid, dude? Yes, dude. I got scared. Dude! When will Mumbai get scared of me
if a friend like you doesn’t get scared at first? Let’s go out. Come. Dude, I am scared of you. Why did you come here? What will you do? Business. Business? What business?
– Crime. Crime? Hey…You came with a plan and
you’ll make it a mess. I will book a train ticket for the evening.
Go home. Please. Hey! Hey…why should we care about them?
They’re rich. Dude! We need such people. Listen to me. Hey! Who are you? What are you looking at?
– Police. Assistant commissioner of police. This car was used in the Mumbai blast. Did you use it or rented to someone?
– No…No, sir. This is my car. I am not a terrorist. What is your name?
– Kasab. No…Sir! I am not that Kasab. I know that you are not him. Your name is so tempting to
put you behind the bars. Come…Come to the police station. – Sir… Listen to me, sir. Drive. Sir! Leave me. Listen to me. Reporting…Bandra Police station! Hey! Come here. Look at them. I told them that I am SI. Don’t tell them that I am ACP.
– Sir… Hey! Don’t overact. I suspected them and brought them here. I told them that their car is in
our records. Go to them and ask for the bribe. They’re accused if they give you. They’re good if they do not give you. Go and give it a try. Go.
– Okay, sir. Come. Come!
– Sir. Sir…Please try to believe me.
– But, your car is in our records. No, Sir! Please try to do something.
– Shut up, man! This is a suspect case. Come, man.
– No, sir! Please do something, sir. Come, man. Do something, sir. Please, sir… Do you have money?
Money! Sir! The work is done, sir. Keep that car under observation
for 2 months from today. Give me your number. – Okay, sir. How much did they give?
– 30000 rupees, sir. Keep 5000 rupees with you.
– Sir. Give the balance to him. Sir. Keep in touch.
– Okay, sir. Save my number, sir. Super! What’s this?
– That is your advance. Are you happy? I don’t understand it, dude. Dude! Nowadays, money can be earned easily. But, it is hard to find a beautiful girl. Yes! It is very tough. I came here to rule Mumbai. This king needs a queen. Yes or No?
– You need her, dude. Do you know who my queen is?
– Who’s she? Mumbai city commissioner
Ajay Bharadwaj’s daughter Chitra. Hey! Are you crazy? How many times should I tell you
to not follow me? – What? Can’t you understand when
I say that I do not like you? What are you saying?
– Shut up! You keep on texting and calling me. You went to my office and told
that you and I had an affair it seems. My reputation is all gone.
My dad asked me about the girl. No.
– Shut up! There are hundreds of messages on Facebook. All are from you. I don’t even want to open Twitter.
What are those bad words? Are you really a girl? I can’t read them being a guy. Who’s giving you my phone number? I move around different countries every day. Each and every trip of mine is confidential. Do you love me or are you trying
to wreck my company? Are you rich, sir? Tell your friend. Ask her to stop acting like this.
– I don’t know you. Shut up! Stop crying.
Stop it! I will stay in Mumbai for 10 days.
– Wow! I shouldn’t see you at the beach again. If you try to meet me at Marriott Hotel… I will finish you in the lobby. Stupid girl! Sir. Sir…Excuse me. Sorry, sir. I didn’t expect my friend to
behave indecently. By the way, I am Aisha. This is my card. You can call me anytime. I feel like calling a girl like you. That cannot be her. Tell your friend not to repeat this.
– Okay, sir. Yes! ‘He’s flattered.’ Hey! Don’t cry, Chitra. Why are you disturbing him
when he doesn’t like you? He’s a good guy. So, he said it politely. Shut up. I didn’t disturb him. I don’t even know his name. Then, why were you silent? He didn’t even let me talk. He started to shout at me. So, I started crying. No one has ever scolded me like that. Do you know that? Let it go, babe. Rick kid!
Many girls like you will try to impress him. So sad! He might’ve got confused
and abused you. That’s it. Let it go. [RUCKUS] Sir – Listen! You’ve got many notices. Where should I go with my kids, sir? This is the court’s order! What can I do? Listen! You people took a loan
from our bank to build your houses. You haven’t paid it back till now.
The bank will give you one more month. If you do not pay back the loan in one month… Then, your house and
all your belongings will be ceased. Come on. ‘They didn’t pay the bank loan till today.
How does it matter to you?’ I am feeling bad. They drove away women and
kids along with their belongings. I am feeling bad for that. No family in Dharavi should become
homeless. They shouldn’t cry. Your troubles will be gone in 10 days. No house of Dharavi will be under mortgage. Surya promises to clear all your loans. Hey! Who are you? Where are you from?
– I’m from Tamilnadu. What can a non-local guy like you do here? You are born here. What have you done? Everyone who did something is
from a different place. Someone should come here to do something. Likewise, I came to Mumbai. I will do something. I will remain here. Do you have a loan? Yes. Give me a hug if your debts are fulfilled. Remember that my name is Surya. Let’s meet here after 10 days. Let’s party. And remain to be here. [APPLAUSE] Hey…What happened to you? We can’t pay room rent properly. Do you know how vast is Dharavi? Do you know anything about their debts? Will you pay that? Are you out of your mind? Forget about me paying back their loan. Son many people trust me. You do not trust me even though
you’re my friend. You should feel ashamed. Hi. Hello… Why are you calling him?
– He’s a rich kid. So, what? Hey, Come… ‘Let me tell you!’ Hi, sir.
– Are you here? I am looking for you. What will do after finding us?
Will you bury us in the lobby? See! I…
– Shut up. Shut your mouth.
You don’t know who I am. I don’t know you either. You don’t know anything about me.
– Actually, what… Shut up. I cried all night because of
your scolding yesterday. You came into my dreams early in the morning. Hey! Why do you shout
without listening to me? I came here to apologize. Sorry? Why? I understood that I scolded
you unnecessarily. How did you find it last night? She was drunk and created nuisance
at Marriott last night. That is when I understood.
She is someone but not you. Hmm. Sorry. I’m Surya.
– I’m Chitra. Is painting your hobby? It’s not a hobby. We are professionals. She is an artist and I am a flutist. Why are you painting with hand?
Don’t you have money to buy a brush? It is not that.
Hand paintings are more valuable. Oh! I am not good with painting. My dad is very much interested. I remember that he bought a
Picasso painting in auction. That should be in our farm house in Paris. I don’t know if it still there or
they moved it to the garage. Garage? Sir! It is Picasso. Don’t leave it wherever you want. Chitra! I am into business since childhood. I am not that artistic. When someone like you does a painting… I feel that I can’t paint. When someone play a flute… I feel that I can’t play. I feel so bad. Don’t worry, sir. I am here to play the flute. You don’t worry. I like you. I feel like encouraging you. Thank you. Thank you so much. Sir! Greetings, sir. Good morning. Good morning, sir. Hmm. Why did you come out without security? Are they your friends?
Greetings, madam. Greetings, madam.
– See you. Bye. Yeah, bye. Sir… What is your name? Purushottaman, sir. Purushottaman! Did you read
the newspaper today? – Yes, sir. Ex-minister Laalu! What’s that hassle? Sir! Munshi got arrested because of
some murders in past. He is getting ready to become
an approver now. Laalu will be finished
if this guy says something. Do you know Laalu’s secretary? Yes, sir.
– He’s from my place. Salem. Don’t tell him that it is me.
Take an appointment for me casually. I got it, sir. [NEWS] Where is Laalu sir?
– Sir is inside in a meeting. Who’s that? I need to talk to him personally. Say it. Don’t you understand when
I say it is personal? Get out, all of you. Go! Go. Are you done with the checking? What is this, then? You became like this because
of such people around you. Go. Hey! Should I tell you separately? I will not listen to anything or
talk without him. Come…Sit here… Laalu sir! I love you. I am your fan. I planned to meet you 5 years ago
when I came to Mumbai. But, I waited to get into a good position
before meeting you. We have a gang today. I have an arrangement. Everyone in Mumbai knows Surya. So, what? Your task can’t be done
if you rely on lawyers. I will plan and make sure that Munshi dies
in the prison. Is that enough? Do you want more? How much do you want? I want Laalu’s friendship. You will pay whatever I ask if I do this. But, I don’t want that. I love you. I just need 5 lakhs for expenses. Sir! He says ‘I love you’ and
‘5 lakhs’! Not a match. Don’t give him anything. Why are you giving him stupid suggestions? You and I will be fine.
He’s the one who might go to the prison. He became like this after you joined. You are the one who made a deal
with Munshi. Don’t go that deep. Sir! I somehow feel that he can do it. I am surprised with the information
and confidence he has. It is okay. Give him. Take this. This is a lot of money. Who gave you? Leave that! Where is Dongri area?
– Gosh! Why do you want to go there? Gangsters and criminals stay there. We are going there. Where is Shakeel? He is over there. [DISCUSSION] Where is Shakeel? Do you know me? I don’t know. Then, why did you hit me?
Who are you, man? Shouldn’t I hit you if I do not know you? Are you egoistic? What are you giving me that look?
Are you a hero? Idiot! Do you have fun in fighting? Are you that courageous? You come to Dongri and threaten us! Don’t go. I told you. Didn’t I? Nasser! Take out the weapons. I am tough at hitting someone. I don’t know that until others expressed it. You will know it now. I am not hitting you properly because
I came here to talk. Where is Shakeel? Don’t surround me and confuse me. I might overbeat you in confusion. Where is Shakeel? I have to talk to him. Shakeel is in the prison.
Why are you bashing us up? Oh, no! Is he in the prison? Then, I should talk to you. Someone get me a wet cloth and ice cubes. You’ve become jobless as
Mumbai doesn’t have a don. I am your don from tomorrow. How can you become the don? I bashed you earlier because
I knew you would question me. Let me know if you’re not convinced. I will thrash you all again. Idiots! Hey! We are all criminals. We should make living with crime. I will give you all a job.
Work happily without being egoistic. Bujji! Give them 50000 rupees each.
– Okay. Come. For me, sir. Point no.1! Call all our accomplices. I have to meet them. No.2! Talk to a lawyer. Shakeel who’s in the prison
and anyone along with him… Bring them out. No.3! The day before Shakeel’s release… He should do something. Will you talk or should I talk to him? That looks good. Thank you. Can I have a photograph with you?
– Sure. Thank you.
– You’re welcome. Hi. Hello, sir.
– Hi. Stop talking like that. Hi. Good to see you.
– Hi. What is all this? It is my painting exhibition. Oh! How many paintings did you sell? 99 percent of them see and go. People who actually buy are very rare. Why is it like this? This is an abstract painting. What does it mean? Abstract art is a style of painting by color
and form is the subject of the painting. Rather than representing tangible
objects of people. This painting is easy to
understand than your description. I will buy it. Really?
– Oh, wow! Thank you, sir.
– How much is it? 20000!
– That cheap? 20000 dollars? Not 20000 dollars…
– Hey! Relax, Chitra. Yes, sir. Just 20000 dollars. 20000 dollars! It is really cheap. Yes, sir. Just nearly 10 lakhs. Give it. What? Cheque book! Cheque book? Didn’t you bring my cheque book? That is… It is okay. Get me a swiping machine. I would like to swipe my credit card. Sorry, sir. We don’t have a swiping machine. Don’t you have a swiping machine?
– No, sir. It is so embarrassing. It is okay, sir. That’s fine.
– No, Chitra! One second… Aisha. I call you and tell you the location.
Come and collect the cheque. Thank you, sir. Chitra! I like it so much. I will place it beside the
Picasso painting in my house. No, sir. Please.
That’s an insult to Picasso. What’s wrong? You’re good. I am placing it.
– Sir. No, sir.
– I will throw Picasso painting if needed. No, sir. Please don’t do that.
– What a painting! What a talent! Their talent is not being appreciated.
– Yeah…that’s right. I will support them. Kabaddi… Kabaddi… Kabaddi competition was held on August 15th
in the central prison. That took away the life of a person.
Munshi is the primary suspect in many casess He went to play Kabaddi and didn’t survive. Kabaddi… He was crushed by many people and
couldn’t breathe which took away his life. Hey, Bhai. Surya Bhai. Well done, Surya! Well done. Kabaddi… Come, Surya. Come! Come! Kabaddi… Kabaddi… Surya Bhai! You cleared all my troubles. All those tensions I’ve had for 3 years
disappeared at one. Tell me what you want.
Tell me how much you want. Tell me.
– Do I look like a rowdy? Ah? Do you think I will murder for money? Ah? Hey! I did this because I love you. I love you and I adore you. Keep me if you like me. What? Treat me like your girlfriend. You know how to take care of
your mistress, right? You should give a car,
a bungalow and the bank balance. Keep me. Sir! He is taking an advantage
of that murder. I did it to take an advantage. Aren’t you taking an advantage?
You’ve got many houses and properties. You’ve got good bank balance.
Shall I say everything? Stupid fellow!
– Sir! Keep him. Keep me. Shall I leave? Kabaddi players are getting released
from the prison today. [♬♪♫] Hey, Shakeel. Hey, Shakeel. Shakeel! Bhai. Did you play Kabaddi?
– Yes, Bhai. Super! I promised the people in Dharavi… That I will pay back their debts. One bank gave the loan to all of them. Bank of Maharashtra. We cannot pay that huge amount. We shall rob that bank. We shall steal everything tonight.
– Hey! I plead you. Don’t take such decisions. I am scared to see you. It is frightening to live with you. Dude! I told you earlier that
I am here for that. Go casually and check bank of Maharashtra. Go! Is it the right address? Why did he ask us to come to the
slum area to give a cheque? Simple! He might’ve bought this slum area.
He must be having plans to build an IMAX. We don’t know anything. Okay. Call him first. Hello. Hi, sir. Where are you? Hey, flutist! Look here. Yes. Hi, sir! You are too down to earth. Is it? Sit. Hey! Don’t eat this kind of street food.
It will spoil your health. Eew! Have Samosas.
I will tell you something interesting. What is it, sir? I am not giving you the cheque. Will you give us cash?
– I will… I will say something before that. Say it… Chitra! I liked you when
I saw you for the first time. I wanted to get closer to you. I tried to draw your attention. I don’t have any office or companies. Those stories about London,
Paris and Picasso are lies. I stay here in this slum. Are you not a rich kid? Road side kid. There’s no cheque. To be honest,
I don’t even have a bank account. That’s the matter. I didn’t tell you this truth. I love you. Aren’t you ashamed to lie? Not at all. I never feel ashamed. Why should I feel ashamed? No one has a character
that’ll make me feel ashamed. Okay. You are shameless. That’s okay. Isn’t it wrong to deceive us? Let us be frank.
– Hmm. I said 20000 dollars and both of you came
to take 10 lakhs from me. Isn’t that a deceit? Chitra! We’re simply fishing. I try for you and you try
for some other person. She tries for the rich. Chitra! There is a truth in
your point of view and in my point of view. It is their own story and
they will be the hero of their story. She had many hopes on me. Your flutist. That is why she got hurt. I will wake her up now.
You just see how she talks to me. Oh, shit. Are you okay? You cheater! Stupid fellow. How can you deceive innocent people like us? You rascal! You will go to hell, man! Damn! We should never see his face again. Let’s go. What a waste of time! He spoiled all my plans. Chitra! Don’t look at me in a negative manner. How to change bad people like me? How to love them? Think about how to make
them good in the society. You made me realize today. I understood that I am a stupid. Chitra! Why are you still wasting time
by listening to his nonsense? Let’s get out of here. Come on. ‘We should never trust such people.’ ‘Cheap guys.’ Don’t touch the money in the bank. Break the lockers. Take out all the original documents. Don’t leave any records there. [POLICE SIREN] Destroy all the computers. Burn all the records. ♪If you decide to live in the jungle!♪ ♪Learn to be the Lion♪ ♪Have a rage in your eyes!♪ ♪Mumbai!♪ ♪Learn the rules of hunting!♪ ♪Let things come, defend!♪ ♪Victory is the word that stands here!♪ ♪Mumbai!♪ ♪Mumbai!♪ ♪This is a city ruled by the dark!♪ ♪A hell for the good men!♪ ♪Mumbai!♪ ♪Mumbai!♪ ♪Trust not in yourself♪ ♪Be cunning and win the lot!♪ ♪Mumbai!♪ ♪Mumbai!♪ ♪You make the first hit!♪ ♪It should bring in a thunder!♪ ♪First, second,
your steps should be far ahead!♪ ♪Under world it is and the Lion rules it!♪ ♪If you decide to live in the jungle!♪ ♪Learn to be the Lion♪ ♪Have a rage in your eyes!♪ ♪Mumbai!♪ ♪Hey! Move man!♪ ♪Learn the rules of hunting!♪ ♪Let things come, defend!♪ ♪Victory is the word that stands here!♪ ♪Mumbai!♪ ♪Mumbai!♪ Sir! My name is Sailender. I am a builder. Sir! My construction is going on in Versova. I want to talk to you. Hmm. Sir! You say on TV that Mumbai
doesn’t have mafia. But, I receive extortion calls. They threaten me on phone call. They take some don’s name. No! There is no don in Mumbai. There is one, sir. Who is that? Surya Bhai. He came to office and threatened me. He has a very big gang. Please. Please help me, sir. Did you come to the temple? Do you come to the temple? Shouldn’t I come? I thought that you’re a good person
and I loved you. I don’t know that you are
this type of a girl. The impression I had on you is gone. Why? You ask me why? Praying to God is a business deal. Business deal?
– Yeah. No one will pray if we knew that God
won’t give money, success and health. They won’t pray. They’re done! They offer something only
if they get blessed. Everyone come to the temple
and pray that they should be fine. They will pray only for them. No one will pray for the health of God. No. Selfishness. People are selfish here. You’re one of them. That’s it! I don’t want you and your love. Mind your own business. Bye. Listen. Hey! I’m talking to you. Stop. You came by yourself and disturbed me. How can you leave me suddenly
saying that you don’t like me? Do you know that I struggled all this while? I should think a lot
and crosscheck everything. From the first meet till now… I remembered everything that you spoke. I prepared a project report. I come to an understanding. How can you leave me when
I get ready to accept you? I think about you in a positive manner. I am trying to understand your character. Why do you act like this? That is okay. But, I need some time. Your character is suspicious. I should say that. Not you. God! He is too smart. Let it down and control him. It is okay if he becomes crazy.
I will take adjust. Please do this favor, O’ Lord! Take care of yourself as well. Hmm? Hey! Is there anyone named Surya Bhai? Who is that?
– I don’t know. I heard that he stays here.
Don’t you know him? I don’t know, sir. I will take care of it. You guys leave.
– Bhai! They are… They are cops. I will deal with them. You go. Let’s go. Hey. Do you know who Surya Bhai is? I don’t know. Where do you stay? I live here. You should know if you stay here. There is no rule that I should know him. What is your name? Surya. But, you said that you don’t know Surya.
– You asked for Surya Bhai. Not me. What do you do?
– Jobless. Come. Let’s go to the station.
– Which station? Police station. You don’t look like cops. Is it? You will get to know everything
if you get thrashed. Come. You are not here with your sticks. I would’ve come if you at least had them. Do one thing. Go to the station and come back
with the sticks. Otherwise, wear your uniform. I won’t come casually. The cops can hit me. But, I will not take it if you hit me. I won’t let you live. I respect the cops. Don’t act like cops. We are cops.
– I won’t believe you. This is definitely not a cop’s blow. It will be different. Fraud! Why are you trying to stab me? Are you mafia? Did you start again? Won’t you let Mumbai be peaceful? Won’t you let us live in peace? He didn’t stop even after
the police vehicle came there. He says that we are mafia. Hmm. Surya Bhai! I heard that you started extortion. Sir! Is that me? Sir! I saw your interview on TV. I came to live happily
that Mumbai is peaceful. It hasn’t been even a month that
I came here. You can ask my roommate. Yes, sir. Why does public stop the cops
when they try to arrest you? That’s their humanity, sir. So, you don’t know anything? No, sir. Haven’t you warned anyone?
– No, sir. Hmm. Hey! Call Sailender Jain. Is he the one who came to your office? Honey! It is me. There is a knife on my neck. There are four people around me. Please don’t say anything. It is not him, sir. Thank you so much, sir. Sir! Shall I leave? You are a non-local guy and you hit the cops. You are at a pace. Reduce it. I will reduce it, sir. Find a job instead of being idle. I will find one, sir.
See you, sir. Bharat. Sir. Keep this guy under observation. He’s not that great, sir. How can he be the don? He looks innocent. Does Dawood Ibrahim look like a don? He looks like a playboy wearing goggles. Do what I say.
– Yes, sir. Do you like him? Are you serious? He enchanted you when I am away from you. Useless fellow! He doesn’t have money. He is a slum dog, Chitra. How will you live with a person
who doesn’t have a credit card? He is calling me. I will teach him a lesson. Chitra is not here. I won’t give it to her even if she is here.
Do you have a car parking space? Why? Tell me if you have it or not?
I am planning to gift a car to Chitra. Car? Which car? Hey! Do you have parking space or not?
We will park it somewhere. Just get it here, man. What did he say?
– You know what? Your slum dog became a millionaire.
– What? It seems he will buy a car for you.
– Are you serious? Yeah.
– Wow! Chitra! Just look at this car. Whoa! Aston martin!
– Awesome! Wow, Surya! This is amazing. It is so beautiful. How did you earn such huge amount? Everyone will become lucky. It is my day. Oh my, God! Surya,
I really can’t believe this. I never thought that
I will ride such a costly car. Thank you so much. I love you. Anyone will say that
if I gift them a car that costs 2 crore. Get lost. I don’t want you and your car. Chitra! Why are you getting angry? He told the truth. Anyone will say ‘I love you’
if he gifts them a costly car. I will say that if they give me a
two wheeler. I’ll hit you if you say anything. I really expressed my inner feeling. Not for the car. Why didn’t you say it earlier? I’ll think that way if you say it
after gifting you the car. I am different from others.
Don’t compare me with others. Okay. Sorry. I said I am sorry. Come. Okay! Let me tell you this. I love you. But, I will never use this car. Kick me if I use it. So, you don’t want this car anymore. I don’t want it either. Okay. Go! I am stubborn than you. I got a car… Keep this car inside. She might take it. Just go to hell. You keep fighting. I will use the car. Surya! I don’t know what you will do. I should become the mayor of Mumbai. Be one! How can he become? That is not so easy.
The opponent is Arun Gokle. He has the support of the
central minister Jayadev. He has strong network. He consequently won 2 times. He is trying for the hat-trick win. He cannot win unless
he stands for the election. What if he doesn’t stand? Nasser! Threaten him in a strong manner. Stay away from the mayor election. Bhai said that. Who’s that Bhai? Surya Bhai! Who is that? I haven’t heard that name.
– You will hear it soon. Do you know whom you are talking to? I am the mayor for this city. But, the bullet doesn’t know
who the mayor is. Tell this to Surya Bhai. Arun Gokle will become the next mayor. That did not work. Shall I kill him? Don’t kill him. But, he should know that we can kill him. Driver! Drive fast. He said that he doesn’t know
about Surya Bhai. My name will become famous now in Delhi. He called me up and threatened me
in the morning. What is his name?
– Surya Bhai. He warned us though we are powerful. He must either be gutsy or crazy. Hey…Why are you crying? Today is Tuesday. That is why I am safe. I went to Siddhi Vinayak temple. He’ll try to kill me again. Don’t be foolish. You are a mayor.
– No, sir. You don’t know anything about him. Yes. I don’t know.
So, what will do you now? I will not stand for the election. I will kill you if you do not stand.
– No, sir. I will not stand while he is here. Will you do it if he dies?
– Kill him first. I am unable to withstand this tension. He will die within 2 days. I will send some people from Delhi. Guide them.
– Okay, sir. Bye. Sir!
– What? You were right. We followed him. He is not Surya. He is Surya Bhai. He is running a gang. He is very dangerous. He is so dangerous that he trapped
your daughter. What?
– Yes, sir. She is in love with him. Where does he stay? Greetings, sir. Greetings. Greetings, sir. What the hell is happening here? You asked me to find a job
without being idle. I started a company. Surya exports and imports. Impressive! Very impressive. Who? Who are all they? They’re my staff, sir. Staff? These are the people whom
we missed in the encounter. What are you doing with these idiots? Ah? Oh! Hi-tech! These are the contact details of
famous people in Mumbai. What’s going on here? Business, sir. They are our customers. Shut up. Don’t act. Be frank. I’ll be frank if you can withstand it, sir. There is no mafia in Mumbai because of you. Gangsters dispersed. There is no don in Mumbai. India became helpless. There are many incomplete settlements. There are many properties pending. Millions of transactions have been stopped. Mafia settles many problems
that a court or cops cannot settle. How can you kill such mafia? What did mafia do? Are we killing the public? Are we raping someone? No! We play with rich people
whom who cannot do anything. What is your problem, sir? Sir! No one will feed you if you are hungry. But, if you make a simple phone call…
They will be terrified. You get 1 crore in 30 minutes. That is why I am here. I am here to rule the Mumbai city. I believe in war. Not in morality. Sir! The one who can start a war
will talk about equity. Sir! Let’s suppose you leave your dog. Isn’t it immoral to say that whichever
house it goes will belong to you? Let’s suppose that it is a horse
instead of dog. You threaten to kill anyone to acquire
the place that it wanders. This is the combat of such a concept. We read a lot about it. That is what I am doing now. Mumbai will have mafia again. I will let you experience the magnificence. I don’t have a weapon but
I feel like slitting you up. You cannot do that, sir. You have too many rules to do that. You will remember your daughter. That poor thing is in love with me. I allured her knowing
that you are my threat in Mumbai. Don’t do anything to me, sir. Chitra cannot withstand it. She will die. Come, sir. Come, sir. You do not have any proof to put me
behind the bars. You will get calls from Delhi
if you try to do that. You don’t know about my background. They all want me, sir. You are only one who is angry on me. Hello.
– Surya. Chitra.
– I am waiting. Just a minute. Please, sir. Don’t plan to encounter me. Peace will come again. Thank you, sir. Chitra! You never told me about your family. There is nothing to say. I don’t have a mom. I live with my dad. Why aren’t you staying with your dad? My dad lives in the other side of Mumbai. My college is in Juhu. So, I live with my friend as it is close by. What does uncle do? He is a commissioner. Commissioner! Which commissioner? City Police Commissioner! Police? Hmm. Chitra! Why didn’t you say that earlier? What happened? Why are you asking me that, Chitra? They are cops.
They do not like love and all. They might engage me into a case and
put me behind the bars. What will I do then? Who will do that? Your dad, Chitra.
It is your dad. I will not be calm if my dad does that.
– What will you do, Chitra? I will come to station.
Open the cell and take you with me. What will you do after that? I have my plan. Are you ticklish? I will do anything! Hey. Anything? ♪Will Sir come immediately?♪ ♪Will he come majestically?♪ ♪Will he bring the marriage proposal?♪ ♪He will, if he comes!♪ ♪Will Sir come immediately?♪ ♪Will he come majestically?♪ ♪Will he bring the marriage proposal?♪ ♪He will, if he comes!♪ ♪Must kiss the spicy hot lips!♪ ♪Should fly in heaven with eyes closed!♪ ♪Sir will come immediately!♪ ♪Sir will come immediately!♪ ♪Must accept the request and serve!♪ ♪Must slowly embrace and kill me with love!♪ ♪Burn me like a match stick!♪ ♪Touch me like a block of ice!♪ ♪Come hit me with a bow♪ ♪Taste me!♪ ♪I am a hot and spicy sauce!♪ ♪Will Sir come immediately?♪ ♪Will he come majestically?♪ ♪Will he bring the marriage proposal?♪ ♪He will, if he comes!♪ ♪Will Sir come immediately?♪ ♪Will he come majestically?♪ ♪Will he bring the marriage proposal?♪ ♪He will, if he comes!♪ ♪Come immediately!♪ ♪Come dear!♪ ♪The flame of lust!♪ ♪Bring it!♪ ♪Get the pearls♪ ♪Give it dear!♪ ♪He will come!♪ ♪He will come!♪ ♪I am thirsty!♪ ♪Do you have water?♪ ♪Do I get to taste the
rain from your sweet lips!♪ ♪Are you so pretty gorgeous a woman!?♪ ♪Is your body more than just a body!?♪ ♪I have come as
an ant to taste your sweetness!♪ ♪Did this flower bloom with all the love!♪ ♪Come touch me and take me!♪ ♪Come hug me!♪ ♪Give me!♪ ♪Win me!♪ ♪It is all pleasure!♪ ♪Sir will come immediately!♪ ♪He will come with all majesty!♪ ♪Will bring the marriage proposal!♪ ♪Will, if he comes!♪ ♪Sir will come immediately!♪ ♪He will come with all majesty!♪ ♪Will bring the marriage proposal!♪ ♪Will, if he comes!♪ ♪Will sir immediately?♪ ♪Will sir immediately?♪ ♪Will sir immediately come?♪ ♪Will he come with all majesty?♪ ♪Will bring the marriage proposal!♪ ♪Will, if he comes!♪ Bhai! 10 people came here from Delhi to finish you. Central minister Jayadev sent them. When did they plan to kill me? They planned it at 4 am tomorrow. Hmm. Let us finish them before they do that. Sir! We came from Delhi. Send me his pictures and details.
We will finish him and leave. I will send my men. They will take care of everything. Meanwhile, you can freshen up. Sir! Alert cop speaking! Surya came just now. I called just now. How did you come so soon?
– We are at a pace. Sir asked us to give you this money. Give beer and Biryani to everyone. How many of you came? 10 people. You should’ve got 5 more people.
– Hey! We are more than enough. Give me the picture.
– Which picture? Surya’s picture. We should know how he looks, right?
– Hmm. They are getting the picture.
– They are printing it. 30 x 40 size. Why such a big one? It should be clear to identify, right? Meanwhile, have beer and Biryani. Hey! What is your name? My name is also Surya. Hey… Sorry, boss!
The Biryani blast wasn’t perfect. You wouldn’t see me if it was good. Chitra! Is that you? What are you doing here?
Let’s go. What are YOU doing? Why is there a gun in your hand? Why did come here at this hour?
– I came for you. I came to see what you do in reality. I didn’t believe my dad when
he said about you. Is it a lie that you loved me? Is it a deceit? Hey… Drop the gun. Surya….Surya! I will kill you. Drop the bloody gun. Yes, I deceived you. I got closer to you because you are helpful. Whatever your dad said about me is true. But, my love isn’t a lie. I really love. I understood that now. Don’t look at me like that. I am unable to take it. Don’t look at me like that. I don’t care if this world doesn’t trust me. I want you to trust me. I will not trust even
if the entire world trusts you. Even now, you are taking my help to escape. Get him. Daddy! Hey! Look at me. I love you. Hey, you! Look into my eyes. I love you. I don’t know what you will do.
Surya should come out. It’s tough, sir. The commissioner is very serious. Will your commissioner listen to anyone? He won’t listen to anyone now. File a charge sheet on him. File any number of possible cases. He shouldn’t come out. Hello. Tell me, dear. Sorry, dad. I shouldn’t have loved him. I troubled you. I didn’t know that he is such a guy. It is okay, dear.
Don’t worry. You will meet such idiots in life. We cannot help it. Daddy! Chitra! What’s happening? Chitra! What’s happening there? Hey! Who is that? My men went to get Chitra. Tear all the papers that you filed for me. File a small case. It should be in such a way
that I must get a bail in one day. Chitra will come back after I get the bail. If you want Chitra to come back today… File a traffic case on me. It could be wrong route or over speed. Sir…! Leave me. Leave me, I say. How dare you to kidnap my daughter! It is my dream to make Mumbai better. You are spoiling my dreams. Sir! Everyone has a dream in Mumbai. I don’t like your dream and
you don’t like mine. That is why it remains as dream
if someone has a dream about the world. Dream about you instead. Dream about your daughter. She must be crying now. Both of us don’t like it if she cries.
– You are emotionally blackmailing me. How dare you! Please listen to me, sir. Don’t make it a serious issue.
– Yes, sir. Don’t make it serious. Your dad is so good. He released me. Are you even a human? Do you have humanity? Do you know anything like being
sympathetic, pitiful and kind? All of us watch discovery channel. A tiger chases a deer. Every person will pray for the deer to escape
if they see that visual. They feel happy when the deer escapes. They’ll turn off the TV. But, they kill a chick to eat Biryani. They do not have sympathy on
the chick or the deer. They’re angry on that tiger. That’s because they cannot do anything to it. So, they talk about being sympathetic
and kind. People talk about humanity. Come. Let’s go home. Your dad must be sad. End of the show, I just want to say this. I love you. How will you escape now? Tell me how you will escape. Sir! Give me your order and
I will finish him right now. There won’t be any difference between
you and me if you shoot like that. Are you really humans? Don’t you have humanity? Sympathy, pity and kind! Nothing like that. Why should we pity you? Sir! Order me and I will kill him now. Who is Bharat here?
– That’s me. Your mom went to the temple. She is not home yet. She is with me. She will come back after I leave.
– Hey…You! Please…Please don’t get irritated. All of us have families. We’ve got sentiments. Everyone is well educated. Be cool. I am not against the department, sir. Please don’t hold a grudge on me. Happy? You! Sir! Let me ask you something in
front of everyone. I really loved your daughter.
She is my life, sir. I will do anything for her. Will you let her marry me? I will stop everything. That will not happen. So, you don’t want to do
anything to fulfill your dream. Chitra! Do you want me or not? I hate you. Say it again.
– I hate you! Then, I will do my work. You are not bothered. Sir! Let me tell this to you. I will make mafia a legal thing. I will reach to a position
where you and your system cannot. I will come then and take Chitra with me. I don’t care if she likes me or not. ♪Oh woman!♪ ♪Go die!♪ ♪I said I love you!♪ ♪You said, yuck!♪ ♪Oh woman!
Kill me or go die!♪ ♪Oh dear angel!♪ ♪You left without seeing me!♪ ♪My heart is all heavy!♪ ♪My heart is all heavy!♪ ♪You killed me with silence!♪ ♪Feasted my heart♪ ♪Oh woman!
Kill me or go die!♪ ♪Oh dear queen!♪ ♪You left without speaking!♪ ♪Why so angry!
You tell me!♪ ♪Why so angry!
You tell me!♪ ♪Oh woman!♪ ♪Go die!♪ ♪You get me arrested!♪ ♪In the trap you set with your eyes!♪ ♪You get me attached with
your beauty and charm!♪ ♪You kill me with your husky talks!♪ ♪Leaning on my chest you sleep so peacefully♪ ♪You say you don’t have a remedy
to cure my lust!♪ ♪Save me with your kisses dear lady!♪ ♪Oh dear angel!♪ ♪You left without seeing me!♪ ♪My heart is all heavy!♪ ♪My heart is all heavy!♪ ♪Oh woman!♪ ♪Go die!♪ ♪I said I love you!♪ ♪You said, yuck!♪ ♪Oh woman!
Kill me or go die!♪ ♪Oh dear angel!
You left without seeing me!♪ ♪My heart is all heavy!♪ ♪My heart is all heavy!♪ ♪Oh woman! You killed me with your looks!♪ ♪Why don’t you go to hell!?
You too go die dear!♪ ♪You are the devil
who broke the fiery heart!♪ ♪If a woman enters,
life ends up in killing oneself!♪ ♪Your beauty came hitting me like
the engine of a train!♪ ♪When you come,
my heart blooms to its fullest♪ ♪My eyes beg me to look at your hips!♪ ♪My hands request to be your coat!♪ ♪Why did you come in my way oh dear lady!♪ ♪You are making me go crazy!♪ ♪Oh dear queen!♪ ♪You left without speaking!♪ ♪Why so angry!
You tell me!♪ ♪Oh woman!♪ ♪Go die!♪ ♪I said I love you!♪ ♪You said, yuck!♪ ♪Oh woman!
Kill me or go die!♪ ♪Oh dear angel!♪ ♪You left without seeing me!♪ ♪My heart is all heavy!♪ ♪My heart is all heavy!♪ ♪You killed me with silence!♪ ♪Feasted my heart♪ ♪Oh woman!
Kill me or go die!♪ ♪Oh dear queen!♪ ♪You left without speaking!♪ ♪Why so angry!
You tell me!♪ ♪Why so angry!
You tell me!♪ ♪Oh woman!♪ ♪Go die!♪ I’m scared to do anything to him. The cops couldn’t handle him either. I don’t know what to do. Should I stand the elections or not?
– Come, dear. You should stand. Take how much you want.
– Don’t lose even a single vote. Buy the entire Mumbai. You should become the mayor again.
Do you get that? That’s their position. We do not have money.
What should we do? The elections will take place in 2 days.
What should we do? Where are they getting that money from?
– It is from Delhi. When are they getting it? Tomorrow. Who will receive it? Mayor has around 10 trustworthy people. They will receive it
and they will distribute the amount. There will be a raid on them
before they start distributing the amount. Income tax! ‘Some robbers went did a fake IT raid on
famous people today in the city.’ ‘They mislead them saying that they’re
from Income tax department.’ ‘They escaped with the money
before they understood that.’ ‘No one says anything because
it is black money.’ ‘The lost money could be around
100 – 200 crores.’ That’s him. This is definitely his deed. No one will get such criminal ideas
other than him in Mumbai. It is our bad luck. He is big hero of Dharavi. If Laalu becomes the mayor like he wants… Then, it is gone. We cannot get him. Hey! It is crores of rupees. Why didn’t you call me when there was a raid? What should we do, sir?
They took away our phones. They closed the doors. They took our money along with yours. Fools! We can easily identify
if the raiders are original or fake. How can we say that, sir?
One guy took out a gun. I thought that the income tax officers
had a gun. You would assume. [HAILING] I couldn’t get the mayor win though
I am under power. My reputation is gone. If I stay calm… Surya Bhai will become very famous in Mumbai. We won’t have any control on Mumbai. We should stop him. You are doing a big mistake. You loved him when he tried to cheat you. You ignore when he truly loves you now.
– Is that called love? I understand that he loves you. You do not understand that. Hmm. Tell her that. She is not as smart as you.
So, I am suffering. No one will love someone
who kills other people. You do not know the value of a life. People. Life. I don’t know the value. What are you eating? Fish. Tuna fish. There are billions of people on earth. Half of them will go fishing
and have fish for their meal. They cook them, fry them, and dry them. It could a curry or a fry.
You call it Tuna fish. You’ve been eating fish for like
so many years and it doesn’t matter to you. You will make it a big scene
if a fish eats a person. It will become sensational news
if a shark injures a person. You make series of movies on them. It is just your life? Aren’t they living beings? She’s talking rubbish. There are many people who want to kill me. What about them? I won’t take birth as a human again. They are troubling me so much. This will be my last life. You won’t get me again. Be with me. How should I be with you? You kill people every day.
How should I be with you? Why are you doing this? Terrorists might place bombs occasionally. That’s for the identity. Lord Ganesh will have milk occasionally. That proves his existence. No one will offer anything
if Lord Ganesh takes it every day. Sometimes, we should do murder
to scare the public. Or we should be calm and innocent. Have it, man. Have it. Kill me and drink my blood. Don’t leave me and go. I will become dangerous if you leave me. Be one! Be ravaged! You and your dad are spoiling it. We should expand our business. There is Surya exports and
imports office in Mumbai. We need the branches all over India. There should be Surya exports and imports
office in every city, town and center. I want 50 people as my staff in every branch. Do you know who will be the staff? The local goons. All the goons will work
with local politicians. No one will give them money every month. But, we will give them fixed salaries. Why do you need 50 people? Just imagine! How it looks when they come at once. Imagine when 50 people run holding guns. We need 50 people to get the
control on the city. All the tiny and huge settlements
should take place in our office. How will you give salaries to them?
Where will you get the money from? They will earn on their own. Everyone will do the business in every city. It could be small or big. They should pay 2 percent of their margin
to Surya exports and imports. A person who earns 1 lakh can
easily pay 2000 rupees. We will support them. We will take care of any problem they get. Normal people will give but
not the famous ones. This is not a business proposal to deny. It is an order. Everyone who does business
will have the office. They’ll have a table in the office.
Place our gun on that table. Every table in an office should have our gun. Guns don’t need agreements. They should pay. They should pay 2 percent
when they get funds or sign a contract. It is like Service tax!
Sales tax! Income tax! People should get habituated to Surya tax. I want all the gangsters and
rowdies under one roof. Anyone who has an issue should come to us. We should clear his issue. Be friendly with the public. There should be one fear for
every bad guy in India. That fear is Surya Bhai! I am not Surya Bhai. It is a brand. Go! [♬♪♫] He is not an ordinary guy. He is not a criminal either. But, he is criminal minded. He is organizing his clients very carefully. His ideology is to rule the world. That is why he has such ideas. Who is he? Where is he from? I bloody want him. Hello. Where are you?
– Why do you want? I am waiting for a cab. Hmm. So, you are not using
the car I gifted you. She is using it. Okay. I will tell you my requirement.
Listen carefully. I want to see you immediately. I want to fight with you. Come to me immediately. Scold me, smack me and leave. Hey! I will not come. You do not know my range. I can kidnap you with the cab that you take. Do it. Taxi! Drive…
– Hi mam. Where should you go, ma’am?
– Juhu circle. Juhu! Excuse me. ♪Oh dear moon!♪ ♪Oh dear moon!♪ ♪Oh dear! Should you be disheartening me
with your silence?♪ ♪Oh dear moon!♪ ♪Oh dear moon!♪ ♪Oh dear moon!♪ ♪I will live because of you!♪ ♪I protected you inside my eyes!♪ ♪Don’t go away as tears!♪ ♪I will be shook!♪ ♪Oh dear love!♪ ♪Tell me dear!♪ ♪Is my love entering the breeze
with a force?♪ ♪Will you change as the rain oh dear!♪ ♪Tell me dear!♪ ♪Do you doubt?♪ ♪My love is true oh dear!♪ ♪Why do you look at me doubtfully!♪ ♪I protected you inside my eyes!♪ ♪My heart is gone!♪ ♪It is hurt!♪ ♪Oh dear come hug me!♪ ♪Or just kill me!♪ ♪I being a mirror!♪ ♪Do not hit on me as a rock!♪ ♪I will be shattered to pieces!♪ ♪Oh dear moon!♪ ♪Oh dear moon!♪ ♪Oh dear! Should you be disheartening me
with your silence?♪ ♪Oh dear moon!♪ ♪Oh dear moon!♪ ♪Oh dear moon!♪ ♪I will live because of you!♪ ♪I protected you inside my eyes!♪ ♪Don’t go away as tears!♪ ♪I will be shook!♪ ♪My heart bloomed!♪ ♪It is hurt though!♪ ♪Oh dear come hug me!♪ ♪Or just kill me!♪ ‘50000 crore scandal!’ ‘Ex-mayor Arun Gokle escapes!’ Hey! Find him immediately. I will be dead if the cops get him.
Many people will be screwed along with me. He is a coward. He might say anything. The government will be doomed. Kill everyone in his family. Who’s that? No…Try to be strict with them.
– Sir! Call for you. Hello. Sir! This is Surya. Hmm. What is it, Surya Bhai? Why did you call me? Don’t call me like that, sir. I am nothing before you.
– Hey! Shut up. Don’t act. What is it now? Should our department pay 2 percent? Ah? Why are you worried about instead of
that 50000 crore scandal? I will send Arun Gokle to you
if you get everyone involved in this scam. Arun Gokle? We didn’t find him. How did you get him? Such a task is easy for us, sir. I will leave him at Versova police station. Do not hesitate.
Get down. Good morning, sir. We found Arun Gokle, sir. Everyone involved in
it will be known within 2 days. Everyone suspects
your name to be the first one. What do you say? Surya found Arun Gokle. I don’t understand one thing, sir. Why is he holding a grudge on you? I don’t know who he is. I didn’t even see him till date. You know, sir. You know him. He was born in Chicago. He is an American citizen. Don’t you remember? No. 18 years ago… You were in the public meeting. A 14 year old guy stabbed you. Did you forget? He wasn’t satisfied when you did not die. He took out a gun and he shot you. That is Surya. He is not an ordinary guy. Don’t miss him. I know about him. He will buy the entire Mumbai one day. You are tempted because he is a rich kid. I liked him because he’s a road side kid. But, he deceived me. No! He is in love with you. Don’t spoil your relation. He might even leave
you in such a busy schedule. Chitra! Listen to me. He is very careful about every step
that he takes. He is get into a good position. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. It is a great honor for me to be here today. At the opening ceremony of our business bank. Let me first extend my warm
welcome to all of you. Thank you so much for being here. To develop our country… For the welfare of our country…
Surya opened a bank. I say that people like him
should enter politics. That is when our country will be good. I salute his great courage. A guy who did a bank robbery… …starts a new bank. I am the chief guest for that. Is it to save your black money? Yes, sir. It is like Swiss bank of India. You can save black money
along with your money. Many people do not know
where to save their money, sir. That is why I opened it. Not just that. Mr. Surya gives 50 lakhs funds to the
Mumbai police association. I am so happy for that. We need such a person. Fantastic! You rob the public funds
and give it back to us. It is not yours or mine. There is money in India. Anyone can take what they want. Nowadays, people shouldn’t be kind. Good people will expire soon. God won’t take them away. People here will kill them. You are a strict officer. But, many people in
your department abuse you. The public doesn’t like it when
the officers are strict. They like people who are flexible. To be frank, Surya! My anger goes away when I get closer to you. Sometimes I feel that a person
like you should be a part of the department. You’ve got the rage. I have never seen that in someone. But, you are in the wrong track. No, sir. I am on the right track. Sir! I’m not sure if you observed it. There weren’t any murders
in India since last month. There weren’t any kidnaps. The crime rate is low. You can check the records if you want. Sir! Anyone who needs money will do a crime. I am taking care of criminals. Your department should increase
the salaries as well. It is not sufficient. Is your salary sufficient to you? The cops who work for the country
do not get sufficient salaries. People who rob the country like me
have billions of money. Cooperate with me, sir. Let us get it from the rich
and give it to the poor. But, one thing, sir. I am not interested in money. I am interested in power. Surya! I like you so much. You supported Laalu. I am so happy for that. Meet me whenever you come to Delhi. Ask me anything that you need from Delhi. What does Delhi need? What? Do you need Delhi or not? Do you want to rule Delhi or not? I want that so badly. What will you do? Your party should win the elections. You should rule. I will bear the election expenses. How much can you spend? Any candidate who stands for the MP election… You don’t have to spend anything. I will give everything.
– Do you know the number of seats in India? Do you know the expense of each seat? The average spending of 20 crore for
each seat will become 10000 crore in total. Why do you talk like that?
– You are out of your mind. They spent 60 crore in Ahmedabad last time. 25 crore was spent in Jaipur. 35 crore in Jaisalmer. Jabalpur, Kanpur! Kolkata, Bangalore! Chennai, Rajkot! Panaji, Nasik, Bangalore, Cochi,
Kollam, Madhurai! There are many such centers. Why are you just talking
about Chandigarh and Chhattisgarh? They spent 250 crore in Madhurai. You cannot get a vote for 500 rupees
every time. You will have to spend 5000 rupees sometimes. There are few centers
which are valuable than your life. No one knows how much will be spent there. Sir! How much can you give on
behalf of the party? Do you know how much they spend personally? They arrange money to spend for the public
2 years before the elections. 25000 crore was spent for the last election. The expenses are high now. Let’s add a little more. Upcoming elections will need 35000 crore. I will give everything. Use your influence to get me 25 helicopters
during the elections. Why do you need helicopters? To distribute the money, man. Talk to your high command. Tell him about Surya. Sir! I don’t need anything from Delhi. I will give you Delhi. Very good… That’s great! [APPLAUDING] ♪The one who saves his love
for a single woman!♪ ♪Go! Get out man!♪ ♪One who crushes blossom!♪ ♪Come back as the naughty Krishna
who asks for it leaning on shoulders♪ ♪We love!♪ ♪We love!♪ ♪Bad boys!♪ ♪We love bad boys!♪ ♪We want bad boys!♪ ♪We love bad boys!♪ ♪We want bad boys!♪ ♪Who is the king of love
who can make me yearn for a touch!♪ ♪We love bad boys!♪ ♪We want bad boys!♪ ♪We don’t want the one who will wake us up early
and tell us to drape ourselves in a saree!♪ ♪Should ask us to play on the beach
in a bikini wear!♪ ♪Shouldn’t ask us to cook!♪ ♪Must get together as a family in pub!♪ ♪Are you the one who orders to
follow tradition and custom?♪ ♪Sorry! Please run away!♪ ♪We love bad boys!♪ ♪We love bad boys!♪ ♪Boys!♪ ♪Oh hey Bubbly! My fire cracker!♪ ♪I got an electric shock!♪ ♪Oh hey Bubbly! My tamarind!♪ ♪I am going to feast on it!♪ ♪The normal vegetarian food is boring!♪ ♪I need the one who will feast like a beast!♪ ♪Shouldn’t work over time at work!♪ ♪I need someone who will work
over time at my house!♪ ♪You don’t have to worship me!♪ ♪I like if you say I am the goddess of
love and beauty!♪ ♪We love bad boys!♪ ♪Bad boys!♪ ♪We love bad boys!♪ ♪Bad boys!♪ ♪We love!♪ ♪We love!♪ ♪We love bad boys!♪ ♪Bad boys!♪ ♪We want bad boys!♪ ♪We love bad boys!♪ ♪We want bad boys!♪ ♪We love bad boys!♪ ♪We want bad boys!♪ Where is your dad?
– Why did you come here? Where is your dad?
– Why will you do to my dad? Daddy! Sir. Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Jayadev. Jayadev! Don’t spare him. No one can harm me because Gokle is dead. We should finish Surya before the elections.
I can happily take an oath. Ganapuleti Jayadev.
The 14th prime minister of India. Prime minister of India. I cried just like you. I cried so badly when I was 14 years old. My parents stayed in America. I was born there. My dad is well known business man. We came here to do something for
the public with the money earned. My dad met a local leader there. His name is Jayadev. He made us believe that he‘ll open a trust.
He robbed us and killed them. He stabbed them to death. He killed my mom and dad, sir. He killed my mom and dad! Talk to sir. He killed my mom and dad, sir.
– I will call you later He killed my mom and dad! Who is that?
– I don’t know? Can you identify?
– Yes, sir. You tell me. This is a murder case Hey! Can’t you hear? Why are you staying here? Go away. They come here to trouble us. Go! ‘I felt bad that my parents came
back for such people.’ ‘I became an orphan at once.’ ‘There was no food to eat.’
‘I slept on the road.’ ‘They kicked me as if I am a dog.’ It was disgusting. The people, the system and this country! ‘I became all alone.’ Billons of people were there but I am alone. I decided to trick those people. That is why I understood people
and their selfishness. No more morals and rules. I will kill anyone if I feel like doing it. I will finish them if there is inequity. I can’t see him but I want to take revenge on
God as well. What, Laalu sir? I don’t like the candidates you select. Raipur candidate is unworthy. Mahabubnagar candidate is unfit. Write it…Write it… Give me the pen. Bokaro, Ajmer, Ranchi…
Patna, Udipi, Theni! Change these candidates. Choose someone who is good. How can I spend a lot on
characterless candidates? We should get 100 crore for every settlement. There should 100 settlements in
India within a month. Take out every issue that is pending. Keep in touch with them
if they do not approach you. Collect whatever you can. We need a lot. We need 35000 crore. The opponent candidate
of Porbandar is very powerful. Talk to Surya and ask him
to take care of that guy. They will let someone stand for
the elections if they have a mistress. Ya Bhai! Jayadev has a mistress. She has a son. Talk to her. Tell her that she will receive half of
Jayadev’s property. Do the DNA test to the kid and
publish through the media. Yes. Jayadev is my husband. We got married 5 years ago. I have a 3 year old kid. This is the DNA certificate. ‘Destructive DNA test!’ ‘Ganapuleti Jayadev lost the eligibility
for the elections.’ Sir! Elections will happen in a week. I spent 120 crore so far. How can you let me out?
– What else should I do? The party’s reputation might wreck
because of you. The government is full of scams. That government has men with mistresses. People like them cannot develop the country. Not only Jayadev! Every member in
that party has illegal wives and children. What is this? What is all this? Are you developing the country
or their family? ♪This is my place! You get lost!♪ There are 75 news channels. Gift a car to the new reporters
and news readers. There should be positive news
about us in every newspaper and channel. ‘The public are annoyed due
to experiences in past.’ ‘They are supporting this party.’ The exit poll survey should be
convenient to us. According to survey,
this party has 80 percent of public support. I want those type of programmes… …that will let them understand
the party value. Sir will win!
The best ruling will be here soon. They will booze and forget if you give them
money 5 days before the election. Give them the night before the elections. The money should be distributed one day
before elections. Everyone will say. Money is not boundless but the people are. People are dying but the money does not. Distribute it. Distribute the money before
the people are gone. ♪This is my place! You get lost!♪ Where are you? Okay. End the call. Nasser!
– Yes, Bhai. There is rigging at Bhubaneswar.
Tell our men to take care of it. Hey, Shakeel!, Nasser.
– Yes, Bhai. Take care of the election.
I will come back. Bhai! Where are you going?
– Don’t follow me. Hey! Why didn’t you get anything? You will have them, right? I will use them. Is it? What? You doomed me, idiot. You stabbed me and you shot me.
Are you not satisfied? Why are getting closer when I bash you? Ah? I don’t understand
why I did not kill you that day. But, I was lucky that day. I became MLA with that sympathy.
I got to this position. I planned become the PM.
But, you spoiled my plan. Elections are happening all over India. I should become the next prime minister.
But, you ruined my political career. Why do you have that grudge on me? Do you think that my target is to take
revenge on you? There are many people like you in my life. There is one person in every phase. You just came back to my life. Killing you is not a big deal to me. What will you do? What will you do? Stop bashing me.
Where is Chitra? Chitra is not here.
We killed her. I was just kidding. Chitra is alive. 6 people died because of your joke. You shouldn’t joke at this point. You know that I will come
if you abduct Chitra. You don’t know what I can do if I come. Yes. I don’t know. I called you without knowing that. Show it to me… Show it. Hey! I should know your range. I want to see your caliber. Show it…
Show it! I won’t stop if you really want to see that. Your history will be ended today. You won’t be alive to talk again.
There won’t be anyone to talk about you. Kill that idiot. Load it. I should see Chitra before I finish them. I will not ask you if you do not show her. You will die automatically. Hey! I will kill her. I will kill her. Let him go. Why are you like this? I prayed for my life for the first time. Hey, you!
– Let her go. You can harm me if you want to.
– What can I do to you? What can I do other than killing you? I want to see you die. I want you shoot you with a gun. Hear! Shoot me. Will you shoot me or should I do that? Will you shoot yourself? Ah? Hey! Did you hear that? Shoot! No. No, Surya. Surya, no! Please.
No, Surya. No…! No! Surya! Hey! Surya! Surya. I am successful in doing business
with many people. But, I failed in your case. I love you. Do you think that I am deceiving you? No one will lie before they die. Don’t say that. Nothing will happen to you. Am I the one who had a bullet or is it you? You will survive.
My love is true. If I die, it is well and good. But, if I survive because of your love… I will rule India. ‘Gurugovind Patel with take an oath tomorrow
as the 14th prime minister.’ ‘He will meet famous businessman Vijay Surya
who is admitted at Leelavathi hospital after that.’ You had many troubles and now became the
founder of Surya exports and imports and Business bank. The prime minister is coming
to see you today. What is the message that you want to give
to the youngsters? I am saying it because you asked me. Life is a battle. God has sent us to the war zone. Be alert! Protect yourself. Have a goal in your life. Go ahead with that rage. Sing with that rage.
Study with that rage. Die soon if you do not have any goal in life. You are good for nothing. Remember! No one as great as you. Do whatever you want. Don’t listen to anyone.
Don’t listen to people at all. Aim for the eleventh mile
if your target is 10 miles. It should be a good lesson! Go away! [SUBTITLES BY TITLES MEDIA]

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